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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pressure builds on Liberals who might vote with the Tories on the anti-terror bill

Stephane Dion has a problem on his hands.  He wants to mess with the Conservatives, and so is leading the Liberal Party to vote against extending two provisions of Canada's anti-terror legislation, legislation that was developed by Jean Chretien's Liberal government.  But not all of his MPs are on his side.  For many, include some very senior ones like Irwin Cotler, this is just too important for partisan shenanigans.  They are threatening to vote for the provisions in defiance of Stephane Dion.

Stephane Dion cannot afford to have his leadership weakened any further than it already has, so he has to put a stop to this.  What punishment will he mete out to rebels?  Mike Duffy of CTV News suggested that Dion would not sign nomination papers.

But the MPs who are waffling have to deal with even more pressure, as the Canadian Coalition Against Terror has sent a letter to all MPs in support of extending the provisions, but clearly targeting the Liberals.  The letter reads in part:

We urge all MPs to approach this vote with the security of Canadians in mind. Canada should not be removing these tools for fighting terrorism while terrorists are busy sharpening their tools for use against Canadians and other innocent victims. The Conservative government is correct in requesting the extension of the provisions, and we hope that Liberal MPs will join fellow Liberals Marlene Jennings, Irwin Cotler, Roy Cullen, John Manley, Anne McLellan, Bob Rae and others in supporting such an extension. While these measures can always be revisited at a later date, the lives shattered by a future terrorist attack that may have been prevented by utilizing these tools cannot be reconstituted by any act of Parliament. So please – keep the ATA intact, and do not allow the sun to set on Canada’s security.

On the one hand, threats from an increasingly autocratic Stephane Dion.  On the other, bad optics from the C-CAT that will only reinforce the view that only the Conservatives are serious about law, order, and security.

It'll be an interesting vote. 

[You can read the whole letter at Angry in the Great White North.]

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Liberal Party support for terrorist organizations in return for money and votes must make at least a handful of Liberals uncomfortable if they have any conscience at all, especially since the number of dead Canadians due to terrorists is in the hundreds.

Would thousands of Canadians have to be killed before the Liberal Party itself decided to stop lending support to terrorists?

Liberals should be honest for once and give the public an accurate picture of the number of dead Canadians the Party is willing to accept before they stop supporting terrorists, that way we can adjust our votes and lifestyles accordingly.

Posted by: philanthropist | 2007-02-22 12:44:07 AM

"Liberal Party support for terrorist organizations in return for money and votes must make at least a handful of Liberals uncomfortable if they have any conscience at all, .."
Personally, I wouldn't assume they have any conscience, they seem to be keeping awfully quiet about all that and birds of a feather ... I'd bet there'll be more dug up along the same lines.

Posted by: David in North Burnaby | 2007-02-22 1:54:59 AM

The Liberals will grab onto anything to make an issue to divert from their own pathetic mess as their outrageous performance in the HOC yesterday proves.
Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such a pack of fools representing constituents in our Parliament, over something that never got said.
There is something very covert going on when that happens.There was a bare nerve ready for striking.

The Speaker let them roll, he is not up to the job.

Liberals went over the top and as usual,MSM favorite Ralph Goodale in all his righteous indignation was first out blustering to the TV cameras.

It can't be news to anyone paying attention to
politics the Liberals will go soft on crime if it brings them votes. Terrorism has to be taken seriously at all times to deter it and keep our people safe from it.
There are some in the party who do, not Dion by his actions on the Terrorism Bill.
Forcing a three line whip to vote it down is causing more division in their ranks.
If those who do not agree with the Pipsqueak can't vote against Party line on such an important issue
without penalty, maybe they should penalize him and leave the Party. They could also revolt and he could take the 'penalty'. It seems to me he is so
pathetic and weak, they have him over a barrel.
They are going no where with him at the Helm to this point.

Liberals have cavorted with known terrorist groups in the past, recalling Martin and the Tamil Tigers.
Not too swift to attend fund raisers for terrorists of any stripe.

