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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Help Indict Ahmadinejad

Watch the clip & Sign the petition to help indict Iran's president Ahmadinejad

Thank You!

Posted by Winston on January 31, 2007 | Permalink


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I wonder if they would actually do it? I got my doubts. Why would anyone in their right mind think they could negotiate with Iran when they have that evil monster Ahamdinejad as their leader?

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2007-02-01 7:59:05 AM

I agree, however I went ahead and signed it anyway.
It will be interesting to see whether or not we hear anything more about this initiative. I have my doubts.

Posted by: Ralph Rattfuc | 2007-02-01 8:09:31 AM


Posted by: Yikes | 2007-02-01 9:56:36 AM

I prefer not be on that list.

Posted by: Duke | 2007-02-01 10:35:36 AM

Can someone explain to me what signing this petition accomplishes?

Shades of Sadaam and Iraq no doubt?

My point being that nothing involving the U N or its nefarious cousins could possibly make a difference in light of the political backwash of world reaction to the wars in Iraq and Afganistan

Good luck with this one, but until people want to face reality or have it shoved down their throats,nothing of this sort is going to happen.

Sad as it may be,the civilized world has no stomach for this sort of thing at this time.

Posted by: Simon | 2007-02-01 11:24:42 AM

I see this initiative as a desperate attempt to place Ahmadinejad (based on lies) somewhat close to Ariel Sharon, the terrorist and mass murderer.

Posted by: Cato | 2007-02-01 11:35:12 AM

Cato: LOL

Posted by: Markalta | 2007-02-01 11:46:10 AM


You do know that is very rude to talk about someone who is hooked up to a life support system, and unable to respond?

Ariel Sharon was tried, but it was found after all the evidence was on the table, that he was not guilty of any crimes against humanity, whatsoever. It was a pathetic ploy of enemies of the State of Israel, to make him appear as such. Therefore, your comparison between Ariel Sharon, lacks intelligence.

Ahmadinejad has already broken some of the International laws against genocide. (You are aware that it is a crime against humanity to call for genocide, and to incite others to that?) He has threatened all the countries within the radius of the reach of his long range missiles.

Since he and those like him, with their pathetic delussions of grandeur, cannot be trusted, the world has been faced off with a couple of choices. One, is to permit this nation to get stonger and commit genocide, and the other, is to cripple their abilities, in some legitimate format, so they cannot do harm to others.

And besides, Ariel was a fine jolly man. Ahmadinejad is ugly and cruel. One look into his eyes, the windows to his soul, and an entire year has been ruined.

Carter may like him. Wallace may like him. But to me and all the rest of those who wish for peace and harmony on earth, well, he is dispicable and a new living Hitler!

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-01 11:54:13 AM

What the world needs is a vote at the UN Security Council, to deal with this matter of Iran and this hell bent Hitler-Ahmadinejad.

In the 1930's, it was well known, that the Nazis, under Hitler, intended to wipe out the Jews.

People sat silent, and hoped he would go away.

Well, psychopaths do not go away on their own.

Genocidal psychopaths, who get into power, and who possess delusions of grandeur, to the point where they feel they are entitled to exercise their religious purposes on the entire world, well, these people do not go away.

And, the more time that goes in between now and when they get the capability to do nuclear war on the world, the more innocent people will die.

That includes most or perhaps all of Europe and the middle east.


And most of China is also within reach.


European Russia is also within reach.

All of the middle east is within reach of Iran's missiles, and so is a third of Africa.

Needless to say, Burma is within reach, therefore all the nations in between there, are also within reach, including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and more.

You could say that with a few ships, pretty much the entire planet is within reach.

And this means that the entire planet earth is being threatened by this monster, who wishes to bring in the terms of his vision of the end of the world.

We know he is serious. The question remaining, is whether or not the world will take his threats seriously.

I would like to see the world take his threat seriously.

The alternative is unacceptible.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-01 12:28:17 PM

I suggest the fight to warn nations of this imminent disaster is similar to the one taking place in 1935 about Hitler and nazism. In most of western nations, the impression was that nazis were to fade with time. One can read for example the weekly report of Time magazine, available on line;


Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2007-02-01 12:55:07 PM

Yes Remi,

And back then, there were those who walked the walk to disarm.

