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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am not authorized to look at what Stephane Dion's drug dealing friend Perley Edmund Holmes has said about him

A union leader, Perley Edmund Holmes, has been arrested in connection to the trafficking of over $4 million in cocaine. Perley Edmund Holmes came out strongly for Stephane Dion during the Liberal Party leadership campaign. Of course, Stephane Dion can't control what his supporters do. But the Dion people were quick off the mark to expunge the website of Holmes' endorsement. What's wrong with these people? Have they never heard of the Google cache? By doing that, all they've done is pique my interest.

The Globe and Mail has reported that Perley Edmund Holmes is in some serious trouble with regards to drug trafficking:

A trail of footprints in freshly fallen snow led U.S. border police to a major cocaine-smuggling bust in the back roads of Washington State, ending in the arrest of a B.C. union official.

According to an affidavit, 136 pounds of cocaine with a street value of $4.3-million (U.S.) was found in two backpacks on Jan. 18. According to the affidavit, Perley Edmund Holmes, of Bridesville, B.C., faces drug charges.

Interestingly, a fellow by the name of Perley Holmes had a lot to say about Stephane Dion, as this endorsement reads from the Liberal leader's campaign website:

Perley Holmes

"Stéphane Dion's ability to gain the confidence of both previous Prime Ministers despite the serious rift in the party, bespeaks his ability to pull the party together. Ontario has some excellent leadership candidates but we will never run this country without the support of Quebec. Ontario has always been fairly evenly split between the Conservative party and the Liberal party. A strong leader will sway it one way or the other so it is fairly market neutral but the weight of a Francophone Liberal from Quebec would possibly be the demise of the Bloc Quebecois party, 'and good riddance', this certainly would tip the balance in our favour in the next federal election. I also feel Stéphane's commitment to environmental and social causes will pull support from the NDP out West. His combination of strengths have him way ahead of any of his contenders. Therefore, if we are to have a realistic chance of forming the next Government it only makes common sense to support Stéphane Dion."

You have to ask youself whether this is the same Perley Holmes. Well, first, the name is pretty distinctive. But then consider that this endorsement page has disappeared:

Access denied

You are not authorized to access this page.

Yeah, I bet I'm not authorized. Now it might seem unfair to try to sling some mud on Stephane Dion because someone who endorsed him has got into some serious trouble. It's not like Stephane Dion hired him to work in his office. But this man had over $4 million in cocaine in a knapsack. That's an uncommon amount of money for someone who claims that "it only makes common sense to support Stephane Dion".

You see, the question arises whether Perley Holmes and his associates supported Stephane Dion with donations and loans and other resources that cost money. Drug money? That would be very unfortunate for Stephane Dion. I would bet the leadership candidates who lost to the Dion campaign would like to know if Dion was able to tap into this bottomless source of cash.

On paper, Perley Holmes donated a total of $100 to Stephane Dion. But then we know there are ways to move money around so that it doesn't have to be declared.

At the very least, the fact that Stephane Dion is trying to cover his tracks is, well, unsettling.

Addendum: It should be noted, of course, the Perley Holmes has not been convicted of anything. All the more curious that Stephane Dion and his people were so quick to expunge his name from the website.

[Cross posted from Angry in the Great White North]

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Its’ amazing the lengths people will go to avoid scandal. I looked up both pages (the Google cache page and the current one) and had to laugh. The more things change the more the lieberals stay the same. (at least they’re consistent :-))

Posted by: Daniel | 2007-01-25 12:28:14 PM

Was that cocaine found strapped on the outside of a CSL ship? Nothing ever changes in that Liberano outfit of crooks.

Posted by: jema54j | 2007-01-25 1:21:34 PM

The Liberals will hide the fact of their association with a drug dealing union boss, but of course they can still take his money stuffed in an envelope, you know, 'the usual business'.

Posted by: Philanthropist | 2007-01-25 1:26:20 PM

Didn't Myriam Bedard make some statements to Gomery in relation to illicit drug issues?

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2007-01-25 1:29:32 PM

On 2004-03-24 the Globe and Mail reported:

"Ms. Bédard told the Commons public accounts committee leading the inquiry that in September of 2001, Marc Lefrançois, then the president of Via, suggested that she start her own advertising agency, because Groupaction is “building a huge empire and they're not doing things the right way.

