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Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Cassandra

Andrew Coyne in the National Post asks, Who is Bob Rae? I know who Bob Rae is. Bob Rae is the Power Corp Proxy and he is going to win the Liberal leadership because the Power Corp Proxy always wins.

The leadership race will be great theatre. It has to be. Nobody wants a frickin' boring coronation like the previous Liberal leadership race. However, like all theatre, the end of the script is known.

Putting that aside for a moment, let’s have some fun with the opening Greek chorus, the Deanster. Howard Dean will be funny. As he steps up to the microphone, the screaming young folk at the front will cajole him into doing "the scream" and that will be self-deprecating and hilarious and he’s really a great guy "but seriously folks Stephen Harper equals George Bush blah blah and Canada needs its Bill Clinton like Trudeau was your Kennedy blah blah"

And then the vote. In a dramatic come from behind second ballot victory, the party choses--omigod!--Bob Rae! "This is a dramatic turn of events," Peter Mansbridge will say to the camera like he believes it. And then Peter will turn to Jim Travers of the Toronto Star and ask him, "Is that how you see it, Jim?" And Jim, red-faced because he knows the Canadian political landscape but can only speak about a tenth of what he knows if he knows what good for him, will say "Well Peter, I think the signs were there..."

The Raester will be hoisted on shoulders and carried up to the stage where he will make a spontaneous speech out of string of meaningless platitudes and clichés starting with "Now is the time to come together." And come together they will, pretending it is a new day for the Liberal Party, it's 1968 all over again, Trudeaumania. Those were the days my friend we'd thought they'd never end.

Following the convention, calling it Rae's honeymoon period, the media will gush as if Bob has just dropped in from Mars and nobody had ever heard of him before. Bob, your father was a distinguished diplomat. What was it like growing up in that atmosphere? Bob, the Globe and Mail's Jeffrey Simpson once called you "the first Jewish premier of Ontario" though your wife calls you Chai Anglican ho ho ho. Does that mean you could become Canada's first Jewish Prime Minister? Bob, you were also quite the scholar as a young man, and you seem to have developed a real social conscience early on. Was that a heavy burden? Bob, you led Ontario through a difficult recession. How did you and your family handle all the personal criticism?

And male journos like Don Martin and Thomas Walkom will be impressed with the remarkably frank and open Bob Rae, saying he has real gravitas, and female journos like Susan Delacourt and Jane Taber will put on the blush-and-swoon like aged groupies at a Vegas fat Elvis concert in the '70s.

Here's a Cassandra side note. Cloak of Green Party leader Elizabeth May will try to consolidate as much of the uninformed environmental vote as possible targeting urban Starbucks latte slurpers and earnest young college students frightfully worried that the world is about to end because the older generation "screwed up." In the next federal election, using the old Liberal playbook--repeating the line “There’s nothing scarier than a Stephen Harper majority”--in key ridings she will lead that vote over to the Liberals. I believe she is there to siphon off the Green vote from the NDP and lead it back to the natural governing party.

Of course I could be wrong about all of the above. After all, the real prize is foreign affairs, control of the China file and CIDA. From the November 6, 2006 Hill Times:

Increasingly, it seems clear that while Dion would serve happily in a Rae government, and Rae would be a comfortable foreign affairs minister to Prime Minister Dion...

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Kevin, Have you been reading ahead?

Posted by: jema54j | 2006-11-18 11:18:25 AM

Step right up for the biggest show of HYPOCRISY your likely to witness for some time.
American bashing Liberals calling on the Big Scream of American politics to speak, perchance to scream, at them is nothing but an attention seeking act of desperation.

It's going to be quite the schmess for the "winner" of the crown to deal with party divisions still there from the Chretien/Martin hate-in.
New to the party, Rae or new to politics, Iggy, as front runners, some choice.

It's not likely to be Iggy, he's got foot-in-mouth-disease with too many Professorial musings,resulting in more confusion than clarity.

They may chance it with Bob, he says he's changed, learned from his mistakes, blah, blah, blah. In other words please don't mention "Buffalo Bob" or "Rae Days", ya, right!
Rae may be an attraction for NDP voters as an added bonus for the Lieberals.

