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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stephane Dion and the messy hotdog

What does Stephane Dion and Mr Pitt from Seinfeld have in common?  Besides a spooky resemblance, I mean:


Neither like to get their fingers dirty with common food:

“If this gets out, it could mean the end of the Liberal Party of Canada,” warned a local politico, requesting anonymity.

And what, pray tell, has the Grits so up in arms? It seems that when Stéphane Dion touched down in Winnipeg last month, he and his entourage popped by North End mega-icon Kelekis for lunch. There, Dion shocked locals and his handlers by eating Kelekis’s world-famous hot dog with — gasp! — a knife and fork.

“It conjured images of George on Seinfeld eating a Snickers bar the same way,” said another witness who, for obvious reasons, also asked not to be named.

Whether Stephen Harper’s Conservatives use Wienergate to their advantage — at press time there was no word whether they’d be rejigging their official slogan to read Getting Things Done (Without Utensils) — remains to be seen.

As you might recall, Mr Pitt ate chocolate bars with a knife and fork.  Amusingly, there were some people who thought he was on to something and mimicked him.  Elaine Benes' response to those who liked Mr Pitt's ideas?

What's wrong with you people?!

Seems fitting.

[From Angry in the Great White North]

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It's best not to say anything about this since it would only be portrayed as meanspirited.

Silver spoon, anybody?

Posted by: Set you free | 2007-04-18 11:56:33 AM

Silver fork & knife, perhaps?

Posted by: obc | 2007-04-18 11:59:02 AM

Lady's Seinfeld "Name" was Elaine Bennett -Kelekis
as I remember served perhaps the greatest Hot Dogs in Canada, but Shopsey's in Toronto the formerly good were memorable. That Little Fart Dion appears
to be a snob - can a Snob from France actually
become Prime Minister of our Great Dominion? I think not - are Canadians liable to be that stupid? North
Winnipeg used to have some of the best Kosher Nosheries in the civilized world. Spent some time near there some years ago at Gimli, bending Government airplanes. RCAF Gimli was noted for great parties, and Icelandic maidens - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-04-18 12:14:36 PM

Sorry Jack, I think you clearly underestimate the stupidity of many Canadian voters, particularly from central Canada.

Check the latest polls, the fact these clowns under this idiot "Deyawn" are even showing in the polls is an embarrassment to Canada, and clearly shows how out of touch many people in this country truly are.

With such blatant idiocy running rampant, it is hard to have faith in any kind of future for this country.

Posted by: deepblue | 2007-04-18 12:28:47 PM

I don't like to get my fingers messy with food either, but hot dogs have a bun. It's really a matter of seeing to it that the hot dog/hamburger is dressed rather than drowned in condiments.

What I imagine Mr. DeYawn's problem is, he didn't want to use the washrooms, which are usually very unclean places and have doors which open inward(contrary to fire regulations everywhere) causing a patron to cross contaminate themselves from the patron who didn't wash their hands after eliminating.(manual taps in public washrooms are also a first rate source of cross-contamination due to having dirty hands when turning them on and then recontaminating when turning off)

Posted by: Speller | 2007-04-18 12:36:13 PM

really, what can you say? Yes, gentlemen and ladies, this is the man who will be king.

BTW, the act of using a knife and fork to eat a mere plebeian hotdog is a manifestation of a larger problem: the sheer disconnect between the elites in this country and most ordinary Cdns - to say nothing of the undeniable snobbery and disdain people like Dion exhibit each and every day. To put it simply, we cannot count on our politicians or justices to think about ordinary Cdns when they make decisions because they cannot bear to narrow the divide between themselves and ordinary Cdns (I mean, eating a hotdog with one's own hands as the plebs do? Mon Dieu!).

Posted by: bk | 2007-04-18 12:50:27 PM

I take great offence at this!

Mr Pitt has stately presence whereas Deyawn DOES NOT!

What is WRONG with you PEOPLE!

Posted by: Lady | 2007-04-18 12:59:25 PM


"stately presence whereas Deyawn DOES NOT"

Have you never been to an open-casket funeral? Dion has the same "stately presence" as the corpse. Dignified - but dead.

Posted by: obc | 2007-04-18 1:25:30 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen - Brilliant Posts - thanks a lot - abc your description of Citoyen Dion is posting a comment at it's best - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-04-18 2:03:49 PM

SD a "spooky resemblance" to Mr. Pitt?

Run a Google Images for "Millhouse" and then colour his hair gray, and you have a spitting image of SD.

A caption contest with this image should ensue.

Posted by: John | 2007-04-18 2:30:21 PM

George was way, way ahead of his times.

BTW, I'm seeing a Home Pride Hotdog Griller in the Goggle Ads beneath this.

Talk about a fine-tuned universe!

Posted by: Richard Ball | 2007-04-18 3:09:53 PM

Jack Macleod,

We used to have Sailor's hot dog stands on a few corners in Calgary city center and they always had lineups, they were my favorite hot dogs.
Sailor's used the Shopsey's wieners but changed to something else and then it was bye bye Sailor's.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-04-18 3:21:07 PM

I can only assume that you would burn extra energy by having to manipulate utensils before actually taking a bite.....thus expelling more CO2.

Another global warming hypocrite.

