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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hard to Love

A quote from the book "Poets & Pahlevans" by Marcello Di Cintio of Calgary, Alberta, talking about the urge among majority of Iranian youths to leave Iran due to economic or political pressures.

It's a good read for those Canadians who really want to know more about what is going on inside a country where people have lost their hope to live and love, yet they use every available opportunity to stay in touch with the civilized world. And it's also an important read for those Canadians who tend to ignore the suffering of other people.

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Iranians must make their country a better place, no one will ever do it for them. The Shah was ousted, the Mullahs can be ousted too - indeed they must be or Iran will become a wasteland.

Posted by: Philanthropist | 2007-01-31 12:09:37 AM

You can't compare the Shah's gov't with the current regime. It's absurd to do so because they are different entities. But I agree that if the mullahs are not ousted, Iran will become a wasteland. I do agree with you...

Posted by: Winston | 2007-01-31 12:16:56 AM

Germans in the 30`s had also lost their ' hope to live and love ' . That didn`t detract the allies from wiping out Hitler and his SS ; however an assassins` bullet , early on , would have saved millions of lives . And so to Iran . To cast the argument as ' Canadians tending to ignore suffering ' is a sign of the times. If action is taken now , millions will be saved.

Posted by: daveh | 2007-01-31 8:17:07 AM

As one who is now starting to read in this area, I found the recently written book of Vali Nasr - The Shia Revival (2006) - very interesting and it strikes me as not a bad place to start.

He outlines in great detail, a lot of the historical background for what is presently happening in the ME and brings it into the present. Of course, no one source is going to have the answer, but one has to start somewhere.

What is happening in Iraq and particularly in Lebanon/Iran has been, is going to have, significant ramifications for Canada - much more noticeable in Central Canada and Vancouver at present but also throughout the ROC.

We should be very open to what has been/is happening in England because Canada is close to being next in line to experience the problems of England plus the other EU countries that are happening because of past Immigration/Refugee/Official Multicultural legislation and policies.

I'm leary about short magazine, newspaper articles, etc. that try to focus on what is/has happened in areas that many of us have not traveled nor really know much about - like Iran. It is much to complex to be understood via short clips, either in print or via the MSM.

The very recent abduction plan surfacing in England is a pointed reminder that a whole lot of us must try to get some kind of a handle on just what has/is happening. The planned abduction apparently involved a 20 year old British soldier who, it seems, is Muslim, but details are very sketchy at the moment.

I have to wonder at the "expertise" of our infamous cadre of IRB Adjudicators (not judges) re the ME, as well as that of the bureaucrats in Citizenship/Immigration. Judging by the number of citizens of convenience we keep hearing about - the knowledge of ME affairs has to be brought much more into focus and reflected in policies in the future.

Posted by: calgary clipper | 2007-01-31 8:52:38 AM

.... "And it's also an important read for those Canadians who tend to ignore the suffering of other people." ...

Aahhh ... that would be me ...

Most of the suffering of others is due to bad choices they made or their suffering is at the hands of their own governments and we can't be the world's government police when we cannot even police out own thieving lying governments.

If you listen to Vancouver talk radio, the biggest issue isn't climate change or health care, it's the suffering of a couple of thousand wastoid homeless druggies on the East side. Oooh the misery and pain and we simply are not doing enough for these poor 'victims'.

The world is in the mess it's always been in usually due to human stupidity, weakness, envy and avarice ... nothing new under the sun.

Best way to cope, stop feeling guilty about everything and enjoy your life if you have one to enjoy. Make the most of it ... other than handing over your hard earned cash to the poverty pimps and misery merchants, you cannot do anything about the human condition or climate change for that matter.

We cannot help those who don't want to help them selves. So help yourself and your own family and friends they are the ones that really matter to you.

Posted by: Duke | 2007-01-31 9:27:21 AM


"Oh," but as the leftists say, "But their drug-addiction is a medical problem!"

Yes, but it is one where THEY have had to work at it, for a very long time.

Let us face the reality; people do not hit the skids with a single hit of whatever drug is out there. They work at it, over many years, developing dependency.

Take alcoholism, for example. And even heroine, that which is extremely difficult for people to KICK, is still one which folks have to work at, in order to become addicts.

And they say that they do drugs because they have a pain for this, that and the other.

Pooey on that!

They did not care about themselves, or others, and have only themselves to blame for their miserable existence. Their choices, all the bad ones, got them to where they are today.

Sure, we still have a responsibility to get these pathetic people off drugs, but we also have a responsibility to get remove the demand, and cut off the supply. Easier said than done. Thing is, we have made it a condition in which no one should feel bad about.

Well, from where I am coming from, they should indeed feel bad about being addicts.

And, if they wanted to redeem themselves, then they would better -- first of all -- come to terms with the fundamental fact that they are indeed responsible for getting themselves into their own drug addicted state.

In the free world, there are choices. And we are free to choose, but the ramifications of bad choices, belong to the individual.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-01-31 10:02:59 AM


A woman with expectations, with respect for reality, that's real turn on there girl!