Oh, the suspense! Dont't bet your bottom dollar on this fiasco.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-18 12:00:31 PM


Sorry. I guess I should have added something, though I suppose it's not too late.

Warning: The above may contain many spoilers.

Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2006-11-18 12:02:54 PM

Even Kennedy wasn't Kennedy. Camelot was entirely fiction, just ask Marilyn Monroe.

Let's continue with the fiction anyway. Does that mean Trudeau never visited Calgary because he was afraid he'd get shot while driving by SunLife Plaza?

Posted by: Speller | 2006-11-18 12:06:02 PM

In a nutshell, this is the difference between people who are serious about politics and people who are not. Coyne (who is serious) writes a thoughtful article giving good reasons to be concerned about a Bob Rae run country. He also asks good questions about what should be relevant issues during a leadership campaign. Kevin Steel (who is not serious) writes a sneering fiction with no apparent purpose.

Some like to talk about the issues that matter, others like to shit on the players.

Posted by: Mark Logan | 2006-11-18 12:07:25 PM

Welcome to the BIG MACHINE....Power Corp by another name.


When you gonna wake up?

Posted by: Simon | 2006-11-18 12:07:49 PM

Canada, Iraq, China.

The Power Corp. world tour continues.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-11-18 12:20:55 PM

Mark Logan, count me among those who "like to shit on" Bobby-Rae, it's all the consideration he deserves. He should eff off and retire, he must have at least two fat pensions he can draw. Write a book, get "failure" tattooed on his forehead, or something...

Posted by: anon | 2006-11-18 12:45:25 PM

Yeah, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Bob Rae will take the Liberal leadership, because he's backed by Paul Desmarais Jr.'s Power Corporation. The name just about sums it up, doesn't it? Power--at any cost, it seems. Let's see, there was Trudeau, then Chretien (whose daughter is married to Andre Desmarais, Paul Jr.'s son), then Paul Martin... 'Seems to be a pattern here, someone pulling all of the strings...

Bob's brother, John, sits on Power Corp's Board of Directors as Executive Vice-President, Office of the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Corporation. His "Uncle Mo" was at one time President of Power Corporation...

Can anyone see the pattern here? It's murky, though, isn't it? Because our MSM has pretty much been "mum" on all of these not coincidental connections. Any journalist worth their salt would be talking about Paul Desmarais as puppet master and his close connection with Bob Rae. They'd be asking a lot of questions. Hats off to Mark Steyn and the Western Standard for being at the head of the line of questioners.

What line? They're about the only Canadian journalists talking about this unholy alliance between Power Corp and the Liberal Party and its hangers on. I can't help feeling that Canada's becoming a Banana Republic, aided and abetted by our lethargic, compliant, and collaborative MSM.

If Bob Rae is "elected" the new leader of the LPC, and if he then goes on to become Canada's Prime Minister, it's pretty well all over for Canada as any kind of democracy. We'll have Power Corp running the country, like they have, off and on, since the early '70s. Parliament will be one big puppet stage with the Desmarais pulling all the strings.


Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-11-18 1:10:44 PM

It's sad how conspiracy theories like Bush, Cheney and Halliburton are now accepted as fact by some, while the much clearer influence of Power Corp on the Liebral/Dipper Party is ignored.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-11-18 1:23:17 PM

Most of the MSM pundits and journalists have never been members of a Canadian political party, and none as far as can determined have any empathy with Liberal Delegates. For instance here in the East, Rae has virtually no support among delegates who are supporting Ignatieff. The reason, and remember
these are the hard core Liberals who run the polls
and decide on patronage. They see Ignatieff as the only possible contender to defeat Harper. My personal opinion is that Harper is very popular and
admired by the real political decision makers, the
voters of Canada, and will easily be re-elected. No body on the east coast gives a shit about the
Quebec based Power Corporation, but resentment remains about how Chretien and Martin hijacked the
once mighty Red Machine. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-11-18 1:27:44 PM


Now you're touching on the essence of Canada ... the transfer of money into Quebec.

The whole collection of ‘appeasement money' so that Quebec will not separate is, in fact, a scare tactic to grab cash from everywhere else.

That money is then dispensed by the Quebec government of the day into what is known as Quebec Inc., a select group of corporate entities which say these transfers are necessary for the working stiffs in Quebec.

