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Friday, November 24, 2006

Thank you Canada

UPDATE: this post has been changed only to remove the doubling of the first two paragraphs.

As most of you probably know, yesterday was Thanksgiving for those of us south of the 49th parallel.  As the name implies, it was a time to give thanks for the things we have, and the friends we made.  It was at this point that I was thinking of the men and women who were serving America in Iraq and Afghanistan, and those few countries that were willing to come to our aid in either of them; that was the inspiration for this post.

Down here, the entire foreign policy debate is centered around Iraq.  Very, very few politicians or pundits disagree with the American commitment to Afghanistan.  For that reason, a lot of Americans naively assume the rest of the world shares that same commitment.  I now better than that.  I see the European writers who rip the Afghanistan mission, and talk of Iraq and Afghanistan as "crimes."  Unfortunately, this means the few countries willing to step up to the plate in Afghanistan (rather than phone it in with a token contingent) do not get the recognition they deserve, including Canada.

As the lone American poster on the Shotgun, I have repeatedly been honored and deeply moved to see so many Canadians who appreciate the role my country plays in the world, yet few Americans recognize Canada's commitment, her cost, and her pain in Afghanistan.

Many Canadians understand the mission in Afghanistan will protect them from terrorism as much as it will us, but that doesn't change these facts: my country was attacked on 9/11; Canada had three choices - fold up its arms and do nothing, put in a token force and pretend it was helping, and put in a real force to slug it out with the terrorists who attacked America.  Canada chose the last - and most honorable - of the three options.  chose to come to our aid when they did not have to do so; and they have chosen to stay and fight when many others have cut and run.

So to all of my Canadian friends, for continuing to stand with us in our hour of need, on behalf of my fellow Americans . . .

Thank you Canada.  Thank you and God Bless.

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The problem with Afghanistan is that our strategy is defensive. Same thing in Irak. It is kind of appeasing the monster. Which is Islamofacism.

This beast has more than 100 legs. If you strike one leg in Afghanistan, one leg in Irak, it still has more than 98 legs to smash us. Like many legs in Pakistan which may be the worst part of the beast.

We do nothing about Pakistan. We only talk about Iran. We just talk about Lebanon. What can we expect?

Man I don't agree with what is going on. We are only weakening ourselves and encouraging the beast.

We need to sit down and think. War is not about appeasement of the enemy. It is about killing and destroying the enemy. Let us agree on what or who the enemy is and attack and kill it, whatever the effort needed. If there are victims too bad, it's war and we did not start it. They chose to do 9/11 and must support the consequences.

The monster just killed Pierre Gemayel and we write it in our newspapers. The monster is gearing up in Iran to kill 6 million Israelis. And we stand up, our arms crossed.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-24 4:49:00 PM

It is nice that you observe and appreciate Canada's commitment to help kill terrorists in Afghanistan ... much appreciated.

The previous comment by Remi makes an important point. The US and Canada are using what amounts to the Marquis of Queesbury rules of polite engagement.

That time has passed long ago. Our enemies are ruthless. No one has ever won a game by playing purely defensive strategies. If we are beat these bastards, we must first kill Ruth.

Only when we stop worrying about what the rest of the world which means the chattering classes, will be able to do what is necessary to preserve our freedoms.

We are in this for our very lives ... all of us. It seem that more than half of us don't "get it".

There isn't much America can do to make the rest of the world like it any better nor hate it any more that they already do.


While we are all feeling grateful at this time for what we have, lets consider doing what we have to do in order to hang on to it.

Cheers to all Americans and a big thank you for being a great neighbor and protector.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-24 5:12:35 PM

I would almost have to say that we don't deserve thanks; in general, the vile rhetoric spewing from this country towards America from the liberal elites (especially shamefully, from those in governance) must surely mitigate any good will generated the Afghan mission.

The Afghan mission is a benefit for Canada on several levels:

1. Combat training for Canadian troops. Blooded troops make for much better training of new cadres. Experience is invaluable. If we are going to spend money, time, lives, on a national military, it had better be at least on par with the deadliest anywhere.

2. Shows the rest of the world that, while Canada has a liberal, pacifist component, there are still those who will rise to the occasion and do battle in the tradition of the World Wars and Korea.

3. Shows Canadians that, with the proper effort, we can look after our own defence and not rely on the US to babysit. Be proud of who we are, rather than who we are not.

