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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jason Kenney demands action from Stephane Dion

Dion Needs to Denounce or Fire Violent, Extremist Liberal Candidate

EDMONTON – Jason Kenney, Conservative Member of Parliament today demanded that Stéphane Dion denounce or fire Farhan Mujahid Chak as the nominated Liberal candidate for Edmonton – Mill Woods – Beaumont.

Chak was also Stéphane Dion's Edmonton Campaign Manager for his 2006 Liberal Leadership Campaign.

In 1993 a Farhan Mujahid Chak, then 19 was arrested for firing a shotgun into a popular Edmonton nightclub.

"Stéphane Dion should show some leadership and come clean about the background of Farhan Mujahid Chak," said Kenney. "Has Stéphane Dion ever raised questions about the background of Farhan Mujahid Chak?"

In 1999, Mr. Chak wrote a letter to the Edmonton Journal accusing India of "grotesque human rights violations." The next year, he claimed that India is not a free country.

In 2000, Mr. Chak referred to then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a "butcher", accused Israel of "terrorism, massacres and savagery" and even "the pillage, the rape and the enslavement of an entire population."

In a 2002 article for an American Islamic publication, Mr. Chak suggested that terrorist attacks within France were not committed by Algerian Islamists, but rather by "unseen hands" including "such co-conspirators as the French government."

Last year, Mr. Chak even threw baseless charges of "exclusiveness, racial superiority, injustice and arrogance" at the new Conservative government in a local Polish publication. Mr. Chak added that Canada was "trying to destabilize Poland" through its foreign aid programs.

"Erratic behavior and extremism have no place in Canadian politics, and yet the Liberals have nominated an individual who appears to be guilty of both," said Kenney. "It's time for Stéphane Dion to come clean and tell the Canadian people whether or not gun violence and political extremism have a home in the Liberal Party of Canada."

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Citoyen Dion is in Halifax-Dartmouth HRM NS at the moment with his interpreter at the NS Liberal Party Leadership Convention -held in a Hockey Rink this year because the Party is short of funds. Their "Trust Fund" valued in the millions is virtually untouchable because the monies were obtained illegally. Thus the multi-million dollar fund can only cough up $500,000. Liberals in NS annoyed that Dion made his deal with Saint Elizabeth Green not to
run a Liberal Candidate against MP Peter MacKay,
Conservative - who will easily win in a Federal election in my opinion -Dion is considered a menace by most Liberals in Nova Scotia -Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-04-28 5:06:09 AM

Liberal Federal Candidates are being selected by a team of flunkies (most from Martin's former PMO)
led by Toronto MP wannabe Kennedy and what's her name, second hand rose from Toronto. Both will be in Halifax Dartmouth NS with that little Fart Dion today-But Alberta Media pressure will force them to reject the gunslinger - trouble is, the Asper Media
is so blatantly pro Liberal they should be compelled
to register as Lobbyists. Won't allow their stuff on our premises. Globe and Mail continues to attack Harper and O'Connor and by definition Canadian Troops in Afghanistan again today in an unsubstantiated story by popular fiction writer Daniel LeBlanc - Canadian Media is a disgrace these days - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-04-28 5:52:02 AM

The flicking Libranos are far too busy doing character assassinations on Mr. O"Connor and the Canadian military men fighting Taliban terrorists.
No time for Dweeb Dion to care about a mere wing nut who is a candidate for his Party.

They're basically shouting daily in the Opposition's rant and rave show called QP, accusing the Military of enabling torture by not coddling and watching the Taliban murderers.
Milliken is a disgrace as Speaker, all civility is lost in the HOC.

Jezzus, it's a war, they are the enemy, they don't fight fair, they set bombs and run, they behead people in public, they stone women to death.

It sickens true Canadians to watch this spectacle unfold. It must be terrible for soldiers and their families to have to listen to the fools with their misplaced concern for terrorists.

Harper should take this to the people, I think he will.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-28 6:21:14 AM

LizJ, I share you frustration. Most MSM know nothing about foreign and defence policy. They are not that far removed from the faculty club thinking mode, divorced from reality.

