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Friday, November 03, 2006

Women and children first!

From a culture so steeped in a pathology of nihilism, comes the latest account of "innocent victims" of the Israeli War Machine™…

Slowly at first, then with growing confidence, the crowd of veiled Palestinian women approached the outer wall of the Gaza mosque.

Inside, 60 Palestinian gunmen were hiding out, pinned down by Israeli tanks and troops positioned just a few hundred metres away, on the other side of an earth barricade.

The women, about four dozen of them, some elderly and some teenagers, were hoping to help the gunmen flee, or at least act as "human shields" and press for their release unharmed.

Two of the women were to die - and all of the gunmen to escape.

Women…using their bodies as human shields to protect murderers.  Those same murderers who are so manly and courageous, they need to hide behind the skirts of unarmed women.

And speaking of manly…where are the "moderate Muslim" husbands of these women?

At a nearby hospital, men waited to find out what had happened to their wives.

"I urged my wife to join the other brave women who went to help end the siege of the hero fighters," said Khaled Faleh, a 34-year-old husband. He did not know if she was still alive.

...Allow me to make a small revision to an old vow "unto death, do I part with you".

These men send their wives to be slaughtered, in an operation to protect cowards and monsters, and the irony is that these women will not even be recognized with the dubious honour of being "martyrs" because they are women…meat.

To the western media…they are hapless victims.  To the Palestinian propaganda machine…they are tools.

To me…they are fools.  And now 2 of them are dead fools.

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Darwin in action. This is the best way to liberate Palisimian womyn, they can't breed if they're dead.
Womyn's sufferage, Arab style.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-03 2:12:01 PM

This is what we must continue to fight. Cowards and sick bastards. They have no hearts, no love, no respect for human life, including that of their women and children.
At the rate they are going they may be on a path to eliminating themselves.
Have they been certified as human?

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-03 2:45:48 PM

I don't think these men are particularly cowards ... after all they are warriors. They just want to get as much mileage out their treachery as possible. Even if it means tossing a few hags in the line of fire.

We would do everyone on the planet a favor if we simply starting mowing down the human shields in order to kill the terrorists.

Once a plan no longer works, it is abandoned. So why not help them get rid of this hideous method of cheating death by showing them that we no longer care about not harming the women and children.

We know they absolutely don't care about the well being of women children ... lets level the playing field now.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-03 2:47:44 PM

As long as the women were dressed in burkas.

Heck, if they weren't, the men hiding in the mosques wouldn't be able to control their sexual urges and who know what may have happened then ... they might have been captured having uncontrollable sexual desires.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-11-03 2:48:01 PM

Those women were not fools. They were women without a choice. The muslim women are slaves, that have been taught from birth through their fucked-up religion ,that they are an object to be discarded at the whim of a male. Their whole lives they are taught they are a non-person, and to make sure that happens, they are to remain hidden in the shadows under shrouds. The abuse and mental cruelty these females suffer under the cult of islam should be classed as a crime against humanity. It took raw courage for those women to go there, even under orders by their husbands, fathers, brothers. To die from the bullet of an Israeli soldier would be a mercy compared to what they would suffer from their husbands, fathers, and brothers if they did not go. That same courage must be harnessed to free them from the slavery of islam.

Posted by: HoneyPot | 2006-11-03 2:54:03 PM

The terrorists have and will use ANYTHING and ANYONE!

They have even used the UN, which is no surprise. The following video is of the terrorists using the UN ambulance as part of their getaway.


Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-03 3:13:02 PM

Hey, talking about terrorists using people, I just stumbled onto a video with one of my favorite people, Wallid. It is even translated for the politically correct.


Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-03 3:15:48 PM

Although the world is horrified that civilian women die in war, it is even more horrified that so called terrorist militants actually called on their women, to save their skins. I am not surprised that they do that though. Their aim, adter all, is to inflict pain and sufferring, and then to die as martyrs themselves. Here are just a few of the victims they have killed, to so-called, be freedom fighters. I find their actions, to be dispicable!


Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-03 3:23:28 PM

It's beyond human sensibilities in our civilized world of the 21st century to witness such brutality perpetrated on women by sub-human scum of the earth.

The radical Muslims are the atomic bomb of the Human race, although it's hard to include such zeolots in the Human race as WE know it.
They could prove to be the architects of their own demise if they continue along this path.

The civilized world will eventually figure out what to do about this abomination in our world and it may have to be sooner than later if we are to witness much more of this.We're talking about human beings without any choice whatever. How long can we sit and watch?

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-03 4:57:46 PM

I hear that some of the Pali-gunmen actually got away dressed in spare burkas brought to the picnic by some of the women.

In my opinion that opens the field up to want of leveling even more.

Wasn't it British airport security that stated in the late seventies that if there was an attack/hijacking on their soil, that they were going after the hijackers with deadly force and innocents caught in the line of fire were to be considered as unavoidable collateral damage...no ifs or buts. That way as Duke pointed out,one removes the incentive to use such tactics.

Look People: This is a WAR that is in progress on planet earth , not some video game or Hollywood flick where the music comes up on the credits.

