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Monday, November 20, 2006

I coudln't agree more...

"it is time for the Muslim community to start looking in the mirror"

The 24th annual conference of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women convened in Gatineau on Saturday to discuss the image of Islam in the media.

"I'm tired of all our complaints about the media," she said, smiling. (Pazira works for CBC's The National.) "We do not make it easy for the media to cover us."

Besides being silenced by fears regarding their portrayal, the Muslim community has also, ironically, hobbled its own image by its emphasis on careers in science leaving too few representatives in the social sciences.

"We do not have a lot of experts who can talk eloquently about issues relating to Muslims," she said. The result, said Pazira, is unfortunate.

"We are Canadian, and we are Muslims but that image of Muslim Canadians is completely missing from the media."

We have been crying out for the so-called moderates of Islam to speak out and stand up for themselves and their religion. What we've heard, with the exception of a few lonely voices, is merely crickets chirping. This leads people - like myself - to completely give up on the idea of Islam as a legitimate religion.  It will take many voices, and not just paid shills speaking on behalf of CAIR and other dodgy organizations, to change my mind and the minds of millions of others around the world.

Will this Council of Muslim Women be able to change the course of history? Who knows - it's worth a shot.

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If there is any chance of reforming Islam, it will happen through muslim women. They are the ones that are being treated badly by this religion and they are the ones that can really help the moderates to reform it. I'll keep my fingers crossed, althogh I am always hopeless to see Islam being reformed any way.

Posted by: Winston | 2006-11-20 1:37:04 PM

I'm not suprise we dont see a lot of "moderate Muslims" standing up publictly against radical Islamists in Canada. See, those people knows that if they do, thier lives would be "in danger" plus they are fully awared that Canadians WONT back them while doing it.
You just have to take a look at le Western Standard and watch stupid racists mixing Moderate Muslims, Radical Islamists, terrorists and Arabs in the same package...

In the East, at least in Quebec, most of talk radio stations and television programs are continualy talking about the "Accomodement raisonable" problem. Our minority groups keeps asking for things we dont beleive in but that we are accepting it for their "religious accomodation".
...Well people, you would be suprise to see how much moderate from each religious groups calling on the air to say how much Quebecers are "too soft" with those people ! A good proof that if you starting to show those groups that you dont accept EVERYTHING they try to impose, moderate from those very group will stand up WITH YOU by saying: "this is not ok".

We're now saying "ENOUGHT"!!!!!!!

Hacidic community want to imposing us to paint our YMCA windows because they dont wanna see our women while training. they also imposing us illegal religeous schools where young citizens only learn religious matters...

Indie population imposing us Kirpan in public schools...

Islam radicals are trying to impose us their values each day like with this case of an High school that put ping pong tables in front of windows cause musulman girls cannot be seen inna bikini...

Enought! Your not happy with the way we live down here........Well, there's a plane waiting for you at Dorval Airport!

Hopefully, our political parties down here are ALL talking about changing or adjusting our laws for preventing this religious bullshit.

Stange thing that the moderates from every groups down here are saying that we're "too soft" with them; accepting everything they asked for. In the same time, the ROC keep saying that we're racists or "Anti"...

WTF !?!?!?
Please my beautiful province: adjust our laws concerning religious accomodation and get us out of this failling country...! Please!

Marc, back from Mexico inna great shape!

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-20 1:44:47 PM

As a Canadian who got the hell out of dodge awhile back and moved to the US I can honestly say viewed from the other side, we Canadians really are a bunch of patsy’s. Down here if you don't want to live like an American does then too F'n bad get the hell out, no one wants to here the whining. The deathblow to any civilization is multiculturalism; it feeds hate, suspicion and intolerance.

There are things I do not like about the US but there melting pot strategy is pure genius.

As for the ping-pong table thing, it just goes to show how week-kneed and pathetic people have become. Here's a thought, try using the word 'NO' once and awhile. It works.

