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Monday, June 11, 2007

Much ado about trifles

The headline on the news release reads, Canada's New Government Announces Funding for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Below it is a 250-word press release, followed by the names and contact information for two government PR types.

One imagines that the effort put in to assessing the merits of awarding the grant and then writing and disseminating the news release was considerable and, therefore, costly.

One is then surprised to find out by reading the news release (which, incidentally, currently maintains a lofty position as the first news release listed at the Government of Canada's News Centre) that the grant is for "up to $2,000." All this fuss for two grand? Believe it.

Posted by Terry O'Neill on June 11, 2007 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


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Much ado about nothingfor sure. Follow the news releases to stats canada page for information about the price of cement in april. Important stuff!! But,i am glad I linked bacause on the sidebar there is the Hansard Index which will bring you all the question periods since 1994.

Posted by: wallyj | 2007-06-11 7:51:45 PM

Note that it's from Veteran's Affairs for some specific concerts. you are right, though...they must have done more than $2000 worth of work to get it

Posted by: BillBC | 2007-06-12 9:13:27 AM

Bet they had to put in at least 100 hours, plus some, and many hours of Board of Director deliberation, before getting the right wording to some bureaucrat, who sent it back for revision, and when finally getting the right wording, decided YES, with a nice fluffy press release. I bet that after all the work was done to write the grant application, that they could have all earned that money ten times over, while working for six bucks an hour at the local greasy dinner.


Posted by: Lady | 2007-06-12 2:19:11 PM

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