It's a shame members of CF and their families are so demoralized by this spin garbage, and G&M et al don't seem to care.

It's real nice to criticize from your comfy office chair, but the MSM has reach to guys and gals who are in an environment where people are trying to kill them.

What do they read? Our mission is failing. Taliban accusations have more credibility than the professionalism of our soldiers. Our soldiers "might" be war criminals. Maybe if were nice to Taliban, they wouldn't try so hard to off us.

Frickin unbelievable, what bloody lack of ethics, putting selling newspapers and gaining political points ahead of our soldiers on the ground.

Not every grunt knows G&M and MSM, like Don Martin, are utter ignoramuses on Afghan or any other foreign policy issue. A tough week to these hacks is taking a blackberry scoop between rounds of golf or whiskey, not ducking RPG.

They can't fathom the loneliness and fear these brave people face every day, for the good of, they thought, their fellow Canadians. Their contribution to those efforts consists of poor research and judgement, biased and agenda based conclusions, and an appaling lack of empathy for what soldiers go through.

This crap that people support the troops but not the mission has got to be challenged. Last time I looked, our troops were doing the mission, not Dubya. Craig Oliver supplying talking points to the ridiculous Ignatieff doesn't change that.

As for the Red Green Show and Ignatieff, go for it - let's have an election now. When Canadians hear what has just been said (they don't pay attention between elections), there will be repercussions.

Harper is already in position to win with increased minority. Once electorate get a load of Red Green and the Dream On Team, that will likely mean majority.

But no, they would rather fight a paper war, grinding for sound bytes, while our guys and gals wonder where the next IED is, and why they are being used a political pawns. Shameful indeed.

Posted by: Shamrock | 2007-04-28 6:40:12 AM

Globe and Mail Writer Daniel LeBlanc attacks O'Connor and Harper in the Globe today, I challenged him to name his "source or sources" for the unsubstantiated and untruthful remarks about the PM and MND - of course he could not - I pointed out that this type of "journalism" is a direct attack on the integrity of the Canadian Army - but Bell Media do not care - I suspect Canadians Citizens care and
will relect their support in the next Federal election, which it appears to me PM Harper and his Conservatives will win. Gave up on CTV year ago-
Puffy Duffy considered a fool and buffoon here in
Atlantic Canada - a professional bullshitter from PEI - comes from a Liberal family -Grandfather was
a Liberal patronage appointed Judge -MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-04-28 6:56:07 AM

Here we are in the 21st century, living in a Democracy being fed lies and spin to manipulate opinion by at least 75% of our media at all levels. It's as if they graduated from Chinese journalism schools.

Why the hell would any thinking person who cares about this Country vote for the likes of Dion who hasn't had enough exposure to the majority of Canadians to speak their language clearly?

Why to would anyone want Ignatieff, Professor at large, living out of Country for 30 years telling us how things should be run?

We should be very concerned.

If the people don't rally around Harper we have lost all our Ancestors forged and fought for, it's that serious.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-28 7:42:54 AM

Conservative and Libertarian Canadians have to accept and fact that Canadian MSM are essentially
a left wing political coterie whose agenda is to crush conservative governments in this country.

With the exception of a few Sun Chain writers, Canadian journalists are decidedly hostile to conservatives and particularly to Stephen Harper.

Who by the way, is one of the most intelligent and decisive Prime Ministers this country has had in a century.
But he faces tremendous challenge from the leftists currently holding the corporate media reins.

My hope is that when Conrad Black is declared innocent of all charges in the US that he returns to Canada to take up his residency and again use his influence with a true conservative media presence.

Like a FOX News in the USA.

The Western Standard is simply unable to counter the tremendous left wing monster that currently lives in the body of Canadian MSM.

I will once again repeat my long held view that for the past decade or more MSM were the enablers of the corruption that was perpetrated under the Chretien/Martin Liberal governments, and unfortunately continue to embrace the socialists.

