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Monday, November 27, 2006

Canada's David Duke

The Canadian Islamic Congress is campaigning for the Liberals in the London, Ontario byelection. Great -- participating in a democratic, multi-party election is the Canadian way, unlike say, in Egypt, from whence the CIC"s boss, Mohamed Elmasry, hails.

It looks like Elmasry is bringing a bit of Egyptian flair to the London campaign -- anti-Semitic campaign literature.

That's no surprise; the CIC's website regularly publishes material from Greg Felton, a prolific anti-Semite who also writes for a neo-Nazi magazine.

I don't think it should be a crime to be a Jew-hater. I don't think it should be a crime to distribute Jew-hating literature. That's part of freedom -- it's a little bit messy, and sometimes people say offensive things.

What I am against, though, is that Elmasry's anti-Semitism is ignored by the mainstream press -- who would crucify any WASP for saying and doing the things that he does. Because he's Muslim, brown-skinned, from Egypt and speaks with an accent, his David Duke act has been given a pass by a press corps that would normally be apoplectic. This is the same guy who told Michael Coren's TV show that any Jew 18 years or older in Israel is fair game for a terrorist attack.

It's not just the media -- even the federal government's grotesque Trudeau Foundation, stacked with Liberal hacks from Marc Lalonde to Alexandre Trudeau, is sponsoring a speech by Elmasry.

Here's an Op-Ed I wrote about Elmasry earlier this year, in the National Post.

A Muslim leader worth ignoring
National Post
Friday, June 16, 2006
Page: A15
Section: Issues & Ideas
Ezra Levant
Source: National Post

Last Sunday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper met privately with a select group of 20 Muslim leaders in Toronto. The purpose was

Which is why the PM's invitation list had to be carefully crafted: By choosing with whom the government would and wouldn't meet, it was drawing an important moral distinction.

Muslim leaders who received invitations included a mix of secular activists such as Tarek Fatah and religious leaders such as Maulana Naseem Mahdi of the Ahmadiyya sect. The Federation of Muslim Women and the Canadian Council of Muslim Women both received invitations, as did a range of Muslim leaders representing expat Muslims from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Pointedly missing from this spectrum were Mohamed Elmasry and his ambitiously named Canadian Islamic Congress. Elmasry's exclusion was no accident, and it is a welcome sign that the government -- if not yet the Canadian media -- is becoming more discriminating about the politics of the Muslim leaders it deals with.

Elmasry should have been persona non grata in polite Canadian company after his appearance on a Toronto-area talk show in 2004. On live TV, Elmasry argued that any Jew aged 18 or up in Israel is a legitimate target for terrorists, because they are "not innocent."

The statement was so shocking that Elmasry's employer, the University of Waterloo, felt obligated to issue a statement calling his comments "unacceptable" and "abhorrent." Elmasry apologized to Waterloo and promised not to repeat his terrorist cheerleading.

But he hasn't kept his promise. A quick tour through his organization's Web site shows an obsession with Jews, a running apologia for terrorist groups such as Hamas and cheerleading for Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his nuclear program. There are dozens of pages of anti-Israel propaganda, including essays by notorious anti-Semites such as Greg Felton, who writes for the neo-Nazi publication National Vanguard.

Elmasry accuses the Jews of ethnic cleansing, of apartheid and of being the instigators behind the invasion of Iraq. One of the site's specialties is rooting out the Jewish "cabal" that runs the Canadian government.

I sat on a panel with Elmasry at the Canadian Association of Journalists meeting in Halifax last month, and was subjected to a lengthy rant against the "zhoos" who control the media, the "zhoos" who are "on top" of the world and keep the Muslims on "the bottom," and about how my own comments were suspect because I, too, was a "zhoo."

It was unsettling but not surprising. What was surprising was the nonchalance with which the assembled journalists listened. Why did otherwise touchy-feely, liberal journalists sit through -- applaud, actually -- an illiberal, bigoted rant?

Two reasons. First, political correctness: Elmasry is a foreigner, a Muslim from Egypt whose skin isn't white, who speaks with an accent. That's a full house in politically correct poker, enough to trump any actual argument put forward by the guilty, white, liberal journalists in the room.

The second reason is the soft bigotry of low expectations that many in the media apply to Muslims. Those who argue that Muslims and Arabs overseas can't handle democracy or freedom are likely the same who argue that Muslims and Arabs in Canada shouldn't be held to Canadian standards of civil discourse. In 1995 when Jacques Parizeau made much more modest comments about "money and the ethnic vote" -- codeword for Jews -- he became a political pariah. Why is Elmasry still interviewed regularly by journalists and invited on august panels, such as the CAJ's, without a mention, even an asterisk, about his jihadism?