4. Maybe, just maybe, make things better for the ordinary people of Afghanistan, and make us feel better about ourselves for making a difference (including those who need to rely on comparisons to the US to define their place in the world). We can help, not only by showing the people how to improve their own situations, but also by destroying utterly, mercilessly, those who would oppose those improvments.

Oddly enough, America can embrace the same four points for her own benefit.

And maybe, in the future, a successful mission in Afghanistan, undefeated by dishonest pacifism and isolationism, would serve notice that we can do the same elsewhere.

Posted by: foobius | 2006-11-24 5:19:41 PM

Mr. McGuire:

As one of the many Canadians living in America, I do understand your point that most Americans do not recognize the contributions of other nations. It is true that America does better with her allies than alone and her allies are under recognized in Afghanistan.

However, it is also true that without America's leadership in this War (and I am one who sees all the "wars" as different fronts in one War) there would not really be any challenge to the enemy. Therefore, although our own contributions are by no means insignificant, I want to be one of the Canadians who express my own thanks to our American friends. This is going to be a long battle and we do need to stick together.

I might also state that I am so glad to not have to apologize for my Prime Minister like I did under Cretien. It is so nice to not feel ashamed about our PM.

One last point to those of us who see this as a very long War into the future. Although we may from time to time wonder why those on the left do not "get it", it might make it easier on them to switch sides in the future if we are not constantly bombarding them with insults. I mean, after all, if this really is as bad as we think it is going to get, should we not leave the door open to them to be our future allies? We are going to need all the help we can get.

Thanks once again to our American friends for their leadership. And I hope you did not shop too hard on Black Friday, DJ :))

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2006-11-24 5:54:10 PM

Just watched Glenn Beck on CNN Headline News.

He had a phenomenal show about Islamic extremism and spoke to Muslim leaders in the US who say fatwahs have been issued against Bin Laden and his ilk who do not respect the sanctity of human life.

Mostly, Beck concentrated on state media in Muslim countries, showing the brainwashing techniques used on its very young children.

I believe it's going to be repeated later tonight.

It definitely is a can't miss for anybody interested in the topic.

It seems many Muslims around the world are tired of getting smeared by the jihadists and are now starting to stand up to them.

Of course, other Muslims are the only ones those jackasses will listen to, anyway.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-11-24 6:34:27 PM

Canada has changed since Harper came to office

Posted by: Winston | 2006-11-25 10:02:18 AM

Next time perhaps US forces in Afg. could invite their Canadian counterparts to dinner, or even help them celebrate their own Thanksgiving.


Posted by: Mark Dowling | 2006-11-26 10:43:58 AM

While the sentiments expressed are nice, Canada's involvement in Afghanistan isn't about helping out America. It is MUCH more than that, and I wish the MSM would report that. Sadly, a good number of Cdns think that this is some sort of kissing up to George W. Bush thing.

It's about the fact that our shared western values were attacked on 911. The attack may have taken place on American soil but make no mistake - it was an attack against the west's values, our freedoms and our democracy. Just like London 7/7. Just like Madrid.

Similarly, intervening in Afghanistan isn't all about building democracy and roads and infrastructure. Those are all nice side returns that may help Afghanistan not become a failed state. The crux of the matter is that it is about ensuring that Afghanistan does not become a terror base for those who seek to destroy us.

Canada is in Afghanistan in a meaningful way because we have a very direct interest in ensuring that it does not once again become a failed state.

Posted by: abc | 2006-11-26 10:44:44 AM

Thanks America for the salute and thank you to us. We are happy to join with a trusted neighbour to defeat the "monster". I do agree with Remi and others, that we have to fight this war like a "war". We need to ruthlessly destroy the enemy, and if it take a nuke on Tehran to do it, then we must do what we have to do. Unfortunately there would be innocents lost, but that is what war is all about.Our leaders are listening to the despots at the UN and are letting our freedoms slip through their fingers.

Posted by: Freedom of speech | 2006-11-26 1:33:24 PM

"Canada has changed since Harper came to office."

No, the government has changed. Most Canadians have no grasp of the ideological differences between the parties (such as they are), a large percentage of Canadians see no point in voting at all all (not without reason), and those who voted conservative did so (for the most part) in response to a slick, well-funded, and profoundly dishonest campaign.

Those Canadians who support the Afghanistan "mission" are under the impression that we are in there to help the Afghan people. If they thought we were there in support of the American empire, most of the approximatley 50% of the population who support the "mission" would oppose it.

Posted by: exile | 2006-11-26 4:07:26 PM

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