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Monday, November 20, 2006

Michael Richards Loses It...

Or does he? You decide...

As of the time of this post, there have been over 1100 comments on the TMZ website discussing (?) this little meltdown.

Let me give you a brief summary of all the posts in four easy points....

  1. Richards has lost his mind.
  2. It's freedom of speech, and he should be allowed to say what he wants.
  3. If blacks can say the "N" word, what's the problem with white guys saying it
  4. Richards is da man, f*** all the n*****s and (for some reason) the jews.

I'm not sure if Richards was doing a Lenny Bruce, cutting edge, one for the ages comedy act, but I don't think he was.

I don't understand the whole idea of celebrities being able to say what they want, whenever they want. Three cases come immediately to mind; this one, Mel Gibson and his Jewish conspiracy tirade, and Paris Hilton, when referring to Lindsay Lohan's private parts.

Could it be that celebrities are surrounded with "yes men" and from that take a sense of they can do no wrong?

I believe this is more a symptom of arrogance, than of stupidity. Now what will be the excuse for this behavior on the Barbara Walter's special?

  1. I was drunk (or on drugs)
  2. I was going through a depression
  3. Richards hates black people and thinks it's OK to say so...

I'm going for excuse #2...

UPDATE - Richards apologizes tonight on Letterman. Check your local listings...

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That clip hasn't been available all day.

To deny us a viewing is a niggardly thing to do.

I have seen enough heckling in my life to know that some people deserve to be called what they are.

If these Negroes didn't like Richards they should have simply left or perhaps simply show some class and tough it out until the next act came on.

They earn their monikers these boys.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-20 4:33:59 PM

you are a racist and f*** you too for your comments. Because blacks use it gives you no right to call them that. you need to research what the word means. he is wrong because not only did he call the N****** but he said that "50 years ago they will be hanging from a tree" that is unacceptable and if you share the same views you are both shameless and disgraceful to your race.

Posted by: frank aldridge | 2006-11-20 5:04:18 PM

How can anyone defend Richards for saying these horrible things? The black gentlemen may have been heckling him, but he should have had the grace or more appropriately, the COMMON SENSE to ignore them or retaliate in a more suitable way! In this day and age, there is no justifiable reason for Richards to say such things! Shame on him, that was a disgusting act of arrogance and stupidity.

Posted by: Sai | 2006-11-20 5:07:15 PM

I did'n know thar Michael Richards was a racist. It's never nice to be heckeled when performing.."Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh".

Posted by: Myra Richardson | 2006-11-20 5:07:46 PM

Michael obviously dealt with the heckler the wrong way, i mean how hard is it for him to say "If you don't shut up your getting thrown out of the club". Ridiculous. Gotta keep your audience in check and keep your cool or it escalates into something like this.

Posted by: Artificialraven | 2006-11-20 5:29:39 PM


Care to read the post again before you blow a gasket? My gosh...

Posted by: Mike The Greek | 2006-11-20 5:44:50 PM

now justice will prevail as he joins the racist hall of shame where his career will linger forever...no excuse for such abusive language to fellow humans.

Posted by: olu | 2006-11-20 5:47:52 PM

he used the "N" work he used the "N" word---im so sick of that shit I could puke--check out the video that was shown on tv with a group of blacks trying to get two small black children to fight--"nigger" was spewed out by them dozens of times----
did anybody get mad about that???
did jesse jackson go chasing after them???
hell no

michael richards evidently got pissed at a couple of black punks and gave them a dose of their own medicine

and frank aldredge u can go fuck yourself!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: dude | 2006-11-20 5:51:51 PM

I don't understand why this discussion has been focused in racism, when it is unlikely that Michael Richards might be a racist. It is unexcusable, but clearly it is quite different and out of comparison from Mel Gibson's incident, because Gibson was no provoked in the moment he said his anti semitic statements (and he was not sufficiently drunk to take this as the reason).

It is simply a case of a person who loses his cool, for resentment against hecklers; often these guys interrupt performers and piss off the comedian. If the heckler would be chinese, he would use the corresponding word, if he would be french, the same thing, etc.

As far as I know, Michael Richards is a comedy actor, but not an experienced stand-up comedian (and I doubt he would continue trying after this...), and maybe work frustration (if there has been an stable job at all in the last years for him), makes him more vulnerable to react after this. Precisely, stand up comedians have to face hecklers (often drunk ones), but with their experience they can manage the situation, which is not the case here.

Hopefully, Richards can recover of this (after a proper apology).

Posted by: Pasquale | 2006-11-20 6:04:54 PM

I feel sorry for Jerry Seinfeld because he will always have to answer for anything said by anyone associated with his show. As for Michael Richards, there quite simply is NO apology, No reason & NO excuse for his behavior. This is not a 12 year old, this is a 55 year old, educated adult. To have resorted to this lowest form of name calling says a lot about what we never knew about the REAL Michael Richards....Until now.
Kramer R.I.P.

