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Monday, February 26, 2007

The size medium is the message

A Toronto t-shirt company has agreed to stop selling a shirt carrying the offensive, crude, vulgar, politicallly incorrect and therefore sure-to-appeal-to-young-male-adults words, "No means have aNOther drink." Instead, the company will develop a new line of t-shirts in collaboration with the Canadian Federation of Students, which is claiming credit for the anti-date-rape slogan "No Means No".

Given the hard-left, preciously progressive nature of the CFS, we're expecting a new line of edgy shirts with such sayings as, "David Suzuki for God," "Higher taxes mean a better Canada" and "Stop arguing and just give the unions what they want."


Posted by Terry O'Neill on February 26, 2007 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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CFS is just another learning experience for bright young and interested students. The far-left direction comes from the paid employees - researchers etc.. These are the guys who didn't get hired by the NDP. (perhaps too grungy?)

Eventually the students realize that their constituents have a roll-over, as does the executive and reps in CFS. The only ones who continue are the paid employees. Then the students find something more productive to do, like graduate and work.

Posted by: lwestin | 2007-02-26 11:04:38 AM

CFS has always had unrealistic policies on matters of internation affairs.

They once passed a policy hoping that the CF would have to have bake sales in order to raise money to fix and repair equipment. It could have been prophetic in that after that, the Liberal government failed to replace worn out and broken equipment.

The CFS also had one heck of a nasty policy on Israel. They love the islamofacist terrorists.

The "No means no" campaign was actually one of their campaigns that made sense. But it does not excuse them from all the other rediculously blind positions they have taken over the years. And yes, the students have been constantly manipulated by a staff who reserve the right to push their own agenda's, with their so-called education of all new incoming students.

The so-called feminist agenda is a real fake one as well. They say women need to have a voice, but reject to hear the voices of women who choose to stay home with their children. There is a whole generation of people who have been raised without parents at home, and still some mothers who choose to stay home. They remain the invisible voices of women across our nation. And some of these women run great home based businesses as well, and yet the CFS is only concerned about the women who are entering the Union workforce.

I can honestly say that the CFS is a place where would-be politicians get their start in NDP politics.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-26 12:04:10 PM

The CFS was created to destroy Israeli and traditional notions of the family. They want everybody to live in pods on the bottom of the ocean and for nobody to have to pay their student loans because the Muslims have won and all women are cattle and all our energy comes from wind fams. I won't let it happen!!!!

Posted by: Not GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE | 2007-02-26 1:44:13 PM

What kind of voices aren't invisible? Is that like when it's really cold outside? Like in cartoons?

Posted by: Big Willie | 2007-02-26 1:46:38 PM

Little Willie,

Political voice is the one you see when you read a party or a union's platform or policies.

Although I reject the idea that there is a complete division of issues by gender, it is true that the mother-at-home is typically inconsidered by leftists, who even disdain someone, such as myself, mention their existence.


Whatever! Bupropion works very well for that issue of yours.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-26 2:12:46 PM

This is a troll.
Big Willie, NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE, Rrroooooarrr!!!.
All the same retard.

The Left is anti-speech.
Charles Johnson of LGF had a comment a couple of weeks ago about how Leftist sites don't need the kind of overwatch and security that Conservative/Libertarian sites do because the Right is mature and the Left isn't.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-02-26 2:19:51 PM

Had the T-shirts displayed instead "Death to the infidels", that would have passed.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-02-26 2:48:40 PM


Yes, of course.

The troll needs some Bupropion rather badly. Who are we to deny it the right to what it needs?

And the Rrooooarrrr?


And in relation to the leftists sites, there appears to be something wrong with Indymedia in Vancouver? Whatever could that be? It is down. Why is that?

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-27 7:59:06 AM

listen y'all

if you are a guy pathetic enough to wear this shirt, do it. because its a warning to all the women out there. i mean if i was drunk and saw a dood in a shirt like that, i would

1. not talk to him
2. laugh at how pathetic he is that he promotes date rape on his shirt
3. go talk to a guy that doesnt buy 'funny shirts' from stupid stores.

i mean yea it sends out a bad message, and yea it helps out the guys with no confidence, but at this point ladies its up to you to say no to those losers. really. guys in funny shirts? instant no. be harder than that, honestly.

guys in shirts that are meant to be funny are usually awkward losers, think about it, their shirt is trying to do the talking for them. if theres a shirt that a guy is willing to wear that suggests 'i need to date-rape you to get laid', well, what a warning sign. let them buy it, yo.

Posted by: Chelsea | 2007-03-01 12:34:03 AM

For those of you who dont know... NO-MEANS-NO.... is essentially a campaign to make Canadians aware of the law in Canada. There are no grey areas in regards to date rape. Being inebriated does not count as an acceptable excuse *technically inebriated consent does not equal consent under our law* furthermore "she seemed into it" and "but we were making out", "she went home with me".... do NOT equal consent.

It is offensive that a company would be making profits by mocking women who have been raped, and been told they were in the wrong because "you were drunk". This shirt glorifys rapists, validates their excuses, and mocks the women and men who have been their victims.

What sort of sick jerk looks at this and feels that they should defend that sort of garbage? Date rape is a HUGE problem in Canada, drug rape is perpetually on the rise. We should be doing everything to stop it, and ensure that this is a country where the perpetrators receive the scorn they deserve.

Obviously some of you disagree, some of you think its HILARIOUS to mock victims of rape. Well... 1/5 women in Canada has experience rape. So... someone you know has been a victim. So while you look at your friends, family, children. Wonder which ones will be, or have been, a victim of date rape, or any other form of sexual assault. Then ask yourself. Is it still funny?

As for free speech, it is quite easy for someone to buy a shirt with ANY slogan they wish to make up. If someone REALLY wanted a "date rape is A-OK!" shirt they could get one within days. If they so desperatly wanted to say that message and did not know how to google "silkscreening" they could take a permanent marker, and buy a cheap shirt and scribble the message on it.

Do not pretend that this is some horrific act of censorship.

Posted by: Ash | 2007-03-02 12:00:35 PM

As for all the comments bashing the CFS, sure have your opinion about the CFS, and if you feel the need to voice it to us online, that's fine too, but don't bring the arguement and opinions about the whole organization into this debate, it weakens and destroys your arguement. The issue at hand here is ending date rape, which should be a campaing that all Canadians fight for. The fact that date rape is being mocked online and on T-shirts is the most sick and twisted issue, NOT CFS policy.

Posted by: Sher | 2007-03-24 9:05:26 AM

Oh my God - we get to tag this people with t-shirts now? I love it!! As if them falling out of a strip club with twenty of their closests friends wasn't enough of a giveaway.

Posted by: Shan | 2007-03-25 10:24:36 AM

Wow... can't believe there's people who would defend these kinds of T-shirts. Credit where credit is due... good on the Canadian distributer that immediately pulled them and issued an apology.

Posted by: Aaron | 2007-04-03 4:53:17 PM

now I am student at a school that is not part of CFS, and I vehemently disagree with most of their policies.

But the NO MEANS NO campaign is a worthwhile cause, and no one who is worth living is for rape.

However, if some insensitive jackass wants to wear this stupid shirt, go ahead. Chances are hes gonna get his ass kicked by someone, or get slapped in the face by a girl.

We have the right to be stupid and insensitive.

However, I wont ever buy anything from Bluenotes or from this David and Goliath company.

Posted by: Mark | 2007-05-08 4:29:45 PM

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