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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ted rides again

It appears that Alberta publishing legend and Western Standard columnist Ted Byfield has managed to resurrect his Christian History Project. The publishing venture went broke almost a year ago after publishing the sixth volume in a series that was originally slated to be about two dozen long, but ended up aiming for a more modest dozen before going under.

Byfield has now sent a letter to buyers of the original series, informing them that a new non-profit organization, the Society to Explore and Record Christian History (SEARCH), has purchased the assets of the old company and is in the process of "raising sufficient funding to finish the job." He says the society is aiming to produce Volume 7 in November 2007, "and the last five books, one every five months thereafter."

Ted writes that he is remaining as general editor, "with much the same editorial staff" as the old project. Interestingly, when the old company went under, it owed a fair bit of money to at least one writer. I wonder if the old entity, which now presumably has some cash in its coffers thanks to the above-mentioned purchase of its assets, will pay off these old debts.

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Whatever Ted Byfield's shortcomings or Achilles Heel(s), he is an amazing guy. I used to have his photo in my kitchen to remind me that there are some heroes left in Canada.

There are a few, though a very few, Canadians willing to stand up and be counted, willing to name the problems with no embellishments, no skirting around the issues in order not to rock the boat or incur the wrath of the "Big Boys," in the government, the MSM, or academia.

Ted Byfield is one of them.

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-12-02 9:40:18 AM

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