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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Apparently I’m Angry

Canada’s native Indians are so angry about the government’s failure to improve their often-impoverished living conditions that they have reached breaking point and will react fiercely if provoked, a senior native leader said on Tuesday. (Reuters)

I’m at my breaking point all right.

I raised my son up on my own since he was a baby and I got no special treatment. I had to rely heavily on family and friends instead of a steady, sweet blanket of government promised daycare while I went to school and tried to hold down a job.

It took me twelve years to pay off my student loans. What an incentive.

I couldn’t find a decent job in my field so I had to leave the country for five years to get experience and when I came back that government wanted a big chunk of my money. World income this you bitches…

Apparently I owe over $30,000 in taxes and they want more everyday.

I had a short-term marriage which ended with abandonment and a loss of my life savings but that government says she is still entitled to half of everything I have left. Right on.

I have a lump in my one remaining testicle (the other got shot off) and I have to wait in line for a month for another test that will hopefully stifle the fear I feel. Thanks.

Gas taxes. Great!

Sanctioned monopolies. Wonderful!

Buried guns. Treasure hunt!

Government this bureaucracy that. Time for a crossword puzzle!

Postal workers who want to blab at me and tell me stories when all I want is a pack of one cent stamps so none of my others go to waste because the government raised the prices again.

100 km/hr. Safe at last!

A fiver for a 2 liter of milk. Who needs milk?

Useless metric system. I’ll have twenty 38 mm by 89 mm please!

Yeah apparently I’m angry and if the government didn’t tax light beer more then everyday Canadian as we know it beer I’d be a whole lot angrier.

Instead I stand under a warm Al Gore sun with a pleasant 5% buzz instead of a cheap but more profound 3% writing another angry letter that will never get mailed. Instead it will find itself shuffled in with other various hate filled rants inside my government sanctioned home away from home under the bread box. I am afterall a Canadian first.

I know that one of these days I’m going to need a piece of bread and I will react fiercely if provoked or run out of hot dog buns:

“Many of our communities have reached the breaking point. The anger and frustration are palpable,” said Phil Fontaine, grand chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

“Desperation breeds abuse, suicide, crime, civil disobedience. And what shame this brings to a country like ours, one of the richest countries in the world,” Fontaine told an audience at Ottawa’s prestigious Canadian Club.

I know exactly how he feels. I’ve slaved away my whole life, tried following the rules and the government still treats me like shit.

(c/p Dust My Broom)

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Phil, Darcy, Tonto all of you ... listen up. The government treats us all like shit. White man brown man ... doesn't matter. We are the sheep. We get fleeced regularly. How does this happen?

Consider the kind of people that make up our government and you will have a clue. Consider the kind of people who work for government and you will have a vomit.

Control freaks and sociopaths run for office and feel that they know what's best for us and no level of taxation can be too high to achieve their goals of having a prefect controlled society.

The mindless buffoons who do their bidding are only interested in their next pay hike and pension arrangements. They don't care if you like their level of service to you or not. They have union protection and job security. We are a nothing more than a nuisance to them.

We have been sold a greater degree of rights and guarantees with each new election and now we are all entitled and have a right to just about anything you can think of. In exchange for our freedom and most of our money.

The problem is that this is not possible to deliver. There just ain't enough to go around and there never will be.

So while we bitch and squawk about the never ending higher cost of living and the never ending tax increases ... we have all forgotten what life is actually about and how we should be living it. Independently, proud, self-reliant, unafraid and most of all ... FREE. Governments enslave people by uses our own insecurities against us. They scare us then charge us plenty to protect us ... from ourselves.

We are all caught in the rising vortex of the musical climax at the end of the Beatle song "a day in the life" ... we await that final ominous piano gigantic chord that will end it all for us.

There, are you cheered up now Darcy? You are not alone.

Posted by: Yanni | 2007-05-15 8:08:04 PM

The saddest part is that Indian Affairs is already a 8 or 9 billion dollar black hole with no end in sight.I for one would feel a lot better if they all got a job, got a life, got out of my wallet. They want to be indians but want every amenity the white man has to offer.These days, if you want real discrimination, you only need to be a middle class white male.

Posted by: peterj | 2007-05-15 10:43:14 PM

...me thinks we've passed the point of no return regarding reservations and Indian Status.

Beyond the point of no return. Think about it. I used to say "if we" or "what if" and "maybe if", now, not if, but when will the revolt start in Canada?

Not Muslim terrorists (that's another topic) but natives seeing their money well dry up.