By treating Elmasry as a legitimate participant in our national discussion, the media shores up radical Muslim voices like his. It's a relief to know that our Prime Minister has set a higher standard.

- Ezra Levant is publisher of the Western Standard.

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So when will the Shotgun set that "higher standard?"

Posted by: Jim in Toronto | 2006-11-27 4:44:36 PM


I don't know if I agree that it should be okay to be a Jew-Hater. If the Jews had a global Jihad on the go and were threatening to destroy the West, I would most heartily agree with you.

As it is, I am most grateful to the approximately 150 Jewish Nobel prize winners (in all disciplines) for making this a better world. I compare that to the Muslim world's paltry 8 Nobel awards, one of which was to that terrorist Yassir Arifat, but I am not sure why he got it ... something to do with peace (laugh track is playing in the background).

Speaking of the Muslim world, is it okay to be a Muslim-Hater since they are indeed threatening to kill us all? Aside from that I find them to be a most untrustworthy and rather lazy lot who dress funny.

Just asking.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-27 4:46:34 PM

I agree with Duke. The muslims should be held to much higher standards than anyone else, after all the trouble they are causing in the world today. It is very strange to me that not one of the muslims agree with their jihad or hezbollah, (or so they all say) but no one bothers to turn these extremists in for justice. They continue to hide and protect them. That guy in London should be deported, and the sooner the better.

Posted by: Freedom of speech | 2006-11-27 5:12:30 PM

I am not surprised that the Libranos are behind this hate monger, as that was the way they ran their campaigns, hate mongering everyone, but the communists, the insurgents in any war, etc.They are a beastly party, and Trudeau was the most communistic and beastly leader we have ever had in Canada.

Posted by: Freedom of speech | 2006-11-27 5:16:54 PM

Elmasry. What is so important about this person?
Why do we bother to even ask his opinion on anything. He's been controversial in the past and doubtful he has changed his opinion of Jews.
His past statement to the effect that any Jew over the age of 18 (?) was a legitimate target {for killing}is pretty ominous stuff coming from a professor in one of our major universities.
Believe he's apologized, of course he didn't mean it that way, yadda, yadda.

Something just isn't quite right, it's a concern.
What's going on in the heads of the media in this country when they seek the opinions of such a person. Who's side are they on and where do they want to take this country?

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-27 5:52:53 PM

Does this mean the B'nai Brith no longer supports Sharia law for Ontario?

Posted by: DJ | 2006-11-27 9:01:27 PM

I don't think we should hate Islamists or muslims or muzzies, whatever you want to call them. What we should do is be afraid because they are driven by an evil and murdering ideology. To be more accurate, I should say we can hate the ideology but not the person.

This being said, I say we should make Islamist ideology unlawful in Canada because it promotes killing Jews and Christians and anyone disagreeing with Islam.

The people who still want to be muslims should leave the country.

In a global perspective, we are at war with Islamofacism, not with terrorism. I suggest we should completely reevaluate our strategy in Irak, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, Syria. Those countries are full of Islamofacists wanting to kill us. We cannot try to appease them. It doesn't work because they want us dead. Even women and children want us dead.

We should consider Islamofacists like nazis in 1939. Wage an all out ruthless war on them. Like the facists in 1945, when there will be enough dead, then we shall start eradicating this murderous ideology. Like with the nazis in 1939, either they kill us or we kill them.

If we win the war on Islamofacism, then we will be in a position to eradicate it totally. Anyone would tolerate a nazi dictator in Germany today? Of course, no. But we tolerate the murder of Pierre Gemayel in Lebanon and the Iranian Hitler who warned us he is going to commit genocide, kill 6 million jews in Israel.

Folks, this really is WWIII. Let's fight it and win it, if we want our children to live in a free society.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-27 9:05:19 PM

It's popular to be anti-semitic and pro-fascist, and Liberals will do anything to be popular.

Posted by: Philanthropist | 2006-11-27 9:20:43 PM

Oh the irony. You can't even parody this one.

Ezra's article is entitled: "A Muslim leader worth ignoring."

But then he complains that the MSM are doing just that - ignoring Elmasry. And then Ezra, himself, who advocates ignoring him, stops ignoring him in order to write yet another post about him.


