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Friday, October 06, 2006

NATO is seething about Pakistan's ISI

This is how one unnamed NATO commander in Afghanistan put it regarding Osama's former hosts and the support they are getting from Communist China's longtime ally: "It is time for an 'either you are with us or against us' delivered bluntly to Musharraf at the highest political level."

I couldn't agree more.

Posted by D.J. McGuire on October 6, 2006 in International Affairs, Military | Permalink


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I've been standing up and pointing a finger at Pakistan's harboring of terrorists for over a year now.I have since learned much of the internal tribal conflicts Pakistan itself has to deal with.Even if they could muster the support within their own government to attack the Taliban's infrastructure,the act would almost certainly lead to a civil war.....I say tough sh*t.
The bottom line.....They are protecting radical zealots who are training to kill young Canadians.To NOT act clearly makes them sympathisers to our enemy.

BTW,we must not stop demanding an answer to this question:
Where is the muslim outrage in this world at these global acts of terror performed in the name of their god,especially since so many bombs target fellow muslims?
Their international silence is what makes most of us westerners suspicious as to the amount of support the average muslim has for this jihad.
I ask again,where is the outrage?Where is the ACTION?

Posted by: Canadian Observer | 2006-10-06 12:43:38 PM

You raise some interesting points, that I too have wondered about. I have researched this, and although the list of those who are oppossed to the terrorist tactics is not very long, it is not non-existant. We need to acknowledge the fact that the terrorists attack Muslims as much as they attack others, except with the caviat that they typically apologise to Muslims, for having killed them along with the infidels and apostates (that they call everyone else).

Having said this much, we must recognize folks such as Nonie Darwish and Wallid Shoebat, amongst those few, who are literally sticking their necks out.

Furthermore, we must say that although it is wrong to place all Muslims under the same umbrella, it simply does not help matters, when it appears that the Muslim community is more concerned and vocal about backlash than they are at combatting terrorists. Meanwhile, it is clear that many are avid supporters of the terrorist forces, who attack civilians, such as 9.11 and other locations. The deviant behaviour is very much a concern, to all people, who could never imagine passing out pastries, and dancing in the street, when terrorists attack and kill people.

We also must acknowledge the fact that there are Muslims, both secular and others, who have embraced freedom and the western world, and who would never dance in the streets and reward others for being terrorists. If I were one of them, I really do not know how I might respond, or even if the media would listen, and after the fact, if spoken out, who would be there to protect me, when the terrorists come with their threats and actions, against they who speak out, as well as their families.

It is far more complicated than meets the eye.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-10-06 1:10:50 PM

Yes, Lady, it is complicated.
Letting the enemy win because a theoretical minority of 'moderate secular Muslims' would rather do NOTHING, instead of forming armies of resistance, instead of their present feeding and supporting the Jihadi armies is not the answer to the complexity.

When these 'moderate secular Muslims' see it is more likely they are going to die from our bombs then die from the Mohammedans they will soon make up their minds. If they exist.

Why should our soldiers do all the dying and why should civilization hang in the balance for these do nothings?

And in the end, if Islam still exists, if Korans still exist to present that reprobate the 'prophet' Mohammed as the epitome of a perfect Muslim man, our grandchildren will have to do it all over again except the Muslims will have terrible advanced weaponry if they don't just simply outbreed us first.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-10-06 1:29:42 PM

Daily Telegraph London UK (Telegraph Co) reports today that all NATO Commanders in Afghanistan have stated bluntly that Pakistan ISI is not only aiding
the Taliban but training them and supplying munitions and arms. NATO Forces led by Canadians have siezed over two million rounds of ammuntion, since commencing Operation Medusa. Canadians in particular aided by NATO airpower have killed over 1,000 Taliban. The NATO Commanders are all tough no nonsense professionals who call a "spade a spade" Lets see how the NATO political leaders
react.The Campaign in Afghanistan is a major test
for Prime Minister Harper. who is too much of an asset to Canada to be done in by the blatant left wing Canadian Media. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-10-06 1:57:59 PM

Daily Telegraph London UK (Telegraph Co) reports today that all NATO Commanders in Afghanistan have stated bluntly that Pakistan ISI is not only aiding
the Taliban but training them and supplying munitions and arms. NATO Forces led by Canadians have seized over two million rounds of ammuntion, since commencing Operation Medusa. Canadians in particular aided by NATO airpower have killed over 1,000 Taliban. The NATO Commanders are all tough no nonsense professionals who call a "spade a spade" Lets see how the NATO political leaders
react.The Campaign in Afghanistan is a major test
for Prime Minister Harper. who is too much of an asset to Canada to be done in by the blatant left wing Canadian Media. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-10-06 1:59:31 PM


Interesting, isn't it, about how Musharraf's treaty with the Taliban much-discussed here is now coming to a head.

I'm sure glad we have this forum to get at the start of the parade before the MSM decides it is news.

