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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Sad Day

Unfortunately two other Van-Doos troopers have been killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan.

Our thoughts and prayers with the family and friends of these selfless individuals who sacrificed their lives to make our world a better one.

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And I'd be willing to sell tickets for that event, Hoser! :)

Posted by: obc | 2007-08-24 8:57:13 PM


If you would like to get in contact with some people who've been to Afghanistan and truly know why we are there I'd gladly get you in contact with some of the guys from my unit. Would you like that? Would it stop you from running your mouth about something you really haven't experienced so don't really know anything about it other than hearsay from the media outlets and paranoid anti-Freedom bloggers?

Posted by: Andrew | 2007-08-24 9:59:03 PM

In 1939 Canada did not have a legal obligation to side with Britain against Germany. Any such obligation ended with the passage of the Statute of Westminster. There was a sufficient English ethnic pull to ensure that the Liberals under MacKenzie-King would side with the UK and at first they tried to do as little as possible in order to appease the pacifist feelings of Quebecers.

Even so, there were a great many French-Canadians who acquitted themselves very well during WWII.

Posted by: DML | 2007-08-24 9:59:07 PM


There are more than enough reasons we are in Afghanistan. To start with the UN Security Council imposed sanctions against Afghanistan way back on the 15th October 1999 and 4th January 2001. These were imposed on the Taliban after they refused to hand over Bin Laden and close terrorist training camps in their country. These sanctions were imposed BEFORE 9/11, and came from the UN; these sanctions were imposed BEFORE Bush was sworn in as President on 20 January 2001. Bush may have had some input into the situation in Afghanistan since he became President, but this situation has been ongoing for many years now, BEFORE Bush.

Security Council Resolution 1386; 20 December 2001. Resolution 1386 determined that the situation in Afghanistan still constituted a threat to international peace and security. Therefore, in accordance with the Bonn Agreement, (5 December 2001), an International Security Assistance Force, (ISAF) should be established. The ISAF was given various mandates, including, but not limited to, assist with security, to contribute personnel, equipment and other resources, and authorized the Member States participating in the ISAF to take all necessary measures to fulfill its mandate.

It is NOT Bush’s war; it isn’t a war. Since August 2003, with the concurrence of the UN, NATO has taken the lead in Afghanistan with 35,000 troops from 26 member countries. However, all operations are being conducted under the auspices of the UN.

Two things. Bush didn’t start it, and it IS NOT A WAR.

So come on with all of your CAPITALS, but PROVE to me, instead of SHOUTING, why you state:


It is time to tell Bush to fight his own wars. Canada ought to bring our troops home’

Again then, please refute what I have stated above Roger. If you can indeed refute what I have stated, accurately, I will agree with you. But please don’t bore me by taking a mistake I may have plausibly made and use that as your I HAVE WON nonsense. REFUTE my premise that Bush DID NOT start it, and that IT IS NOT A WAR.
Thank you

Posted by: Mike D | 2007-08-25 2:55:32 AM

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