Posted by: missing link | 2006-11-20 2:35:59 PM

How true that until/unless Muslims take a good look at themselves and stop playing the victim and blaming everyone else for their problems, nothing will change. Unfortunately to date with the odd exception they are unable to connect the dots and cannot understand why Islam has such a negative image. At the same time they do basically nothing to project anything positive.

Yet it is simple. If they want to be seen in a better light, they must behave as civilized human beings. When others disagree with something or take offense, for some strange reason they do not go on a rampage burning and killing those with whom they disagree.

I do not think that the question should be will or can Islam change. The question is rather can or will it happen before they destroy and overrun the West.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-11-20 3:02:22 PM

I am not willing to take any chance with this murderous ideology bringing misery and deaths all over the world. Take Sudan for example. Islamists there are responsible for more than 200 000 deaths. And they keep doing it. Somalia where they try to implement a taliban like state. Nigeria where thousands of Christians are being murdered with the blessing of the government. Israel where they try to do another genocide.

It is the nazi problem of not 1935 but today. In France, a teacher is hiding in his own country because he wrote an article saying what he thought.

If I have an advice for those women, they should give up Islam and do like Whalid Shoebat, become Christians and denounce the global islamic plot to try to dominate the world by using lies, deception and murder.

Let's not be deceived by the enemy who is trying any lies and deception tactics in order to achieve its evil goals.

Sorry but WWIII is on. The faster we wake up, the better are our chances of survival. We are at war with terrorists who will not hesitate to behead people and use women and chidren as shields and we are at war with an evil ideology called islam.

How many islamists have you seen helping people like Christian outreaches do? Rather they send terorists like in Somalia right now. While those women do their little show, right now in Soudan and Somalia, the Islamofacists are killing people. And in Canada they are preparing horrendous disasters for us Canadians.

Please note that I am a Christian. I dislike war but when that's the only option, let's summon our courage and not do like our predecessors did with Hitler. Do you know how many millions of people died because of Hitler?

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-20 3:37:05 PM

All the West can do is protect itself as best it can from radical Islamists; we have zero chance of ever changing their beliefs. It's up to moderate, peaceful Muslims -- and there are lots of them, although many are justifiably fearful -- to stand up to their fanatical bretheren. The changes might take forty or eighty years, but they are inevitable as long as the courageous Muslims speak up.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-11-20 3:37:40 PM

In Calgary I lived down the street from some really loud construction. The shrill sound of the saws bothered me a lot at first, but eventually even the most obnoxious of sounds becomes tolerable, and eventually unnoticeable.

RightGirl's anti-Islamic screeds are kind of like that saw noise. They're still obnoxious if you pay attention to them, but they're frequent enough that eventually I'm sure I'll learn to tune them out completely.

Posted by: Voice of Reason | 2006-11-20 4:21:15 PM

Voice of "reason", that's what people were saying in 1935 in France and elsewhere. The nazis were making an awful noise. They got use to it and didn't pay attention until ...

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-20 5:10:59 PM

The phrase 'moderate Muslim' keeps appearing in the media, yet no one can seem to find this elusive species? Did they go extinct during the last Ice Age? Were they decimated by asteroids like the dinosaurs? Or, did they ever exist in the first place?

Oh well, histories mysteries, so we have to deal with the people who do speak for Islam - religious fundamentalists who insist they want us to 'revert' to Islam or die. That's their negotiating position, so let's not waste time on it, there's a war to win.

Posted by: Philanthropist | 2006-11-20 5:20:40 PM

@Rémi Houle,
You're just a great exemple of what I'm talkin about...