The sooner joe citizen of the western world wakes up to that fact,then the better a chance we will stand of keeping our heads.

There is only ONE thing that matters when the chips are down as they surly are, and that is survival of the species: Hell any amoeba could tell us that!,so how come westerners just don't get it?

There's a full bag of theories out there such as self loathing,guilt,ambivalence etc but as we all know,none of these things matters if we are no longer competitive.

Choices ,which our social order cherishes to the point of our own detriment, and I'm talking about choices such as religion, abortion,lifestyle et al won't matter a damn if we are no longer in command of implementing those choices.

Who thinks they have the right to make point to petty issues and social agendas when our very existence is in question.
Who gives a fuck whether Petey Mackay likened Belinda Numbnuts to his dog or Stephen Harper is too closely aligned to George Bush for some cappacinno sucking centrist Canadian yuppies' liking.

These and many more things are just not that important at this time.Let's save 'em for another day as we have more important issues at stake, like how to find a little unity and meaningful direction in our very fractured western existence.

Like I said there's a war going on out there people and it will surly consume us if we don't get moving.

I for one don't want to lose what we have.

Simon @ inques't

Posted by: Simon | 2006-11-03 5:28:11 PM

Great comments.

WWIII in progress really. We have to get a move on.

I'm afraid that next time, the Israeli soldiers will not wait for terrorists to surrender.

Where does that behaviour on the part of those women come from? They are brainwashed from their birth by the evil ideology. As much as we need to eradicate nazis, we need to eradicate Islam. It's the same evil ideology. Islam is worst because it teaches suicide.

Let's build together an organization to eradicate Islam. One way is through spreading the Gospel to those poor people enslaved by Islam.

Another way will be through war. And I expect leaders to understand that they have to start eradicating Islam somewhere. Why not start with Afghanistan and Irak. Although it might seem a tremendous challenge, the harvest will be also amazing. Better remove the islamic ideology than nuke people, right?

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-03 5:56:22 PM

They sure are brainwashed.

What people on earth would teach their children what they teach theirs? I challenge every single reader here, to go and get themselves a copy of the terrorist propaganda textbooks they call educational texts, and have a real eye-opener!

Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-03 6:00:22 PM

Rémi Houle wrote: Better remove the islamic ideology than nuke people, right?

Ah come on. Let’s give SAC a chance. If the pilot's good, see, I mean if he's reeeally sharp, he can barrel that baby in so low... oh you oughta see it sometime. It's a sight. A big plane like a '52... varrrooom! Its jet exhaust... frying chickens in the barnyard!

Posted by: No Spin Zone | 2006-11-03 6:21:35 PM

Muslim cattle are true 'defenders of the faith', they have to be in order to accept being bought and sold, smacked around, hidden under sheets in public, silenced, etc. etc.

The cattle cannot question their status as cattle because no human being could live under such conditions when they see equal life forms treated with a modicum of respect that they don't get themselves.

That's why the cattle cheer suicide bombing and murder - even when they have calfed the suicide bomber themselves. No civilized person should feel the least bit sorry for their deaths, they embody the cult of terror.

Posted by: Philanthropist | 2006-11-03 7:56:15 PM

It's a Good thing no one but me listened to CBC radio "news" today.
The horrible "Israelien" slaughter of innocent "gunmen's" wifes, lead.
At the top of the hour for 10 hours straight...
Followed by an important report about the end of all sea life, and three more about the end of humanity...

Posted by: Knight of Good Mr. Iron Man | 2006-11-03 7:59:11 PM

I couldn't believe the media play on this, harping on the women who were shot. Who the hell runs the newsroom? Barat? What the f^%* were they doing there acting as human shields? The question, of course, is rhetorical. Hamas asked them to come.

I'm going to %$^&ing lose it next time I hear a leftist assmunch apologize for these people. Everything about this is wrong. Everything.

Posted by: Howard Roark | 2006-11-03 8:06:17 PM

what does anyone expect from these muslim girlie men. they are so tough when they are beating a woman, and we still have e. jack u. layton wanting to dialogue with these 7th century heathens, they would bone old e.jack so fast he would swear he gulped a whole bottle of old el paso jalepenos the night before when he came to. nepeer asshole.

Posted by: bartinsky | 2006-11-03 8:27:44 PM

Ah...nothing like the smell of pogrom at the ShotGun to get the fascists frothing.

Ezra...you're doing a heckuva job.

Posted by: Lez-ra | 2006-11-04 12:15:14 AM

Lez-ra I agree, its when I hear brilliant comments like the above that I think maybe we should have continued with our eugenics programs in the last century. Hopefully eradicating these sub intelligent racist inhuman scum in the process. All of you please go drown yourselves or something.

Posted by: Micheal | 2006-11-04 2:17:53 AM

Lez-ra: Put on a burkha and join them, asshole. If you are committed to fighting the Right, go over there where people will be willing to indulge you in your sick support of murderous misogynists.

Posted by: mike s | 2006-11-04 7:43:25 AM

The Palisimians have been showing us for years that none of them, women and children included, are 'civilians'.

