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Friday, August 18, 2006

Why I hate Mullahs

I was just watching on CNN how terrorist hezbollahis were handing cash money to Lebanese people and the money was in US Dollar. It wasn't even changed to local money. Reuters has more, and then I began writing this post while wondering where that money came from and well, since the cash they are distributing among hezbollahis come directly from Iran, it made me very angry at couple of things... 

Want to know why I hate the Mullahs and am angry at them and their terrorist cronies, then you got to read more here

Updated: Video of CNN

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When, I wonder, will we see "Why I hate Christian Clergymen" or "Why I hate Rabbis" on the WS Shotgun? Probaby never. This is the home of well selected bigotry by well selected bigots.

Posted by: Mark Logan | 2006-08-18 1:56:28 PM

Strangely, no one has deselected Mark Logan.

Don't we get 'Why I hate Chistian Clergy and Jewish Rabbis' as a steady diet from the MSM? It used to be government policy until the Liberals lost power.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-08-18 2:34:16 PM

Wow! When it comes to knee-jerk allegations of anti-Muslim bigotry, none of us is safe. Now the lefties are even accusing Winston—an IRANIAN—of being one.

Posted by: Kevin Libin | 2006-08-18 3:00:29 PM

Winston is telling the truth and is allowed to be angry. The situation with the mullahs is indeed horrible. Not only they deprive the Iranian people but they are trying to build nuclear weapons to bring more hatred and destruction.

It is really the work of the devil through the mullahs and their ilk.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-08-18 3:04:28 PM

"Now the lefties are even accusing Winston—an IRANIAN—of being one."

Sort of like how some "righties" accuse some Jews who don't support Israeli wars as "self-loathing Jews."

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-18 3:42:10 PM

The danger of the Mullahs and their Pakistani followers in the United Kingdom is discussed at great length in the current issue of the Spectator (Spectator Company London UK) by a well known long established British journalist whom I first noticed in the Spectator during the
Civil War in Bosnia. First time I read Mark Steyn was years ago in the Spectator, which I read weekly. There is a violent murderous intent by Pakistani Muslims directed against the United Kingdom, of which we have only seen the tip of the Sword of Islam. I read from Israel today that the Government of Lebanon is demanding that UN Troops be only from Muslim Nations. (when they get to Lebanon they will be promptly recruited by Iran and Hezbollah.

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2006-08-18 4:02:31 PM

Winston....you are so right!


Posted by: OMMAG | 2006-08-18 4:06:37 PM

People, remember to ignore the trolls Ian Scott and Mark Logan.....they are nothing but fools...

As for this topic, thank you Winston for posting it.....I look forword to the day when the Great Persian people are free from the yoke of their vile Islamic govt!!!!

Posted by: Albertanator | 2006-08-18 4:24:21 PM

"I read from Israel today that the Government of Lebanon is demanding that UN Troops be only from Muslim Nations."

Indeed, earlier in the month, both the US and Israel were suggesting that any solution would involve "middle east" peacekeepers in the majority over other nations.

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-18 4:25:25 PM


"People, remember to ignore the trolls Ian Scott and Mark Logan.....they are nothing but fools..."

And you are a bandwagon man?

Tell me what you think the difference is when "righties" call Jews that don't support Israeli wars "self-loathing Jews." Do you agree with this description, Albertanator?

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-18 4:32:12 PM

There's a difference between "self-loathing Jew" and
"anti-Jewish bigot", Ian. Why you are perpetually unable to make this and a myriad of other such distinctions is your problem; that this inability morphs at every turn into what only you think are rhetorical questions is everyone else's. Yer "gotcha's" never "get"; your inability to parse the English language let's you move directly into what you think are self-evident truths. There's a word for that.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-08-18 4:49:37 PM

I thought I would pass on an extremely interesting article I just read: Psychological Roots of Islamic Rage by Phyllis Chesler and Nancy Robbin. They describe how Islamic culture denigrates women in general and how jihadist culture denigrates all life, including other Muslims. They point out how most Islamic suicide killers purposely target pregnant women or women with small children. However the most interesting thing I learned from the article is that Marc Lepine, who killed 14 women while wounding 15 others in Montreal in 1989, was actually born Gamile Rodrigue Gharbi to an Algerian Muslim father and a French-Canadian mother. Under Islamic law she would have been considered Muslim due to the marriage. So like most others I had been led to believe that this was just some deranged white guy. Why was this never reported or even mentioned? Clearly this is an extremely sick culture and if Western feminists were honest they would be on the fighting side of this war. Even the Middle Ages showed more respect for women.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-08-18 4:52:55 PM

Someone wrote but I don't know who because I haven't found the source. Please help.