You're trying to invent crap about people you dont no shit about: normal Muslims are well known for helping their neibors and familly. Keep living in the fear prison your friends & favorite tv programs put you. It's a war between religious radicalisme vs moderation of religion & lacité. A normal muslim that reading you wont say: "Hey, those guys care about my people...they will be on my side if I talk out loud about radical Islamists". So they shut up and keeps going to their temple where you and I knows that a radical Isamist can easely take the mic. Having people like you talking inna fear language is giving those Radicals an open door to convince those people in search of identity that we're bad people. Since fear is so close to hate, it's a real joke for them to twist thier religion inna way that their people began to think that their Islam brothers will help them better than common north American people. I bet U my house that there is much more Mulslims today than before...lets say...Iraq. Radical Islamists arent today's biggest treath...FEAR is. With fear you can control the World...you're a great exemple. By showing radicals that you dont care about their beleifs and that they are stupid to act like they do because you have nothing against them...you stop giving them fuel. With no fuel for hatred, moderates and normal people will stop entring those sick schools of thinking and then the World will come back to reality and a more peacefull place to stay. By the way, I didnt reserved my comments to "Islamist radicalisme" but to "radicalisme" alone.

Cela dit, if you're now living in Canada and that a man doctor cannot treat your wife because of your religious beleifs or if you asking my people to cover our YMCA windows cause our women are working out...their's a great place where you can go that is...the Airport.

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-20 5:28:55 PM

Muslims all appear to be insane, even the moderate ones. It will come down to attrition.

He who kills the greatest number of the others ..


Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-20 5:43:59 PM

Marc, I don't usually talk to commentator but make a comment for eveyone to read. I see you are on the right path. Please keep reading and get real information.

I'm tempted to share the great saying of Churchill: appeasement is like feeding the crocodile hoping it eats you last.

I invite people to look into a book by Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian who lost everything to Islamofacists.


She was part of a successful business family. She explains how islamists came to Lebanon and took Lebanon economy down rather than integrating and becoming successful temselves.

Right now, there are numerous sleeping terrorist cells harbored in islamic communities everywhere in America. That is why Iran is so arrogant. They know that they can attack USA and Canada from inside. What's the use of our missiles to counter suicide bombings inside our country? Hamas started to implement cells back in 1988.

So it's not a matter of having terrorists come here. They are already here. They are waiting for phone calls from Iran or whatever place like Pakistan, to start transforming America in a mess like the middle east.

There is a good working example we can learn from: Lebanon.

Hamas has cells in more than 40 US states. Imagine the havoc they could do. On 9/11, 16 men with $1 million dollars using american planes caused how much damage?


Wake up. WWIII is on. Are we going to loose or win?

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-20 6:33:41 PM

They have a dogma, and ideology, about the west. In that image, although their are wrongs in their way of looking at things, and especially in the way they perform, they see themselves in a better light, than others. This is why they continue to blame the rest of the world, for their own problems. And now, they wish to separate themselves from the rest of the world, and blame others for them doing that, at the same time. No one is forcing this on them. Since 9.11, they have done a terrible job of convinving themselves and others, that they are just like everyone else. And, the more they do what they do, the more others see them as being guilty, and not wanting to be with everyone else in the world: as if they are better than everyone else.

Oh, please wake me up! Of course, they do believe they are better than everyone else.

Alain, you recall the image of the woman who claimed she lost her house twice, in Lebanon, during the recent attack by Hesbollah, against Israel? Isn't that the same person walking with Louise Arbour?


Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-20 7:31:30 PM

Holy crap, Lady!! Well spotted!


Posted by: RightGirl | 2006-11-20 7:46:23 PM

Lady, it certainly looks exactly like her and with L. Arbour she is in like company.

I see there are the usual "useful idiots" here trying to excuse the Muslims' behaviour and then claim that we who do not agree with them are dangerous bigots. Not original at all! The facts speak for themselves. The non-Muslims in the West and in Israel are not attacking and killing all Muslims they can find, not bombing their mosques and buildings and not hearing weekly sermons on the obligation to kill all non-believers. In the Western media there is no attempt to spread hatred of Islam/Muslims, whereas that is pretty much all one finds in Muslim media, especially throughout the Arab world and Iran.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-11-20 10:07:19 PM

"No one is forcing this on them"
Lady, C'mon...
The west have gave them more than one exemple of indjustice and since 9/11...there is much radicals than even before.
I'm sure they must had a great deal convincing the Libaneese moderates & Laics that the West are the bad ones after this summer...