Posted by: Canadian Observer | 2007-04-18 4:13:57 PM

I don't know Calgary Speller, but I agree with you
-The Home of the Blue Jay's in Toronto the Good decided to use MacDonald's as their supplier of Hot Dogs - they were horrible, fans used to walk out the Stadium and buy Shopsey's or Kwinter's out on the Streets. No wonder the Jays have had fan problems over the years - I watched Stephen Harper serving Dogs and Hamburgers off a Conservative Barbecue
in Halifax - crowd loved it - he had no probelm eating a dog in hand - great politics - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-04-18 4:52:33 PM

Hey,that shot could could be a sign of things to come,it could be how Steffi looks after about ten years in Opposition, a good find!

Does anyone know what French wine he chose to go with his dog?

His Party has conjured up some pansy ads, very polite, of course, to go with his gentle image.
As someone on another thread mused, he probably sits down to pee!

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-18 4:53:58 PM

This thread underscores that fact that 'modern' conservative politics is infested with regressive, mouthbreathers. Conservatism will eventually, god willing, be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Posted by: Kevin Simms | 2007-04-18 5:29:25 PM


As opposed to smug, superior statists whose experiments were adjudged to be a fraud in less than a generation?

It's pretty obvious socialism cannot bring any hope to humanity.

Pass the mustard.

Posted by: Set you free | 2007-04-18 5:35:37 PM

Set you free :

Socialists have their own religion. You can't dissuade them from their beliefs with facts.

Posted by: obc | 2007-04-18 5:54:05 PM


Yes, and as dead as my ability to communicate humour in print.

I was sent this cute ditty just now, and thought about sharing it with you and the fine conservatives here. It is a good story, and one many conservatives will understand given they too came to the same realization once upon a time.

Here it is!:

Smart Politics

A young woman was about to finish her first year of college. Like so
many others her age, she considered herself to be a good NDP-er, and was
very much in favour of the redistribution of wealth.

She was deeply ashamed that her father was a rather staunch
Conservative, a feeling she openly expressed. Based on the lectures that
she had participated in, and the occasional chat with a professor, she felt
that her father had for years harboured an evil, selfish desire to keep
what he thought should be his.

One day she was challenging her father on his opposition to higher
taxes on the rich and the addition of more government welfare programs. The
self-professed objectivity proclaimed by her professors had to be the truth
and she indicated so to her father.

He responded by asking her how she was doing in school. Taken aback,
she answered rather haughtily that she had a 4.0 GPA, and let him know that
it was tough to maintain, insisting that she was taking a very difficult
course load and was constantly studying, which left her no time to go out
and party like other people she knew.

She didn't even have time for a boyfriend, and didn't really have
many college friends because she spent all her time studying.

Her father listened and then asked, "How is your friend Audrey

She replied, "Audrey is barely getting by. All she takes are easy
classes, she never studies, and she barely has a 2.0 GPA. She is so popular
on campus, college for her is a blast. She's always invited to all the
parties and lots of times she doesn't even show up for classes because
she's too hung over."

Her wise father asked his daughter, "Why don't you go to the Dean's
office and ask him to deduct a 1.0 off your 4.0 GPA and give it to your
friend who only has a 2.0. That way you will both have a 3.0 GPA and
certainly that would be a fair and equal distribution of GPA."

The daughter, visibly shocked by her father's suggestion, angrily
fired back, "That wouldn't be fair! I have worked really hard for my

I've invested a lot of time, and a lot of hard work! Audrey has done
next to nothing toward her degree. She played while I worked my tail off!"

The father slowly smiled, winked and said gently,

"Welcome to the Conservative Party".

Posted by: Lady | 2007-04-18 6:07:19 PM

I just caught two anti conservative bullshitters on the CTV (Bell Media) Network, that Fat Slob Puffy Duffy appears to have recoved from his bout with the Surgeon, brought on by the fact that the prime time dispenser of gossip is a glutton. He thought Trudeau did'nt like him - Trudeau would not have thought about Duffy for more then three seconds-Fife, known in the trade as False Fife
was his usual nasty self - they obviously can't handle PM Stephen Harper, Conservative - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-04-18 6:09:26 PM

An old chestnut, but just as true as time passes by.

Posted by: obc | 2007-04-18 6:11:27 PM

Let's play fill in the blank:

Socialism is the opiate of _________.

My personal favourite is ‘the asses,' but feel free to play along.

Posted by: Set you free | 2007-04-18 6:37:24 PM

Socialism is the opiate of those who will not work.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-04-19 11:59:40 AM

He didn't put his eye out because he wears glasses. If he hadn't been wearing glasses, who knows? Of course, hot dogs aren't very sharp.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-04-19 3:42:44 PM

Hot dogs don't come with cutlery. He must have asked for it and got it. I guess his handlers didn't want to cross the boss by pointing out the obvious. If he makes PM and his cabinet reacts the same way, we're in big trouble.

Posted by: johny_maple | 2007-05-26 4:17:23 PM

This story smells about as fishy as the one about Sarah Palin's non-baby. It's a classic roorback. Anyone want to source it properly, or is that asking too much?

Posted by: Dr.Dawg | 2008-09-08 10:06:52 AM


We'll look into it, but this one looks like an old story (2007).

Mmm... I wish I had a hot dog RIGHT NOW.


Posted by: Terrence Watson | 2008-09-08 10:12:40 AM


Incidentally, you sent me scurrying to look up the term "roorback." Thanks. :-)



Posted by: Terrence Watson | 2008-09-08 10:20:37 AM

Me too, come to think of it. A chili dog with a side of fries and some coleslaw. Anyone remember "Michigan red-hots?" Do they still have those things, with the fries actually in the bun?

Damn, I'm hungry. Bye.

Posted by: Dr.Dawg | 2008-09-08 10:24:55 AM

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