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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ChiComs are killing Canadians, too

As some of you may have noticed, I've gone into a blogging hiatus for a while.  There are several reasons, all of them personal, for the break I have taken.  However, my China e-Lobby partner Curry Kenworthy amplifies Kevin Steel's earlier point on Communist China arming terrorists (emphasis added):

According to a June 15 report by Bill Gertz in the Washington Times, intelligence indicates that China is selling large quantities of small arms and weapons to Iran for use in the Iraq insurgency as well as for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Not only that, but China is even helping to deliver the weapons to ensure that they reach their destinations successfully.

In other words, Communist China is making damn sure their weapons kill Americans in Iraq, Americans in Afghanistan, and Canadians in Afghanistan.  I figured that point was worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, feel free to keep checking the China e-Lobby for more from Curry.

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With all you guys boycotting Chinese goods, they have to make money somewhere.

Posted by: David | 2007-06-19 10:03:53 PM

Are these the self-same Chinese who are responsible for the stock at Wal-Mart?Its a good job B.C. and Canada are pouring billions into the west coast gateway transportation project in order to facilitate the shipment of goods to and from that country.

Posted by: munroe | 2007-06-19 11:16:45 PM

US on the other hand, also sells/sold weapons to Arab countries, such as Lebanon, which attacked Israel.

Neither US nor China stand right on this issue.

Posted by: Jay | 2007-06-20 2:27:39 AM

The Chinese aren't the only ones opposing Canada's soldiers.


Spat over 'Support Our Troops' decal hits Toronto

In Toronto you say! Why am I not in the least bit surprised that those people would support the Taliban, 9/11, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, terrorism, genocide, Holocaust denial, communism and fascism.

Since Toronto's Idiot Mayor was re-elected, anything he does is automatically the responsibility of Toronto people regardless of political stripe. It will take a lot of fence-mending to repair this damage, you traitors.

We Albertans support the troops to the maximum.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-06-20 9:08:06 AM

Glad to see this Miller folly has been picked up on.

The CFRA Lowell Green show is onto it today and there is so much anger being expressed by the listeners. There's a big stink being made and it will be shipped on to dunderhead Miller.

This action by Lefty Miller and his Lefty councilors all taking place when one of our troops is being laid to rest in Bowmanville, near Toronto and we've just learned three more Canadian soldiers have been killed.
Not killed by fair fighting but by roadside bombs set by cowardly bastards, dregs of humanity living in the stone age, covered in rags.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-06-20 9:47:57 AM

Here's a letter I just sent to CTV about their on-line polling - not that it'll do any good:

Thanks once again for demonstrating how poll results can be skewed and manipulated by the way the questions are asked. Two examples:

Concerning the upcoming byelection in Toronto as to when PM Harper will call for one:

1. Quick, over the summer

Stall, not until the fall

"Stall" implies that if the PM waits until the fall, he is being political in his decision.

2. Should city-owned vehicles be able to display decals in support of causes?

The word "causes" gives the impression that all causes are under debate - when the issue here is the support of our troops. No one is advocating that these vehicles should have decals for or against abortion, for example, but by phrasing it the way you did, the results will undoubtedly be skewed.


Posted by: obc | 2007-06-20 9:52:37 AM

Appropos of Toronto, they have just unveiled their new tourism slogan.
"Toronto-as Gay as it gets!"
I'm sure that's gonna attract Mom,Dad and the kids.

Posted by: Gerry Atric | 2007-06-20 10:32:53 AM

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