Posted by: Duke | 2007-01-31 10:20:38 AM

At the risk of offending some tender minds I would venture that some (perhaps not all)don't mind their life on the skids.Its a life free of responsibility etc.
I'm well aware that mental illness ,bad luck and other circumstances come into effect for some but as in most things in life we 'make our bed'.
Society can't possibly be its brother's keeper beyond a reasonable degree of charity otherwise the social order loses its own identity in the quagmire of self inflicted guilt;hence a self loathing that can only hope to weaken it own sense of worth to the detriment of its people's personal safety within the bigger world.
Want a glaring example?...just look around you!

Posted by: Simon | 2007-01-31 11:13:51 AM

calgary clipper, you are right on all points. Yet I see no signs of any change in our policies or even the understanding that they are leading us to destruction.

Lady, Duke and Simon are also very right. These kinds of issues have become a big industry within our nanny state. That is why any suggestion of cutting socialist programs brings all kinds of screams from those who make a living off the existence of such issues. They are simply leeches disguised as caring individuals.

We have always had, and always will have, our share of misfortunate. As long as help and charity are organized at the local and lowest level (please no govt.), those who want to help themselves are able to do so with the local aid. Once govt. steps in, you create a completely ineffective industry which naturally grows in leaps and bounds. Yet we have too many who refuse to reject the socialist teat.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-01-31 11:39:59 AM

If we look back to the nazi period, the real enemy was not the German people. It was the evil ideology rooted in racism.

In Iran and in many other places, the evil ideology is Islamofacism (not that different from nazism). We should spare no efforts to uproot Islamofacism.

The best weapon is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we are prevented by violence to spread the Gospel, there is a problem.

If a country is threatening a second holocaust, as Christians, we are allowed to use force to prevent this.

There was a MSM message this morning in French that it is impossible to know God! That is stupid. It also is bad ideology.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2007-01-31 1:18:47 PM


I am glad it was as good for you, as it was for me....


You said it. Tender minds it is. But I am not Catholic, therefore I really do not have that personal connection with that type of indulgence you have suggested.

I don't believe that people who are drug inflicted -- by their own choice -- need to go down a road of self loathing, in order to come to the point where they choose the good life.

What is necessary is to communicate that their choices -- that of the good life -- is something each and every person has to choose each and every day. Choosing the habit of drugs, is a choice, and the wrong one.

And those who have not started down the path that leads to this dispicable drug addiction, must be educated and reinforced to make the right choices.

Currently, in that leftist persuasion, the druggy-life-style has been romanticized. It has been romanticized right along-side cult-like-group behaviour, where shooting-up, and the need and needles thereof, has been considered a legitimate way to live. It has also been considered a legitimized life-style, where individuals can walk away from the good life, and embibe in drugs, while knowing in the back of their minds, that if they stoop as low as a druggy, that at least they are not as bad as the next druggy they assume is worse than they are.

This goes on fine, until one day, they are just like all the other druggies, and the next step is never one that reaches their drug induced state of mind. The memory of what could have been is leached from the very existence. That which they are is all that is possible.

Due to these leftists, who make them medical problems, in need-need-need, they are not reminded that they made the choices, and continue to make the wrong choices, each and every day -- and that they will continue, until they choose to stop, once and for all. "there-there, poor little thing, the system is bad to you, so leave your needles all over town, so people can be reminded that a druggy and their life-style, exists..."

A friend of mine once said that all we see are poor druggies. That the rich, they are not the ones who you see in that great need.

OK, fair enough. And yet we see what happens to the wealthy druggies. Although they may be spared the situation of the down-and-out, they are not spared the heroine skids. they are not spared, the over-doses. And they are not spared their responsibility, for having chosen, day after day, to walk away from the good life. Almost everyone has heard of someone wealthy who died of an overdose or drug addiction of some kind.

That very same friend reminded me that some of the most successful people in this country, also lived every day, or on occassion, choosing drugs. like smoking mj.

Ok, fair enough. But these people are not the ones who are zapping themselves! There is a difference between drinking wine, on occassion, and living to drink. The difference is embedded directly in the choice. And although it is certain that some make choices, that bring them right up to that edge, where they could go either way, unless they choose the good life, they are no different from any other druggy, who has already slid into the skids home base.

If you are having a difficult time remembering some of the famous and well off individuals who died from their drug use, here is a short list of names, just to prod your memory:

Steve Clark

Steve Clark of Def Leppard died on January 8th, 1991, of compression of the brain stem due to drugs and alcohol.

Dwayne Goettell

Member of influential Canadaian industrial band Skinny Puppy (1982-1995), Goettell died of a heroin overdose on August 23, 1995.

Rob Pilatus

of Milli Vanilli Drug overdose.

Billy McKenzie

Died in 1997 of a drugs overdose in Scotland. If you don't remember him, he was the lead singer of the great 80s band The Associates - they had hits with "Club Country" and "Party Fears Two". He had a really bizzarre voice and tended to wear suits and bowler hats.

Elvis Presley

Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people WHO died, died
They were all my friends
They just died - Jim Carrol

Let us not forget, but let us remember, to never forget, because then we can say we have really learned something....

Posted by: Lady | 2007-02-01 1:32:22 PM

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