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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Canadians Taking Over the World

Okay, so that post title may be an overstatement. But CanWest, which of course owns the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen, among many other publications, has just bought complete control of The New Republic (TNR). TNR is a Washington mag extraordinarily difficult to get in Canada (in my native city, Toronto, I found only one newsstand which sold it. I haven't yet found one in Calgary). It's generally liberal, but the editor-in-chief, Martin Peretz, is as hawkish as they come. And TNR routinely publishes stories by conservatives such as Charles Krauthammer, Victor Davis Hanson (in this issue of the Standard), Robert Kagan, Ramesh Ponnuru, etc. It'll be interesting to see what direction CanWest takes it in. 

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CanWest is no friend of the Harper Conservative Government and their newspapers are not worth buying
-New Republic can be purchased in the tiny perfect little City of Moncton NB as well as at the Atlantic News Halifax NS - Steyn has been a contributor for years. Aspers will attempt to redirect the Focus of the famed New Republic until regular readers like me get pissed off - not surprised you could not buy the
publication in Dodge City (formerly Hog Town Ontario)MacLeod Moncton NB Canada

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-02-28 11:29:25 AM

This will provide an interesting opportunity to compare Liberals (Canada's the capital "L" vs. ours with the small "l").

BTW, The New Republic is an institution among opinion magazines down here, and it is THE center-left magazine in the US.

I can only imagine the reaction up there if, say, Richard Mellon-Scaife bought out the WS.

Posted by: D.J. McGuire | 2007-02-28 1:21:51 PM

One cannot buy the Asper papers in the Atlantic Region because one of their Marketing MBA's decided
their "papers" should only be sold in Atlantic Canada Capital Cities: In New Brunswick they picked Saint John - so much for a Calgary Education. I don't care because none of our guys would buy an Asper Paper in any event. I read or browse over international newspapers on the net, daily but never buy "paper" newspapers. Mind you the NB based Irving
press are the worst in the free world. Typical bannerline in Moncton Paper -Judo Champ knocks out dog! jeez Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-02-28 1:45:22 PM

Here is an article about a website (Stand Up Girl) created for Americans by a Canadian, Anton Casta of stmaxmedia (my brother-in-law).

I don't link well, so copy and paste.


somewhat remotely on topic?

Posted by: lwestin | 2007-02-28 9:34:59 PM

There is a fake rule of English Grammar that states one may not use a preposition to end a sentence. Winston Churchill reputedly said, "This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.”

Winston Churchill was my kind of man.

Interestingly enough, people are less likely to put-up-with grammatical errors than they are fakeness. Fake articles make fake truths that people fail to question.

Me wonders first whether people have read the book titled "The Protocols of the Elders of Canada"?

Me wonders second, whether people would read that reference above, and question whether or not it is truth, or just another Chamish conspiracy theory, forgetting grammar for the juicy lie in the trail of misinterpreted facts.

I agree, it will be interesting to see which direction they might take it into.

Interestingly enough, my grammar checker agrees with Winston Churchill, but is incapable of telling truthiness from fakeness.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-03-01 10:36:31 AM

I'm a bit nervous myself. TNR has been a favorite magazine of mine for years but I have always ignored the whole CanWest stable because it's utterly mediocre, top to bottom. Not bad, just blah. My free advice to Canwest (and you know what that's worth), is to leave TNR alone; exporting oil and grain is one thing, exporting blah is quite another. Let's earn that Great Global Citizen Award we keep giving ourselves by keeping our media strictly domestic (token CanCon angle there, lefty).

Posted by: Geoff Warren | 2007-03-01 12:04:49 PM

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