It's exactly my point...
By continuly saying such crap about moderates...you provoke this sentiment of hate that serves those cells. By having a better understanding and dialog with our moderates and by adjusting our laws to break those intentions of twisting our justice system by radicals...you will isolate the dangerous ones. This way, with a good police job, those cells and radicals will be terminated. They're not much more than the Hells Angles were before...

I know radical Islamist are worst than AIDS but I also know that "radicals from the West" are the reason of a lot of recrutment by those fools!
People, I cannot beleive we live in the same country! I have this strange sentiment of being more Canadian than most of you. Strange feeling really...

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-20 10:30:25 PM

You are definately more Canadian than me, Marc, congrats. But then so are the Khadrs, Nelson Mandela, and Paul and Jacque Rose.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-20 11:08:16 PM

I guess the Muslim woman I just got back from a date with is just trying to lure my atheist self back to her lair, where she will stop making jokes about sex and terrorism long enough to put on a burqa and decapitate me. Am I right, Remi?

Posted by: Voice of Reason | 2006-11-21 1:47:36 AM

Now, if we could all put our religious beliefs out of SIGHT and get on with living together in harmony and respect each other, in other words be good citizens in our communities and our Country, we'd be closer to practicing the tenets of most religions.

Nothing divides us more in today's climate than flaunting one's religion.
We live in a Country with Freedom of Religion as a Right and that also means freedom FROM religion.
Go to your chosen place of worship, or not but join the rest of society, endeavoring to work for the things that bring us together for the common good of our society.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-21 7:03:15 AM

We are having an intelligent discussion here.
See how they discuss in Lebanon or Irak or etc..

That's part of our Canadian values. Of course one can find someone from Islam that can be quite correct. I meet people like that all the time. Years ago I had a Tunisian friend who was making fun of Islamists and telling me about the danger of fanatics. And please read Whalid Shoebat, who was a terorist and converted to Christianity.

We need to establish facts and get unbiased information.

I highly recommend a book by Brigitte Gabriel called:
Because They Hate.
Phone: 1-800-854-9899

This woman is a Lebanese from ancient phenician origin and a good loving Christian. She has lived the whole process of Islamists destroying her country and her father's business.

Did you hear the news? The Islamists have just murdered a nice young man named Pierre Gemayel in Lebanon. He was married for 4 years. Why? Because he is a Christian. Remember they killed Rafik Harriri last year because he was a honest man and a moderate muslim.

If we don't get up and fight that war, WWIII, you have a good example of what can happen in a country overtaken by Islamists. Check how was Lebanon in 1960. Then see how it is now. Of course, Islamists will never come and do this in Canada. Oops, they did it in USA with 16 men and 1 million dollars! It's called 9/11. How many Canadians died in 9/11?

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-21 10:15:29 AM



Posted by: Set you free | 2006-11-21 10:23:49 AM

"We need to establish facts and get unbiased information"

Exactly. You start...

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-21 1:44:57 PM

Givin U an exemple: I just came back from a trip down mexico and I've met 3 Muslims couples. One from Toronto, one from France and one from Moroco. They were all very kind to me, very polite and smiling people. No hidden plans into their eyes. They helped me with small things. Nothing exceptional but..you know...helping. The girl from France even monokini-ed all weak (of course...but still), the guy from Toronto let me all an afternoon alone with his wife and beleive me...I am a charming boy He than joined us for a drink. I was in shock but hey, who am I to judge him. I wrestled an hour with the Moroco guy. etc... etc...

