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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tension in Canada-Iran relation

Iranian politicians threatened to close the Canadian embassy in Tehran yesterday over what they called its involvement in espionage, National Post reports.

Islamic regime of Iran is angry at the government of Canada led by PM Harper which is trashing them on the world stage. This is great to see the regime's anger and frustration. And it is wonderful to see that Canada is confronting this rogue regime through UN & IAEA and any other possible diplomatic channels. Many of us appreciate what the Canadian government is doing.

Bravo Canada! Thank You PM Harper!

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We should withdraw our Ambassador and staff from Iran before they get thrown out in order to embarrass the fascists even more.

Posted by: Philanthropist | 2006-11-30 3:27:42 PM

We might as well withdraw our staff and close the ambassy because we are at war with this country. Why not declare war officially?

Keep up the pressure and I would invite our services to devise some traps. We need strategy now to overcome Islamofacists. I hear there are training suicide bombers out there by the thousands. Why not bring them in a trap and explode them in a group. Anyway, they are going to "heaven" (hell).

I still propose to introduce evangelists to try to convince people that they are serving the devil. How is the big question. We need to intensify info to show people that Islam is the religion of the devil.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-30 4:09:23 PM

You know Remi, I think I would like you if we met in person over a few drinks, but your evangelical take on all the problems of the world would cause me to take a second look at your perspective.
While I admire your devotion to your particular slant on things,I sometimes think you are too committed to a one solution that may not be in the best interest of us all.
Indeed your comments are cogent and well thought out, but please remember there are other alternatives.
I'm just an Old testament kind of guy. Perhaps you should consider that alternative as well.
I believe it's called an eye for an eye.
God Bless.

Posted by: Ralph Rattfuc | 2006-11-30 5:03:03 PM

"Iranian politicians threatened to close the Canadian embassy in Tehran yesterday over what they called its involvement in espionage"

Well, I certainly hope they are spying on this group of fanatics.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-11-30 5:14:03 PM

Well, I certainly hope the diplomatic spooks do a good enough job of spying to get the Canadian tourists, techies, and 'touch bases' out before some 'Iranian Students' grab 'um and spirit them away.

Oh, and don't forget folks, "Islam is a Religion of Peace".(experiences may vary with differing religion, philosophies, and citizen nations) no refunds after the first twenty minutes> DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-30 5:28:25 PM

Are you implying that well-educated, well-fed Iranian students would commit an act of war by terrorizing an embassy or citizens of said embassy?

Here I thought it was their poverty and hopelessness combined with our support of Israeli policies in oppressing the downtrodden palestinians that caused spontaneous acts of courageous liberation in the middle east.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-11-30 6:00:19 PM

Why, no, H2o! It's just that the last time a large group of western hostages were 'seized' in Iran the Ayatollahs said they couldn't do anything about the EMBASSY STAFF because it was students who abducted them.

Of course these days it's always 'youths'.(how academics are neclected, tch, tch)
If I remember correctly, President Ahmadinejad, was a student at the time when 'students' took the American Embassy Staff hostage in 1979.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-30 6:17:58 PM

Phew! Thanks Speller. I'm just glad to know that President Ahmadinejad is in charge now. He obviously understands the students and what motivates them.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-11-30 6:21:29 PM


Isaiah 52:7
"How lovely on the mountains
Are the feet of him who brings good news,
Who announces peace
And brings good news of happiness,
Who announces salvation,
And says to Zion, "Your God reigns!"

For our family devotions from Scripture this evening, I read Isaiah 52 so I thought it appropriate to write a little note. For those who do not know (but might care), Isaiah 52:7 is the most concise description of what it means to be "evangelical". Evangelical comes from a Greek word that contains within it the word "angel". Angel in Scripture means "messenger" and not what is perceived by Western culture. Gospel means "good news". The Hebrew word that is translated salvation is similar to Yeshua, the very name that has become in English as Jesus.


The evangelical is not the only type of feet on the mountains. If the embassies close, we will need more of this type of intelligence gathering in the future. Even if they remain open, I recommend Jack Wheeler (if you have not already heard of him).

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2006-11-30 6:26:11 PM

Great links Brent.

I think our priority should be to devise a strategy for failure of the muslim plan to get Europe. How could we destroy the beachead that they are trying to build in Europe? This will need much thinking.

Maybe we could get help from the pope! He is trying to revive the catholic church in Turkey.
I suggest we should launch a huge effort to convince muslims living in Europe that their ideology is driving them straigth to hell. Let's say we can win 3 millions in France, that would make 2 millions to drive out of France.

We should strive to influence politicians. In Italy with Berlusconi, it was not too bad. Maybe we could wake up the Brits. Since they suffered so much during WWII, some strategy could be put together.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-30 8:19:25 PM

Leaving aside plans for the wholesale conversion of muslims to Christianity, or the armed takeover of Iran, there is a very serious issue here.
The last time the ayatollahs made noise about an ambassadorial "Den of Spies", the unlucky accused spent 444 days in captivity. A handful more escaped due to Canadian intervention.
As Iran seems set on provoking the west (whether for religious ideology, or at the behest of Beijing, or whatever) I think we can all see where this is leading. When the "students" come for our embassy staff there will be no friendly shelter to hide in/escape from.
We need to get them out of Tehran ASAP. At best they will languish in an Iranian dungeon until our country has sufficiently grovelled to President-for-Life Ahmadinejad, at worst it will touch off the inevitable greater middle east war (if our allies step in.)