If the MSM had been as persistent in their pursuit of corruption in Chretien's time as they currently are about the safety of the Taliban terrorist prisoners, adscam would have never been able to thrive as it did for more than a decade.

One final question, why have there been no government officials charged in the adscam debacle?

And why the silence on that issue from our Canadian MSM?

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2007-04-28 7:53:01 AM

Joe, AdScam ain't over yet, far from it. The "bagmen" for the Liberal Party, many now in the Senate of Canada know far more about the distribution of these monies than has been made public up to this point. Next question should be, "what happened to all the Millenium Scholarship
Money?" -we found that most if not all the funds were allocated before, repeat, before the Program was announced, especially in that Liberal Fifedom Prince Edward Island, where the Martin and Chretien crowd found two Solicitor Generals. The way to fix a "bagman" exists in the Canada Revenue and Customs Agency. Most of the bagmen here in New Brunswick are running scared shitless.Especially now that Howdy Doody is Premier. Hard to believe.

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-04-28 8:21:50 AM

Chak is just the kind of bully the Liberal party needs.

He can be buddies with Mark Holland.

Posted by: Set you free | 2007-04-28 8:38:49 AM

The Edmonton Journal published an article today (Saturday) on the Farhan Chak nomination, It is credited to Bill Mah, Journal Staff Writer and is unsurprisingly in the second or B CITYPLUS section. I see nothing original in the article compared to Kevin Libin's National Post article except for a glowing paragraph elaborating on Chak's four academic degrees and a Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Durham in England. I am left with several unanswered questions.Why did the Edmonton Journal not unearth and publish this story themselves? Why is it relegated to the second section of the paper instead of the Front Page? Why, in comparison, are even the most picayune peccadillos of the Harper government always given Front Page display?

Posted by: Robert M Wood | 2007-04-28 10:54:29 AM

This is most unusual. Usually Liberals become criminals after they're elected. I guess they're desperate for experienced candidates.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-04-28 11:25:56 AM

Why would anyone bother to read the Edmonton Journal -? - Asper Newspapers particularly in Western Canada are from what I've seen universally disgusting.
MacLeod, in Moncton NB where the Irving dailies are as bad or worse - Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-04-28 12:52:23 PM


Stay close to your friends and closer to your enemies.

Posted by: Set you free | 2007-04-28 1:49:45 PM

Big winner in the Nova Scotia Liberal Leadership "race" is Premier Rodney MacDonald and his band of bumpkins who offered to play "Farewell To Nova Scotia" bidding a farewell to Citoyen Dion and Saint Elizabeth May" MP and Minister Peter Mackay will also be pleased with the result. Liberals are too stupid to realize they just shot themselves in both feet - Liberal strategists have underestimated Premier MacDonald, who won a mandate for several decades today. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-04-28 1:56:34 PM

With May having to kick out a candidate, and probably dion having to do the same thing, I guess the watermelon party has more in common than the color green. Could the problem be that decent honest liberals, (there must be a few, but 308?) are hard to find who are willing to be sacrificial lambs in the next election. The least they would demand is their deposit back. It is up to us voters to see that very few of them get their money back, or 1.75/vote to try to buy their way back to the trough. Will Bill Grahm and McCullam be asked to resign, by Dion, or Holland, for their willing co-operation to allow afgan criminals to be abused.
I think our PM has let the opposition to slaughter by his actions on the environment and the afghan mission. Can or will Dion/may really campaign on the fact that we must cause thousands of job losses and economic ruin to meet kyoto.
If the new regulations are not enough, it means they would have to bring in more costly and dangerous laws. Why isn't the media and opposition complaining loudly about that american Gore, telling us what to do re the environment. If Bush said those things all hell would break lose.

