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Monday, May 14, 2007

Try a toque

From today's Vancouver Province: this news on a bit of strikingly uncommon good sense from the heartland of the social welfare state:

BERLIN -- Bald men in Germany have no right to state-funded wigs, according to a new court ruling.

A court in the southwestern state of Rhineland-Palatinate rejected an appeal by a man to have the costs of his hairpiece paid for by a government health insurer, saying the problem was not unusual enough among men to justify his claim.

The man had based his appeal on the grounds he had been bald since childhood, but the insurer told him it only provided "long-term hair replacement support'' for women and minors and suggested he wear a hat.

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So he could have got the government to cough up for the cost of a wig if he'd presented his bald head and put a claim in when he was a kid? But I guess if you're going to put the brakes to a runaway welfare state you have to start small. Very small. Best of luck.

Posted by: Blackadder | 2007-05-14 8:43:12 AM

Sometimes the frustrations of dealing with the contradictions within a socialist system simply make you want to pull all your hair out.

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2007-05-14 8:48:17 AM

I smell sexism and ageism here. Women and kids get support but not adult men. Bald German men should get together and take it to their Human Rights commission.

Posted by: Gerry Atric | 2007-05-14 9:38:41 AM

I am surprised he did not claim he is actually a woman stuck in a man's body and therefore entitled to the state funded wig. That would win the case at least with their Human Rights people.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-05-14 9:45:41 AM



Posted by: obc | 2007-05-14 2:09:50 PM


Posted by: Markalta | 2007-05-14 3:17:13 PM

If he had claimed he lost his hair as the result of chemotherapy, they would most likely have given him a wig-- OK, pc hair piece.

As for the rules about women and children, when the social norms change and women can go topless without being a spectacle, well then maybe there will be a different view on the norm of women and what consitutes normal womens' hair.

Not that you are going to find ME going around topless anytime soon--however there have been a few, in Canada, who have insisted that men are being permitted greater 'natural' treatment by our society, who have gone topless to prove a point.

I don't know about Germany, but there may be an arguement that women should not have access to wigs at public expense in any government.

Given the fact that hairlessness is so-called stylish these days, perhaps now is a better time than any to hand out hats or scarfs as oppossed to wigs, and be done with the triffling social nuisances of double standards in hair. I have always found the double standards at the hair dresser, and the fact that we women get charged three times what men get charged, for having hair done.

So perhaps, when hair dressers' charge the same for womens' haircuts, the same as men's haircuts, that we can say that the double hair standard has been resolved. Until then, I don't believe that the majority of people will have sympathy for this guy, even if he really was going through one of those sex changes.

Bigger point, is why should tax dollars go for sex change procedures? Especially if what was GD-given works just fine. Always annoyed me that we quibble about the important stuff and then swallow that sort of junk as though the cost was justified socially in the long run.

I don't think so.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-05-15 11:13:34 AM

"Hey, if they tried to put wigs on welfare here, there'd be hell toupee!"

...remind me not to read these quips while drinking coffee...

Posted by: tomax7 | 2007-05-16 6:39:13 PM

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