“'They are involved in drug trafficking,'” Ms. Bedard recalled him saying, “sooner or later someone is going to have to take over Groupaction's contracts.”

"A week later, he told her he'd said too much and suggested she was best to forget it."

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2007-01-25 1:48:30 PM

"Of course,Stephane Dion can't control what his supporters do."

"It should be noted, of course,the Perley Holmes has not been convicted of anything."

"Now it might seem unfair to try to sling some mud on Stephane Dion...."

You seem to answer your own questions,Steve.

BTW,I would think it would be natural political instincts to rapidly remove an endorsement from a suspected drug dealer on your website,BUT having Dion's bulging eyes staring back at you over the words...Access Denied...is far worse optics.What is it with all these hilarious gaffs from the LPC's computer geeks?

Posted by: Canadian Observer | 2007-01-25 2:03:10 PM

I really think you people are reading to much into what appears to be a scandal. yes our union boss was caught with the drugs but that does not mean to say that he was in partnership with a liberal leader get a life!!! We are proud members of the union and we Chose to back a party leader, our business agent doesnt make us!!! You are people with nothing more to do then to write about nothing!!! Get a life

Posted by: Iron Worker | 2007-01-25 2:04:41 PM

Robert Pickton supports Harper... conclusion: Harper kills prostitutes

Posted by: some guy | 2007-01-25 2:26:00 PM

You seem to be privy to Robert Pickton's peccadilloes did you share a ham sandwich?
Are you out on a day pass?

CSL ships cocaine.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-01-25 2:41:28 PM

As I point out, if Dion and his people had not panicked, I might have just ignored the story altogether. But that they were so spooked by a supporter's problems seemed weird. Really weird. The more paranoid might say that they don't want anyone sniffing around for some reason. More reasonably, though, it suggests a certain brittleness -- that they can't even trust themselves to handle a "scandal" which even I admit has nothing to do with them. Their frightened reaction is the story here.

Posted by: Steve Janke | 2007-01-25 2:44:47 PM

Looks like Citoyen Dion is being done in by his flunkies, who for instance did much to cause the downfall and deportation of Martin from the Liberal inner circle. Dion needs a good lawyer who understands "da proof" - "da proof, is da proof"
Canada Evidence Act RSC and Popple's Manual of Criminal Procedure. Lots of Criminal Lawyers in BC's Prisons. I can hear Dion humming "Solidaeity Forever" as I write this - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-01-25 2:53:52 PM

I think the real underlying issue is that Dion is the quintessential human sacrifice. The liberals are currently involved in devouring there young and Dion is nuts if he thinks he can bring sanity to his backroom politico mafia thugs.

As for unions, they have simply usurped the model of the companies they once fought against.

Posted by: missing link | 2007-01-25 3:34:41 PM

This could be definative proof you have to be on drugs to vote liberal.

Posted by: bartinsky | 2007-01-25 5:07:07 PM

There was a report on ctv the other night about Montreal being the top mob city in North America.Another coincidence?

Posted by: wallyj | 2007-01-25 6:23:44 PM

As I said at SDA. When I think of liberals. The only true descriptor for these mafia wannabe's comes from Steven King's "The Stand"

This goes for Cretien, Dion, cote, holmes' & all the rest of these carpertbaggers, in positions of power . This illustration represents the eesence of the Liberal Party of Canada’s relationship within Canada

There's Rats in the Corn!!!

Posted by: Revnant Dream | 2007-01-25 7:04:30 PM

R/E Mr Perley Edmund Holmes What ever happened to innocent till proven guilty. Dion dumps him , and his union dumps him . We live in a very screwed up world. I see the politcal snakes are running for there caves .

Posted by: politically incorrect | 2007-01-26 7:13:55 AM

Thirteen years of Liberal rule, has really covered up the rats in the corn. Dion is becming more of a "scary" figure everyday. How can they, the Libranos, dare to say that Harper is "scary", when their new chosen leader becomes more scary everyday? Bedard probably has just reason for fleeing to the US, to get away from the mob that she was testifying against. Do we not have a witness protection program here in Canada, or have the Liebrals done that in too????