Posted by: maryT | 2007-04-28 2:32:21 PM

Please, Jack, don't refer to Green Momma as Saint Elizabeth, I had a Sister St. Elizabeth who led us through Nurses training and we loved her.
Although Dion needs a saint right now for a miracle, Lizzie ain't no saint.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-28 2:35:45 PM

Dion will need more than a miracle - he has convinced Nova Scotia Liberals not to field a candidate to run against MP Peter MacKay. May will ne wiped out, Central Nova is a long standing traditional Conservative Riding -that was why former PM Brian Mulroney an "X" Grad picked it. The Catholic Diocese of Antigonish is called the "Little Vatican" very conservative Roman Catholic town, will
have no time for Ms. May. It will be the first time in NS history that the Liberals will not be on the ballot - political suicide. Macleod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-04-28 3:17:57 PM

Saints be praised! Thanks for the comforting info Jack.

It appears the Liberals are suicidal on top of all else.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-28 3:43:11 PM

Chak's not posting tonight under the pseudonym "Dale"? Must be running scared.

Posted by: obc | 2007-04-28 7:15:38 PM

Michael Coren writing in Sun Media today states that Canada is participating in the "wrong war in Afghanistan" so I wrote him and asked him, "what War would he suggest?" - Coren appears to be going along with the rest of the slovenly Toronto, Ottawa based
MSM - whose agenda clearly is to ensure the defeat of the Harper Conservative Government -which Canada is fortunate to have elected. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-04-29 7:23:39 AM

There's a lot insanity going around, hope it's not contagious, we'll end up with an insane government. It's hard enough to put up with it filling ALL the Opposition seats,

As if that's not enough we have Gas Bag Gore coming up here critiquing our emissions plan. Talk about frauds, running around telling convenient lies. Reminds of the Snake Oil salesmen who came up from the South to cure our ills in days of yore.

Harper will have to come up with some pretty strategic moves in this grand chess game, he has the ability, he's our only hope to save this Country from ruin.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-29 8:42:03 AM

Nova Scotia Liberal Party has had five "Leaders" in ten years, none capable of defeating the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Governnment. This latest exercise resulted in Delegates selecting "Mr. Fix-It" - Premier Rodney MacDonald does not appear
concerned - nor should he be. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-04-29 1:42:28 PM

Further, we have to remember this guy with a lot of the product he's selling in his hair, named Gore is the same guy who said he invented the internet!

Talk about delusions of grandeur now he fancies himself a Climatologist in the realm of Earth Science, problem he can't answer any questions.
He's so loaded with platitudes his arse is dragging. Some kinda drag that is too.

He's up here sticking his snout in our politics which he said he did not wish to do. Then went on to do precisely that, saying the Tories' emissions plan is a "total fraud".

Tomorrow he'll be quoted by all Opposition hacks in QP, that is in between calling for O'Connor's resignation.
I'm certain the Conservatives will be ready for this, should be fun, lots of smack downs.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-29 2:03:17 PM


"Our country from ruin"?

Would you not agree that we have one of the highest standards of living in the world? Well, if so, the Liberals have been in power 57 of the last 72 years, so we can all thank them for the country in which we live. If it hadn't been for those 15 "dark" years of con-servative power, who knows how much better we could have been. Afterall, the con-servatives only got re-elected with a majority once in the history of Canada, and that ended up resulting with Kim Campbell's con-servatives suffering the biggest defeat in Canadian political history.

Posted by: lefty_99 | 2007-04-29 2:11:22 PM

lefty, the Liberals of today have lost their moral compass, like the 'Old Grey Mare' they ain't what they used to be. It's so sad, we've even lost good Opposition in our system.

It didn't happen overnight, it started with Trudeau.

Conservatives are more principled, it's not as important to get elected as it is to do the right thing. Liberals would con their Grannies to get power, power trumps all.

Conservatives in droves were part of the demise of Mulroney when he went off course and got reduced to two seats.

We need a Conservative government now, we cannot reward corruption.