Nobody can tell me Quebec is a ‘have-not' province, but it does get the biggest share, $5.5 billion in 2005, of equalization payments.

Now, If PM SH ever got a majority and cuts off all corporate welfare across the board, like Ralph Klein did in Alberta, the howling, name-calling and slander would be as loud as you've ever heard.

I guess that's why the Conservatives are positioning themselves as the champions of the middle class (refer to income trust fiasco), because there are more votes from the people who are being fleeced than from the people doing the fleecing.

Just watch. This next three weeks is going to be an interesting chapter in Canadian history.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-11-18 1:45:06 PM

I want to just clarify one thing. It seems to be a common misconception that Power Corp's position in Canadian politics started with Paul Desmarais, Sr. when he purchased it in 1968. Not true. It predates that, and I actually don't know how long it's influence has been felt. In a 1992 article "Mr. Universe" in Saturday Night magazine Elaine Dewar quotes Maurice Strong as saying, "We controlled many companies, controlled political budgets. We influenced many political appointments." And of course Mr. Strong headed up Power Corp before Mr. Desmarais arrived on the scene.

For that reason, I think it is not a good thing to sh-t on the Desmarais. Paul Sr. simply took over machinery that was already in place, and he must be given credit for understanding what so few Canadians have failed to understand, that this company has influence. I personally have nothing against the Desmarais family and in the reading I've done of them I've actually found much to admire. As Douglas Fisher once said to me, "Paul Desmarais is a man 'who can see the sparrows fall.'" And it appears that he has raised some decent children unlike so many rich families.

MacLeod, I don't know how much resentment there is in the Liberal party over their influence, and since Ignatieff had such a long and close personal relationship with the Rae's, I'm not entirely sure he couldn't be convinced to come back into the fold.

My interpretation of events is this:

Ignafieff is asked to run by a group of bright lawyers in Toronto who think he is the prefect answer to Harper. Backroom boys say okay. Bob Rae says if Ignatieff runs, then I won't. Then Ignatieff arrives and meets with the backroom boys and they think, "Uh-oh, we could have another Chretien on our hands, someone who thinks he's in charge when in fact it is us." So Bob Rae decides to run. Then all of sudden Ignatieff starts getting foot-in-mouth disease. Every mistake is amplified, especially in Quebec, and Rae's mistakes--even though he says and does much the same thing--are minimized. Pretty soon those who can read the writing on the wall start to go over to Rae. Polls start appearing showing he has momemtum. Meetings start taking place behind the scenes. Going into the conference he is still behind but...

Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2006-11-18 2:10:29 PM

In a nutshell, this is the difference between people who are serious about politics and people who aren't. Speller, Liz, s.y.f., b.a.t.b., ebt and Z.Pike (who are serious) write thoughtful comments giving good reasons about what should be relevant issues during a leadership campaign. Mark Logan (who is not serious) writes a useless comment with no apparent reason other than to bait the commentator.

Some like to talk about issues that matter, others like to shit on the players.

Posted by: Loganville: Pop. 1 | 2006-11-18 2:29:36 PM

And those of us who don't have access to media and power just do a Trudeaulike shrug and watch as closet communist Rae takes over the Liberal party while sucking his old ND's followers from Ontario like the rats following the Pied Piper of Hamelein.
It's called lurching Canada left into Castro territory.
It would be no surprise to see Quebecers latch onto the lurch to the left as well.
Next thing you know cicumpolar Moe is advising Rae - but from China.

Aah, but what about the west,eh?

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2006-11-18 2:36:35 PM

Kevin I'm not so sure that Ignatieff has "foot in mouth problems at all". All his remarks have been carefully orchestrated for maximum media effect. The
"Toronto Lawyers" you refer to are in fact the real brain trust in determining Liberal strategy. Ignatieff's "Quebec Remarks" are very clever, brought him into prominence in Quebec, and very difficult for Rae or even Harper to specifically attack, a "motherhood issue" Ignatieff in one day destroyed Dion as a contender, as well as Brison, Kennedy and Finlay. The flaw in the "Toronto Strategy" is that it is totally focused on Liberal Delegates, who will promptly vanish into obscurity
until the next Federal election. Ignatieff will grow into the role, but has a very long way to go to equal Stephen Harper's hard won political smarts. One of Harper's strengths is that he has been totally underestimated by the MSM. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-11-18 2:38:12 PM

For all of Rae's education he certainly acted like an incompetent boob while the premier of Ontario.

