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Monday, January 29, 2007

New Conservative ads targeting Stephane Dion

The Conservatives have unveiled three ads that I think are devastating. You can find them on the CPC video page, or check them out below:

A lot of people will complain about negative campaigning. Let's make a distinction here. These are critical ads. They use facts and quotes to highlight the weaknesses in the opposition. That's fair game.

What's especially fair is using Stephane Dion's own whining response to Michael Ignatieff to show what sort of leader he will be -- unable to take criticism, easily offended, and someone whose first instinct is to avoid taking responsibility. Childish, really.

These ads do not indulge in fearmongering. They do not suggest that the Liberals will turn Canada into a police state, or that Canadians will be dying in large numbers for lack of health care, or that someone is going to point a gun at your face and kill you should the Liberals get into power. It was the Liberal Party that ran exactly these sorts of ads in the last two election cycles predicting these outcomes if the Conservatives were elected.

Of course, nothing of the sort has happened, nor will it. Those Liberal ads lacked any real information. Just wild speculation combined with emotional manipulation.

The Conservatives want you to make an informed choice. The Liberals want you to run scared.

Tell me which party treats you with more respect, regardless of what you think of their actual policies. Of course, Stephane Dion would probably say that my analysis of these approaches to so-called "negative ads" is unfair.

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Dion does whatever the corporate leaders of Toronto tell him to do, no questions asked. He's a puppet, without any say in what happens. That's why Ontario is exempt from Kyoto - they knew it was a terrible idea from the very beginning, so they threw the costs on to Alberta. If it had been done in secret, it would be a conspiracy; but it's just another day at the office for the Liebral Party and their Ontario masters.

When can Alberta secede? The signs could not be clearer. If it's a choice between us and them, I choose us.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-01-29 8:54:27 AM

Liberal Corporate Leaders in Toronto don't give a shit about Citoyn Dion who has already been written off. Chantal Hebert reports today in the Red Star
that Dion is going to "unleash his pit bulls" in the HofC -Holland, Jennings, Coderre etc. Dion was created by Chretien and Herle but most real hard core Liberals in my opinion prefer Harper. Notice how Dion will avoid direct questioning in the House
because as Ignatieff has pointed out, tiny perfect Dion does not know his stuff. I think Harper has a tremendous Advantage - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-01-29 9:08:26 AM

On television,
During the Super Bowl,
In Canada,
On our TVs.

Were not making this up.

Good luck with that now.

Posted by: Nbob | 2007-01-29 9:13:48 AM

Dion certainly didn't complain when "attack ads" helped him win power.

Posted by: Dennis (Second Thoughts_ | 2007-01-29 10:04:08 AM

Good informative ads that expose some glaring truths
These infomercials have been created within the boundaries of fair play and rely on the participants to expose their own shortcomings.
Any sane soul watching these cannot say they weren't forewarned.

Posted by: Simon | 2007-01-29 10:20:26 AM

Small quibble - these are attack ads. Don't duck behind semantics as "critical" ads. I agree with their position, but we need to be honest - Harper's playing hardball.

Posted by: Riz | 2007-01-29 10:57:38 AM

Of course Harper is playing hardball.
Is there any other game at play here?
The ads leave the final analysis to the individual which is what they should do.
The' meek shall inherit the crap 'is about all one who plays show and tell politics gets for their trouble.

Posted by: Simon | 2007-01-29 11:05:33 AM

If "getting things done" includes the mass hysteria-induced greenhouse gas reduction committed to in Kyoto then I prefer Liberal inaction to Conservative action. The Watermelon patch already has three and a half parties vying for popularity. Unless the Conservatives have joined the Watermelons, what are they doing there? Why not distinguish themselves as the only fiscally conservative federal party supporting sound environmental science?

These adds stink! They either display hypocrisy or signal a green-left shift which will set back conservative / libertarian politics in Canada another generation.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2007-01-29 11:08:26 AM

They either display hypocrisy or signal green-left shift which will set back conservative / libertarian politics in Canada another generation.