Divine right to rule does not belong in a Democracy.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-29 3:18:08 PM

You can't tell me that the con-servatives are principled and doing the right thing is more important than votes. These environmental plans are clearly vote grabbing because they are trying please environmentalists and business people to gain their votes. If they were "principled", there plan would have been much harsher and strict. And the GST cut? And the beer and popcorn money? Or "we won't touch income trusts" and then stop them (although I agreed with that).
If they were truly principled then we wouldn't be in Afghanistan, we'd be living up to our Kyoto commitments, Harper would have showed up at the AIDS conference, they wouldn't side with Israel, gay marriage wouldn't have been re-visited, we'd be pushing for something to be done in Darfur, Harper wouldn't be a Leafs fan, etc etc etc.
I do agree that divine right does not belong in a democracy, but there is no disputing that the Liberal party represents the feelings of the majority of Canadians, but they have to clean their act up. Another Harper minority would not be that bad, it would give the Liberals enough time to get their house in order.

Posted by: lefty_99 | 2007-04-29 3:45:35 PM


I don't know if I would break it down quite so black and white, but since we HAVE had 57/72 years of Liberal rule, I guess we can give them the credit for the disintegration of our public education system (evidenced by the necessity of adding an extra year to the bottom of a BA), the failure of our public health system, in that it is necessary for those who can afford it to go elsewhere, (it not being healthy to wait for care), and the spending of massive amounts of families dollars promoting agendas of groups likely to support liberals, without any benefit to the masses. (That would be the feminist/homosexual propaganda we've all been paying for).

But hey, give the liberals a break. Why should they be expected to be ahead of the tide. Why shouldn't they look to Sweden, Europe and the UN for a social compass? (Why not go down the toilet with the rest of the west?)

As bizarre as some of the States are in some things, there ARE more protections for individual freedoms in the USA. It IS a freer country. Canada is stuck in a government sponsored 'political correctness' nightmare.
Can the Conservatives wake us up?
Not without a societal change that is not exactly evident yet.

We live in hope

Posted by: lwestin | 2007-04-29 3:53:24 PM

Who the hell made the Afghanistan commitment in the first place? Was his name Chretien, wasn't he the Liberal Prime Minister? Wasn't he doing it to weasel out of other commitments not to his liking?
Didn't he do it WITHOUT any debate in the HOC?

"lwestin": We can argue black is white but always toss in shades of gray.

It's political correctness bred from the Socialism creep that's chinking away at our foundation. Identifying the problem is the easy part. It's been inbred over the past several decades.

We've lost the concept of Democracy where majority rules. We're now ruled through our Charter and the rights of minorities and special interest groups will often trump our own traditions.
For this we can put the blame squarely on the Liberals.

Hope springs eternal. I'm putting all my hope in the Conservatives under Stephen Harper. There is absolutely no other option at this time.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-29 4:57:51 PM

"There is absolutely no other option at this time."

Actually, there is for me. Join the Free Alberta movement. We'll have a country that is not shaken down by the East whenever they want more cash.

And we can give the thumbs down to the Charter and the Lieberal judges that "interpret" in favour of socialism.


Posted by: obc | 2007-04-29 5:05:44 PM

Why complain? He's a Liberal running in Alberta. He never had a chance to start with!!! Let him run - he'll further embarrass and discredit the Liebral Party from their already disgraced stance today.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-04-29 5:17:42 PM

Your absolutely correct about Chretien taking us to Afghanistan. However, at that time, it was suppose to be a clean-up mission, not war. Anyway, if Stephen Harper is so much more "principled" than the Liberals, then why did he not pull us out instead of extending it? The con-servatives have had ample time to correct what you people think are Liberal wrong doings, like not living up to Kyoto, yet they haven't done anything. The only mess they cleaned up was income trusts, yet they lied and said they wouldn't do it. The fact is, the con-servatives have accomplished nothing in their year and a half and its not because they have a minority government. The Canadian people will realize this and wonder what the hell the con-servatives were talking about when they slammed the Liberals during the last election. The sponsorship scandal has been forgotten, and the only thing people will remember come next election is losing their savings from income trusts, the con-servatives pathetic attempt at an environmental plan, and Stephen Harper's bad haircut.

Posted by: lefty_99 | 2007-04-29 5:32:49 PM

lefty: Harper put it to a vote in the HOC, they voted to extend it. There were a number of Liberals who didn't have the guts to show up for the vote, we know why.

