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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Canada, Kyoto, Rona

My latest, at the Star.

Cross-posted at Wonkitties.

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I like her. Underneath that nice hair is a pretty good brian. She could someday be Canada's first - elected - female PM. I think Harper thinks that too and wants to make sure that day doesn't come too soon. Hence he made her a minister of a dept. low on the priority of Canada's New Government where her star will not burn so bright.

Posted by: Nbob | 2006-11-19 3:44:46 PM

Rona is doing just fine. The Liberals had no plan beyond Chretien's signature applied to the Kyoto Accord and tossing money to places like China and Russia to buy credits.

Rona and the Conservatives have a Clean Air Act, drawn up in nine months as opposed to nothing by the Liberals in over a decade.

The Conservatives are offering something achievable and the Liberals offered nothing and lied about having a plan.

The real doozey is the all of a sudden urgency on all things Environmental by all the Opposition after the decade long snooze on the subject.
What a pack of hypocrites.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-19 4:22:49 PM

The prettiest woman to ever grace the floor of the House of Commons, Rona Ambrose, is being criticized for her hair as the NDP and Liberal propaganda arm distribute leaflets suggesting she spends her time fixing her hair oppose to minding the Environmental Portfolio. What sheer nonsense. She does have nice hair though. She is doing a good job. Go Rona! You make watching Question Period worthwhile.

Posted by: FedUp | 2006-11-19 4:35:56 PM

Ummm, resign? Who is calling on her to resign? I just searched google news using "Rona Ambrose resign" and got one hit calling for her resignation (a blog) and one from a month ago where Jack Layton called for it. So unless there is something going on now that is not hitting the online news, I am not sure why Ambrose's job is thought to be in jeopardy.


Posted by: Mark Logan | 2006-11-19 4:41:13 PM

Well said Liz J. The Liberals should rebrand themselves as the oficial Hypocrite Party of Canada! While were at it the Criminal Party of Canada...

Posted by: FedUp | 2006-11-19 4:46:33 PM

'Not much to add to what other commenters have already said. Rona's hair is very nice, and she's one smart, and cool, cookie.

Isn't it interesting, as Liz J. points out, that when the Librano$ were in power and their signing onto Kyoto actually meant squat, neither environmentalists ('must have been making a pile off of it themselves: Suzuki comes to mind and Mo Strong, if he could ever with a straight face be called an environmentalist) nor the chattering monkeys in the MSM were criticizing them: Kyoto, Kyoto, Kyoto, intoned ad nauseum, and even though the Libs did NOTHING to honour their commitments to the Accord, nary a word about their dereliction on the part of their MSM cheerleaders. Do they think we're stupid--or do they simply hold a sizeable segment of the Canadian electorate in contempt because we're not...well...l/Liberal-left?

Now that the CPC is actually doing something, now that Environment Minister, The Honourable Rona Ambrose, and her department have announced target dates and actual, concrete plans to lower Canada's carbon monoxide emissions without bankrupting Canada, which the Kyoto Accord would have, we've got the hyenas in the press howling for her hide. God spare us from USEFUL IDIOTS.

As John Cleese of Monty Python fame has said, it's becoming impossible to do satire anymore, as fact is far stranger and more farcical than any fictional farce could be.

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-11-19 5:21:40 PM

The "environmental" "movement" (two separate and at this stage mutually antagonistic ideas) ought to know that the quicker Kyoto is dropped, the faster global warming can be fought. Minister Ambrose is merely pointing out the limitations that she has been placed under, namely the refusal of the previous regime to act on Kyoto for nearly a decade. If the greenies can't understand that, then they are out of touch with reality.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-11-19 5:49:33 PM

Right you are 'been around, our political satirists have been rendered impotent.

We still have "Air Farce" and "This Hour Has 22 Minutes in the TV listings, who's watching is the question? Useful Idiots maybe?

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-19 5:57:25 PM

If you have ever contrasted a few Conservative women such as Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, most of the hotties who work at FOX News, Even Canada's own Kate McMillan is pretty hot with some of their Liberal counter parts you would see why the Left hates good looking women.

When I see that the big old Dyke look that is prevalent on the left ... all I can think is that I have seen nicer heads on beer. Smarter too.

Rona Rocks and she is a looker too.

I think other than the horrid Pearl Harbor the CPC with the Income Trusts they are doing everything else extremely well.

I like that Rona gave many of those one-worlders a sore stomach.

That is what Kyoto is folks is another tool in the "Make the planet a giant version of communist China" work shop.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-19 6:50:09 PM

Check it out for yourself


Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-19 6:54:45 PM

the liberal party only seems to like women who appear to have a screw loose, like c. parrish or s. copps. the sole woman in the liberal leadership, seems to be half normal, especilly compared to the male losers in the race, and yet she is last and ignored by the party and media. maybe she should call harper a dog abuser or something. it doesnt have to be true, shes a liberal, just say something normal for a female liberal

Posted by: john a. | 2006-11-19 7:00:06 PM

This one is even better.


Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-19 7:01:12 PM

And just one more then maybe you can find some contrasting conservative vs Liberal women to share with the Rona fan club.


Posted by: Duke | 2006-11-19 7:04:52 PM

"the sole woman in the liberal leadership, seems to be half normal, especilly compared to the male losers in the race, and yet she is last and ignored by the party and media. maybe she should call harper a dog abuser or something. it doesnt have to be true, shes a liberal, just say something normal for a female liberal"

Very true, john a. You forgot to mention that Martha Hall Findlay ran for the leadership after being pushed out of her riding last election by the dog herself. Why was Hedy "cross-burner" Fry considered more of a contender? Or even Bob Rae?