They chose to ignore the imminent threat possed by Hitler, because it went against their individual values, to ensure that war indeed, was no more.

No one can argue with that postition, without being called a war-mongerer.

But, after Hitler did what he did, those individuals were expossed, as having their heads in the clouds.

The result of their endeavours, the actual disarming of the western world, resulted in fifty million deaths, plus 12 million, in the concentration and death camps.

And yes, people, whole communities, were quite literally, wiped off the map.

That is what Ahmadinejad is propossing.

As with Hitler, it started with his vehement hatred of Jews. But as with Hitler, it did not end with his vehement hatred of the Jewish people.

It is like this formula, if you will. He has seen it, he has read about it, and he knows, from what he has read (Hitler's books are the number one best seller in the Arabic speaking world, alongside the fabricated lies called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion) that people will be silent about the threat to Jewish people. But as with the threats of Hitler, we know that this does not, and will not stop there.

It won't stop there, unless he is stopped.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-01 1:43:59 PM

I signed that petition, and passed it on to 5 other people I know. God knows we must stop this lunatic, now ASAP. Thanks for posting this site, I also enjoyed the other movies.

Posted by: Freedom of speech | 2007-02-01 1:51:53 PM


your posts usually don't merit any reflection, not only because the rubbish is too muddy, but there is no point to educate you.

However, here you ventured into specifics, which deserve some attention. Even though your lies are very primitive, some may believe them, because they like the outcome.

"You do know that is very rude to talk about someone who is hooked up to a life support system, and unable to respond?"

LOL, gimme the tissue. My tears are running down my face for a mass murderer, who would come to this forum and explain his deeds, if he were not three-quarter dead.

"Ariel Sharon was tried"


There has been an *investigation* into the Sabra and Chatila case, conducted by *Israelis* (the Kahan commission).

"it was found after all the evidence was on the table"

The Kahan commission's only goal was to whitewash the Israeli Army because of the international outcry.

The worth of that investigation is like a Serb Court of Milosevic leading an investigation into the role of Serbs in the ethnic cleansing of Albanians.

For example the commission did not interview a single one of the survivors.

"that he was not guilty of any crimes against humanity, whatsoever"

Even this ridiculous investigation found Sharon *personally responsible* for the mass murder.

"It was a pathetic ploy of enemies of the State of Israel, to make him appear as such"

Of course it was. Every critic of Israel's actions is a ploy.

"Ahmadinejad has already broken some of the International laws against genocide"

Do you care to show some proof of that?

"He has threatened all the countries within the radius of the reach of his long range missiles"

Has he?

"Since he and those like him, with their pathetic delussions of grandeur, cannot be trusted"

I don't trust him any less, than any terrorist Prime Minister of Israel.

"Ariel was a fine jolly man"

Was he? It's refreshing to see a jolly terrorist.

"Ahmadinejad is ugly and cruel. One look into his eyes, the windows to his soul, and an entire year has been ruined"

LOL, it is an indictment, that you don't feel ridiculous. Or do you?

"to me and all the rest of those who wish for peace and harmony on earth, well, he is dispicable and a new living Hitler!"

To me Israel is a greater threat to peace than any Arab country.

If we are at peace and harmony: I guess Sharon wished peace and harmony on earth, but he excluded the ME from that:

- he voted against the treaty with Egypt

- he voted against leaving Lebanon in 1985

- he was against the peace conference in Madrid, 1991

- he opposed the Oslo agreement in 1993

- he opposed the agreement of Hebron in 1997

- he did not leave any opportunity unused to eliminate any way to negotiations.

A man of peace and harmony, for sure.

Posted by: Cato | 2007-02-01 1:54:13 PM

"Me and the rest of those who wish for peace and harmony on earth".

Since you're living on the side of those who wish for peace and harmony on earth, Lady, you will agree with me that the "legitimate format" of crippling the abilities of palestinians onna dayly basis is giving Israel a bad face in the eyes of the rest of those who sincerly wish for peace and hamony on earth.

Even if the rest of the world who sincerly wish for peace and harmony on earth are aware that they're not understanding half of what Israel have to deal with everyday, we still believe Israel is not making enough for peace and harmony on earth.