As for corruption, none of us forget that type of corruption, the people of Quebec where it all took place are the most sickened and they have certainly not forgotten. Fact is, it isn't over. The money is still out there too. Strangely the Liberals who enabled it are broke. Not too many honest little people handing them any money.
Chretien fixed their wagon when he put an end to large corporate donations which was their big support.

As for Income Trusts, the Liberals were on the verge of doing the same thing but didn't have the guts. They knew it was the right thing.
Ralph Goodale and Scotty Brison were a fine example of weasels in that fiasco.
It caused people to rush to invest. It was many of those who were most hit by the Conservative move.
They were certainly not long suffering savers who were short on funds in the first place.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-29 6:44:10 PM


Liebrals might govern more, but Conservatives govern better.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-04-29 6:54:38 PM

Sponsorship scandal, blah blah blah. No one gives a shit about it. I'd rather have had all the money wasted away, then have it used to join the Iraq war, which is what Steve W Harper would have done if he had been leader during that time. One reason the con-servatives will never get a majority because Canadians know the bullet we dodged by not electing those war-mongers when the decision whether or not to join Iraq was made.

Posted by: lefty_99 | 2007-04-29 7:03:52 PM

Liberalism is a mental disorder - Michael Savage.

Posted by: obc | 2007-04-29 7:06:05 PM

OMG. obc, you are the funniest guy on this blog. First you try to sell a story in the British Sun and then you try to quote an American Hitler wannabe who has his own hats and coffee mugs for sale on the main page of his website. You are obviously weak minded and have been propogated by this conservative cult. Maybe you'd like to join me in Amway? Seriously dude, try to be strong minded and do your own due diligence on our world and you might find your way home.

Posted by: lefty_99 | 2007-04-29 7:15:06 PM

Typical Leftoid rejoinder. Only they kn ow the "truth". Follow them and you may be privileged to get your own personal brown shirt - or, in this case, green shirt.

Everybody is Hitler - Savage, Bush, Cheney, Harper.

I say their heroes are all Lenin and the like. Earth Day after all is celebrated on Lenin's birthday.

Posted by: obc | 2007-04-29 7:21:10 PM

"Stephen W. Harper" - my how witty to insert the W to link him to President George W Bush.

I guess someone is desperate to attack PM Stephen J. Harper and his string of successes - softwood lumber, Clean Air Act, Afghanistan, US Relations, etc, etc. He has done more in 18 months than Chretien and Martin did in over a decade - and with the sole exception of the income trusts Harper has been a stunning success. Perfect - no, hardly, but no one ever could be - but he's better than the alternative: the Dion, May, Layton alliance, which is now a one issue party = Kyoto.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-04-29 7:26:21 PM

Haha. OK, one by one:
The softwood lumber deal cost BC millions and millions of dollars, you call that successful?
The clean-air act was so successful that they had to scrap it and come out with a new environmental plan.
You call an increase in Canadian deaths and more cases of violence in Afghanistan a success?
You think improving the relations with a war mongering country who is sliding into a recession a success?
Wow, I wish I was your child; when I came home from school with a C- on my report card I would have gotten myself a new surfboard as a reward.

Posted by: lefty_99 | 2007-04-29 7:37:04 PM

Softwood: No more millions blown on lawyers fees.

Clean air: Kyoto is dead, long live the clean air act as enacted by Baird last week.

Afghanistan: More people died in shootings and car accidents in Edmonton last year than in Afghanistan the last four years.

US recession: Right you are. Buy gold.

Posted by: Set you free | 2007-04-29 7:48:59 PM


... than Canadians in Afghanstan the last four years.

Posted by: Set you free | 2007-04-29 7:50:37 PM

Set you free -

That's not fair! Using facts to make your argument.

Posted by: obc | 2007-04-29 7:51:25 PM

A C-? No way - I'd give Harper a B. That might not sound very good, it is better than the Incomplete grades that the Chretien and Martin gov'ts received.
Over a decade with nothing to show for it. Absolutely disgraceful.