Interesting concept J C: Please expand on your thoughts as to how the Conservatives should approach an otherwise slumbering electorate who seems to believe that Kyoto et al is the sacred cow of these present times.

My belief is that you can't get alot passed in Parliament if you don't get elected.

Posted by: Simon | 2007-01-29 12:54:43 PM

Not too many Watermellon Patches in Canada - one cannot win unless plays to win in the game of Canadian Politics - Larry Zolf and I talked about that one time, he asked me about the basic philosophy of the Mighty Red Machine, I replied
to win the Elections - that is the only reason the Liberal Party of Canada exists, but they have miscalculated and underestimated Stephen Harper
at the same time picking Pinocchio for leader, the impression I'm getting here from the old, long established Liberal families is that they feel they were sucker punched by Chretien who in fact created Citoyen Dion. This is the part of the agenda that the insular and arrogant Big City Media are unaware of none are aware that in the long established Party (1841) the politicians are expendable when they become a problem. Dion's biggest problem as I wrote in the Hill Times is not Harper, it's the Party he has temporarily embraced - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-01-29 1:04:41 PM

I agree with John Chittick on the depressing problem of having all the political parties trying to outdo each other's idiot green program. But based on the polls it appears that the one-sided environmental propaganda 'war' is being lost, big-time. Outside the odd column in the National Post, like Lorne Gunter's today, all you get from the MSM is Chicken Little alarmism linking every weather event and non-event with "climate" change.

As bad as the Conservatives seem lately (Income Trust lies, free market micro-meddling with ATM fees and greener than green BS) I still prefer them to the alternatives.

The ads are pretty gentle compared with Liberal attack ads during the election. But it does remain to be seen how they'll go over with the public. Expect the press to do it's best to cast them in the worst possible light.

Posted by: JR | 2007-01-29 1:05:29 PM

Of course the Media will focus on whatever they can write or talk about without using a dictionary. I
remember Trudeau ignored most of them and their egos
which is hard when you have no real definable ability to begin with. As Senator Keith Davey would say, there go the shattered egos. In our neat little
cloistered world here in the ultimate hick town, we really do not gave a shit what the Media think and say about anything much less Harper and his band of
reformers. Best PM of my lifetime - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-01-29 1:43:34 PM

Ezra's column today wasn't talking about these ads. Read it.

Posted by: john | 2007-01-29 2:12:27 PM

Somehow I came to that conclusion without your help
go back to playing with your toys - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-01-29 2:20:48 PM

These ads are very informative and true, but the lefty media has already portryaed them as "attack" ads. Attacking who??? These ads show what an incompetent leader Stephane is. He cannot see Cote as the criminal he really is, this makes him (Dion) just another Chretien puppet, as far as I am concerned. OMG, what a disaster for Canada if Dion gets elected.

Posted by: Freedom of speech | 2007-01-29 2:22:03 PM


The Old left have taken refuge under a cloak of green (that's what a Watermelon is, Jack M.) and in that arena an honest conservative party couldn't win if David Suzuki were party leader. I believe that the media are sucking the Conservatives in to that kind of killing field. Hell, even most Liberals know that Kyoto targets are impossible and irrelevant. If or when the Conservatives take "action" on this file they will likely drive a wedge through their own supporting coalitions. I also agree that Harper is so-far the best PM in my lifetime but I also voted for Mulroney and lived to regret it.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2007-01-29 2:29:52 PM

Hey,Dion's so-called pit bulls have no teeth and no room to bark about anything at this point.
Holland, Jennings and little Napoleon wannabe Coderre are full of themselves, exhibitionists and very full of the old stuff.
At this point, the Liberals are a threat to themselves.

We have now the best PM in memory. If we bounce him out through dumb heads voting, we better all start praying for the Country.