If elected Lib leader I think he will be very unpopular in Ontario. If I remember correctly people only voted NDP as a protest vote against the government of the time. If the conservatives pound away at his economic failures in Ontario the coming election will seem like a lifetime for the Liberals.

Posted by: missing Link | 2006-11-18 2:47:19 PM

So Bob Rae runs for the high office and thus the NDP have finally achieved their long awaited goal. BRrrr the first communist PM of Cabanda.

Posted by: Frico | 2006-11-18 2:48:52 PM

In a nutshell, this is the difference between people who are serious about politics and people who are not.

posted by: Mark Logan | 18-Nov-06 12:07:25 PM

I'm still doubled over in laughter with this comment, would these be the same "serious people" who gave us years of clown acts governing this country, cleverly disguised as the Liberals, or the same "serious people" who recently voted in over a hundred seats of these jokers in the face of massive corruption?

When are you going to understand? We stopped taking you and your ilk seriously years ago, your voting track record speaks for itself.

What makes Bob Rae any less a viable candidate than the previous Liberal leaders? Trudeau, Turner, Chrétien, Martin, and now Rae. All pathetic but clearly good enough for the "serious people" in central Canada.

Personally I will just keep on laughing. Judging by your voting record, you sure don't mind being laughed at.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-11-18 2:49:59 PM

Bob Rae. Will do for Canada what Robert Mugabe did for Zimbabwe. As Toronto continues to wallow in urine, with the infrastructure left to its self. Nation wide. All too make heavy the purses of Power Corp & its fellow traitors to Democracy.

Bob will give us Sharia law. Bob will do to the ROC what he did to Ontario.

Socialist Ontario will revel in there own demise into Isamification. Slice by slice. The West will go. Quebec scramble from complete collapse. No funds allied with no future generation. Spells a death rune.

This is the good scenario if the Liberals win again. Under Bob Rae.

Posted by: Revnant Dream | 2006-11-18 2:54:19 PM

I'm glad to hear that the Desmarais are a decent family. I wouldn't know.

All I know is that they appear in far too many places, backing far too many big players in the Liberal Party, the same Party that robbed Canadian taxpayers' blind and took us to the cleaners.

My family and I live responsibly on a very limited income (two daughters at university, both working to contribute, all four of us doing volunteer work in our respective communities, and lots of it) and we've been taxed to the max, with one-third of our earnings going to the feds for questionable social spending while the Liberals were in power.

I'm fed up. I don't want the Liberals in power again. And yet, it the optics are that Bob Rae is being backed by Power Corporation and is poised to win the Liberal leadership.

One can only hope that if he becomes the leader of the LPC, the voters see through the shenanigans and that Ontarians remember the massive debt he put us in, while also taxing us to the max.

When I hear Power Corp, I am not inclined to smile and think kind thoughts. Rather, I think Trudeau, Chretien, Martin, Mo Strong. Only in Canada, you say?

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-11-18 2:56:13 PM

Revnant Dream,

Any hint of the stupidity needed to re-elect this version of the Liberal Party, no matter who the leader, and the west is gone.

Personally I am not holding my breath.

The west has had enough of the childish games played in Central Canada. These voters will either have to grow up, or part of this country will simply move on without them.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-11-18 3:09:31 PM

Been around the block,

FYI Mark Steyn, David Warren and many other notables don't have any university or college and neither to I.

I believe that I have done well in my life as have so many others because we avoided the so called "higher Learning" institutes. We have retained the ability to think for ourselves and make decisions.

Unless your daughters are in engineering or some other science, they are wasting their money and their time.

Regarding charity work ... choose carefully with this stuff. Most often those who are doing charity work are doing nothing but enabling the "less motivated". I choose to award my charity efforts to friends and family who are in need. All others can line up at the welfare offices of the great socialist collective ... Canada.

With all the god damed taxes they collect there is plenty to give to the "needy" most of whom are simply losers who continue to make bad choices for themselves and their families if they bothered to have one.