Posted by: unc-g | 2006-11-20 6:07:04 PM

Just a note to Sai... if they were indeed "gentlemen", they wouldn't be heckling someone.

Posted by: corp | 2006-11-20 6:07:41 PM

The real tragedy here is the fact that people honestly care. There's more imprtant things to worry about. If Richards wants to lose his supporters let him. And for all of you who are so "sick" of this kind of behavior, i challenge you to actually go out and do something to change it, instead of whining on some blog. Please

Posted by: Grant | 2006-11-20 6:41:54 PM

Not all Blacks in America find the use of the "N" word acceptable by anyone- black or white. However, even in our disagreement we stand firm that it is degrading and humiliating to have a white person hurl the word at you in anger and hatred. The word and its ugly history are the reason why many Blacks actively seek to show the younger generation why we must eradicate it from our vocabulary. The comments posted here only validate what I have known all of my life - racism never died but is alive and well in this country. I was hurt and angry by Mr. Richard's remarks but this board has only added salt to an open wound.

Posted by: Karen | 2006-11-20 6:44:15 PM

Wat to bait an ignorant race baiter Duke.

Frank you stank!


Read it and weep.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-20 6:46:59 PM

Chris Rock on rascism.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-20 6:59:04 PM

It is sad that in 2006, we have to resort to racial insults when we are upset with what someone does or says.

Posted by: MG | 2006-11-20 6:59:28 PM

I don't like that comedian. I didn't like Seinfeld. I don't condone such language, nor do I condone rude obnoxious behavior from either the audience or the performer. I am a minority, and when I am in an audience and hear some obnoxious jerk yelling stupid stuff out, I'd like to call idiot out. Would most people use such terms? In their minds perhaps. I think that people, when angry or hurt, want to use the most hurtful language right back. It isn't right, but I think that it is human nature. If it weren't, then racial issues would have been over when slavery ended. It doesn't matter what race a person is; I have observed people of all races call other people out by their race or talk about them behind their backs when they are upset. Why can't people just admit that sometimes a person can say awful hurtful things, that doesn't make a person a racist. If someone calls their spouse stupid motherf*****, I don't think that means that the name caller really thinks they are engaging in such acts. Lighten up America, and undertand that people who start sh** should expect to be sh** on. If you intend to hurt someone's feeling by calling them out in front of an audience, then expect to get the same in return. Don't act surprised or wronged. Let me add that when I saw Dave Chappell, when there were hecklers in his audience, he told a final joke that ended with an unsavory punch line and walked off the stage. Hurt feelings after being disrespected is not contained to any one color or race. That is just my opinion.

Posted by: whowho | 2006-11-20 7:02:37 PM

Karen, I think you described the trouble with this situation perfectly and I agree 100% with your well-put comments. As not only a caucasion but a human being, I feel it is rediculous and ignorant to use such words as he did in anger, or any other way for that matter. Unfortunately, I must agree with you that racism still exists... I just hope it's getting better as the years progress. I'm a teacher in a somewhat rural area and I take on the challenge daily of teaching children of all ethnic backgrounds to see, understand, and appreciate our differences.. unlike Michael Richards. Whether this was a mistake made out of anger or frustration, it is unacceptable and it should most definitely take him a very long time, if ever, to be thought of the same.

Posted by: Monica | 2006-11-20 7:04:24 PM

Richard will no doubt be secretly admired by many whites, who privately long to call black men in particular N******! This was no " I lost my cool moment", it goes directly to the heart and character of who he is as a person. I find it extremely sad and disappointing as I was quite a fan of his character on Seinfield (will never watch the show again).
He tirade and others like his do however highlight the distance that America still has to travel to eliminate racism.

Posted by: Jeffrey Merritt | 2006-11-20 7:20:00 PM

I've learned that if it comes out that easy, it's to the core.

And unfortunately, all cultures have varying degrees of racism.

My apologies for sounding so negative, but as long as there are differences between men and women, as long as there is a misunderstanding of cultures, there will be racism.

It will never leave humanity.... We can make it look like its left, but its always lurking just beneath the water...

Posted by: Mike The Greek | 2006-11-20 7:25:31 PM

You must be the biggest ignorant fools i've ever come across,I thought people like you lived in trees,how can anyone defend Kramer's racist remarks,being angry is one thing,raciaal slurs just show his inner feelings of racism and intolerance.

Posted by: Leon | 2006-11-20 7:32:37 PM

Are you kidding me? The shit that comes out of people's mouth when they are behind the screen. I dare you to show up either of the following : (i) bed-sty, (ii) coney island, (iii) Jamaica, (iv)south
bronx, and walk up to a bunch of dudes on the street, and stand like a man and make your claims as stated above. i am sure that suddenly you public outlook might be different. Tough talk.