That way, we can prepare our reactions when others around us speak about it as if it was something new.

The MSM has now shown it is way behind the curve, at least on this issue.

During the Musharraf book tour, he pretty much laid out his position and claimed Pakistan was doing its bit to break up the save havens in his country.

Amazingly enough, he did it without his nose visibly growing.

Ah, well. We'll see how this develops. I'm glad the military men are bringing the issue to a head. Should be interesting to see Taliban Jack's reaction.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-10-06 2:12:06 PM

You are right Speller, it is complicated.

And you are right, the secular muslims and non-terrorist supporting Muslims, have failed to form a structure where they get rid of the terrorists from within their midst.

And it is apparent, that many actually do not want to get involved with peer muslim deviant behaviour, as they either sympathize with them, or are just too lazy or coopted to be bothered about stopping people from killing others, who have been identified in their religious texts, as being legitimate targets.

And, you are right to say that the last generation had to deal with it. And, so did the one before that, and the one before that. We can go back a very long way, and we can see and read about the same old same old apathy to wrongs being done in the name of someone's religion.

What you stated, that is very very important, as that this thing is stopped, so that future generations do not have to deal with it.

I am certain they are not all do-nothings. As for the do-nothings, well, you have a point there. And the civilized world does truly hang in the balance. Whereas once upon a time we used to say that with the end of the cold war, the world would be free from the threat of nuclear warfare, the current perdicament, alongside everything we know that they have said, and have done, have demonstrated that they can do, says that we cannot permit them to go the lengths and acquire nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

As to whether we will be able to release ourselves and our children from the responsibility of ensuring our own world safety, and the safety of all our soldiers, from here on in, I do not believe that we will have a fighting chance, if we do not admit that we cannot gaurantee their safety and well being, and keep them away from the terrorist forces, 100%, while ensuring that release at the same time. It has not been a reality before, and although the past few decades have been pretty good, it does not seem to be the reality now. Since the enemy appears to be just beginning to use their religion to manipulate their populations to kill others now, it may well be some time until this thing either disipates or is destroyed. I do not believe that we can wait for the level headed anti-terrorist ones, to take control, and have argued that there is no difference rationally between the moderates and extremists, but rather that there is a westernized or secular demographic that has been cut off from the source of power, within those nations. They are real, and they are as much a victim of that terrorist machine, as anyone else is today.

Furthermore, there are many people around the world, and who are related deeply to our Nation, who are also very much concerned about this issue. Therefore, we are not alone, although the political tides have been bad for some time. There appears to be a change in the air, and so long as we stay the course, there is hope.

I know that that sounds just rhetorical, but in the end, if there is no hope, then the whole vision will never have substance, and never ever get off the ground. I am not willing to consider that a positibility.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-10-06 2:14:07 PM

I have hope, Lady.

I know that time is not on our side.
We cannot afford the luxury of believing there are moderate secular Muslims when there aren't any demonstrating against the so called 'extremists' in the streets of Canada, UK, Australia, and the United States.

My hope lies in waiting for the governments of western civilization starting to tell the truth about the threat we face and stop pretending Pakistan is an Ally and Islam is a Religion of Peace.

If my hopes were pinned on Muslims I would be despondent.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-10-06 2:47:38 PM


Hopefulness is the opposite of despondent.

Where there is life, there is hope.

And, you can imagine what it must have been like for Jewish people, who were persecuted around the world, without a place to call home. I know you can empathize. And that was much worse than right now.

There is no reason to believe right here, right now, that the terrorists are doing anything but loose.

Meanwhile, folks like truewest have a little waking up to do.

Hopefully, it will not be too late, or they will see which way the wind is blowing, and stop urinating into it.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-10-06 4:14:26 PM

And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
Gen 6:5
Is anything new?

Posted by: Frico | 2006-10-06 6:13:41 PM


You said it!

Here is some information from a dear friend of mine, regarding some of those evil inclinations:

Received from Voice of the Martyrs (VOM)

NIGERIA : Muslim Rioters Destroy 18 Churches

Nearly 5,000 Christians were displaced and six were injured on September 20th, when Muslim rioters destroyed at least 18 churches, 20 Christian homes, and 40 Christian shops in Dutse, Jigawa state. After a young Muslim man made several unsuccessful advances on a Christian woman, he angrily reacted by calling her a "fake Christian" who follows a "useless Jesus." She responded by telling the boy he followed "a useless prophet." Furious, the boy raised the alarm throughout the town, proclaiming that a Christian lady blasphemed Mohammed. She was taken to the local police station and kept in custody to diffuse the potentially volatile situation.

INDONESIA : Muslim Mob Reduces Church to Ashes

Infuriated by reports that Christians were scheduling revival meetings at the Indonesia Evangelical Mission Church in Aceh province, a militant Islamic mob set the worship center ablaze on September 1st. Local Muslims from the town of Siompi, which was the first in Indonesia to implement Shariah law, reduced the building to ashes in an attempt to wipe out those in their province not bowing down to Allah. Church members have moved their worship services to a local house, as they refuse to buckle under Muslim attacks.

