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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Steyn nails it

As always. Here's his recent National Review column, ending with this chilling line:

We cannot state who we are, what we believe, why we fight.

Of course you can read his 65 archived Western Standard columns here, and buy his best-selling book here.

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I can't believe brits have come so low.

I would have rounded up all those would be murderers and expel them out of the country at once.

I say we must step up a Canadian organization with the explicit purpose of eradicating Islam from Canada. This is an emergency.

I was just hearing very serious news relating there are already many portable nuclear devices in US at the hands of terrorists smuggled through Mexico border.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-16 6:48:57 PM


I am not buying yet. Please provide a link for that news story. Terrorist "nukes" already on US soil - or do you mean a plot to accomplish same??

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2006-11-16 7:13:07 PM

Brent: I'm not sure it is what Remi is referring to or not, but I have also heard of a credible story about a specific person that is supposedly already in the U.S....apparently they have circulated name and photo, etc.

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-11-16 9:53:08 PM

Brent: Try this link


Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-11-16 9:55:16 PM


Thanks. I did a bit of searching around the WND site. Oh, great - I live about an hour from Philadelphia.

"A former FBI agent named Paul L Williams has indicated that Islamic terrorists are particularly interested in targeting the 9 cities in America with significant Jewish populations. Those cities are New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston and Washington, D.C."

The reason I am somewhat skeptical is I was aware of this story 2 years ago:
I think it is the same story because they reference the same author. I took seriously the idea of the elections being affected at the time but when early 2005 arrived and nothing happened... Yet in these times one never knows for sure. Thanks for the link.

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2006-11-16 10:50:41 PM

This one is a little off topic so I will just provide a link to someone who did know "what he believed". If you lean to the "Austrian School" and if you did not hear yesterday: "Austrian School" Economist Milton Friedman passed away.

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2006-11-17 9:40:38 AM

Dutch seek ban on burqas in public
November 17, 2006

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) -- The Dutch government, facing re-election next week, said Friday it plans to draw up legislation "as soon as possible" banning the head-to-toe garment known as burqas and other clothing that covers the entire face in public places.

The announcement puts the Netherlands, once considered one of Europe's most welcoming nations for immigrants and asylum seekers, at the forefront of a general European hardening of attitudes toward Muslim minorities.

"The Cabinet finds it undesirable that face-covering clothing -- including the burqa -- is worn in public places for reasons of public order, security and protection of citizens," Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk said in a statement.

"From a security standpoint, people should always be recognizable and from the standpoint of integration, we think people should be able to communicate with one another," Verdonk told national broadcaster NOS.

Basing the order on security concerns apparently was intended to respond to warnings that outlawing clothing like the burqa, worn by some Muslim women, could violate the constitutional guarantee against religious discrimination.

The main Dutch Muslim organization CMO has been critical of any possible ban. The idea was "an overreaction to a very marginal problem" because hardly any Dutch women wear burqas anyway, said Ayhan Tonca of the CMO. "It's just ridiculous."

"This is a big law for a small problem," he said. Tonca estimated that as few as 30 women in the Netherlands wear a burqa and said the proposed law could be unconstitutional if it is interpreted as targeting Muslims.

He also said that the security argument did not stand up.

"I do not think people who have bad things in their minds would wear a burqa," he said.

In the past, a majority of the Dutch parliament has said it would approve a ban on burqas, but opinion polls in advance of national elections on November 22 suggest a shift away from that position, and it is unclear if a majority in the new parliament would still back the government-proposed ban.

Amsterdam's mayor, Job Cohen, of the opposition Labor party, said he would like to see burqas disappear, though he did not advocate a ban.

"From a viewpoint of integration and communication, naturally it's very bad," he told reporters. "You can't speak with each other if you can't see each other, so in that sense, I'd say myself the less (it's worn), the better."

The issue has resonance throughout Europe, Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw recently caused a stir by saying he wants Muslim women to abandon the full-face veil -- a view endorsed by Prime Minister Tony Blair. In France, the center-right's leading presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has increasingly been adopting some of the rhetoric of the extreme-right.

Germany, which also has a large Muslim immigrant community, has a law banning teachers in public schools from wearing head scarves, but no burqa ban.

In Holland, policies associated with the nationalist fringe in 2002 have been co-opted by the center: holding asylum-seekers in detention centers, more muscle for the police and intelligence services, and visa examinations that require would-be immigrants to watch videos of homosexuals kissing and of topless women on the beach. Everyone must learn to speak Dutch, and Muslim clerics must mind what they say in their Friday sermons for fear of deportation.

The Netherlands is deeply divided over moves by the government to stem the tide of new arrivals and compel immigrants to assimilate into Dutch society. The issue was given added urgency with the 2004 slaying of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim fanatic and the failed attempt to expel a Somali-born critic of Islam.

Around 1 million Muslims live in the Netherlands, about 6 percent of the population of 16 million.

After France banned the wearing of head scarves in public schools, the Dutch government decided to leave that question up to individual schools. Most allow head scarves.

The city of Utrecht has cut some welfare benefits to unemployed women who insist on wearing burqas to job interviews. The city claimed the women were using the burqa to avoid working, since they knew they would not be hired

Posted by: woodbridge | 2006-11-18 9:20:25 AM

What a sorry mess. Western guilt trumps our many courageous trimphs. We don't know how to stand any more, just hang our heads and say "Aren't we awful?"

I refuse to accept this defeatism, and will make a regular nuisance of myself, if I have to, to proclaim that "No, we're not awful. We have a noble history. We have noble ancestors (one of mine is Robert Baldwin of Baldwin-Lafontaine Responsible Government renown). Ours is a noble, and largely successful, experiment in democracy. It is worth defending."

One of the reasons we're in the awful situation we are in the West is because, as someone put it so well, "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good wo/men to do [and say] nothing." We've become a nation of mutes.

We in the West who know that our Judea-Christian values, which have championed the freedoms and democracies that we enjoy, are head and shoulders above communism, socialism, nihilism, Nazism, fascism, etc., etc., have allowed ourselves to be bullied and cowed by the purveyers of such ideologies under their banners of being "progressive." We have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed because we don't know our history, and not knowing it, we are hard put to defend it.

I refuse to be bullied or cowed. I will speak out. I will speak truth into lies, and if others don't like it, too bad. Go ahead and call me "bigoted," call me "intolerant," call me "close-minded."

I will remind you that it is Judeo-Christian values that have built our Western democracies and that it is the freedoms we enjoy in our Western democracies that have drawn so many immigrants to our shores from other parts of the world where these values are not foundational.

If those of us who know that Judeo-Christian values are the reason for our successful democracies in the West will begin to speak up, and not allow the nihilists among us to cow us into silence, perhaps we could turn this defeatist tide back.

Otherwise, we'll all be overwhelmed and washed up, barely a trace in the sand.

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-11-18 12:47:29 PM

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