Canadians Moderates and borderline "Laic" Muslims are just like other Canadians. They dont wanna live in a world of fear, an Islamic dictature. Of course they dont. But if our society continue to let Islamic Radicals feeds on our racisme and fear...I wouldnt bet my shorts on the side that our muslims neibors and friends will choose to go...
I will even understand thier motives.
We have a war it's true.
...But its against a fear climate and radicalisme. A war in 2006 reality is not only an effort in a place called Afganistan, its your everyday actions. If I'm a Ridical Islamist comming from a sandy place and that I want to convice my fellow recruits that Canada is an hatefull place for every Muslims...I would point at the "WESTERN STANDARDS".

If Montreal is attacked by a group of Islamic terorists...We will know that the WEST would have a part of responsability to it.

(Hate) + (Fear that became Hate) Dosent = (Peace)

So c'mon people. Lets Shape up our Canadian Human Rights Chart and immigration laws to protect our beautiful Canadian values, Start to know your moderate muslims CANADIAN neibors, Keep an eye on radicalisme (From any sides), have a better understanding of the world you live in and use your head when looking at MSM.

The useless sickos that corrupts our lives will be much more easy to identify if we give ourselves an "healty" and "opened mind" society. I dont know about you but I dont wanna let my children live into a feafull place.

But, if a massive attack from the inside hits Quebecers...oh boy - oh boy...you will assist the blodiest fight ever !

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-21 4:39:56 PM


If they attack, we will be there beside you to help you out.

It takes very few of these guys to disrupt things. There are stories of recruiters coming into American mosques and grabbing two or three confused teenaged boys.

In a large group, that's not much ... but the recruiters have a way of recognizing those who will go along with their plans.

As I've written many times, it doesn't matter what we say or do.

The solution has to be found within the mosque by the type of moderates you ran across. They are the ones who have to convince their fellow Muslims to watch for recruiters.

As far as I can tell, Canadian Muslims want very much to be part of our country ... but there are exceptions, like those kids in Toronto.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-11-21 4:49:24 PM

Of course it is much easier to bury one's head into sand than to go on the offensive in this war, WWIII.

If they attack us, someone said we will fight... They just killed Pierre Gemayel. Who is next on the list? They tried to kill our PM, Stephen Harper. That's not fiction. They are in prison, but numerous others right now in Canada are at work. Police watch a few ones, but what about the rest?

They are trying to attack us, it is obvious. Of course, there are some nice people. But nice ones are not true muslims. They are ex muslims not practicing any more.

They attacked us in New York on 9/11 and killed 34 Canadians. That is 5 years ago. They are killing people.

Someone described exactly what Churchill described: appeasement. I will be nice to those people maybe they stop! Did Hitler stop in 1935?

Like Churchill said, appeasement doesn't work with facists and Islamofacists. It's like feeding the crocodile hoping it will eat you last!

For a start, read the book by Brigitte Gabriel.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-22 5:29:28 AM


There are none so victimized as those who decide to be victims, when they are not victims in the first place.

Before the events of 9.11 transpired, had someone said that a groups of people, would spend their days learning how to fly passenger planes, for the purpose of hyjacking as many planes as they could, to kill people, where some would fly them into the world trade centre, no one would have believed them.

And now, you want me to believe, that the events of 9.11 have vicitimized all Muslims in Canada?

That is BS!

There are many Muslims in Canada who are disgusted with that suggestion.

You continue the discourse, that there cannot be a position of a Muslim that is pro-western and counter fundamental islamofacist extremism.

YOU tell them they must be victims, and participate in selling them that there is legitimacy in that position.

You, not me, believe that they are victims.

You disempower them, with your pathetic rhetoric.

Today, it is fact that 99% of the terrorists on earth today are Muslims. Those Muslims are using their religion as a tool to manipulate their own people, to do dastardly crimes against innocent people. They have hit at the core of people that they have never met before. They have sold themselves on the notion, that they are supreme. And now that some are recoiling into that belief, you say we are to blame for them segregating themselves?