Posted by: teddy | 2006-11-28 5:32:49 AM

Why do you think the Librano$ brought in all the Muslims and other "multicultural" groups, aside from having to replace the Canadian workers that weren't being born and weren't flourishing because of their liberalizing Canada's abortion law in 1969? (At the time, there were 11,000 abortions a year, which both our intrepid leader Pierre Elliott Trudeau and then Justice (sic) Minister John Turner, assured us would not change. In 2006, Canada's abortion rate is well over 100,000 a year, a figure which has been consistent for at least the last 20 years.)

The hudreds of thousands of immigrants to Canada, through welfare and other social prgrams, get their housing and medical and dental care paid for by the Canadian taxpayer, something my family is exempt from. We pay our own bills. Immigrants are essentially "paid off" by the Librano$ to make sure that they vote Librano: It's the only approved brand of politico. The threat, being, of course, that the big, bad Conservatives will cut them off all of these "benefits" which, thank God, is true. Canadians can't afford to float whole immigrant communities which have no intention of assimilating into or contributing to Canada's well-being, and every intention of doing harm to the rest of us.

What a number "multiculuralism" has done on Canada. And we've all been too politically correct and wimpish to name it for what it is: a bloody fraud designed especially to keep the Librano$ as Canada's "natural (sic) ruling Party." Do we deserve to be a country?

PMSH is doing his damndest to perform much-needed triage on this benighted country, and is sticking his neck out to move us forward. But, it may too late.

In the London by-election last night, the Liberal won and the Green Party (Elizabeth May) came second. Wow. Staid, boring London elects a Librano. Slowly, the Librano$ are crawling out of the hole they've dug for themselves, but not by dint of hardwork or reform on their part. By calling in the gazillions of favours they've bestowed on various immigrant groups.

The worm's inside the apple, eating it away from the middle.

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-11-28 5:52:27 AM

Multiculturalism Canada Style was indeed created by the Liberal Party to ensure huge blocks of compliant and ignorant voters in mostly urban areas of Ontario
and Quebec. Muslims in particular have nothing to offer Canada in the way of skills or enlightenment
and refuse absolutely to blend into typical Canadian
lifestyles which we are all familier with. The By Election in London ON is a good example. London was a bastion of Ontario Conservatism, and only in the last decade or two became a socalled Liberal stronghold. The Conservatives should have won the seat based on the unique concept of common sense
-a 55 Year old former London bureaucrat sitting in the medicore Federal Liberal opposition is an enormous waste of taxpayers and voters resources. The fact is of course if a Conservative had been elected she would have been appointed to Cabinet in my opinion. The new MP will be able to fill in time in the HofC checking fire extinguishers. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-11-28 6:40:20 AM

No surprise in a Liberal winning the London seat.
Whether it's a case of stupid is as stupid does or something else.
What's in it for me has been the reason for many Liberal seats in the immigrant rich bastions of Ontario. Many have been fed lies by the Libranos and haven't bothered to enlighten themselves as to what is really going on beyond their own doorsteps.

It will eventually backfire on them when they see themselves left behind by putting people into the back benches of Opposition to represent them who can't fulfill all their "promises".

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-28 8:04:54 AM

Hmmm - who else blamed the " ethnics" when he lost an election (er.. referendum) ?

It's the official excuse of scoudrels don't cha know !

Posted by: Nbob | 2006-11-28 9:29:36 AM

The "ethnics" played no part in the Liberal victory in London it appears, the fact that the Green Candidate May polled much higher than anticipated
split the Tory Vote it seems to me, the irony is that both former Liberal MPs quit the Martin mess
over the issue of connubial sodomy. Where will the
new 55 year old former London Fireman Liberal incumbent sit? if he can stay awake while he's not checking fire extinguishers in the House of Commons

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-11-28 9:42:29 AM

The time for a new federation may be closer than some think.
It would be nice to see Canada 'work' but it is such a fractured hinterland and what may prove to be a thankless task.
Some folks are never happy
Some folks just don't want to contribute
While some folks expect a free ride
And others,they just don't care

Keep up the good fight people
Canada is worth saving.

What do I mean by 'work'?
That's easy...the answer is Responsibility
Perhaps a little nationalism at the elementary level such as 'O Canada' would help.

Posted by: Simon | 2006-11-28 11:55:09 AM

Damn, I'm a scoundrel.
There is still some manipulation of the immigrants,they basically trust those who let them into the Country, at least early on.

The London riding has been a Liberal one so guess they're very traditional. One would think the NDP would lose more to the Greenies in this case but who could guess?
Same with the Quebec riding, a Bloc stronghold and remained so, electing a man of the cloth!

Could it be that Multiculturalism is the reason our country is becoming more fractious, Simon?

