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Monday, June 11, 2007

The limit

Here's Jim Prentice in the National Post: Pursuing justice for Aboriginals. Looks like he 's setting up to announce the revival of the independent tribunal. You should go back and read Tom Flanagan's June 4 column in the Globe and Mail: Land claims shouldn't be an immortal industry;

There is no finite number of specific claims to be settled. Without a filing deadline, such claims will never end, because teams of lawyers, historians and anthropologists can discover an infinite number of them. Without some sort of limitation, the proceeds of claims resolved by the independent tribunal will be fed back into an autocatalytic process of hiring more consultants to discover more claims.

Unfortunately, in the MSN there hasn't been much analysis of the specific claims. Too often they are represented as being over a hundred years old. Generally, this type of reference goes back to when the treaty was signed, not when the claim was filed. If you'd like to look at the list of these claims, you can access it here (or go directly to the pdf here). An interview I did with Flanagan last week included this comment;

A lot of this is anachronism; you look over the past and compare it to the way we would do something today and it doesn’t measure up. So you cry injustice. You can generate an infinite number of claims by combing through the record of the past and [flagging] any time there are documents that are missing or hard to interpret. So there has to be some kind of end to it. I guess I could put up with spending a few billion dollars if I thought there would be an end to it. You’ve got an annual federal budget of $200 billion a year so if you had to pay an extra billion a year for ten years to settle these claims, I think Canadians would probably wouldn’t notice it. It’s an extra half of one percent for a period of time in the budget. If there is going to be some attempt to clear the books I think there should be a terminal point in it.

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Justice for Aboriginals? How about we have some justice for the hard slogging people and their ancestors who developed this land through great hardships.

To hell with the Aboriginals, enough is long past on that file. It's time the politicians muster some guts and tell it like it is. They've been paid in full and we no longer owe them a living or anything else.
It's the biggest scam in our history, trumps all others.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-06-11 11:54:34 AM

LizJ, I would be content to see justice applied equally to all of us, but we are a long long way from there. Special justice for special interest groups is more what we have.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-06-11 12:26:50 PM

Some are more equal than others.

– George Orwell.

Posted by: set you free | 2007-06-11 1:45:13 PM

Speaking about this perpetual Indian grab at our wallets.

Check out my post of last week on this same topic.


Posted by: Yanni | 2007-06-11 1:51:56 PM

I linked up to the rabble forum,they are100% behind the natives,of course. Unfortunately I am not allowed to post there,go figure. If I could,I would ask these sympathizers what they would do if they came home from work one day to find a family of natives occupying thier house? Would they thank them for the use of the land and turn over thier bank cards and pin numbers? Would they accept the natives claim that they own the land because they know that thier ancestors would never give it up,because they say so? Hell no,they would be screaming about thier rights and call the cops.Almost all the land in Canada has a land claim over it. B.C. has more acreage claimed than there is acres in the province! I would love for a politician to sit down with Fontaine et al, and go over the treaties word by word. They would owe us. This liberal interpertation of the treaties combined with undeserved guilt will cost us dearly.

Posted by: wallyj | 2007-06-11 6:04:18 PM

Alain - Special justice for special interest groups is more what we have.

What do you expect when an ethnic group that comprise about 1.5% of the Canadian population have 33% of the appointments.

Posted by: Lionel Mandrake | 2007-06-11 6:14:44 PM

I went over to the claims list(pdf). The six nations band that is currently in Caledonia causing problems has 28 land claims on file.(pages 302-309) Sorry,but if you live in the city of Brantford,you best start packing ,they are claiming the city,as well as tens of thousands of acres in the area.

Posted by: wallyj | 2007-06-11 6:41:13 PM

Sorry Lionel you lost me. What appointments?

Posted by: Alain | 2007-06-11 6:41:23 PM

All of the S.C.C. Judges should have been forced to live on Indian Reserves for at least a year before they are permitted to rule on Land Claims or Aboriginal Rights and Title cases. These $5 billion-plus/year government sponsored ghettos are literally Canada's killing grounds of humanity. Killing them with "kindness" that is!

Crippling dependency and cruel deception into thinking anachronistic self-governance on the federal teat, incestuously combined with subsidized commerce is the "way out". Indian Reserves are microcosms of the NDP end-game.

The Apartheid that we continue moving to is not the solution. Establishing individual property rights and joining the rest of humanity is the only realistic way to positively alter course.

The alternative is to continue along with the sad joke of infinite entitlement and within another century, the continuing disgraceful mortality along with interbreeding will result in virtually no one left with one-sixteenth native blood - the current racial threshold for legal status.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2007-06-12 10:53:23 AM

Why is it that when Europeans come to North America, there is massive payment.

If this were ahuman trend and not a cultural pheonmenon, then we would see this world wide.

When jews returned to Israel, and reclaimed their homeland, the neighbors demanded jobs. So, they got jobs. They got jobs in the hundreds of thousands.

And then they got jealous, and demanded not the jobs, but the land where the jobs were created.

Now, the jewish people are the indigenous peoples. So, if Jews can do it, why can't other people's, such as the Aboriginal peoples?

Now, let us be fair here. Most of the Aboriginal people who live in NA, actually do work for a living. Yet, there are issues with land title, and fair is fair.

I see Jim doing a great job with what he has, but let us get real here, this situation needs to be resolved properly and permanently. I am sick and tired of it, and so are many other people. So, instead of whinning, there needs to be some framework where all this could be settled once and for all!

If not, the joke will be on everyone! And by everyone, I mean everyone!

Posted by: Lady | 2007-06-12 2:42:31 PM

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