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Monday, March 05, 2007

Trip to Ottawa

Img_1230 Img_1073 Img_1065 Img_1088 Img_1081 Img_1113 Img_1121 Img_1130 Img_1104 Img_1194 Img_1184

I am back from Ottawa. Had a complete tour of Canada's parliament and also visited national air & space museum and war museum there. These are a few pictures taken during my short trip to Ottawa this past weekend. Please click on the images to enlarge. I've published more pics on my flickr page. And here is my youtube.com page if you'd like to watch the videos of this trip. 

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Shouldn't this type of posting be on Webshots or some other picture album site that you can share with your friends and family?

This is a pictorial travelogue is it not.

Just asking.

Posted by: John | 2007-03-05 8:01:14 PM

Western Standard is my family & friends

Posted by: Winston | 2007-03-05 9:46:50 PM

Maybe you need to get out and meet a fine girl, mon vieux. There's nothing good that can result from considering a Website as friends & family. Especialy this one. Go out and interact with people at a bar or something...

Posted by: Marc | 2007-03-05 10:59:42 PM

Nice pics -- I enjoyed them. Thanks for posting.

Posted by: LindaL | 2007-03-05 11:12:26 PM

Well, Marc, I suppose you really didn't get what I meant by saying they are my family & friends. huh?

Posted by: winston | 2007-03-06 12:55:39 AM

Thanks for posting those videos on the other site. When I visited Ottawa in Fall 2005, the Library of Parliament was being restored, so I couldn't see it.

As for the Senate video...ha, ha, ha. Good thing the Senators weren't present, or they'd arrest you for filming them. They always say that there's no room in the Senate for cameras and that it would be too expensive, which is silly because webcams are both small and cheap today. And the audio from the Senate should be on the Internet but isn't, even though viewers in the gallery can hear it in both official languages on those "phones" right now.

Posted by: Cory Schreyer | 2007-03-06 11:49:57 AM

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