I believe we lost one, maybe two generations of souls to this corrupt government and raised a nation of whiners. What a waste of talent. Natives used to hard workers, a benefit to society and the military.


There is no way to fix it. Do what - abolish reserves, abolish goverment handouts, make someone pay taxes who don't even have the concept of building for the future?

Even if we started today, right now, it will take two generations to get the native thinking independant again let alone feeling pride for who they are - a decent human being.

What kind of example do we have in government or leadership that makes the native youth today strive for self-worth?

Like Darcy says, years of hard work just to get your savings eaten away by taxes and treated like a piece of crap slave by beaucratic red tape.

Real incentive.


Posted by: tomax7 | 2007-05-15 10:56:21 PM

The steady flow of billions of dollars going to Natives is indeed a lost cause. The situation is not improving with more money being tossed into the abyss.

Why, in this late time in our history, are we tolerating thuggery and lawlessness by Natives? They take and endlessly demand more from the people of Canada and don't have the decency to respect our laws and worse the gutless governments let them roll.

Time to put an end to the reserves, let them fly on their own like everyone else. They can keep their "culture" through multicultural funds afforded all others. It's long past time to stop renewing Treaties.

Indians are partaking of all the comforts and conveniences brought forth over the centuries by the white man. Aside from ceremonials, they dress in the same clothing and eat the same foods bought in the same supermarkets as the rest of us. They are no longer relying on the Medicine Man for health care, we pay for that too.

It seems so ludicrous for a whole race of people to be encouraged to rely on handouts from hard slogging, taxpaying people and in turn, spit in our faces.
Respect begets respect and they have a long way to go in that regard.


Posted by: LizJ | 2007-05-16 6:11:34 AM

And the billions spent are not subject to review by Auditor Sheilah. A slush fund par excellence if I've ever seen one!

Posted by: obc | 2007-05-16 7:20:25 AM

Mind you, while they are on the reserves, they are not costing your local municipality. They are not in your schools. They are not on your streets or in your neighborhoods.

Wasn't that the PURPOSE of the reserves?

Posted by: lwestin | 2007-05-16 8:12:26 AM

According to the angry Manitoba spokesman on TV yesterday, natives do not even see a quarter of the money, which is sucked up in bureaucracy.

He advocated a direct-pay system to each status Indian.

Can't argue much with that.

Posted by: Set you free | 2007-05-16 8:21:52 AM

lwestin: They are in our schools, they are in our communities if and when they choose to be while residing on the reserves. Our money still flows to them tax free.

There are no locked gates on the reserves, they go forth and block rail lines and roadways and any manner of thuggery they wish, our laws do not apply to them. Our gutless governments at all levels allow it with merely a pretty please, stop it OR ELSE we'll do nothing!

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-05-16 8:51:00 AM


Let's see that's about $10 Billion a year for 1.3
million people.
My math's not too good but isn't that like almost $800,000 a YEAR each? Why are there ANY poor aboriginals?


Posted by: Anon | 2007-05-16 12:28:15 PM

. . . because the money doesn't really go to the Natives. It goes to a huge bureaucracy and selected Native leaders, not the ordinary people.

Posted by: obc | 2007-05-16 12:42:26 PM


"My math's not too good ..."
Mine is OK. Averages to about $7700.00 per person per annum.

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2007-05-16 12:50:16 PM

Yes indeed there is a great deal of impoverishment in the native communities, but dependency always breeds impoverishment. When everything is provided by others, there is no real value placed on it. How many times have new houses and other buildings been built on reserves for them, only to be quickly wrecked. The same goes for just about anything else. Not taking care of your possessions is NOT native culture, it is the culture of dependency.

Like our health care system the answer is not more money, no matter how it is distributed. Already there remains a lack of accountability for the money given. Add the bloated and ever growing Ministry of Indian Affairs and the picture gets worse.

There are far more Natives who have chosen to leave the reserves and who through their talents and hard work provide for themselves and their families. By the way they also pay income tax - because they do not work on nor live on the reserve. These are the ones who should be held up as role models, not the Native politicians who benefit most from the impoverishment of others.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-05-16 2:07:55 PM

There are plenty of examples of natives who made it good in whitey's world.

Think Wilton Littlechild. He grew up a reserve just north of Red Deer and became a lawyer.

There's another architect whose name escapes me right now.

It is possible to escape this particular self-imposed prison, but then there are those who would rather blame everybody else for their shortcomings.

Nothing new in human nature about that.

After all, Indians are members of the human race. The solution to escape this deplorable life is entirely up to them.

Walking away from the reserve and never returning for your measley 7 grand a year could be a start. You don't need it, guys.