The Liberal Party is a patronage machine and nothing more. They are popular because there so many in this country who are lined up for free beer and popcorn or in many cases free limousines and big expense accounts leading to fat indexed pensions or fabulous do nothing appointments.

Why there is no tax revolt in this phony country is beyond me.

There is the makings of a real country in the western provinces, I suggest we get on with it.

That way we will be able to dump the commies including Mark Logan.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-18 3:17:07 PM

The Ulstermen and UE Loyalists who created the Liberal Party understood the power of political patronage, which created the power base by appeal to the disenfranchised in pre Confederation British colonies and later in the Conservative creation called Canada. Patronage meant control of the Judiciary and strong affiliation with a number of Christian Churches which were "unacceptable" to the
Tory establishemnts of the period.The "power base in Central Canada and Quebec, focused on immigrants which is the basis of Liberal created multiculturalism, now of course an on going potential major problem for the continued unity of the country. But it appears to me that the voting public have lost their trust in Liberal politicians and Liberal manipulation of the national media. Exciting days ahead

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-11-18 4:16:52 PM

Duke, good observation: "Why there is no tax revolt in this phony country is beyond me."

I am a sixth-generation Canadian, and am sad to say that the once-solid country of Canada is now a tottering Tower of Babel, with too many of its citizens simply wimps. Too much nanny state, I guess, and as you say, pseudo "victims" lined up for welfare and too many limo-leeches.

My family and I don't do bleeding-heart liberal charity work. Like you, we look for people, sometimes family, sometimes not, who genuinely need help and offer it--not for a tax write-off or for any "glory."

If the Librano$ get back in power, Canada's sunk. I've often said to my husband that that will be the time for us to head for the hills--though there aren't any of them left--or maybe we'll have to head West and be part of the mass exodus.

Though I was born, brought up in, and still live in Ontario, I'm sickened by the appalling nonsense that passes for serious politics here. We've blown it in the serious category: I mean, look at Duh-lton McGuilty: he's a flaky lightweight, 99% of the time totally invisible and when he does show up, he's got absolutely nothing of intelligence to say, just grandstanding, the way Liberals do.

Then there's David Miller, fearless (Rosedale: they're the worst) socialist leader (sic) of Toronto [which] "continues to wallow in urine, with the infrastructure left to itsself" (LOL, Revnant Dream: damned accurate description of Hogtown). Every time I go back to my birthplace, I cringe at how decrepit it's become, how seedy and weedy; it's not a place you feel safe in any longer. Even though Toronto used to be boring and uptight, at least it was pleasant and relatively safe. No more.

Sorry. You got me started, Duke. Things just aren't getting better, except for the election of Stephen Harper as our Prime Minister and his CPC government, a group of "grownups," after too long being governed by a bunch of self-serving, lying, cheating, robbing sons of b*tches.

I'm with Peter Finch: I'm mad as H*ll and I'm not going to take it any more. As long as we still have freedom of speech assured by our not-worth-the-paper-it's-written-on Charter, I'm going to speak out.

More Canadians need to. We'll get the government we deserve.

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-11-18 4:22:19 PM

That's why I became a member if the Alberta conservative party and I'll be truckin' on out to vote for Morton as party leader. I doubt we'll ever see a federal Conservative majority government, and there is a very real danger of a communist/national socialist federal government, a Lib-Dipper coalition with the socialist Bloc backing their destructive revolution all the way. Alberta has to be ready with a tough smart premier, someone ready to open up a can of Quebec-style whupass. That means no more gutless closet Liberal premiers please.

Posted by: anon | 2006-11-18 4:27:09 PM

been around,

I left my home town of North Bay Ontario in the early 60s, spent ten years in the USA (grew up there more or less) then returned to Ontario where the culture shock was more than I could bear.

I promptly headed west to Alberta (more familiar head space) and then to "the Island" in 95.

All I can say is East is least, west is best, but the coast is the most. Come on out .. the water's fine.


Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-18 4:32:05 PM

anon: right on, brother. That's exactly the thinking that Alberta should have. No Federal nonsense. Be fair and we'll get along fine. Abuse us, and WE ARE OUTTA HERE!