Posted by: you got to be kiddingme | 2006-11-20 7:35:37 PM

For Richards to say, "50 years ago they will be hanging from a tree" is like saying to a Jew, "50 years ago in Germany, we'd cremate your whole family, infants too". That's hateful.

Posted by: Richard Kennedy | 2006-11-20 8:04:12 PM

Again I say this,you idiots who excuse his behaviour because he was 'angry' are totally ignorant.
Being angry does not mean racist remarks come out of someone's mouth,unless he already was thinking such disgusting thoughts.
Thank god we're seeing the end of this moron's career.

Posted by: Leon | 2006-11-20 8:04:44 PM

I thought it was hilarious, not because it was a spewing stream of hatred, but because it was a spewing stream of hatred with the glowing "LAUGH factory" signage behind it. Hey, every factory produces a few lemons, maybe Michael can make some limonade...

Posted by: Chadster | 2006-11-20 8:06:02 PM

Hmm. I personally think it JACKED that Blacks can call Crackas any DAMN thing they want, rant and rave over it for 10 minutes, and NOT have a HUGE uproar! NO ONE should use ANY racial slurs. A white dude says the "N" word, ONCE (as part of a joke) and it's an issue! It's Bullshit. It's not fair. It's funny when Blacks do it, but HATRED if a cracka does it. Everyone, find something else to talk about. Try to address more important things... not the racial gaps that unfortunately still exist.

Posted by: Double Standard | 2006-11-20 8:08:13 PM

I don't think what Richards did was right, and
he's right to apologize. People should just accept it and go on. Blacks are allowed to talk about anyone they want to talk about, and use any type of language. This happens in/on comedy shows,
movies, and music. No one says a thing, but if someone (white, latin, jew, asian, anyone..)says anything about blacks, the public calls for thier head. It's not fair.

Posted by: Will | 2006-11-20 8:16:17 PM

I saw Richards doing stand up in LA about 10 years ago, and he was a freak show then too. When his jokes did not get laughs (he really was not funny at all), he started defaulting to physical humor and throwing himself around the stage until he landed on his water glass and got badly cut, then he stormed off the stage.

As shocking as his outburst was, art needs to break barriers. Maybe the art world needs to see an angry white male get angry and start screaming the N word.

Nobody has to like it (like the crucifix in urine), but it could be considered some of the more provocative art I have seen in a bit. Certainly better than the bland garbage Hwood has been spewing out.

Posted by: Eric Karich | 2006-11-20 8:20:42 PM

Don't crucify the guy. He lost his temper. Anyone ever called their spouse a C**t or an A**hole? Did you mean it? He was out of his element and just lost it out of frustration. Hey, go for the throat. MERRY CHRISTMAS Gee I hope that doesn't offend anyone. Like a towelhead,chink,kike,dothead,sandnigger,nigger,guinee,crout,guat,spic,or honkey cracker. (like me)

Posted by: cool whip | 2006-11-20 8:26:13 PM

hey richard, you forgot the fork up their a** part.That was very important. "50 years ago we'd hang you from a tree with a fork up your a**." (with the big laugh factory sign in the background) LMFAO!

Posted by: cool whip | 2006-11-20 8:37:45 PM

A good example of a double-standard is that
a black person can say that white people can't
dance, or that whites aren't good athletes, but
if a white person were to say that blacks don't make very good authors or engineers, he or she
gets an ugly label. Maybe the comment about
breaking barriers is sort of true. If you can dish it and laugh about it, then you should be able to take it.

Posted by: Will | 2006-11-20 8:43:38 PM

Excellent example Will. Blacks are stereotyped as excellent athletes and dancers...just as much as Crackas are stereotyped as excellent engineers and authors. If the shoe fits, wear that bitch and own it. But don't get all pissed when other colors call you out for it. Different strokes for different folks. It's all about culture.

Posted by: Double Standard | 2006-11-20 8:49:32 PM

Sienfeld had the black and white cookie episode on tonite.

Posted by: Blade vader | 2006-11-20 8:52:18 PM

12345678910112and they all had fun at the ladybug picnic DON'T JUST STAND THERE!GET SOME GLUE!

Posted by: white warrior | 2006-11-20 9:03:33 PM

We are not free to go around saying any damn thing we please. We can't stand in the middle of a crowded arena a yell "fire". What the hell was he thinking? His act must not have been too funny or he would never have resorted to such "white trash" ways to get a laugh. Looks like his little "N-word" has back fired on him. Who's laughing now?

Posted by: Paige Cron | 2006-11-20 9:12:32 PM

whether you perform stand up comedy, or patronize its performance: i don't really care what color it is, grow some *thicker* effin' skin, pansies. comparing calling someone a name, any name, with yelling fire in a theatre is some pretty far fetched s***.

