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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Free-market guys

CP: Liberals half-way to election victory but need more substance: party pollster

Liberals can win the next federal election, but only if they come up with clear policy alternatives, some fresh ideas, new faces and a simple message, the party's pollster said Thursday.

So that's what they need! I couldn't put my finger on it so, many thanks to Michael Marzolini. Let's put a positive spin on Marzolini's interpretation;

the Liberals have no clear policy alternatives, no fresh ideas, the same old faces, and a confusing message. Here's part of that confusing message: Toronto Star: Liberals eye economy as election issue:

Less than a year ago, the federal Liberals believed they would be fighting the next election on the environment, but many now say the economy could be the sleeper issue, particularly in Ontario.

. . . "I see nothing in these free-market guys," Ignatieff said. "For them, the government is always the problem. And Canadians have always thought that government can be the solution."

So, Michael, you're going to fight the Conservatives . . . attacking Dalton McGuinty? Maybe by pointing out the negative economic impact of fighting climate change? You're going to nail Harper on all the manufacturing jobs lost, mostly to China which are in part the result of pro-China policies that have primarily benefited high profile Liberal Party supporters? What are you government guys going to do to kick start the economy? Start another war? How does the government make money or create wealth, Michael? Expand the civil service? Raise taxes?

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Old Liberal corruption, malfeasance and theft will have to be better hidden in other words.

No problemo, Premier Dolton McLiar from Ontario is pumping millions into Liberal advertising agencies and communications firms, plus he's buying off the public sector unions with more millions - and all these people support 'da usual business' - Liberal corruption.

Posted by: philanthropist | 2007-08-30 6:10:54 PM

"Liberals eye economy as election issue"

Good idea Libs. Have your man Dion, a broken-English speaking big-government hack who's never held a job in the private sector and couldn't even balance a chequebook according to one Liberal insider, debate our guy, a professional economist, about the economy. An economy with the lowest unemployment rate in more than three decades. An economy firing on all cylinders in virtually every area of the country. Three words, Libs: Bring. It. On.

To the Conservatives, Stephane Dion is the gift that keeps on giving. May he remain leader of the opposition FOREVER.

Posted by: JP | 2007-08-30 6:29:33 PM

What the Liberal party needs is the ten years in jail for their crimes.

What Canada needs is to join the USA before we wind up joining the Middle East.

Posted by: John | 2007-08-30 11:21:04 PM

No, Canada should not join the U.S.A. The U.S. is turning into Northern Mexico. Our Dominion is OK, it's just that many of our political leaders are goofs.

Posted by: Cory Schreyer | 2007-08-31 7:26:03 AM

Ignatieff said "And Canadians have always thought that government can be the solution" Well, no….not "Canadians"…..Liberals/NDP and Bloc, maybe…..but not "Canadians".

Posted by: John Luft | 2007-08-31 8:58:40 AM

This Canadian wonders about the efficiency of our state delivery.

As expressed elsewhere, throughtout most of history, the state did not concern itself with the welfare of its people.

Hospitals, schools and many charitable institutions in the western world were largely funded through the 10% tithing system in churches.

Today, when somebody says enough is enough as the involuntary system of taxation takes 50% of incomes, they are labelled as heartless.

I'm sure there were inadequacies in the 10% tithing system, but the question remains ... were those inadequacies taken care of by costing the delivery at five times what it used to be?

And, what has this system done to the compassionate heart of the individual?

I maintain that today's marxist-based solution has, in fact, made people more heartless than they had been in the past. That's because they see that somebody else will do the hard work that they themselves would have had to do in the past.

Posted by: set you free | 2007-08-31 9:16:42 AM

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