When you're on the side of those who truly wish for peace and harmony on earth, you're not in favour of a system that procure security to one by bringing sufferings on the other. Those who truly wish for peace and harmony on earth are not in favor of a system that bring, to a group of people, a constant disrespect of their human dignity.
Now if you're interpreting my words inna way that
I'm trying to disrespect the people of Israel...you truly are an idiot, mi darlin'.


"You are aware that it is a crime against humanity to call for genocide, and to incite others to that"

BS! You don't beleive in that Lady. If I'm wrong, why constantly involving yourself here in main postings who sounds like "Nuke Iran", "Nuke N-Corea", and even sometimes "Nuke China". If you truly believe in what you're saying...it has to be applied to everybody. Not reserve to secific groups of people.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-02-01 2:24:28 PM


Educate? You educate? LOL That has to be the most pathetic statement you have made so far.

I have read the Palestinian educational text, and the books are repleat with confabulation.

As are you.

Sabra and Shatila, evidence including photos and personal accounts, were taken into consideration in a non-military investigation, where charges had been made against Ariel Sharon.

Ariel Sharon was cleared of all allegations of crimes against humanity. The massacre was not performed by him or Israel.

He was also tried, further to this, in the kangaroo courts of the leftist media.

The Sabra and Shatila massacre was carried out in September 1982 by Lebanese Maronite Christian militias against Palestinian refugee camps.

No action, national or international, was ever taken against Phalangist commander Elie Hobeika, but people, such as yourself, have blamed Ariel Sharon ever since then.

The undisputed fact is, that Ariel Sharon was not in any position of authority over the Lebanese Army, as per what they did in the camp and town, nor did he have any influence over anything that was done by the Lebanese militia.

Sabra, BTW, was a town, and Shatila, a UNWRA camp. There was evidence that these two locations had up to 2,000 armed terrorists operating amongst civilians.

There is no doubt that the events that occurred, were tragic. But this is not the point. I, as does anyone, find such actions of war to be totally deplorable.

And yet as typical of people such as yourself, who justify terrorists, you choose, as a result of your anti-Semitic attitude, to blame Jews for those things other people do, no matter how the evidence exists to the contrary.

Face is bozo, the IDF did not do that which you have said they did. It has been proven, over and over again. And that means that Ariel Sharon did not order, nor did he carry out, that which the militia from Lebanon, did.

As for your other incredible accusations, Ahmadinejad has, on many, many occassion, incited people towards committing genocide against Israel, and the Jewish people. The fact that you choose to ignore the evidence, as it has been recorded in words utterred out of that creep's own mouth, shows just how totally deluded you are and persist to be. Fact remains, the nation is responsible for further financing 100 million dollars (ironic, it is US dollars) to fund terrorism against Israel. Yes, that is where they paid for rockets and missiles, that were sent into Israel, last summer.

As for your accusations on other posters, you have made the accusations, now prove your position.

I have never ever backed a single voice here, for nuclear war against any people.

A few of those who have posted, have been shown to belong to those who are provocateurs, agents therefore, posting in order to incite, and provide confabulated evidence. None of the regular posters come to mind.

And just because people have opinions, does not mean they are criminals. But, since you are into presenting a false position, let us take one of your lies.

"he voted against the treaty with Egypt"

But nevertheless, he implemented the withdrawal.

How about another:

"he voted against leaving Lebanon in 1985"

I would have also. Look at what the terrorists have done since the withdrawal. It is totally pathetic.

"he was against the peace conference in Madrid, 1991"

I do not see where being against a conference has any merit in relation to whether or not someone is for or against peace. I have never been to a peace conference, and yet I am for peace. Most people on earth have never been to a peace conference, and yet most people are for peace. Your statement means nothing.

"he opposed the Oslo agreement in 1993"

And the terrorists had absolutely no desire to live up to the Oslo agreement. He was therefore a realist. There has simply been no meat in that thing, to ensure that the terrorists do what they agreed to do. For one, they signed and agreed that they would disarm all the terrorist groups.

All of them.

Including the PLO.

