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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blood on the tracks

Global blogger Warren Kinsella on the train to the Liberal convention in Montreal:

11:27 AM EDT - The loud delegates in the seats behind us - behind me and my friend and Hill Times colleague Angelo Persichilli - are for Stéphane Dion, Michael Ignatieff and undeclared. They have just started - very loudly - mocking Joe Volpe and Italians.

9:43:16 AM - Omar and I are on Via Rail, whistling our way to Montreal and Global National's convention coverage with a gaggle of Liberal delegates. A couple of them are talking, loudly, about what to do about "retards." Quote unquote.

h/t Canadian Christian Conservative at Blogging Tories

Posted by Kevin Steel on November 30, 2006 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


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Keep going Speller,every post you expose more and more of your bunkered,close-minded mentality.
You seem completely unable to comprehend that I can disagree with you and not be a lefty.

Now you even have the gall to play the victim card..that's hilarious.

I lived in Alberta for 20 years you contemptuous ass.I arrived immediately after the NEP hit and watched friends walk away from their homes.I still managed to generate close to 30 million in business in that time.All the while enduring the same BS from the east you did,so save me your ignorant self-rightiousness.

BTW,stop repeatedly referring to me in your f*cking posts so I don't need to reply.You're not making any contribution anyways,just whining that I dare have a different view from what YOU believe all cons should believe.Your not even trying to comprehend my posts anyways because you have absolutely refused to see my obvious and utter disgust with the LPC.
If I want to occasionally challenge my fellow conservatives to NOT be just like brainwashed libs(note:ridicule)and to think for themselves,and my hosts do not object,then that's what I will do.Deal with it.
Why don't you stick to fanning the flames of hatred in Alberta?It is your self-described mission and you do seem particularly good at it.

Posted by: Canadian Observer | 2006-12-01 5:14:40 PM

Heck, Can Ob, dosen't even know he's a Lefty.
That's how thick he is. An Albertan, yeah sure, him, truewest, and Snowrunner.
Oh, and the Preacher too.

CanOb has spent a lot of time ridiculing me and suggesting Conservatives are part of the problem but I've yet to see CanOb ridicule the Liberals.

Yes I'm good at communicating my views. I won't be quitting anytime soon. Fire has to be fought with fire but I won't descend to writing blue.

Liberals sure are crafty, cunning, and calculating, but clever?

I think I'm getting near the sweet spot.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-12-01 5:49:56 PM

By the way, did I mention I've generated 31 Brazilian in business!
And never took a penny of it by collaborating with the LPC.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-12-01 6:03:44 PM


"We may very well be in a winless situation.."

It depends on what we are trying to win. Let me add a few more points to my earlier comments. I mentioned before that I visit leftist sites. This is not in any way meant to find a way to reconcile any beliefs that I might have with the left. No, it is for another reason. I am trained as an Engineer and think like an Engineer. It is my observation that it is very common for any Engineer to ask himself or his colleague "have we missed anything?". The question does not have to mean there has been a fundamental error in the analytical reasoning up to any point in time; it is simply a process to attempt to leave no stone unturned. The process often yields two other benefits: 1) a critique of one's own thinking enables one to explain and defend the position and 2) understanding an opponent's arguments better prepares one to answer his arguments. Therefore, you should not presume that because I try to present my points in a gentle manner that that somehow indicates my views and beliefs are moderate. They could be described as moderately conservative if we were to use Canadian values two generations ago, but since that time things have changed so much that my views could not be described as moderate today. The reason that I mention this is that sometimes one asks different questions than other people do with my type of thinking. You might be the type who ask "what will it take to hold Canada together?"; whereas I might ask a more fundamental question: "Is the Canada of today worth preserving?"

I am not irrevocably committed to seeking Alberta Independence; I simply see that there is no other practical solution is sight for the forseeable future. The Reform experiment taught us what Ontario and east have said about Alberta simply getting what is fair. Imagine if Alberta had actually made some unfair demands! There are many reasons I believe Canada will not survive, but there is one reason more than any other and that is the Equalization payments.

On another point that nondenet mentioned: I think more and more Canada needs to compete internationally, but I think it goes further. In the past Canada contented itself by having income taxes slightly above American rates. I do not think this strategy will work in the future. By current European and North American standards, American is a low tax country. However, if one considers that a new world is being built right now, even America can be viewed as being quite Socialist with all the high taxes that go along with it. If Canada wants to compete in the future, it will need to consider being a much lower tax jurisdiction than America currently is; I think Alberta would be able to achieve this on its own but I am not yet convinced Canada can do it.

Once again, it cannot be wrong to ask the question - Why does Canada in its present state need to survive?

Posted by: Brent Weston | 2006-12-02 12:51:42 AM

BW asks will Canada survive in its present state? No!
Nor will socialist Europe, other than being a theme park to the burgeoning middle class travelers from China and India that want to see the Eiffel Tower and a have a tour of the Vatican.

The bottom line is that Canada can’t be preserved as is because we have been run from the centre by bi-lingual socialists from the Ottawa/Montreal corridor. Our chattering class is not types like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett; it is capitalist-hating Margaret Atwood and a bunch of utopian relics who espouse anti-Americanism. Canadians are content to live in our cocoon totally dependent upon the USA for our trade and Quebec is cocooned within Canada having become pacifist-socialists who are completely out of touch with the world. Bouchard’s Manifesto clearly spells out all the dangers there in 10 pages.

What do we do to survive? And I think we owe to the soldiers who died on Juno Beech to try and survive. We need to replace the political class with an investment class. Drop taxes, as you said, below the USA and hope we still have time to invest in productivity so that our economy based on being a back-office to America doesn’t get totally replaced by China and India over the next couple of decades. Even Paul Martin knew this because Desmarais told him. But Martin was like a deer in the headlights, a complete buffoon like Danny Williams. The former got rich because Desmarais made him a sweetheart deal on CSL. Danny got rich because he made money on cable TV, which is a no-brainer if you wine and dine the right bureaucrats to get a monopoly license. Then Danny thinking he was a genius has now chased the oil companies out of Newfoundland for a generation and workers are moving to FT McMurray and hollowing out Newfoundland. Danny is an idiot. We must not let our politicians run the economy any longer.

Canada could be run from the centre when we had a small population and the best brains in the country like Wilfred Laurier went into politics. Now the best brains run RIM. But we tax successful entrepreneurs and give the money to bi-lingual socialists in Ottawa who are incompetent commercially.

This can’t go on. Canada is made up of at least 5 Regions. We need to let the regions keep their tax money and decide: do they want a capitalist model of government? Or a Day Care Quebec model or something in-between. But the old game is up, which is why Morton is running successfully at Dithering Dinning.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-12-02 9:31:17 AM

nomdenent and Brent W,

Great insight, great posts. Keep them up!

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-12-02 9:48:07 AM

I second that affirmation.
Good job BW and nomdenet.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-12-02 10:31:43 AM

Two well thought out posts on the same thread,one right after the other,complete with insight and void of gratuitous partisan attacks.
The very point I have been trying to make all along here...thank you both.

Now,if only politicians would honestly address these topics..

Posted by: Canadian Observer | 2006-12-03 9:40:00 AM

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