The softwood lumber deal and clean air acts might not be perfect but it is better than the alternative proposed by the Liebrals = nothing on either count.

For Afghanistan, the rise in deaths is attributable to the Taliban, our enemies over there, not Mr. Harper. The decision to redeploy to Kandahar instead of Kabul was made by the Martin regime, so both are responsible (not that Dion or Layton care).

Since relations with the US are of supreme importance to all, it is in everyone's best interest to get along with the US, our best friend, ally, neighbor, trading partner, etc, etc. The Liebrals, Dippers, Watermelons and Bloc talk tough but they know this truth - Harper just has the guts and integrity to admit it.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-04-29 7:53:05 PM

Softwood: I said millions and millions, so minus the millions in lawyer fees, it still leaves millions. Also, the previous government did nothing because they refused to take less than what was owed, therefore in that case doing nothing was doing something

Clean Air: that proposal will not be passed as all three opposition parties think its a joke, maybe the Liberals didn't produce a plan but at least they didn't embarrass themselves by putting together some garbage proposal

Afghanistan: what difference does it make if more died in car accidents in some shitty town, the point is we're there fighting someone else's war and are losing lives. The Taliban are not our enemies, there has never been a terrorist attack on Canadian soil.

US relations: there has never been anything wrong with our relations, the only reason we care is so they continue to buy from us, and even though CHretien and Martin did very little to improve our relations, trade did not suffer because they need our oil, lumber, gold, nickle, water, etc more than we need their cash because China would be more than happy to buy our resources.

Posted by: lefty_99 | 2007-04-29 8:03:01 PM

"US relations: there has never been anything wrong with our relations, the only reason we care is so they continue to buy from us, and even though CHretien and Martin did very little to improve our relations, trade did not suffer because they need our oil, lumber, gold, nickle, water, etc more than we need their cash because China would be more than happy to buy our resources."

But think of the extra CO2 emitted in transporting those resources that extra difference and then getting the goods back again.

It will kill more Africans.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2007-04-29 8:06:21 PM

Its nice that you can laugh at the suffering of human beings. I bet if you spent one night in a dirty, AIDS infested, starving African village, you'd cry like a little baby. Or would you point and laugh?

Posted by: lefty_99 | 2007-04-29 8:16:24 PM

I'd point to their dictatorial "socialist" leaders who allow this to continue while they wine and dine their UN pals.

Posted by: obc | 2007-04-29 8:22:01 PM

Yes, you could do that obc, but would that help the situation at all? Would telling them something that they are already aware of cure them of AIDS or give them clean water? Incidentally, those governments aren't socialist; dictators yes. Also, you should change "UN pals" to "U.S. pals".

Posted by: lefty_99 | 2007-04-29 8:25:43 PM

What would a Lefty do about terrorism is the question?

Looks like public be-headings and stoning women to death or not educating little girls doesn't faze them. That was the reality of Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

The NATO led Forces are making life livable for the people and hope for the future with a legitimate government in place.

To pull out of that mission now would mean the wonderful, brave soldiers we've lost have died in vain, all for naught.

You don't tell the enemy when your going to quit the battle either. The term used by Lefties is "exit strategy", code for leaving before the job is done. It means losing.

Never heard of a war where no soldiers died.

This is a different kind of war with a different challenge than hand to hand combat. Hard to deal with an enemy that sets land mines and runs to rat holes for cover.
Complications in this battle are furnished by Iran.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-04-29 8:26:37 PM

"Its nice that you can laugh at the suffering of human beings. I bet if you spent one night in a dirty, AIDS infested, starving African village, you'd cry like a little baby. Or would you point and laugh?"

Again. Who's laughing? I'm not the one proposing shipping our resources further around the world emitting even more CO2 which will, according to you, will kill more Africans.

Between your flying and global resource infrastructure rearrangements, the CO2 should reach 540 ppm shortly. Millions will drown or otherwise die horrible deaths.

Please stop!

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2007-04-29 8:29:28 PM

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