Why should anyone bother with the media? Factual reporting is foreign to them. What can we believe anymore after the spins?
Case in point, Sandi Rinaldo reported last night that the Conservative "GOVERNMENT" were buying the Ads to air at Super Bowl. Both she and her CTV gang KNOW bloody well it's the Conservative PARTY who are paying for the Ads.
We will wait for their retraction, and wait, and wait....

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-01-29 2:40:00 PM

I am disappointed with the CPC on these attack ads.

First of all,as the msm was ultimately unable to protect Martin,so will they eventually have to concede to the fact Dion is inept as a party leader.Why dirty your own image unneccesarily when he has only just begun to expose the magnitude of his incompetence?

Secondly,I originally understood these ads were to expose the msm's negligence in challenging Dion over his piss-poor record on the environment.I was looking forward to the msm being under some scrutiny,instead they evade any criticism,once again free to attack the CPC from the flanks unabated.
Now,they have a new list of anti-right ammo:
attack ads...government funded partisanship(CTV)...Harper running scared...etc,etc.
The msm is the most efficient opposition the CPC currently faces,yet they again continue their partisan bias,actually assisted by these ads.

Third,when Harper is stymied at almost every turn trying to get messages through the leftist media unfiltered,what a golden opportunity squandered to send a positive message about the CPC's accomplishments and positive plans for our future.
Harper is touted as a great communicator.Why not take advantage and blow some of the festering msm untruths out of the water?Let Canadians get to know their P.M..

I know,for speaking my mind here I am destined to be attacked by the usual extreme rightwing nutjobs who can't think any more independantly than the extreme leftwing nutjobs....they are part of the problem.
We must keep pressure on the CPC keep to the high road while letting the other parties wallow in the mud.Or did Harper not make a pledge to do things differently?I had hoped it was more than empty rhetoric.

If I want to support a party using lazy and sleazy liberal tactics....I will vote liberal.

Posted by: Canadian Observer | 2007-01-29 3:26:33 PM

Pretty tame ads. Overall, I was disappointed. They were no sexy women, no beer, no sports, no humour...Come on! These ads are supposed to run during the Super Bowl.

Posted by: ALIO | 2007-01-29 3:52:04 PM

I guess ALIO doesn't have a sense of humour.

I found these ads hilarious--especially Iggy shaking his finger at Dion and very sternly admonishing him, "we didn't get it done!" When Dion yelps, "This isn't fair. Do you think it's easy to set priorities?"--hey, isn't that a government leader's job??--I laughed my head off.

Poor little Stephie. Poor little spoiled, entitled, aren't-I-hard-done-by Stephie. Boo hoo.

And Ha! Ha!

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2007-01-29 5:25:34 PM

How about Pipsqueak Dion saying "we must get back to power as soon as possible"?
Sure as hell tells us he has no clue about the state of his own party. Doesn't even twig with him it needs a bit of WORK!
He also proved that he's not ready for prime time when he mused about letting Cote back into the fold.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-01-29 5:40:47 PM

Further to 'batb's ocmment:

I found it quite interesting that after the "priorities" comment by Dion, Iggy just rolled his eyes and turned his head away. I cannot be the only one who read his body language as saying: "Does anybody take this guy seriously?"

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2007-01-29 5:47:52 PM

I seen one of the ads at lunch today. Thought it was excellent. Not aggresive, just pointing out the obvious. I think they are a great idea.

As far as the right-wing idiot comment. If it wasn't for those "right-wing idiots" agreeing to merge with the PC's, they (the PC's) would still be wondering in the wilderness. Don't bite the hand that feeds you!!

Posted by: Leaf | 2007-01-29 5:59:18 PM

Jaysus, what's that sound?

It's conservatives, Conservatives, Reform, Alliance, and the rest of y'all right-wing wing-nuts sucking like Dubya and the neocons - doing your best impression of a fascist vacuum cleaner.

Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.

