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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Harper government celebrates one year anniversary

The title of this post is taken from the CBC  "Your View" where they post a description of the event (in this case very fair) then invite comments. I wonder how long it will stay up because the vast majority of the comments do not hew to the standard CBC view that whatever Harper does is bad. Go to  http://tinyurl.com/2m9dyy
to read the comments, forty plus at this time, even from Toronto, praising Harper's government.

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I only see 7 now.

Posted by: Leslie | 2007-01-23 10:10:36 PM

Me too...only 7. CBC, what else can we expect. (Sigh)

Posted by: k | 2007-01-24 12:08:17 AM

PM Harper makes all of us proud

Posted by: Winston | 2007-01-24 5:35:05 AM

If you post your own comment at the CBC site, then next screen opens up (43 now).

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2007-01-24 5:41:36 AM

The G&M ran an online poll yesterday. "It's been one year since the election that brough Stephen Harper's Tories to power. How well do you think his government has performed?" - 68893 votes
Excellently: 11%; Very well: 21%; Only fair: 13%; Badly: 44%; Horribly: 11%.

Posted by: ALIO | 2007-01-24 7:02:04 AM

The Globe and Mail is being particularly nasty this week and today. They published a letter from a ill informed hick from the East Coast chiding PM Harper
for commenting on Tidal Power In B.C. (Red Rocks Free Flow Tidal Power Concept Project) -which is working well. Letter writer focused on the Turbine driven Fundy Tidal Power Project at Annapolis Royal NS which has failed overall in anticipated Power Generation. Our Group designed the soil and rip rap
stabilization process for the Causeway that supports
the mechanical equipment. The design was copied from a Tidal Power Generator located on the Rance River ocean terminus France. If the Globe was a real newspaper all this should have been checked out prior to publication of the bullshit letter. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-01-24 11:17:34 AM

Over all Canada's Conservative government has done a great job governing Canada. Congratulations to the Conservatives for one full year being the government of Canada. Since the Conservatives been government Canada is in better shape!.

Posted by: Larry | 2007-01-25 12:18:34 AM

PM Harper is going to have a major threat to his governmenht due to the activities of Senator Michael Fortier Minister Public Works who is refusing to sign a Purchase Order for Boeing and Lockheed Martin heavy lift aircraft unless some 50% of the industrial regional benefits generated by the purchase are directed to the Province of Quebec.
In fact all of the aircraft are presently in production. Fortier has been sucked in by Ottawa and Quebec based Bureaucrats who want to delay or cancel the purchase in favour of the EADS Airbus A400M an aircraft in fact which is virtually non-existant. I would say that if Boeing and Lockheed Martin loose this huge Contract they will promptly shut down in Canada. If Fortier knew his stuff he would realize that confidential studies done by DND Finance concluded that IRB's
are totally wasteful, aside from being unacceptable to the US Department of Commerce which considers them contrary to NAFTA which in fact they are. What in hell is a Quebec Senator doing in Harper's Cabinet to begin with for God's sake! Fortier is also undermining the Canadian Forces and appears to be on the wrong side politically. MacLeod

Posted by: jackMacleod | 2007-01-25 6:05:11 AM

The bonus Harper has reaped from putting Fortier into the Senate, IT BUGS THE HELL OUT OF LIBERALS and people like small "j" jack.
There is one difference with a LEADER like Harper, he knows what the hell is going on with all of his Ministers in his Cabinet.

In the past year we witnessed a new Prime Minister and new Conservative Party in a Minority situation do a fantastic job. Even Liberal "operatives" have to admit it. To say they're eating their hearts out is an understatement. That includes their minions in the MSM.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-01-25 6:42:27 AM

I doubt that he is aware of the potential negative political fall out from what that fool Fortier is doing. The fact is that the Minister of National Defence and the Chief of Staff of the Canadian Forces directed the flunkies in DND, IC,and PW&GS Canada to buy heavy lift from Boeing and Lockheed Martin - this process has been on going for at least eight years, and is critical for effective deployment of the Canadian Forces. Meanwhile if Fortier runs as a MP in Quebec he will be in the words of The Godfather "defeated" Liberal's don't give a shit about Fortier, but Harper should get rid of him as quickly as possible. The good news in that DM Foreign Affairs Harder is gone in March
-good riddance, no friend of Harper. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-01-25 7:39:58 AM

Jack: One gets the feeling Fortier knows he will be defeated and also a reluctant political operative. He may even find a "personal" reason for not running in the next election.