Yesterday's display by the Liberals has brought to light much more about what is within their ranks and the lengths they will go for votes.
Harper spot lighted them, they followed the light like the desperate fools they are and really exposed much more about themselves.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-02-22 5:56:40 AM

Liberal Party of Canada was infiltrtaed by the Muslim Hordes plus Canadian based groups with links to international terrorism decades ago, particularly under the sloppy leadership of Chretien. Dion's "victory" was generated for the most part by blocks of delegates from organizations with an "Agenda"
it was Gerard Kennedy's job to secure the blocks,none of whom have traditional Liberal links
-Dion must protect his "Agenda" driven blocks of mostly muslim and radical voters.Today for instance former top Chretien advisor Eddie Goldenberg the dispenser of Patronage is busy advising General Rick Hillier "to "stay out of politics" Goldenberg known as the Frog Prince in the old Liberal Party was the principal architect
of the decline in financial support for DND in the
Chretien era. Sad but true. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-02-22 5:58:32 AM

Is Creepy Eddie hanging around Dion on the instructions of Chretien, Dion's Mentor? Is he still on the payroll?

Some nerve, he's not fit to sit in the same room as Hillier. It's time someone tells Little Eddie his advice is not required,not even his stupid opinions.

Hillier is not at all political, he merely spoke in general terms and spoke the truth.
It's the Liberals who want to make it political, it's another act of desperation. It is putting them further down the rat hole.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-02-22 6:57:40 AM

General Hiller's comments regarding the decline and
general malise in DND and Canadian Forces is of course quite correct and well known to the Canadians who serve in the Military. Of course the
unscrupulous Canadian Media have made an enormous error in attacking Hillier who has rapidly become a
genuine Canadian Icon - now they are focused on PM
Harper led by the nasty Asper media who have published more of Don Martin's drivel. I don't
read Ibbottson in the Globe or Simpson, but I'm sure they are equally nasty, But despite the eltist Liberal bought Media - PM Harper is the man
they want as PM - Harper will mark my words gain down here in the Maritimes where it appears Citoyen Dion is generally detested. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-02-22 7:25:20 AM

Terrorists have divided Canada. They have linked themselves with the leftists, because only in the left will they find people stupid enough, and willing enough, and desperate enough, to compromnise their own safety for the sake of a cult that is hell bent on world dominion.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-22 12:03:12 PM

If this is true is about as stupid as stupid can be, for in spite of the Left's grip on MSM, I do not believe that the majority of Canadians would support this move. They may be hoping for a non confidence vote or just misreading the wind this time.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-02-22 9:29:25 PM

I would suggest that people who are against Mr. Dion's decision on the anti-terror bill should read the full account of Mr. Dion's speach today on his reasons for rejecting parts of this bill. He also gives a full report on this mission from it's beginnings and what he will do in Afganistanin in the next two years if he is Prime Minister. I read so many comments that show me that the writers are very uninformed and jumping to conclusions that have no validity.

Posted by: Norma | 2007-02-22 9:41:17 PM

Maybe Jonathan can convince Navdeep Bains and the Babbar Khalsa to give up their tribalist agenda and embrace individualism. Fat chance.

"Navdeep Singh Bains, MP for Mississauga-Brampton South, shot on to the national stage after the December 2006 convention in which he delivered huge support to Gerard Kennedy and later to Dion, who won the Liberal leadership by 437 votes.

The Vancouver Sun has learned that Bains's father-in-law, Darshan Singh Saini, is on the RCMP's potential list of witnesses at investigative hearings designed to advance the Air India criminal probe."

Vive le Heroville!

"HEROUXVILLE, Que. -- A sign at the entrance of this rural Quebec town says: Herouxville welcomes you.

Unless, that is, you plan on stoning a woman to death, sending your kids to school with a kirpan or covering your face other than on Halloween."

The joys of mass non-European immigration.

Posted by: DJ | 2007-02-22 10:16:01 PM

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