Posted by: stoned hippie | 2006-11-20 9:30:20 PM

Welcome to the Shotgun, American lurkers.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-20 9:35:30 PM

You people need to get a life. So he said nigger. Niggers say nigger all the time. Niggers don't get thier unused workboots in a knot when other niggers call them niggers. They just say shut up nigger and hit their 40. The niggers like kramer because he doesn't work like a nigger.

Posted by: the man | 2006-11-20 9:36:24 PM

Richards, and other folks in his state of mind should be very careful. Issues of race and racism are very sensitive and personal just as issues of religion would be.That is why we do not critique or question a persons religion because we have no moral authority to do so.It is such comments and acts that beget violence and hatred. Before making such comments,Richards,Gibson and company should at least think about their safety if they are not concerned about the feelings of the group they are insulting.

Posted by: rkang | 2006-11-20 9:58:11 PM

Ya Leon

I don't recall anyone in this post defending him saying 'nigger'. No matter how many times you repeat your claim, it still does not make it true. People have the right to say whatever they please, you don't have to agree with it and are free to dispute it.

It's called 'd-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y', try it out sometime, you might like it.

Posted by: missing link | 2006-11-20 10:00:59 PM

Remind Mr Richards that about 70 years ago, Hitler had his people in concentration camps sucking on poisonous fumes, while the rest of the world pondered if Jews were going extinct. This has little to do with the few harsh words he said at that club and a whole lot to do with racism in America (notice how some people find this amusing as they continue to laugh) and the Jew ability to be at the center of attention at any (Racial Tirade) cost. The man is Just tryin to Revive his career.

Posted by: Larry | 2006-11-20 10:02:03 PM

Lots of thoughts run thru my head when reading this blog. People are people and the differences will always remain; "isms" just point them out. What he said was wrong for the simple fact that he said '50 years ago...'. Hecklers will be hecklers and as an artist they push you to be better or give up. Richards is a professional and I'm sure he's had hecklers of African descent before and dealt with them appropriately. Did you ever think that maybe they were right? If I paid good money for a comedy show and he wasn't funny he would definitely have to know!!!!! For those who mention black people using the N word...contrary to popular belief not all black people are this way, or behave in the manner described. The ones that dont behave this way are aspiring ENGINEERS, AUTHORS, ATHLETES, DANCERS and whatever else the good Lord has planned for them; and yes i do recognize sometimes the devil gets in the way of that plan(as well as in other cultures)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: ThikSilvr | 2006-11-20 10:06:53 PM

Ladies and gentlement please welcome our first America basher of the evening...........Larry!

Posted by: missing link | 2006-11-20 10:07:38 PM


Posted by: the man | 2006-11-20 10:08:33 PM

Give me a f....king break!!! You got all these black comedians calling each other the n word and calling whites crackers and hell they even got their own show on HBO and Showtime where they dog whites and everyone else, so what is the problem with what Kramer said? Nothing they haven't been saying to each other for the last 100 years. Grow up people.

Posted by: Todd | 2006-11-20 10:13:48 PM

He apologized - great! Now with that said he did screw up but you know what - a lot of people do! I am not condoning this but in this day and age there is enough crap going on in this world. Forgive and move on! Don't let one comedians comments screw up your life and make bad decisions. Take care of your own damn self!

Posted by: rising_star | 2006-11-20 10:16:38 PM

What a bunch of ignorant bastards.

Calling black people names or making stereotypical claims of their race should not be condoned because of the hundreds of years of oppression and the way these words and claims were used...TO OPPRESS. However when a black person says cracka, there is no power behind it. It's an obvious thing that most everyone in this world suffers from some sort of prejudice. However, prejudice and racism are very different things. Most whites can be racist because of the fact that this country has been under an intsitutional racist influence. Michael Richards' apology was made to save his career. The only decent reply I've seen is what Karen said. The fact that everybody here is talking about how the N word is ok if its used by whites because blacks do it to tells me that they are not only ignorant but just plain stupid. See it as I call it.


Posted by: Harut | 2006-11-20 10:29:28 PM

Hey f*** everyone you forgot the soup nazi

Posted by: the man | 2006-11-20 10:29:55 PM

That was weird. He had a couple opportunities to turn it funny, to salvage it. He didn't, though. That's what gets me about the whole thing.

Then tonight on Letterman he seemed so scattered and was obviously having a hard time with sentence formation and conversation.

Either he's seriously distraught, he's got some kind of previously unpublicized mental condition that makes stand-up comedy possible but not adversarial exchanges, or he's gone totally insane.

To be fair, though, he always seemed a little unstable when out of character. Track down some old interviews, you'll see what I mean.

Posted by: Bone | 2006-11-20 10:32:29 PM

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Posted by: Vitruvius | 2006-11-20 10:34:55 PM

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