Just in case, the Alberta Secession Act should be passed as soon as possible to give the Premier the authority to call a binding referendum within 3 weeks just in case of a federal attack. Such an attack could come in the form of another NEP, or Kyoto, or an unfair tax upon our economy designed solely to extract money for federal misuse. Regardless, Alberta must be ready to make the fateful, ultimate decision to leave Confederation at a moment's notice.

It may be, however, asking too much to expect the Easterners to treat us with respect. After all they treat each other with contempt.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-11-18 4:55:56 PM

Zebulon Pike wrote: Regardless, Alberta must be ready to make the fateful, ultimate decision to leave Confederation at a moment's notice.

If a vote were held tomorrow how do you think it would break?

Posted by: No Spin Zone | 2006-11-18 5:01:40 PM

Duke: Pretty place, but (no offence)the land of fruits and nuts. I'll stick with Alberta, but B.C. is a nice place to visit...right ?

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-11-18 5:01:47 PM

NSZ: if the ballot were held today, secession would probably lose, and for good reason. Our people are in charge now, and they've done a great deal to mollify Albertans' concerns for our economy. With Harper in charge, we're safe.

That could all change if the Liebrals/Dippers and others get back into power and force Kyoto down everyone's throats. When that happens, Albertans will have to decided whether or not to secede. In fact, if Kyoto were forced, the question shouldn't be whether Alberta will secede...it will be why others don't secede too. After all, Ontario will be exempt from it and no one else will be. It's only a matter of fairness.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-11-18 5:18:05 PM

Jack MacLeod:

Ignatieff's musings about Quebec's Nationhood may have gotten the attention of some elements in Quebec, mainly Separatists, but it's a losing proposition in the rest of Canada. He's now trying to explain himself but the convoluted explanation is leading to more befuddlement.

If they recruited him to serve their messiahship, they owe him the crown. He did uproot his life in Boston.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-18 5:45:06 PM


The Left is not as dominant here as before. There are a lot of people out here now from other parts of the country and many of them have better values.

The Liberal party here is fairly conservative since it is a cobbled together right leaning group.

The economy is great and has a good future. More retiring Boomers will move here over the next ten years bringing a more conservative attitude common to retirees.

The immigrant groups here are more productive and educated generally than what is in Southern Ontario at this time.

You have a lot of Haiti, Jamaica, Somalia while we have Korean, Chinese, East Indian. Those two groups have very different values.

My MP is a member of the CPC parliament.

I should mention that one of the largest number of immigrants to this part of the world are Western Canadians from Alberta, Sask, and Manitoba.

Unions have shrunk every year in the past ten. BC Ferrys is in the private sector now. The housing sector is on fire.

And I never have to shovel snow or scrape my windshield.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-18 6:59:02 PM

I wonder if Power Corp had connections with Mulroney?

Comments were very high in emotions and fears.

What I sense in Canada is a lot of confusion. People are misled. And the fabrics of our society is being damaged by lots of hatred. Divorces bring lots of sadness and confusion and misfits. Among children even more.

There is one leader who seems in Québec to have common sense. Mario Dumont is saying loud and clear we have to stop this minority non sense.

Next election will be very important for Canada. That's why we must pray earnestly and do whatever we can to support PM Harper.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-18 7:44:29 PM

Thanks for the invite, Duke! 'Never thought I'd like the West (I like old buildings and trees), but when my family and I drove to Calgary to visit members of my husband's family twelve years ago, I found I LOVED it: the big sky, the mountains in the distance, the friendliness of the people, the "can do" attitude. It's not what I expected, "snotty" Easterner that I am.

Rene: This is what Wikipedia has to say about Mulroney and Power Corp: "Former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney also has a relationship with Power Corporation. Mulroney friend Ian MacDonald described Desmarais as 'Mulroney’s mentor in the business world', and it is believed that Mulroney has done legal work for Power Corp. since the end of his term as Prime Minister."

Jack M: Thanks for the background on the Liberals, patronage, disenfranchisement, and immigrants. 'Explains a lot.