Posted by: Greg R | 2006-11-30 9:20:37 PM

If the Islamic Jihad happens to fail it won't be because we did anything much to stop it, but rather it will be due the Muslims becoming increasingly preoccupied with killing each other over which version of their "religion of peace" should prevail.


Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-30 11:00:32 PM

You bring up an interesting point. Rather than sacrificing our own in defeating Islamism perhaps we should covertly exploit the tensions between the various factions and hope they annihilate each other.

Posted by: potato | 2006-12-01 7:09:43 AM

Closing an Embassy full of career bureaucrats would mean nothing to the present day rulers of Iran.The only thing the ruling Mullahs appear vto understand is force. The strange phenomenon of the Islamic cult of Iran has eliminated the country as an acceptable client on the world stage except for the more or less outlaw Regime of Putin's version of Russia.
I beleive Putin would sell Iran fully operational
nuclear weapons. The strange religious cult of Iran
has promised Iranians life in Paradise after death
-thus fear of death in my opinion is no longer optional in Iran. The fatal crash the other day of an Anatov 74 Military/Commercial aircraft in which 38 Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed, was caused in my opinion because the aircraft designed for 30 passengers plus a crew of four was overloaded, but the pilots, with no fear of death
I assume pressed on regardless and everbody got killed. But when one reviews Iranian Media nobody in authority appears to care. During the Iran-Iraq War millions of Iranians were killed (blown to bits) clearing minefields. They used troops to run into the minefields, with predictable results. Would Iran attack Israel with Nuclear weapons? Of Course. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-12-01 8:00:54 AM

Jack MacLeod, You are right. The only language that the Iranian mullahs understand is force

Posted by: Winston | 2006-12-01 8:21:55 AM

Jack MacLeod wrote: The fatal crash the other day of an Anatov 74 Military/Commercial aircraft in which 38 Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed, was caused in my opinion because the aircraft designed for 30 passengers plus a crew of four was overloaded, but the pilots, with no fear of death.

The Antonov 72/74 was designed to carry 32 – 68 passengers and a crew of 3, so it was hardly overloaded. Preliminary reports of the accident indicate an engine failure on take-off.

Posted by: No Spin Zone | 2006-12-01 8:36:38 AM

The aircraft was in fact an Anotov 74, not a 72-74
there are no preliminary reports from Iran which could be considered accurate. Iran has lost several Anotov 74's in recent years as well as three C-130
Lockheed Martin Hercules purchased in the late 1960's Iran has a major problem with aircraft maintenance in any event since the Mullahs shot most of their Air Force, and even under the Shah most of their commercial aviation was contracted out.The Anotov 74 was designed to carry 30 passengers, plus a crew 4, engineer being optional. 74's were in fact reviewed in Canada.
You should stick with something you know a little about like "armchair News Broadcasts" MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-12-01 9:03:33 AM

Jack MacLeod wrote: The aircraft was in fact an Anotov 74, not a 72-74

The Antonov 74 is a derivative of the 72. It has upgraded avionics and engines, a slightly larger wingspan and length, and a higher maximum take-off weight. Depending on configuration can seat up to 40. The aircraft was operating well with its design capabilities. The preliminary report was from Antonov itself. But you obviously are much more knowledgeable about the aircraft than the manufacturer.

This link will show what an engine failure on take-off looks like. And nobody was killed


Posted by: No Spin Zone | 2006-12-01 9:54:15 AM

I'm a hellava lot more knowledgeable about the aircraft than you are, and my knowledge of the Anatov commercial carrier does not come from Google.
Actually the Anotov 74 built in Russia, not China was tested in Canada some years ago by one of the
Divisions of CHC Limited then headquartered in Newfoundland, when Craig Dobbin was considering certain fixed wing operations. Craig leased many Soviet and Russian built aircraft and helicopters
for his UN Contracts in those days. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-12-01 10:23:49 AM

Jack MacLeod wrote: I'm a hellava lot more knowledgeable about the aircraft than you are, and my knowledge of the Anatov commercial carrier does not come from Google.

Anatov 74
Anotov 74

So far in three posts you haven’t even been able to spell Antonov correctly.

Posted by: No Spin Zone | 2006-12-01 10:37:17 AM

Would you like that in Cyrillic, NSZ?
Антонов ЗД

Posted by: Speller | 2006-12-01 11:08:51 AM

Speller wrote: Would you like that in Cyrillic, NSZ?
Антонов ЗД


Posted by: No Spin Zone | 2006-12-01 11:17:39 AM

Oh no! This might knock off Iran as one of Canadian's favorite tourist destinations!!. What would they need to spy on!? The statements their President says in public are enough to serve the point that the country is insane, covert info would be a waste of money.

Posted by: Derek | 2006-12-01 11:18:24 AM

Get the people out of there before we are faced with the same insane situation we were in Lebanon. It is not a matter of if, but when at least some show of force will be necessary with this maniac.

The people who decide to stay with the dictator should do so on their own accord. No more taxpayer funded, ridiculous rescues and whining of people who should know better.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-12-01 11:20:12 AM

Thanks for saving me the typing.
BTW,anyone know how many 'Canadians of convenience' are currently in Iran?

Posted by: Canadian Observer | 2006-12-01 11:46:50 AM

this doesnt mean jack layton is going to want to fly over and talk to them does it

Posted by: john a. | 2006-12-01 7:33:34 PM

Jack MacLeod, Iranian Hercs were purchased in late 1970s and they are H models. They re-sold their D and E models to Pakistan in late 1960s. But I agree that their aircrafts have maintenance problems due to lack of spare parts

Posted by: Winston | 2006-12-01 11:24:37 PM

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