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-28 12:20:29 PM

Dr. Elmasry and the fundamentalist Islamic organization the Canadian Islamic Congress is in full damage control over the good Doctor's racist flyers distributed during the recent Federal by-election near London, Ontario.

In his latest missive from the Congress Elmasry makes the ludicrous claim that the Canadian Islamic Congress was the target of a smear campaign last weekend in London, Ontario, just before the federal by-election for the riding of London-North-Centre.

But that's not all, he goes on to describe how one side of the flyer included misquotations and cut-and-paste excerpts of a recent media communiqué issued by CIC (dated Nov 22, 2006) on the grading of candidates in the upcoming by-election of Nov 27, 2006.

Dr. Elmasry does this type of cut and paste politics all the time in his hysterical CIC Communiques regularly sent out to his members so they can spread his twisted views in their communities.

Crying foul when getting your commupance seems just a tad rich, even for a blow hard like Dr. Elmasry. He never knows when to shut up.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Posted by: Mark-Alan Whittle | 2006-11-29 8:25:06 AM

You may wonder why those Islamists are so arrogant. There is a reason. Their army is on the move. They just killed Pierre Gemayel in cold blood in Lebanon. The Iranian Hitler is going to get nukes pretty soon.

They have part of their army not only in the middle east but in Canada and USA. How do you think they could work out 9/11? What is their army?

Any person reading the Koran, believing it and going to mosques listening to Imams. Muslims, islamofacists, islamists. There might be some people calling themselves muslims but not practicing it, those are probably not in the 5th column. However remember they are liars. Always, check out.

How many muslims in Canada? That will tell you how many soldiers in their army. They stand ready to obey not the Canadian Government, but whatever imam in Iran or Pakistan or elsewhere calling and ordering them to blow up a bomb somewhere. They may be your neighbours next door.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-11-29 9:21:10 AM

After reading the post from Mr. Levant I just want to clarify something:
Parizeau didn’t have any "code words" for "Jews" in his "Money and ethnic votes" statement...
He had said that cause new comers that enter our country, provinces and Nation (just kidding); have to swear allegiance to Canada on their "holy books". This way of acting is great but when you want to have your province separate from the ROC, those new comers are telling Québécois that they cannot vote "against" Canada even if they understand our motives...
I’m not having difficulty understanding those guys, even if I find the situation a bit dull as someone who’s not very religious.
That’s what he meant and that's reaching any pious man or woman coming from any religious state/country to Québec...

As for the money thing, just look at Ads scam for your answer.

Those who tarnish our province as such a bad land for our Jewish friends will have to explain us why we're the 2nd province in Canada for Jewish population in Canada - Why so many of us have died in Normandy and across Europe – Why so many monuments/streets around here have been named after great men and women who’s from our Montreal Jewish community – Why being so good for our great Hasidic community – why is our political chefs are speaking so often in front of that very group – What about our 69 synagogues only in Mtl - How anti-Semite is that ?

Parizeau was broke down after he lost of our last referendum. He was drunk, as always (U Albertans know what I’m talking about), and he said such thing without giving any explanations. After that, with is despair regarding politic, he knew he would have to retire. In fact, those words were so “dangerous” that no one cared to support him.
But hey, this is just how politics work.
The only sad thing is that such a brilliant man ended is career as a pariah and that he had been kicked out his favourite (since so many years) Jewish Steak house.

Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-29 2:52:47 PM

Parizeau couldn't even hold Ralphie's jock strap.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-11-29 2:59:39 PM


Posted by: Marc | 2006-11-29 3:02:04 PM

Elmasry also stated I bellieve that Jews over the age of 18 were legitimate targets, am I correct?

Of course, he was not merely saying they were targets of goofball contests, but rather the type of violence that is displayed against Jews in the middle east.

The silly ratbag wants Canadians to take up the cause of the terrorists. And, he has proven indeed why it is that we simply cannot trust the liberals. Given what they said in Parliament and the Senate yesterday, and I will leave you with their deposit to read, we know that they can NEVER be trusted.


In the House of Commons – November 29, 2006


International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Ms. Johanne Deschamps (Laurentides—Labelle, BQ): [ [email protected] ]

“Mr. Speaker, today is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which marks the adoption by the United Nations of the 1947 resolution providing for the creation of a Jewish state and an Arab state within Palestine. It is an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves that the Palestinian question still has not been resolved.

“The Bloc Québécois is very concerned that this government is increasingly moving away from its traditional role as a mediator, a peace broker and a defender of international law in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Recently, Canada has elected to oppose or abstain from voting on certain UN resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian question, even though it has always endorsed them in the past. This about-face by Canada could increasingly undermine its ability to act as a credible, impartial, accepted mediator in this conflict. Canada can continue playing a role as a facilitator only if it is impartial.

