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Friday, June 29, 2007

A legally sanctioned scalping

A fitting start to a long weekend, dedicated to celebrating all that is great about Canada, is the audacious disruption of road and rail by bands of usurping brigands.  Not satisfied with being exempt from paying taxes, having health care and education provided by those of us who do pay taxes, as well as having a generous and endless stipend to provide for a wide-ranging list of demands, natives who seem to have scads of time for social disruption and none at all for employment or societal contribution, launch a "Day of Action" to crank up the pressure for more entitlement.

Chief instigator Shawn Brant puts the escalation of native extortion in this light...

"We simply want to have a relationship with the rest of Canada that is balanced and fair."

Do you always characterize the prison-style rape of hard working, responsible Canadians as balanced and fair?  I had a husband like this, once.  He wanted a shared relationship of love and respect with me, and was willing to punch me in the mouth as many times as it took, to get it.  At least I had the choice to leave him.  But my Canada, with it's elected representatives who choose capitulation over action, and it's emasculated police force which prefers to act as a personal bodyguard service to arsonists and provocateurs, gives me no choice to leave this abuse.  It gives none of us the choice.  We are all forced to accede to the most hubristic demands, suffer through the most outrageous violent behavior and console ourselves with the fact that our acquiescence may buy us a brief respite before the demands get heightened.

It is long past time the inhabitants of reservations came to the realization that they have created the squalor in which they live.  They have acceded all of their rights to chiefs who leave them to live in dilapidated shacks, while they jet set off to the Caribbean.  They have accepted the condition of relying on social welfare, in lieu of making the hard choices that the rest of us are forced to make, in order to improve our standard of living.  They have chosen a life that does not burden them with responsibilities to either themselves or to others, but also does not bless them with prosperity because they refuse to accept that those two conditions are intertwined.  One can not exist without the other.

In short, the perks of native status (and there are many) are the millstone which hangs around the neck of every native person, dragging their face in the dirt and restricting their means for a fulfilling existence.  But they are happy to don it, and mask it as a shroud of victim hood -- a hair shirt woven from the white mans lies and the rampant oppression natives suffer from soccer moms and McDonald's franchises.

But the reservations are not internment camps or gulags.  They do not have the walls and bars of a prison.  They are not guarded from escape by armed sentries and rabid dogs.  They are in effect, prisons of one's own making.  Those who have chosen to leave the reservation and discard their special status have managed to find that life has rewards, if you're willing to work for them.  But so many are not.  And so to all the natives out there who raise one hand to shake their fist at me and shove the other hand in my pocket, I ask...if you don't care enough about your own life and the lives of your children, to work for what you want and improve the conditions in which you live, why should I be forced to care for you?

Rounded up by The Lasso of Truth

Posted by Wonder Woman on June 29, 2007 in Aboriginal Issues | Permalink


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Amen to that WW. I've often thought that if the SCC could just make a few more "progressive" rulings on FN "Rights and Title" Canada would be at the point where no Crown agency (Province of Federal Government) had the legitimate right to grant private fee-simple land. It would also mean that, since there is no sovereignty in the Crown then there are no legitimate Canadian laws in existence. In such a situation, the mob with the most guns calls the shots (literally) and Rural Canadians would rule (with all those unregistered rifles).

Is this really the type of negotiating position the FNs want to work from? If they keep asking for it I think the SCC is just screwed-up enough to give it to them.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2007-06-29 10:54:32 AM

I totally agree with the words written about the
How long? How long do we pay for the land we live
on? How long do we wait for the natives to find the fact work is a part of every adult's life?
To feel proud of themselves because they actually
worked for their pay.

We made the mistake long ago to reimburse what we
took, and we have paid more than enough over the
years. I would love to see a accounting of that
It is simple, the more we give them, the more
they want and think they deserve.
How to stop this? I have no idea.

Posted by: carole | 2007-06-29 12:08:33 PM

John Chittick | I couldn't agree more, except that natives have far more guns and bigger ones then any Canadian Police Force. Which of course are not registered as the rules that the rest of us live by do not apply to natives. because they need AK 47's and 50Cal snipper riffles for "traditional" hunting!

Posted by: cdn.infidel | 2007-06-29 12:25:04 PM

Well stated. We have created this problem by refusing to apply the rule of law equally and this failure now enables and encourages these activities.

The old sad song about how bad life is on the reserves is also pretty tiring. Consider the fact that when the government proposed ending the reserve system how most Natives screamed so loudly that the government backed down. There are enough Natives who have chosen to leave reserve life and have made a successful life through hard work to prove that Natives are not incapable of functioning as normal citizens. Dependency is the root cause, not colour or genetics.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-06-29 1:31:28 PM

That piece should be required reading by all apologists and enablers, esp.politicians.

Posted by: wallyj | 2007-06-29 5:27:20 PM

. . . but it won't be, sadly.

Posted by: obc | 2007-06-29 5:32:11 PM

Aboriginal Chiefs live in luxury paid for by ordinary Canadians who will never have that kind of financial freedom.

It is very important to the Chiefs that Canadians maintain them in the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed, so any attempt at resolving any aboriginal problem will be met with fierce resistance because there is no way the Chiefs, their lawyers, layers of 'Indian' bureacrats, 'social' workers etc. will give up their TEN BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

Posted by: philanthropist | 2007-06-30 5:18:39 PM

You come here you create wars to segregate us... We give you land to live on if you fallow the two row wampum... You state to us your responsible and want to act as the agent to the land so we sign it over to you... All the money and work you do make is off its resources... You sell land that’s not your’s, you pollute the environment as though theirs no tomorrow... You say you give us tones of money yet 4 Billon of it a year goes for your administration and your employment... You trap everyone in land claims that last forever costing us money and time that could be better used in community building...

Sounds like someone could get fired as land managers...

Posted by: ZorroIsGod | 2007-07-04 5:19:52 PM

The biggest problems that face natives today is the communistic reserve system. The houses aren't theirs so they do not look after them.

End the racist system and free the natives to join Canadian society in the 21st century. A 10 year plan to get off the dole and privatize all reserves.

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2007-07-05 2:07:25 PM

Not really MarkAlta

It has to do with oppressions and creations of laws and schools that undermine the prosperity of the community... The white man can cut all the trees down to create white man jobs but be a natives and you will get arrested from using resources to improve your community...By.. By.. Indian Act.

The plan is to improve reserves...and they are not a reserve it’s actually a community... There are many on their way now... This sound more like the white man’s pipe dream... Your plate is full now base on the damages your community has done...Fix it... You voted for it...

Posted by: ZorroIsGod | 2007-07-05 2:56:40 PM

Some people don't know what are talking about, I work for social services with a native community very close by, natives are a considerablly lower then the white population, just pure lazy, The Canadian government made the deals with the Natives after they kept them alive and fought their war for them, they should stick to them, I feel the National day of action was a perfect time, right before Canada's B-day, and after Aboriginal day, Canadians celerabate what they took, Natives celebrate what they have left, In reading the articles there seems to be a lot of Jealousy in the words

Posted by: facts | 2007-07-06 2:21:18 PM

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