You learned how to walk all by yourself. Learn how to stand up like a man for yourself.

Posted by: Set you free | 2007-05-16 2:37:34 PM


Those Aboriginal people you see living with you in the community alongside you, well, they are taxpayers just like the rest of us.

Although there are a few, and I say very few, who are actually doing that rail and road block thing, they are few, and the whole do not deserve to be washed with the same brush.

And most Aboriginals I have met actually do want the Indian Act gone--and more than you and I can ever imagine, from what I hear.

It is the simple case of the majority being manipulated by a minority, within a minority.

In regards to the author above, well, other Canadians who leave have gone through the very same BS when they come back from being ex-patriots. Thing is, while everyone who is here, pays for the system, there are many who leave and do not pay, and then they come back, such as when they are sick, and expect to have their medical bills paid for by everyone else. The medical premiums that everyone pays, go up as a result. We already know that medical premiums do not pay for the entire bill of the medical system--so people have to get real. People who go away, are expected to still be responsible for Canada. If not, then they, like anyone else, can actually ask to be removed as a citizen, and then apply back as immigrants, and get paid a ton of cashola, for choosing Canada as their new homeland.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-05-16 3:27:49 PM

Lady:"Although there are a few, and I say very few, who are actually doing that rail and road block thing, they are few, and the whole do not deserve to be washed with the same brush."

...are we talking about the Indians or the Muslims?

Posted by: tomax7 | 2007-05-16 6:34:30 PM

Natives pay taxes? Why would they pay taxes when they have Indian status and are exempt on or off Reserve?

If there are only a few doing road and rail blocks and other thuggery, why are the majority not rising up against them, including the Chiefs and elders?

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-05-16 7:46:23 PM

"why are the majority not rising up against them, including the Chiefs and elders?"

Is this any different than the "moderate" Muslims who remain silent after their co-religionists bomb and slaughter innocent people?

At least the "moderate" Muslims can claim (legitimately?) that they fear for their lives from the Islamofascists in their midst.

Posted by: obc | 2007-05-16 7:49:47 PM

I don't even know where to start!

If the problems and solutions were all this easy I do not think that the dire statistics or suicides would be as they are now. I can go all day long about this overwhelming and atrocious history that this so called country has done to the original land owning inhabitants. Instead can you please read this well documented article concerning Indigenous poverty at www.newtfn.com/poverty .

We never sold, ceded or released any lands to this day. Nothing really has changed when you think about it. There were only peace and friendship treaties here in the northeast of north america. Look up the word "usurp" and "Inter Caetera" which led to the seizure of Indigenous homelands.

“In the Top 100 Canadian communities, there was one First Nation community. In the bottom 100 communities, there were 92 First Nation communities.”

Where did the common "wealth" countries get their wealth from?

11% of $5.4 Billion of all Federal “Aboriginal” spending or 600 Million/Year is spent on INAC overhead. No more excuses for taxpayers - Indian Affairs budget represents only approximately .004% of Canada GDP on "our resources". And to top it off there has been a 2% cap since 96.

I grew up a good catholic boy until I woke up just a few years ago. Nice try! But I still don't blockade your precious railroads. Dog forbid if they inconvenience your first class trip through our lands that we still fight for. Lady knows that you are all generalizing and only bigots do that.

You can come up with all the excuses you can come up with but none of them hold true because the ugly evidence is overwhelming to say the least.

Don't let the door hit ya's on the way out!

Posted by: Indigent Vagabond | 2007-05-16 8:36:43 PM

"Don't let the door hit ya's on the way out!"

Still dreaming, are you, that Canadians will be leaving any time soon? Maybe that's another reason Natives are in dire straits.

Try this:

Ovide Mercredi, a former grand chief of the Assembly of First Nations, says he has returned from his first visit to Israel determined to use the Jewish state’s accomplishments as a model for his own people.

“I didn’t know what to expect before I went,” said Mercredi, who is currently chief of the Misipawistik (Grand Rapids) Cree Nation in northern Manitoba. “The media only focuses on the conflict.”

But Mercredi came away impressed by the Jewish state.

“It was amazing what Israel has accomplished in such a short time,” he said. “I kept reflecting on how we could use Israel’s model for the benefit of my own First Nations people.

“I saw a country with scarce land and water resources, but a lot of intelligence. First Nations people also have few natural resources. There is no reason that we can’t use our intelligence to overcome our lack of resources and develop our communities’ economies.”

Mercredi said he also learned from his visit that you can’t rely on others. You have to do things for yourself.