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-11-18 8:01:38 PM

As much as I back Harper the sad truth is the numbers are definitely against the West. Harper may win the next election or so but in the long run we are still done like dinner. Unless BC, Alberta and possibly Sask. make a serious bid to sever the tie that slowly bleeds the West expect nothing to change but us. Again the numbers will subjugate us to the land of the bleeding heart liberals and Quebecois amphibians.

Posted by: Canadian plus | 2006-11-18 9:20:59 PM

If Alberta Independence is a goal, then PM Rae should not be seen as a problem but as an enabler.

What is the general feeling in regards to the Dinning/Morton race?

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2006-11-18 10:02:47 PM

Remi: Mulroney was in the pocket of Power, too. And watch out for Peter MacKay - they've sent a Desmarais daughter out to get him.

Posted by: NCF TO | 2006-11-18 10:05:54 PM

Kevin is right - this whole thing was rigged from the beginning. But I think his analysis is a bit off. Ignatieff and Rae are both in the pocket of Power, and were running as a tag-team the whole way through. I think Rae was there to pick up a whole bunch of lefty delegates and deliver them to Iggy on a late ballot, in exchange for a cabinet position under his old college roommate. But after Iggy turned into a stooge under pressure, the backers started to switch their preference, and now it looks like Iggy will deliver his dreamy pseudo-intellecutal delegates to Rae for socialist victory.

Harper will slaughter either one of these guys in the debates. There's no chance one of these guys can beat Harper for PM. But they may stop him from getting a majority.

Posted by: NCF TO | 2006-11-18 10:13:21 PM

Brent: Dinning is the frontrunner, but there have been quite a few positive columns about Morton. I'd say he's a good second place, which could get him in on the second ballot, if enough people dislike the idea of Dinning being in charge. Morton has the new ideas....which may be enough to put him past Dinning.

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-11-18 10:34:58 PM

Duke: I realize there are pockets of conservatives, and I like your ideas about the future becoming moreso...let's hope. The union thing is definitely a large negative still in my opinion...very radical.

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-11-18 10:36:46 PM


Most of the wages paid to union workers now fall into the category that would be in Jack bin Layton's view considered "the rich". Unionists will vote with their wallets once they realize what dippers want to do with their money.

Buzz Hardhead already abandoned his ontario dipper connections. Rembember, the Lefties will always follow the money ... other people's that is.

Unionism is on the wane here. It was a good idea in it's time, but we have all kinds of other worker protections now that make the unions nothing more than greed machines for their members and a quasi political party for the Left.

BC is mainly conservative until you get into the lower mainland where the city is infested with gays, lesbians, girly men, old hippies metro types and so on.

Vancouver is run by leftist fools and idiotic control freaks who don't have a clue, but rather, just love being in charge of other people and living as large as their bullshit will allow them to.

I have been here for 11 years and I have not seen one serious problem solved by any local government. In fact, most problems are created by them and their experimental 'cures' make things progressively worse. Maybe that's why they are called progressives.

Reality is conservative and we are heading that way if only because the world is starting to get in everyone's face nowadays and with that comes a lot of reality.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-19 10:17:09 AM

Bob Rae "more Jewish than the Jews"? Your don't quite understand Judaism. Socialism and Internationalism may have been movements started by Jews, but they have no more to do with Judaism than, say, Ramadan. I would say that Bob Rae is "more self-hating than the self-hating Toronto Jews he represents politically."

Judaism has far more in common with American-style republicanism than it does with European-style socialism. European socialist values have wiped out European Jewry, and any honest Jew living in the real world knows that leftist Jews are simply useful idiots to those who wish us harm.

Posted by: NCF TO | 2006-11-19 2:56:52 PM


Thanks. That is what I thought but it is good to have it reinforced since I no longer live in Alberta. I have not yet seen an Alberta party that I have taken seriously as being able to competently lead Alberta out of Confederation and establish a nation in a mature manner.

However, the Alberta Agenda is a must before Independence can happen. If Albertans do not even want to claim privileges that Quebec already enjoys, then certainly they are not yet ready to take the first step out of Confederation. Dinning seems quite opposed to the Alberta Agenda.