The distinction between civilians and combatants is one of OUR cultural concepts that the Palisimians and indeed all Muslims do not share with us. The fact that Muslims use 'human shields' when they fight civilized Western soldiers but don't use them when they fight each other is ample proof.

Where were the human shields in Chechnya?

Where were the human shields in the 8 year War of the Cities between Iran and Iraq?

Where are the 'human shields' in the war in Baluchistan?

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-04 11:37:57 AM

"Lez-ra" & "Micheal" should be back in their ancestral lands fighting old wars, starting new ones, whatever, it's all they know.
Their extremism is driven by inhuman hatred towards all civilized, modern societies and propagated by radical "Clerics".
Those who choose the comfort and safety of Western Civilization to support terrorism in any form are not worthy of citizenship.Thankfully, they are being watched, threats of any sort would be unwise on Blogs or anywhere else.

It was rather surprising that Muslim men would dress in drag, even if was a burka, which,though it does make a good tent and conceals identity, in this case it concealed cowards. If they were expressing bi-sexuality,they would become headless in short order.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-04 12:19:44 PM

Honey Pot and Remi, I agree with you. Women are treated with dislike and disdain by Islam but they have been brainwashed into being supportive of their own status. The burka is a protective illusion for women - they are not saddled with all the responsibilities that women in our society are burdened. Burka women do not make decisions and in a subtle way this 'frees' them to spend their time as they choose - they are not involved in decision making so they are free to gossip, immerse themselves in a woman's world, have children and devote themselves to the care of those children without worrying about providing food for those children.
This 'freedom' from responsibility is what attracts young women to this 'closed world'. Most woman in burkas do not love their husbands so they do not care about said husbands affairs or other wives. If they have four or five healthy sons they have huge value to their husband - they do not worry about bosses and co- workers opinions, they have only one master.
It is a twisted result of the feminizing of the New West where men and women compete for the same role - or/and share the same roles. A husband who makes the bed and does the dishes and feeds and changes the baby is not romantic - a black-eyed, gun wielding Arab on a black horse with the power of life and death over a tribe of people is romantic. This (dream) man does not ask for respect; he demands it therefore, he is capable of protecting his woman. The burka is a costume that makes this man's property feel safe and protected from unwanted advances of other men.
It is a romantic dream, of course, because reality as the slave to a man who does not respect or love females is a far cry from 'the dream.'
I watched the ABC documentary about the lead up to 911 - the hero was the young, black eyed leader of the Northern Alliance who was betrayed by Clinton and the U.S.A. This wild, fearless, independent man asked the CIA guy if 'their were any Men left in America' when the CIA man told him that he could do nothing to help him fight the Taliban. The young sheik was killed by the Taliban but he fought on alone. There were no Arab women in the documentary, the American woman were portrayed as ugly Amazon types in charge of a bunch of incompetent(impotent) men. The men answered to the women.
As a woman, I remember being a romantic young girl - I was only attracted to boys and men who were self confident and protective of me. I had no romantic interest in a man who wanted help or protection from me.

Posted by: jema54j | 2006-11-04 12:20:25 PM

This is just a manifestation of abused woman syndrome: cover up for the bastard(s).

It is absolutely clear that the vast majority of Muslim men--at least the Islamofascists--are infantile sissy-babies, who expect their women, whether mother, wife, or daughter, to be their mom. It's the "I'm a prince" syndrome. I saw it in the Caribbean, and from what I know about Arab men, this syndrome is alive and well all over the Muslim world--whether "over there" or right here, in Canada.

Muslim women, of course, should be telling their fathers, husbands, and sons to "get over it. Fight your own battles--and, at least, get your own lunch," but as too often happens in abusive relationships, the woman takes on the guilt and the repsponsibility for making everything "all right" again.

Where are the feminists? Where is their outrage at what Muslim women have to put up with?

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-11-04 4:27:51 PM

Simon and Remi, your posts were excellent. I too question why these women were defending those cowards who retreated to the nearest mosque, then Hamas asked these women to surround the mosque to defend them. Were these men not brave enough to defend themselves ???? Yes, the sooner we get rid of Islam the better. Kudos to the Israelis who restrained themselves and only shot 2 women.

Posted by: Freedom of speech | 2006-11-04 4:35:33 PM

Indeed they use this knowing that it will always work when fighting the West and I include Israel here. Should any of these "innocent civilians" be killed (which is actually what they want) they milk it for all it is worth with the help of the MSM and Leftists. They have even been known to kill a few of these "innocent civilians" themselves and later claim it was the Israelis, Americans, Canadians or whoever that did it.

We are wrong in attempting to apply the rules of war between normal nations. We allow them to exploit our sense of fair-play and compassion. It is the old tale of whoever is kind to the cruel will be cruel to the kind in the end. This is why the jihadists do not try this strategy with the communists, because the communists have no such restrictions.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-11-05 12:51:17 AM

What useful idiots far too many are in the West! I'm reading America Alone: what a bracing antidote to the moral meltdown of the "free" world.

If we don't get back from our "holiday from history" really soon, we're toast.

I wonder, will my daughters and I be allowed to have niqabs and chadors in our favourite colours?

Posted by: lookout | 2006-11-05 9:02:48 AM

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