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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I know, I know, I swore I wouldn't say another word about Garth Turner. But this website, designed by a friend, is worth breaking my vow of silence!

Posted by Ezra Levant on November 15, 2006 | Permalink


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Pot, meet the kettle. Only Ezra is a kettle with "blackness envy". Keep up the good work, Ez, and your 15 minutes might come one day.

Posted by: Mark Logan | 2006-11-15 4:37:35 PM

garth is fast becoming the male belinda stronach. maybe the two of them should join and form there own party. domi could be there party whip. i mean politicaly.

Posted by: john a. | 2006-11-15 5:56:32 PM

Are you callin Garth a Beeeaaatch?

Posted by: OMMAG | 2006-11-15 5:58:59 PM

Say Mar, are you searching for your 15 min.? keep looking pal, you might find yours.

Posted by: Mayor of Loganville | 2006-11-15 5:59:08 PM

Garth got his 15 minutes (seconds?) of fame - not surprisingly on CBC Newsworld. He shamelessly promoted his website http://www.promiseskept.ca/ Three days later it is as informative as was his press conference.

Posted by: JFJ | 2006-11-16 7:23:00 AM

"maybe the two of them should join and form their own party"

But that would involve teamwork. You see the problem, don't you?

Posted by: Joan Tintor | 2006-11-16 7:47:07 AM

Garth! is always going to get attention from the flipping Dungheads in the MSM because he was on the INSIDE of the Conservative Caucus and he MAY have a real secret to tattle.
It's hard for the media to wean themselves off the easy scoops fed them by their pals in the previous government. They're really hurtin' on that front.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-16 7:54:13 AM

Garth on Monday:

"As I wrote some hours ago, the big issue right now is not me, but rather some disturbing insights into how the “new” government is actually working. I think we should talk about it. This matters a lot more than the fate of one homeless MP."

Garth on Tuesday:

"1. I..."
"2. Second, in the House of Commons I..."
"3. Third, I..."
"4. Fourth, I... "
"5. And, fifth, I’m not going away."

Disturbing insights indeed.

Posted by: Mike S | 2006-11-16 8:35:40 AM

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