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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ecumenism gone awry

(Cross-posted from Burkean Canuck).
From the "truth is stranger than fiction" desk . . .

So, in 2003, when the Episcopal Church's (U.S. Anglican) House of Bishops confirmed the first openly gay bishop, ScrappleFace published a spoof on the announcement, "Episcopal Church Appoints First Openly-Muslim Bishop."

Good one, right?

But, then, this:

The Rev. Ann Holmes Redding, who was ordained in 1984 and has been affiliated with St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle for the past six years, became Muslim in early 2006. Redding first became intrigued by Islam in the fall of 2005, when a local Muslim leader spoke at her cathedral. Her interest deepened after an interfaith class the following spring. Redding told the Seattle Times that her mother died around that time, and she could not cope with that death except by “total surrender to God.” In March 2006 she recited the shahada, the declaration of faith that makes one a Muslim.

When Redding went public with her conversion fifteen months later, in June 2007, she felt that she did not need to relinquish her position at St. Mark’s. “I am both Muslim and Christian,” Redding said. “I’m 100 percent both.”

Perhaps the true punchline to the joke ScappleFace made four years ago is how the Diocese of Olympia reacted. The diocese’s newspaper was actually the first to announce that Redding had become Muslim, and its bishop, the Rt. Rev. Vincent Warner, said that “he accepts Redding as an Episcopal priest and a Muslim, and that he finds the interfaith possibilities exciting" (First Things, July 19, 2007).

Okay, ScrappleFace -- top that!

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LOL...episcopalians in the U.S. = United Church in Canada. They both equal a farce that is heaping coals on their heads, which is not very environmentally friendly, is it? :)

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2007-07-19 9:33:58 PM

Now there is an opportunity for a double apostasy.

Posted by: DML | 2007-07-19 9:56:48 PM


Actually, espiscopalians are the US branch of Anglicans (must have been offensive to US sensibilities), who are becoming every bit as goofy as the United Church. Both Canadian version are disproportionately populated by NDP members.

Posted by: set you free | 2007-07-19 10:38:45 PM

Svend Robinson included?

Posted by: obc | 2007-07-19 10:57:55 PM

When Anglican/Episcopalian or other churches change their tenets to accommodate all trends against the principles of Christianity upon which they were formed, they stand for nothing. They are reduced to shams.

Looks like we're living in a Socialist paradise, no right or wrong, no good or evil, anything goes.

By the way, Lizzy May is studying to become an Anglican Priest. She'll probably set records for lengthy sermons when the pulpit is all hers.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-07-20 5:56:48 AM

Speculation in Nova Scotia political circles is that Saint Elizabeth May, not to be confused with Saint Alexa McDonagh will defeat MP Peter MacKay in a national election. MacKay's constant defence of the notorious ACOA and it's track record in wasting enormous amounts of public money, has been documented in the Nova Scotia editions of Frank Magazine. Harper could ensure MacKay's re-election by appointing Barrister May to a Nova Scotia Superior Court. She would be equal or better than most of the current Liberal political apointees
-watch for controversial MP ex Conservative Casey
to upsurp Rodney the Fiddler for Premier. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-07-20 6:56:52 AM

They already divested in Israel--so of course, as it is written, the curse, with a cause, will happen. It is bound to happen. It cannot BUT happen.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-07-20 10:26:35 AM

Hmm, well that speaks volumes for her understanding of what Christianity is, and stands for, and also her ability to research a choice before diving right in.

Posted by: canadian freedoms fan | 2007-07-20 10:50:09 AM

These 11th Century religious organizations appear to be irrelevant in the 21st Century and were created
at a time when they were used to solidify the rule of the House of Tudor and later in the newly created United States of America to retain a form of assimilation with the former mother country and
use of the Book of Common Prayer. I cannot give serious considertaion to some foolish obviously mentally challenged woman who wants to bow to the Muslim horde five days each day within the confines of a supposedly christian church. In Halfax HRM NS United Churches are being viewed to be bought and converted by major developers into
high priced housing because of their very attractive locations. Several long established roman catholic resources like schools and glebe houses are in the first stages of re-development at the moment, on the direction of the former Archbishop recently transferred to Ottawa. Some of our business partners will respond to these invitations - so much for the socialst horde and churches - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-07-20 12:23:55 PM

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