Since then, they have cultivated more terrorists and supporters of terrorism, inciting hatred and violence against innocent people. And, there has not been a single movement towards disarming the terrorists.

And I was against Arafat getting the Peace prize. What a joke! The world's ugliest terrorist at that time, the one who had killed, and openly admitted to killing hundreds of Jewish civilians, and who had said that he would lie to destroy Israel, got a Peace prize.


As for peace and harmony, Ariel Sharon stopped another genocide against the Jewish people. He may have had to use force to do that, but it was a success.

Had he failed, the nation would have been taken over, and millions would have died. But he succeeded in doing what any nation, in the same situation, would have done. He defended his people. He spent his life defending his people, against those who would rather slaughter Jewish babies, because they are Jewish, than live in peace accepting Jewish right to the lands of Israel.

And the evidence that they are hell bent on killing Jews and destroying Israel?

How about you read the Hamas Charter.

And that is only one document; there are many!

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-01 3:39:22 PM

This thread is about Ahmadinejad and right on cue, Cato's first post was about a Jew.

I just want to know why he is so ashamed of his background that whenever Iran comes up, he needs to deflect blame with pathological consistency and predictability.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2007-02-01 4:33:09 PM


Very good question water-doggey.

Hmm, must be a retriever.

My guess is that it is because he has linked his identity with confabulation he was been brainwashed with since he was a wee one. Since then he has been linked to the ISM, and a single source of news, which he retrieves from those who feed lies, from terrorist sources.

Tragic really. When in the free world, we have multiple-sources.

We can wait forever for an answer.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.....

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-01 4:57:20 PM

Did you happen to notice that Winston, self-admittedly from Iran, has the utmost respect of people around here? Yet, there are posters, like Marc, who accuse you and others of wanting to nuke Winston's homeland.

Cato is reviled for his denials, deflections, and distortions... yet Winston is respected for his proud heritage with honest, mature, but perhaps personally difficult assessments.

It makes for an interesting study into Marc's cognitive dissonance, n'est-ce pas?

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2007-02-01 6:08:51 PM


They, Marc and Cato, make accusations that are false, so that when they do deplorable things, or advocate genocide, or side with terrorists, that it minimizes the pain they experience, when the real and the imaginary collide within their thick skulls.

Winston is not alone, in regards to Iranians criticizing Iranians. Thing is, there are perhaps more Iranians outside Iran than inside. Like many other places that house despotes, there has been a drain to the west.

And we of the west welcome like minded people from around the world, so long as they can absorb themselves into our society, live in freedom, liberty and dignity, respecting all others in the same manner. Fact remains, Winston is like minded.

But let us go back a few years, in Iran, shall we?

This is necessary, as prior to the revolution, Iranians were famous for their high standards, excellence, progressiveness, and free society. Then the dirty was done, and the wheels of time rolled back, like Tim Horton's rim. Yes, it was a devolution. And, under the edge, there was sadly no win for Iran. It was a massive and tragic set-back.

This caused even more Iranians to purge themselves from their homeland.

The story is tragic, but only in-so-much-as you swallow the hook, line and sinker, that Iranians are victims.

Reality is, they are not victims.

And due to the irresponsible nature of that beastly man they call their President (anyone who wants to kill me and my family, just because we are Jews, is beastly, and worse) they have lost the right to claim they are victims, should the world see to it that this beastly nature never get to rise up and commit genocide and murder upon another ancient people, and westerners.

When you look at the whole picture, and you really read what it is the Iranians have said that they would do (and by that I do mean the despotes in power and not the sum of the Iranian people) you really cannot come to any other conclusion that it is necessary to indict that beast, throw him in jail, and throw the key away.

Between the two, it is difficult to conclude which one has more or less cognitive dissonance.

Whatever, must make for some great tosses and turnings at night.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-01 6:49:00 PM

thankyou for presenting the facts about Sabra and Shatila. I used to try but then got exhausted by people who just "know" that "Ariel- Sharon-is-a-Bad-Man"

Posted by: ex-liberal | 2007-02-01 9:29:25 PM

Bevahkasha ex-liberal

And one more thing Mr Cato.

"Shatila" is spelt with an "S" in the english language.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-02 11:34:10 AM

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