PAKISTAN : Teenage Christian Jailed on False Charges

A young Pakistani Christian, Shahid Masih age 17, was jailed last week on suspicion of ripping book pages containing Quranic verses. He appealed to Punjabi police because the sole evidence against him was the testimony of a Muslim man already accused of the same crime. If convicted, Masih will serve a life sentence.

SAUDI ARABIA (from compassdirect .org)

Saudi Arabia deported four East African Christians last month after they were detained while leading a prayer service in Jeddah. Arrested on June 9th, the church leaders were beaten and imprisoned for more than a month in torturous conditions.


PARIS : A French teacher hiding from Islamist death threats
(by Tom Heneghan, Reuters News Agency, abridged)

Robert Redeker went underground after publishing an attack on Islam on Sept. 19 in which he called the Quran "a book of incredible violence" and Islam's prophet Muhammad "a merciless warlord, a looter, a butcher of Jews and a polytheist. [...] Islam”, Mr. Redeker said, "exalts violence and hate."

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said the threats against Mr. Redeker, who teaches philosophy in a suburban Toulouse highschool, were intolerable and showed that "we live in a dangerous world that is often marked by intolerance."

The threats came amid widespread criticism of Pope Benedict XVI by Muslims who accused him of implying in a speech that Islam was violent. And they coincided with the cancellation of a Mozart opera in Berlin out of fear of Muslim protests.

Speaking from an undisclosed location last week, Mr.Redeker, 52, told Europe 1 Radio he had no regrets and that asking critical questions was his job as a philosophy teacher.

French Muslim Council head Dalil Boubakeur denounced the threats and said, "Nobody can take the law into his own hands." Two large teachers unions issued statements supporting Mr. Redeker and free speech. One stressed it did so "even though we do not share his convictions."

The press-watchdog group, Reporters Without Borders, said Mr. Redeker's article may have been shocking, but added, "If Le Figaro (a major French newspaper) had chosen not to publish this text [...] it would have been a defeat for the freedom of thought."

According to judicial sources, Paris police have undertaken an investigation into a possible terrorist link behind the threats.

Mr. Redeker said his wife was in hiding with him under protection by police and the DST domestic intelligence agency. "My security is assured, but the logistics are not," he said. "I have to find myself a place to sleep at night and live for a day or two [at a time]."

In a separate interview, Mr. Redeker told Le Figaro the threats included "a map showing how to get to my home, with pictures of me and where I work and my telephone numbers."

He said he could not imagine coming out of hiding and resuming his teaching job any time soon. "I will have to move homes and live somewhere else, where I will be forced to remain anonymous in my own country. The Islamists have succeeded in punishing me on French territory as if I were [found] guilty of a crime of opinion."

COMMENT : Radical fundamentalist Muslims, among the millions of Muslims who immigrated to Europe, present an imminent danger to European Democracy. Their number may be small, but their influence is disproportional. Witness the Danish Cartoon riots, the murder in the Netherlands of an anti-terrorist movie producer, and the recent demonstrations against Pope Benedict XVI for exercising his right to Freedom of Speech. There is no evidence of any Imams who, in their weekly Friday sermons, broadcast hatred against “infidels” having been forced to live in hiding.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-10-08 12:03:50 PM

One more proof of the evil ideology. It is urgent we take action.

Can you believe a French citizen is restricted from exercising his freedom of speach in his own country.

My suggestion to the French government: eradicate Islam from France. Those who do not comply, take them out of France.

Read the book Prophet of Doom.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-10-08 1:31:30 PM

Afghans may back Taliban, general warns By FISNIK ABRASHI, Associated Press

NATO's top commander in Afghanistan warned on Sunday that a majority of Afghans would likely switch their allegiance to resurgent Taliban militants if their lives show no visible improvements in the next six months.


Posted by: Speller | 2006-10-09 1:20:32 AM

Who among us would ever have imagined we would have our Mainstream Media skewing the news to manipulate opinion with senseless anti government rhetoric to the degree it is today? It's to a point where increasing numbers of us are not watching the CBC or CTV news.
They are using the Afghan war and our involvement with the NATO mission against our PM at every turn, it's senseless and baseless. The World had better pay attention and fight terrorism at it's source, which is what the Afghan Mission is doing.
It appears the NDP do not take terrorism seriously enough to fight against it, they think we can talk them out of it. The MSM cannot be trusted at all, it's an ongoing malicious, juvenile fued mainly among the Media because Harper is getting on with running the Country and doing it well and we, the people are onto all of the Media crapola.
The question needs to be asked, who's side are they on?

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-10-09 7:28:20 AM

Liz, it's obvious whose aide they're on.

Posted by: Frico | 2006-10-09 9:43:56 AM

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