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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brussels Journal

My latest at the Brussels Journal -- about Herouxville, Newmarket and reasonable accommodation.

Cross-posted at Wonkitties.

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I'm glad you've got the Hérouxville case correctly Wonkitties.
Every 3 pollitical parties in Quebec are now having an issue on the "Accomodements raisonnables" and this will play in the election race.
Just one or two things I would like to bring to your attention:

- The now famous code from Hérouxville, as well as all the "accomodements raisonables" debate, was targeting religious accomodations and realities. Not the immigrants, immigration Canada or multi-culturalisme.

- French medias didnt judge the people of Hérouxville for having an issue on the subject: In fact, quit everybody here are in favor of having a intelligent debate on the subject and would like to see strong "points-de-repère" to be put in place after debating that issue.
Nah, the reason why that have made such noise in Quebec French medias is because of the not-so-classy way Hérouxville's council had bring this on the table. The lack of experience from the guy where condamnable; but not the font.

Thank you.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-02-28 11:09:35 AM

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