Anyways, I thank Rona for the honesty and hard work, while withstanding all the abuse and fearmongering propoganda that exists.

Posted by: Elizabeth | 2006-11-19 9:59:55 PM

Ambrose has one of the toughest Cabinet positions and she's doing an admirable job.

Poking holes in populism - the climate change bandwagon - is extremely difficult when everyone is trying so hard to believe the doomsayers and repent their sins, or at least make someone else pay for a percieved sin.

Posted by: Philanthropist | 2006-11-20 12:27:38 AM

Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble,
When you're perfect in every which way....

And that about says it all, whenit comes to Rona. What a fabulous lady she is! She is good looking, intelligent, a fantastic communicator, with massive wits! Whn the almighty was handing out talents, he looked at her and gave her copious quantities. He knew she would need it, and use it properly.


We need this reality check, and she has a handle on it!

Posted by: Lady | 2006-11-20 10:15:54 AM

Rona, like Harper, doesn't suffer fools, she's above the fray and keeping her mind on her job.
No Bimbo antics from her either, she's A CLASS ACT.
Could elaborate but 'nuff said!

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-20 10:30:54 AM

I was told today that scientists have discovered polar ice caps on Mars are receding.

Must be all the SUV's the Martians are driving (Kyoto theory).

Or perhaps increased solar activity has something to do with it (sensible theory).

Anyway, if any of your enthusastic researchers can confirm my friend's statement, we may have found a pretty good counter-attack to the wealth-transfer scheme.

At least, we can let the air out of the balloon a bit.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-11-20 9:14:37 PM

We need more women like Rona in politics (intelligent and made of the right stuff). No pun intended.

Posted by: Mike_RoA | 2006-11-20 9:19:30 PM

This report puts John Ibbitson's article to the test.

Does John Ibbitson read/analyse conservative blogs/bloggers/commenters? Ibbitson does not copy/plagiarise the contents of the said blogs; however, Ibbitson surely has the message(s) down pat.

Yes, Ibbitson has arrived at the same conclusions as these blogs:

Bob Rae is the choice of the eastern elites- Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal- of Power Corp., of Mao Strong, et al, to throw Harper and the disgusting middle-class into the Bow River, finally, and forever.

Key quote from the Sun:

"Finally, Ibbitson notes, these elites don't yet realize that economic power in Canada is shifting west because of the oil boom. And that once it does, their reign is over."

Just a recap, again, from this keyboard:

*And not by eastern windows only, When daylight comes, comes in the light; ln front the sun climbs slow, how slowly, But westward, look, the land is bright.
...- ...-

Globe sees the light at last!
Toronto Sun

Many Sun readers wonder why Stephen Harper got so much grief from other Canadian media last week when he rightly raised with China's president the issue of China's secret detention of a Canadian citizen.

Or why what strikes many people as a logical proposal by Justice Minister Vic Toews to give the police some input into the appointment of judges, is greeted by our legal community with hysteria.

Or why, on almost any issue he tackles -- child care, foreign policy, the environment -- Harper is met by a tsunami of vitriolic, sneering, over-the-top opposition.

Globe and Mail Ottawa columnist John Ibbitson has helped to answer those questions in a remarkably blunt column last Friday. Headlined "Bob Rae and the China syndrome" Ibbitson said the fears of many westerners (and other conservatives) that Canada is run by an eastern liberal elite are valid.

This is, he said: "A governing class of senior public servants, academics, artists, journalists, lawyers and judges (that) belongs to a community of common interest physically and intellectually centred in downtown Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa."

These liberal elites, Ibbitson writes, are "very displeased" with Harper, viewing him as "a wrecker: a cold-blooded leader of a band of vulgar ideologues that, with every action, destabilizes the liberal consensus that has dominated our federal government for generations."

They also "despise" frontrunning Liberal leadership contender Michael Ignatieff for working abroad for so long and then presuming he can return here and be handed the Liberal leadership.

Thus, says Ibbitson, "the Liberal consensus is rallying around Bob Rae" whom it sees as "One of Us," even if he once "strayed" into the NDP. It has chosen him "to replace that awful man in the Prime Minister's Office" and is now doing all it can to help. ...-

*A.H. Clough

Posted by: maz2 | 2006-11-21 5:18:55 AM

Ah, the big three, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, a Trilogy to behold. Are there any other cities in Canada Dahling?
The greatest threat to the Elitist hordes, from tight-assed Legals, smart-assed journalists, slack-assed Artists to baggy-assed street people is Stephen Harper's Conservative Party!!

Looks very much like Bob Rae will be their choice. Bobby covers the whole spectrum of the Left from his disaster as Ontario NDP Premier to his reincarnation as a Liberal.

If Iggy gets the boot after being recruited and parachuted into a riding already held by a sitting member, he'll take his butt back to Boston and who could blame him? Bobby will need all the help he can get.
Harper has them all flustered and it couldn't happen at a better time.

The Liberals are not fit to govern this Country and they are proving it every day.
The recent hypocritical act of inviting the Big Scream, US Democrat Howie Dean, after drubbing the Conservatives for being too close to the US is a final straw for their credibility. They've hit the bottom of the barrel.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-11-21 6:23:52 AM

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