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Monday, November 20, 2006

Mair's muddle

The once-powerful Rafe Mair, whose daily talk-radio editorials used to be so influential in B.C., hasn't had a radio pulpit for some time now, but still gets his voice heard on a small Fraser Valley TV station three times a week and writes weekly for the Tyee.com online magazine. This week's Tyee offering makes a few interesting points about politics and justice, but Mair makes a big mistake about one of the major events around which the column pivots.

Mair asserts that then-justice critic Vic Toews was responsible for the Conservatives' disastrous "soft of child porn" attack against the Liberals during the 2004 election. In fact, the attack was generated by the Tory war room, and fronted by Stephen Harper. Here's a bit of the National Post's page-one story on the affair:

Harper, PM spar over child porn: Martin demands apology after Tory release asks if he 'supports' it
Saturday, June 19, 2004
RICHMOND, Que. - Child pornography became a central issue in the federal election campaign yesterday after Stephen Harper accused Paul Martin of failing to crack down on its producers and the Liberals suggested the Tories were simply exploiting the sensitive subject for political gain.

A day after the killer of 10-year-old Holly Jones told a Toronto courtroom he was driven to commit the crime after viewing sexual images of children on the Internet, the Conservative party war room issued news releases stating that Mr. Martin and NDP MPs had voted down repeated Tory attempts to prohibit the creation and promotion of child pornography.

Perhaps this will refresh Mair's memory.

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Hmmm...we're asked to pick sides on this??

Frankly when you leave the realms of principled statesmanship to engage in "politics" you are going to get your hands dirty. Sorry Steven, Vic and Stock...you got caught with poop on yer mits...admittedly a small amount in relation to your decade long federal opponents but its there none the less.

What are people like myself who supported you from Reform to alliance to the new CPC amalgamation supposed to think when candidates who sold themselves as leaders of a principled alternative, are caught with splashes of unprincipled political poop all over your hands...and it is now becoming a common thing...it's not big time poop but political poop and it still leaves a stink.

Maybe Mair can't stand the smell of hypocritical sanctimony any more than party members who thought the CPC would be a principled alternative to the status quo....oh well another principled populist organization tanked by the pragmatism of Ottawa politics.

Who's next up to attempt to change the status quo?

Posted by: Wlyonmackenzie | 2006-11-20 9:01:29 AM

I listened to Rafe every morning for a few years and then I heard him commit career suicide over the farmed Salmon. He was stomping on the toes that live in Gucci foot wear.

The point is that a burning issue trapped, pontificating old fart is no match for the economic forces that actually run things in this modern world.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-20 9:27:12 AM

Liberals like to make others look bad, by pointing out that politicians are being political. It was not only the CPC who had something to gain over the issue of child pornography. And yet, when the Liberals countered the CPC attack, by charging that it was for political gain, they side stepped the issue, that they HAD ignored the issue of child pornography and the sexual exploitation of our young people.

They still do.

And, I love gucci footwear. And these shoes, six inch spikes and all, hey ARE a walkin' all over the Liberals, who continue to side step what they ignored! And, as suspicious as I am, I cannot but keep wondering what was in it for them, to keep the porn going....


Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-20 10:11:14 AM

Mair has now responded to my head's up to him about my comments about his column. This is what he writes in an email he just sent me:
"I was on air on CTV , with Mike Duffy, during the interview and heard him [Toews] clearly with my own ears. I gave him and his Liberal counterpart shit and have never been asked back."
I don't know if this happened, but the fact remains that it was clearly the Tories' press release, and Harper's defence of it, that made the news and may have influenced the course of the election. Toews' comments were never the issue.

Posted by: Terry O'Neill | 2006-11-20 8:23:38 PM

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