Posted by: Freedom of speech | 2007-01-26 10:27:16 AM

This blog is largely populated by guys who seem like the prisoner who wanted to get out of jail by tying bed sheets together and working down the six story wall. But there were not enough bed sheets so he cut the few he had into narrow strips and tied those together. His funeral followed.
All same politicaly, the cons have no longer even the scantest hope of success. The only place they have made real moves of their own is foreign policy, which has been a disaster, and efforts at environment are obvious copy cats of Liberal items stripped down, while the policy of snugglng up to the Bush has neglected the important fact that Bush is a very unreliable ally--look at Tony Blair. Harper, it turns out, apart from being permanently unready, is hopelessly small time.

Posted by: garhane | 2007-01-26 4:22:12 PM

A direct link to Dion(the web promo) by a drug smuggler, and garhane does the denial spindance...do you ever get dizzy?
BTW...not all guys here.

Posted by: gal | 2007-01-26 8:03:09 PM

"All same politicaly, the cons have no longer even the scantest hope of success. The only place they have made real moves of their own is foreign policy, which has been a disaster, and efforts at environment are obvious copy cats of Liberal items stripped down, while the policy of snugglng up to the Bush has neglected the important fact that Bush is a very unreliable ally--look at Tony Blair. Harper, it turns out, apart from being permanently unready, is hopelessly small time. "

And yet Bush is still president while Blair and Harper are still Prime Ministers. Imagine that! Oh, Howard and Australia are doing just fine together as well. Doesn't that just piss you off?

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2007-01-26 8:18:20 PM

I must say this, that some of us union members still support Perley Holmes on the bases of him being a good man and we sincerely have no clue as to what really happened. did he really know what was going on or was he set up by the other person who got away. We as people can not say he is 100% guilty until he admits to it. Also no one has talked to him that I am aware of except the police so we cant even hear his side of the story and we may never .

Posted by: Iron Worker | 2007-01-27 9:54:14 AM

Now apparently, there is firearms involved. Hope all the Liberal lovers start calling for his head. You know the ones who hate the law abiding people having firearms. What does this say about Liberals? They are all crooks and liars, maybe?

Posted by: Leaf | 2007-01-27 10:40:41 PM

"Robert Pickton supports Harper... conclusion: Harper kills prostitutes"
Posted by: some guy | Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 02:26 PM

This is a typical Liberal foot soldier.

Let's look at who Robert Pickton probably did support.

"The brothers also ran a supposed charity, the Piggy Palace Good Times Society, registered with the Canadian government in 1996 as a non-profit society intended to "organize, co-ordinate, manage and operate special events, functions, dances, shows and exhibitions on behalf of service organizations, sports organizations and other worthy groups." According to Hiscox, the "special events" convened at Piggy Palace--a converted building at the hog farm--were drunken raves that featured "entertainment" by an ever-changing cast of Downtown Eastside prostitutes."

I would not be shocked to learn that Robert Pickton acquired charity status for the Piggy Palace Good Times Society through contributions to Jean Chretien's government.
I rather believe he was a Liberal supporter.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-01-28 10:59:59 AM

Amazing to what lengths the Western Standard will go to try to trash someone. That's why it is not a respected publication across Canada - it's looked down on actually.

To try to put Dion together with this issue is simply crap. But, what can you expect from this trashy publication. Neo-conservative paranoia and lies, that what they do.

Posted by: slg | 2007-02-04 3:09:31 PM

If Pickton was in Jail no doubt he voted Liberal or NDP. Any Party tough on crime wouldn't be in his interest.

Your Leader Dion is doing poorly as a leader on all fronts, you should be concerned about that, admit to his miscues, there are many. No excuses either. When someone puts their name up to lead you'd expect they'd have some plan, some ideas beyond Kyoto, as in name to toss around only. Learning to speak to be understood should have been sorted too even if it is only a problem en Anglais.

The PROBLEM with this site is it tells the truth and can separate the wheat from the chaff. That is where the problem for Liberals lies,for them, truth hurts.

Mr. "Didn't get it Done"has no room to criticize
after sitting with the Liberals for 13 years and stagnating on the very file he claims as his expertise.

Paranoia is with the Liberals in a big way and rightly so.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-02-04 6:17:01 PM

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