At any rate, the machinations of all things to do with the Military and government over more than a decade is a real disgrace to our Democracy and it's History. It's one more quagmire for harper to get through.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-01-25 9:35:35 AM

Jack: One gets the feeling Fortier knows he will be defeated and also a reluctant political operative. He may even find a "personal" reason for not running in the next election.

At any rate, the machinations of all things to do with the Military and government over more than a decade is a real disgrace to our Democracy and it's History. It's one more quagmire for Harper to get through.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-01-25 9:37:10 AM

Yes you are absolutely right. General O'Connor and General Hillier have outstanding traditional Conservative Credentials and of course are greatly respected by the Troops, which was unheard of in relation to most of the Defence Ministers and Military Chiefs in the Martin, Chretien and Mulroney
Years. Canadian Soldiers (Our Troops) unquestionably
admire PM Harper, who would have made an excellent
professional Soldier. I also agree with your assessment of Fortier. I think Harper must have a Majority Mandate to "clean house" but it is vital
to the future of our Country

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-01-25 9:52:00 AM

PM Harper is going to pay off Maher Arar today with a cheque for $10 million plus an additional $2 million for legal fees -what an incredibly stupid thing to do. His government has never undertaken a thorough and accurate due diligence of Arar the dual Syrian-Canadian Citizen which is curious since Syria does not recognize "Dual Citizenship" - I think the Government of the United States has good and valid reasons for their apprehension about Arar and retaining his name on the Security Watch Lists.

Posted by: jack MacLeod | 2007-01-26 4:28:46 AM

Arar is still a mystery but how else can Harper deal with it? The money and apology is on behalf of the Liberal administration who were sitting when this whole mess unfolded. There are many skeptics among the population, he's not apologizing for us.

The US may move when they see he settled for far less money, though it's a king's ransom for most of us. Let's hope it changes his mental problems!
He should have enough collateral to sue Syria, his mother land.

Harper had better make a move on all half-assed Canadians who hold and travel on other passports.
Syria is Arar's other Country, his "homeland".
The huge question is still begging, why did Syria torture a native son? What did he do to offend them? Was it merely his Canadian citizenship?

We still need answers.

Wonder what William Sampson thinks about this?
Sampson deserves as much and we KNOW what he
suffered. One difference, he is/was a Canadian of BRITISH heritage.

Chalk it up to cleaning up more of the Chretien/Martin regimes.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-01-26 5:34:35 AM

Exactly Liz, exactly my point. Canada needs answers
who in fact is Maher Arar? I do not think his story of detention and torture will hold up once there is a thorough due diligence (which should have been the only focus of CSIS and the RCMP) - Arar is in fact a citizen of Syria. Syria does not recognize "dual citizenship" - why are our US Friends being hard nosed about this? The Arar Decision and the Fortier
debacle will prove costly to PM Harper. Canada did not send and transport Arar to Syria, where I do not accept that he was in fact detained, much less tortured - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-01-26 7:30:52 AM

Harper has been doing well so far. I like what he has done for the military, the budget was good, and his foreign policy has been superb. Everything I would have done.

He's not perfect = the income trusts thing seems to have been unpopular but unavoidable. I wish he would come out in favor of fighting climate change but rejecting Kyoto as impossible.

All in all, he's been a positive. But then again, he did more in a year than the Liebral/NDP party did in 13. So it's not saying much.

Keep up the good work, sir. On my last trip to the US last year, I didn't say I was from NY or MN, like I did under the Liebral/NDP regime. I actually said I was from Alberta, Canada.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-01-26 6:34:35 PM

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