That is absolutely pathetic!

Although many women in the Muslim world, have worn the veil. It is very clear that the veil, though it means modesty and religious values, is also being used as a political tool, and a military weapon. People are not upset that women are wearing the veil. You can wear whatever you want in the western world. What people are upset about, is how people are being manipulated to hurt others. The veil, in particular, the niqab and burka, is being used as a means of moving people about, and that effects our security. That effects our freedom. And, we are not comfortable with that, and we have the right and duty to protect ourselves. And that protection also INCLUDES those who have decided to segregate themselves as we know, and see for certain, that the islaic world is NOT one group, but mainy that have divergent opinions. The actions of a minority of extremists, can take all the blame, for making other Muslims into the outcasts they are choosing themselves to be.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-22 11:11:15 AM


Could you post the photos? Would make for some interesting dialogue. Let everyone else prove it!


Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-22 11:12:23 AM

Young Muslims are joining terorist mouvements just like young common N-A kids joins a street gang. Same problem, same solutions. By educating those kids on how good their new country can be for them, they will say "NO" to it. It's not only their parents job, it's also yours and mine. By always bashing at Arabs, Muslims, and their religion...it's a sure thing they will turn into those cells...
We have a job to do by showing those kids that it dosent worth the ride and also that we're on their side. Also, they need to know that if they joins a cell...we will have no pity; whatever their age is...
We have to present them CLEAR options. Not plain racisme cause by idiotic ideas promote like right here on the WS...
This is bullshit.

I have enought chating with you already. Everybody across Canada knows how bad can be Radical Islamists but we dont wanna live inna closet with a charged gun like you do. You've made good points (that everybody knows about); but you also promoting things you dont no shit about. It's called Ingorance. I truly hope you dont raise your children with the kind of ignorence you use on this blog. If so, be affraid muslims people: Their is young "keemver Gill" style kids in progress looking after you...

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 11:48:33 AM

None would have imagine 9/11 because the arrongance we use in those time had blind us all from danger...
PARTS of this danger was cause by us. What ? you thought they attack the U.S. by random ?....?

By always promoting crap about Arabs and muslims without disctinction of radical islamists...you're not helping no one. You're the one (me included) putting them into the victim's place.

THIS + IRAQ puts the moderate Muslims into a position to take a choice between racist America or Racist Islam...
Plain and simple.

Thats all I'm saying.

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 12:10:48 PM

What is your explanation for the Muslim Arabs spreading Islam by the sword, enslaving and subjugating and destroying all cultures before it, out of the Arabian penninsula across the Middle East, the Orient, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans for 1150 years before the United States existed?

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-22 12:42:32 PM

Euh...same as for the Crussades...?

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 12:44:42 PM

marc: now it's time for you to read a bit. The Crusades were a response (self-defense) to Muslim imperialism.

What about the Islamic purges of Christians going on in Sudan and Indonesia, Nigeria, etc, today...can't blame the U.S. and the Jews for that can we ?

Posted by: Markalta | 2006-11-22 12:49:07 PM

The Crusades were a defensive action in response to Muslim aggression. The Middle East were Christian lands when the Muslims invaded. The Crusaders didn't invade Arabia, the Orient, or North Africa.

Would you care to name the countries in Eastern Europe or the Balkans that sent armies to the Crusades, Marc?

Your knowledge of history is sorely lacking.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-22 12:52:18 PM

I'm not into excusing those Radicals here...If I knew who they were: I would took care of those bastards myself !
But I'm refusing to bash at anyone just because he comes from a sandy place...
This is not me. This is not Canadian. This is not reality. This is bullshit, ignorance, and self-inflicting fear. Acting like that must cost us much more than a simple terorist attack...

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 12:52:33 PM

And how do you excuse Anglosaxons - France - Spain - Portugeeze...
...With North/south american autochtones genocide ?
Defensive action again ?

