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Friday, October 20, 2006

A link that can't be denied

Good to see that former Western Standard bearer Andrea Mrozek, now working in Ottawa with the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, is continuing to keep her journalistic skills sharp. The National Post has published a big op-ed by Ms. M, in which she points out that a new meta-study, conducted by the Mayo Clinic, has shown that the use of birth-control pills increases by 44% the risk of breast cancer in pre-menopausal women who have not had a child.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to those of us who have followed the subject for years, but it likely will come as news to the vast majority of Canadian woman. This newsworthiness raises an important question: why hasn't a single Canadian media outlet carried news of this important finding until now? Well, it might have something to do with the fact the Mayo Clinic itself appears to have done little to publicize its finding. In fact, the Clinic's web site still carries an entry, on the Pill and breast cancer, saying evidence of the link is inconclusive.

Here's a link to the full Mayo Clinic report.

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Contrast this to the media's lively coverage of the cancer risks of hormone replacement therapy -a chemical drop in the bucket compared to the impact of 20 or so years spent on the Pill.

Posted by: Owen | 2006-10-20 12:13:55 PM

The continuing purse of studies that suggest adverse affects of birth-control pills, abortion, and other contraceptive resources leaves me to wonder if a womans body is the only place in Canada allowed by law to be an environmental toxic dump.

Posted by: "Biff"Henderson | 2006-10-20 3:49:51 PM

Yes, I would expect something like this to be newsworthy.
Of course, it remains to be seens whether the link is causal.

That aside, I can guarantee one thing. Someday, if it is proven true and newsworthy, the feminists will be the first to shriek about how little women's lives are valued.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-10-21 5:29:49 PM

hmm, about as newsworthy as the news that having an abortion increases the risk dramatically.

Anything that gets in the way of the sexual revolution's agenda of pleasure without consequences, or interferes with abortion or the pill will never receive big media attention, and as h2o succinctly and intelligently observed, will simply be turned into the big plot against women.

Media has advertisers, and big drug firms have bucks, and can put pressure to make sure such news reports stay buried.

The real problem is that real science in the pursuit of truth is muzzled by the politically correct whenever they uncover facts that don't suit the PC agenda.

Posted by: Canadian freedoms fan | 2006-10-22 10:13:32 AM

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