Mercredi’s trip came as a result of a Manitoba-JNF memorandum of understanding that was signed last June. It called for the province to commit $1 million to be invested with the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba to support scientific and technological exchanges between Manitoba and Israel.

One of the priorities of the agreement was the adaptation of Israeli greenhouse technology to a northern Manitoba community.

After they spent a week visiting First Nations communities last July, JNF scientist Avi Gafni and Graham Dixon, president of JNF for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, concluded that the Misipawistik Cree Nation, led by Mercredi, was the best community for a pilot project.

The community, located about 450 miles north of Winnipeg, has a year-round population of close to 800, with another 800 people living in the area.


Posted by: obc | 2007-05-16 8:46:09 PM

You have a narrow view of reservations. The one we lived on was fly in. Getting to Winnipeg cost $350. in 1990. Natives were stuck on the reserve with nothing much.

The comment about the money being sucked up before it gets to the people is true. And its the friends of feds that suck it up with 'consultant' fees for 'help' that is mandated by the feds. (as in part of the deal to get the money.

We had a band run school. It was given to the band because it was condemned. A couple of times a year we had to close because of fumes . Eventually, more than 10 years later, a new school was built.

13 hrs by winter road to winnipeg, in 40 below, the majority of homes were plywood wrapped in plastic, with central heating consisting of a wood stove.Their was a tendency not to work on your house too much, for fear of getting bumped to the end of the list for a 'new' one. Water was at the end of the road. (Except for the teacherages, of course. Teachers have standards) We had a nursing station. Our food was purchased at the Northern store. Milk- $8.00 for 2 lt.
(Teachers flew their food up, since they had bank accounts and credit cards.)

The only employment was the band or the school board. Hunting or trapping cost money for transportation (animals don't live close to communities, don't ya know.)

Living on the reserve was beneficial to our family, as teachers, since we weren't stuck there. We were blessed to meet the people and share their life (kinda)for a while. (3 years)

This is not a simple problem. The solution cannot be arrived at by frothing at the mouth and being belligerent towards people (you) don't know.

To tell the truth, I'm more concerned about the money wasted teaching social engineering in schools, or funding abortions. Both these things suck up federal money to directly damage the country - probably irreversibly.

Posted by: lwestin | 2007-05-16 9:55:16 PM

Liz, your assumption that status Indians do not pay, or do not have to pay income tax whether they live on a reserve or not is incorrect. It does not matter where they live, what matters is where they work. If they work off the reserve, they must pay income tax on their income. Many have made the same mistake about this.

Iwestin - all reserves are not the same. Most if I am not mistaken are close to populated areas and some are next door to urban centres. This makes a major difference in employment opportunities. As to consultants for what it is worth rest assured that it is not only Natives who are forced to hire them. I have long reached the point that I run the other way when I hear the term consultant. I agree that the problem is or can be complicated, but I believe it is not insolvable. Where there is a will there is a way. I just do not see a whole lot of will, especially from the various Native associations and leaders. I hope I am mistaken about this.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-05-16 11:56:36 PM

Well, if Status Indians pay taxes only if they work off the Reserves, what work do they do on the Reserves that is exempt from taxes?
If a Native buys an car does he/she pay GST?

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-05-17 6:35:39 AM


On the reserves they do work that is paid for by the band money. Thus, on most reserves they try to spread the jobs out amongst the several different families, because those with jobs take care of those without. When they hunt, they share (even with us). When they work, they share. When they have a house, they share. Of course, our band did not have some of the social problems of others, having decided to be 'dry' and living farther from 'civlization'.
As the only white kids in the school, ours had '0' difficulty assimilating. In fact, that school was very open. Back in 'civilization' we must homeschool to preserve our family's moral and spiritual integrity.

I agree, not all reserves are equal. It is interesting that one of the poorest and most remote is faring better.

Posted by: lwestin | 2007-05-17 8:36:38 AM


If a native buys a car at a dealership, and drives it away, he/she pays the GST.

If a native buys a car from a dealership, and it is delivered to the reserve where he/she lives, then he/she does not pay the GST.

Most Aboriginals do not live on reserve--therefore most pay GST, PST and income tax.

Income tax is exempt only for work done on reserve.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-05-18 10:27:49 AM

Thanks for the info, lots of misunderstanding re Natives.
Whatever, it's shameful the way Native affairs have been handled throughout our history. Bad for them, bad for us.

We keep tossing the money into the big black hole and little is improving. No one is happy with the results, least of all the Native Indians.

There may be a glimmer of hope with our present Minister on the file.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-05-18 10:41:41 AM

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