It is my suspicion that Harper will not be able to give a fair deal to Alberta even with a majority. If an election were called right now, it looks as if Canada would have another minority gov't. Sooner or later the Liberals will regain a majority. Alberta's aspirations will either be solved by consecutive Conservative majorities (unlikely) or Independence. It would be nice if Alberta had a strategy already in place for the inevitable next Liberal majority. Dinning looks to me like the wrong man for that job. Therefore, I am watching the Federal Liberal race and the Alberta PC race with interest. Thanks for your thoughts.

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2006-11-19 3:02:26 PM

Brent: "I'm supportin' Morton", as the t-shirt says. Leger marketing just called with a poll...so hopefully those results will show Ted doing well.

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-11-19 3:33:18 PM

NCF TO and Karol Karolak: Like you and Kevin, I felt sure, from the beginning, that Iggy and Rae were in kahootz over the Liberal leadership race: two old friends, college roommates, both willing to run for the Liberals--which must mean they're deficient in principled politics (we already knew this about Rae after his disastrous premiership of Ontario)--both, obviously, able to be used by the powers that be, be they Power Corp or the Librano backroom boys (or as my father used to call them: "bagmen at an unholy wake").

So, what are they up to?

Obviously, the crowning of Iggy is unlikely to happen after all of his gaffs and his seeming disconnect from political reality here in Canada. Absence may have made his heart grow fonder, but it sure didn't help him speak "Canadian," though he doesn't seem to have much trouble speaking "Quebec."

So, are the Libs going to go for Bob Rae? What a turncoat; I just can't understand how ANYONE can take a candidate seriously who has so blatantly left a 30-year political affiliation in another party in order to run FOR THE LEADERSHIP of another party!! Well, they are Librano$, after all. And Rae is Power Corp's Proxy, after all.

I figure Iggy would be better off if he just swallowed his pride and hightailed it back to Harvard. "His" party has left Canada barely a country any more, and if the Librano$ get back in power, it'll be even less of one. We'll be skuppered.

But how is this Iggy/Rae thing going to work itself out? If, as Kevin says, Rae wins as the Power Corp Proxy, which is my prediction, what happens to Iggy? Does he become a Cabinet minister under Rae? Or what?

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-11-19 3:53:38 PM

it was interesting to hear howard hampton, the king of socialists in ontario stating that when rae was in power, he and his cabinet urged rae to back off the huge spending schemes that he wanted. however rae went ahead, according to hampton because of ego and the rest is history. gee, now im really scared if ontario ndps were worried about him at the time. oh, but i forget, rae says hes changed, hes a liberal now. that makes me feel much better.

Posted by: john a. | 2006-11-19 6:34:24 PM

As a Jew, I will explain it, Karol: Jeffrey Simpson was wrong. Bob Rae is no more a Jew than Osama Bin Laden. You cannot be a Jew if you don't go through conversion and circumsission. And Judaism is matrilineal, so his father being Jewish does not make him the least bit Jewish. Having a Jewish wife and children does not make you Jewish.

Now, if there ever was a candidate for conversion, it would have been Bobby Rae - Jewish father, Jewish wife, Jewish children, Jewish friends. The fact that he did NOT convert is far more revealing to me as a Jew, than the fact that he hangs out with Jews and defends Israel every so often.

Posted by: NCF TO | 2006-11-19 6:36:10 PM

So, NCF TO, your saying Mo Strong's nephew, Bobby Rae is a Jew of convenience?
No doubt the circumcision part may be a bit much to ask, the pain and all, if that is a requirement for conversion.
His skinny dip with Mercer didn't reveal enough information, couldn't even detect hemorrhoids in the rear view.
However, it's not going to hurt his chances for the Liberano crown.
Mistakes, he's had a few doozies but he LEARNED from them and we can just plain trust him. Ya, right.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-19 6:56:21 PM

Come to think of it, Bobby Rae is the ultimate Liberal - he's taking the "all things to all people" mantra to its extreme. He can always claim he's a Christian, pull out his Jew cred when he wants to appear strong on defense, then revert to atheistic platitudes when addressing his socialist base. He has a strong traditional family life, but panders to "alternative lifestyles" by bathing naked with Rick Mercer. He threw our economy into the toilet with his socialist experiments, yet claims he's now seen the error of his ways and will govern like a fiscal conservative.

Only in Canada could a chameleon like this be taken seriously.

Posted by: NCF TO | 2006-11-19 7:34:19 PM

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