“We must not forget that Canada has an international responsibility to help resolve this conflict.”

* * *
Complete text of debate in the House of Commons

In the Senate – November 29, 2006


International Day of Solidarity
Hon. Marcel Prud'homme: [ [email protected] ]

“Honourable senators, today marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people. In accordance with mandates given by the General Assembly of the United Nations fifty-nine years ago, on November 29, we observe the International Day of Solidarity.

“The date of November 29 was chosen because of its meaning and its significance to the Palestinian people. On that day in 1947, the General Assembly adopted resolution No. 181, which came to be known as the ‘Partition Resolution,’ and this was partly due to Mr. Justice Ivan Rand, who had been appointed Canada's representative to the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine.

“Another man who should also not be forgotten for playing a role that day was Lester B. Pearson; not Lester B. Pearson, the leader of the Liberal Party under whom I served; not Lester B. Pearson, the Minister of Foreign Affairs; but Lester B. Pearson, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs who, in 1947, thanks to his great talent, could find enough votes to pass this resolution with which we have lived ever since. For those of you who may be interested in history, the vote was 33 in favour, with 10 abstentions and 13 against. I could name them all.

“There were 57 countries at that time. Now that we have a debate over the term ‘nation’, I prefer to use the word ‘country.’ I never had any trouble saying ‘Canada, my country.’ Canada is a country.
“At that time, there were only 57 countries of the United Nations; 56 voted.

“Only 33 voted for this partition; 13 voted against, 10 abstained and Thailand was absent.

“Mr. Trudeau taught me to always hang my hat on resolution No. 181 of 1947. He told me I would never be wrong. He told me never to get into a hot debate with colleagues, and to remind people always of our Canadian responsibility of November 29, 1947. It will be 60 years next year and each year on November 29, we celebrate the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

“Everyone is now repeating what I have been saying for more than 30 years at great cost, I must say with a big smile. Everyone says we must return to the spirit of 1947 when Canada decided, thanks to Mr. Justice Rand and Lester B. Pearson, that there would be two states in the land of Palestine, one for the Jewish people, as it says in resolution No. 181 and one for the Palestinian people.

“I hope that before the sixtieth anniversary we will find a solution to bring peace and sanity to that part of the world. That peace could herald the beginning of peace for the rest of the region. Otherwise, that region will blow up in our face.”

* * *
Complete text of debate in Senate

# # # #

Contacting Members of the House of Commons
Mail can be sent postage-free to any Member at the following address:

House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

All Members can be e-mailed. Use the complete surname, followed by .(dot) the first letter of the given name @parl.gc.ca

Example: The e-mail address for Jim Abbott is [email protected]

The e-mail address for Prime Minister Stephen Harper is [email protected]

For a complete list of Members of Parliament click here.

For Senators:
The Senate of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A4

Not all Senators have email addresses. For those who do, the standard format is the first five letters of the last name followed by the first letter of the first name, followed by @sen.parl.gc.ca.

------------THE END--------------

Seems to me the Liberals and the Bloc have ignored the part in the dialogue where the terrorists have said they want "death to America", and where that includes us. They have forgotten that CANADA is a part of Norht America, that we are North Americans. They have forgotten that, and displayed their stupidity, for the world to see.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-30 10:50:53 AM


Est tu stupide comme ca?

Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-30 10:51:44 AM


My post was to prevent "stupide" people like you to tarnish my province as a "bad land" for our jewish communities. If some or many quebecers (whoever they are or the fonction they occupy) are having a different opinion than yours on Israel conflicts with others...just look in your own province population or around the world for just the same reactions.
Concerning conflicts in ME, people in Quebec surely dont think of JEWS when critisizing some of the State of Israel actions...
...simply some actions from this State.

When we're talking about/with jews in Quebec...we don't see them as something like "representents of the State of Israel polities"...but as Canadians. Tout simplement.

Those who cannot make the difference between an everyday Jewish person and the polities of the State of Israel are the real studid ones. Those who cannot make the difference between a Canadian person, that happens to be Jewish, and the policies of the State of Israel...those are truly the stupid ones.

Quebecers DO make the difference. IF you cannot accept that some Canadians do have an opinion about some of Israel actions...then maybe you would have to revisit your "Canadianship". Plus, critisizing Israel is not "Anti-Semites" you *******...!

Posted by: Marc | 2006-12-01 2:43:26 PM

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