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 12:57:22 PM

Another not-well-known-fact from the history of Islam


Posted by: Brent Weston | 2006-11-22 12:59:51 PM

Your ignorance of history predisposes you to believe that there are moderate Muslims. Islam is an EXTREME religion whose only prophesies are Global Domination and the return of the Mahdi.

Jihad is the furtherance of that World Domination and ALL Muslims are required to help make it happen.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-22 1:00:07 PM

he he he...
All of you really think that the crusades where clean fights do you ?

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 1:00:24 PM

"...With North/south american autochtones genocide ?
Defensive action again ?"
Posted by: Marc | 22-Nov-06 12:57:22 PM

autochtones genocide ?
Sorry, Marc, I don't know what you are talking about.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-22 1:04:14 PM

You know Speller...I sure you dont.

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 1:08:29 PM

Really, Marc, please explain.

What is an 'autochtones' and give me an example of genocide committed against them.

Also, an explanation of how Muslims are only allowed, according to the Koran, to live in Dar al-Harb for the purpose of Jihad(Holy War) squares with the idea that there are 'moderate' Muslims.
The Definition of Muslim being 'One who Submits to Allah' as defined in the Koran and Hadith.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-22 1:55:20 PM

Marc, I would like you to list all the books you have read on the subject.

Did you read the link from Brent Weston up here?

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-22 1:58:20 PM

idiots who believe in the supernatural deserve to be ridiculed

Posted by: woodbridge | 2006-11-22 2:34:24 PM

First question:
You are an Autochtone (From the French "Autochtone") from Canada if your ancestors have been mass killin' with clorera dirty sheets politely given by both your and my ancestors as a gift...S-s-s-speller.

Second question:
No. No explainations.


@Rémi Houle
First question:
For you...? FU

Second question:
I've started it, then my wife called. I'd didnt got back to it...
Don't know why....


...Then exterminated, right Woodbridge ?


Pretty tough guy...for a blogger.
Va chier mon tabarnack.

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 2:57:00 PM

"You are an Autochtone (From the French "Autochtone") from Canada if your ancestors have been mass killin' with clorera dirty sheets politely given by both your and my ancestors as a gift."
Posted by: Marc | 22-Nov-06 2:57:00 PM

Please provide a link to this occurrence in Canadian or any other history and explain what it has to do with Muslims, Islam, or the absurd idea that there are moderate Muslims.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-22 3:14:08 PM

Take what I told you, go to a Library, by a book on Canadian history, read it, accept the fact that what I just told U is reality, then, if you want, come back to me. I'm not responsable for your education.

Also, If you cannot connect the dots inna simple conversation like the one we just had today by simply folowing it...then dont bother going to the library.

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 3:22:30 PM

Well Marc, you are wrong.
I know for sure your definition of autochtones is wrong.
Everything you have stated is wrong. You have no interest in demonstrating proof.

You just pull these wrong statements out of your ignorant Kee'bake-wah butt.

Why should I go to the library? Here we are on the internet.

Don't you know how to search the net for your proof and link it for me?

You are the one making the assertions.

Are you really an internet illiterate who thinks you can come here and call Shotgunners dumb when they are right and YOU are WRONG?

You really are a CON, Marc.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-22 3:51:19 PM

Ignorant Québecois butt ? Now I'm sad. I tought you like our intelligence. Your PM just told "the nation" you are. I knew it was just a bluff but thanks for the confirmation.

Speller, my drunk albertans ass. I am right. I'm not going to google you what you're looking for. I'm not your secretary, mon ti cou cou. In the light of the infos you're bringing from the Net, I tought I just made you a favor by suggesting u to go to a librairy to by a real book.

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 4:00:38 PM

Good night people.

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-22 4:05:19 PM

Just ran across an interesting transcript in a speech given in Beverly Hills in April.

It gives a link between jihadists and marxists ... entitled jiha's fellow-travellers.


Posted by: Set you free | 2006-11-22 4:16:18 PM

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