-- John Stuart Mill

Posted by: John Stuart Mill | 2007-01-29 6:04:11 PM

A note to the CPC. While the message on all three ads may be helpful for the good guys and gals, I thought the delivery on the 2nd ad needs some work. The way it is presented will be a real drag/turn-off after watching a few times. That 3rd one is great though. Make sure that one gets national coverage.

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2007-01-29 6:07:55 PM

"Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative."

Although it is not true that all leftists are supercilious people, it is true that most supercilous people are leftists.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2007-01-29 6:08:32 PM

Poor JSM. People of his ilk are still mad they lost. And, the next time around, they will lose again. JSM must be a member, or wants to be, of the crooked brigade. You know those people? They stole taxpayer money to give to their friends, buy off elections, line their own pockets, etc, etc. They are no longer in charge, and don't like it. The gravy train is over.

Notice the common theme amongst Liberals/NDP/far left? "Right-wing wing-nuts, fascists, etc, etc". Never any substance, never willing to discuss the issues.

Lets put it in a simple context. The so called attack ads state the obvious. Dion was part of the most corrupt government in Canadian history. His record on the so called big issue, the environment, is laughable. Since signing the accord our emissions went up almost 30%. The big bad, mean, US seen theirs go down without signing on. There is lots more, but suffice to say, Dion is a loser of the highest order!!!!!

Must run, I have an exam tomorrow.

Posted by: Leaf | 2007-01-29 6:29:12 PM

awsome ads...

Posted by: Winston | 2007-01-29 8:33:44 PM

An "authoritative" report on climate change comes out tomorrow. The liebrals and dippers expect it to answer any lingering doubts about this phenomenon, and to shame Harper into passing Kyoto.

What they don't seem to realize - well among the normal things - is that Kyoto is a scam and must be opposed at all costs. So long as Ontario is exempt, it must never be implemented. Everyone must do their part - no special deals for anyone. I hope Alberta refuses to participate in the debate until the exemptions are removed.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-01-29 10:17:55 PM

Brent Weston, re your comment about Iggy's body language in the third ad: "I found it quite interesting that after the 'priorities' comment by Dion, Iggy just rolled his eyes and turned his head away."

I hadn't noticed that before! He also lifted his arms in a resigned shrug as if to say, "What d'ya do with a guy like this?"

It'll be interesting to see how they work together. I think it's going to be excruciating for Iggy to have to play second fiddle to Dion.

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2007-01-30 5:54:00 AM

Iggy is smart enough to know much of the electorate will forget his commitment to stay the course. He'll hang in for the short term and shuffle off to Beantown. He has to be missing it after spending some thirty years there.

What does he owe the Libranos? They recruited him to be their Saviour and picked the other Professor instead. It was their first big mistake. They have Dion, who can barely make himself understood in English, wishing to be PM of the Country where most do not speak or understand French in spite of all efforts and funding.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-01-30 8:07:19 AM

Great post.
What happened to all of the troops Harpers was supposed to send to Iraq?
Why did Liberals need to show an image of troops in Iraq during a Canadian election campaign anyway???

Posted by: Knight of Good Mr. Iron Man | 2007-01-30 10:27:46 PM

The best about the ads is they are truthful, right from the Horses' mouths and they more than one-upped the dirty tricksters in the Librano fold.
They also have the MSM looking all pious and pollsters working feverishly to get the results they want.

What a pack of sore headed hypocrites.
Who's in charge of Amateur Hour now?

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-01-31 6:35:33 AM

Dear Liz J.,

My rights are not being upheld! I am a pro-lifer and the press under reports our pro-life marches and puglishes and protects the efforts of vandals against our Christian beliefs, principles and peaceful activities.

We are being held hostage and muzzled by minority and special interest grooups!

What do you mean freedom of speach, religion and equal rights for ALL - except Christians who, by the way provided the principles on whch our Constitution is based.

Wake up before its too late!

Carita Murphy

[email protected]

Posted by: Carita Murphy | 2007-02-01 8:16:33 AM

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