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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mr. Bateman is learning quickly. Unfortunately.

I like Jordan Bateman. He's a first-term Langley Township municipal councillor out here in B.C. and his blog, Langley Politics, offers very thoughtful commentary on municipal and regional issues. Yet, a recent column, which he turned into a post on his blog,  shows that Mr. Bateman may be picking up a bad mindset shared by many politicians.

Mr. Bateman notes that municipal governments are having to fund more and more services as Canada's population grows. Municipal governments, moreover, have to primarily rely on property taxes and Mr. Bateman well knows that taxpayers are extremely sensitive to property tax increases.

Mr. Bateman's solution...

(which he shares at http://www.langleypolitics.com/2007/05/save-our-cities.html)

...is to have the federal government dole out large chunks of its budget surplus to  local governments.  It's  a easy  solution,  but  the wrong one.

It would be far better to have massive federal tax cuts and then have the provinces and municipalities increase taxes and user fees as needed. Otherwise, if we merely redirect the federal surplus, you will have municipal politicians  looking like they can wave a magic wand and provide goods and services, while the bad old federal government keeps taxes unnecessarily high. Irresponsible spending might thrive.

If municipal governments had to raise enough money to directly pay for the goods and services they provide, taxpayers might gradually become open to private enterprise solutions to local needs and  problems. The prospect of this should make usually conservative local  politicians, such as Mr. Bateman, smile.

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"taxpayers might gradually become open to private enterprise solutions to local needs and problems"

The Leftoids would have a stroke if this would ever be implemented. Private enterprise solutions? Those are dirty words - the only dirty words that they would be in favour of banning.

Posted by: obc | 2007-05-19 3:02:28 PM

Jordan Bateman is a HYPOCRITE.

In order to get elected he promised no increase in taxes. As a matter of fact he piloried the mayor, Kurt Alberts, for unnecessary expenditures, thus causing increased taxes. BUT, Br. Bateman also, championed full time firefighters(The district had volumteers at the time).When it was pointed out to him that the added expenditure from firefighters would cause taxes to go up Bateman suggested that spending could be prioritized to avoid tax increases.

So what happened? Well, full time firefighters caused taxes to go up. And what did the illustrious Bateman do? He patted himself on the back for not allowing the tax increases to go even higher.

He's a hipocrite who THINKS he's more important than he really is.

Horny Toad

Posted by: Horny Toad | 2007-05-19 8:54:00 PM

Perhaps Mr. Hiabert can answer the question of why Indian Affairs is not subject to inspection by the Auditor General.

Posted by: Alf | 2007-05-20 3:14:39 PM

I tend to agree with Horny toad on the tax issue. Very disappointed indeed.

Posted by: bj | 2007-05-20 11:16:47 PM

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