"I read from Israel today that the Government of Lebanon is demanding that UN Troops be only from Muslim Nations."

You responded:

"Indeed, earlier in the month, both the US and Israel were suggesting that any solution would involve "middle east" peacekeepers in the majority over other nations."

I would like a clarification of your point. I just don't see it.

In the first post, the author uses the word "only from Muslim nations" and yet you quote from a source suggesting "majority" of "middle east" "peacekeepers".

Are you buttressing or ridiculing the author or the position and on what grounds?

Please clarify. I imply that your inference is vague... If there was an inference at all.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-08-18 6:00:30 PM

I just wish our views -- aside from usual idiotic trolls -- more prevalent in our zombie PC 'society'. I love reading the Koran, so obvious where the hate & evil is coming from, fueling dangerous psychopathic death cult. Koran should be required reading for all MSM types. Obvious what "root causes" are. There is NO EXCUSE for alleged 'terror experts', not to be informed of contents therein. Distinction between 'moderate' and 'extremes' simply misses the point. How we can have a CSIS Executive say islamatic PROFILING is 'fundamentally stupid' is really scary; it means we can't count on these government fools for help; ditto police chief Bill Blair TO and his ilk...we all should be personally prepared to counter jihad, lesser or greater variety, in all its forms...

Posted by: lostarc | 2006-08-18 6:04:18 PM

Alain if you didn't know that Marc Lepine was Gamile Gharbi it was because the MSM didnt report it. I remember first reading about it a few years ago when Ezra Levant wrote about it in a Calgary Sun column. Because the MSM caters to feminists and their left leaning views, reporting this would have denied the fems their yearly male bashing rituals, on the anniversary of the massacre.

Posted by: MikeP | 2006-08-18 8:23:37 PM


Posted by: leftdog | 2006-08-18 8:32:36 PM

Good point. More though, what are the "root causes" of (radical Islamic) male rage and why haven't the fems asked why (radical Islamic) men act against them so?

Just askin'.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-08-18 8:34:55 PM

Evil dictators with oil wealth never pursue what is best for the people they own, they always look to violence. The mullahs, Hugo Chavez, the Saudis - even though they're waking up to their mistakes, slowly. They make pious speeches and then proceed to screw over the poor people they own - and some Westerners love them for it, incredible.

Posted by: philanthropist | 2006-08-18 8:57:25 PM

I am so angry my whole body is shaking when I am reading these stuff all over again...

Hey, Mark Logan I propose you go and live in Iran so my family can come and replace you here if you really think it is not so bad in Iran.

Posted by: Winston | 2006-08-18 9:09:55 PM


That's pretty funny. I remember one day during the summer here in U.S. it was getting very hot across the country. I realized that Rush Limbaugh hadn't shared his meteorogly expertise with us for the entire day. I suddenly got very nervous. I thought to myself, "Oh My God, even RUSH LIMBAUGH notices that there's something wrong! WE'RE DOOMED!!!" (LOL)

Posted by: Democrat | 2006-08-18 10:42:04 PM

I am the grand mufti or the grand mufti diver I can't remember which, but anyway I am so completely sick of these muslim morons and their lack of a sense of humor, when did anyone see any of these clowns laugh, when have you seen any of these leaders without an angry look on their face with their fingers pointed and that demanding attitude. They all need a weekend with Maude then we'd see if these nutless wife beaters had any of the anger left

Posted by: bartinsky | 2006-08-18 11:08:08 PM


Perhaps you might want to do some research on the term "self-loathing Jew." Jews who refer to other Jews as "self-loathing" make the claim that such Jews are "anti-semitic" or "anti-Jewish." For starters, you can take a look at this wikipedia entry:


You are the one who is wrong in that sometimes, "self-loathing Jew" DOES mean, as an idea being expressed as some, a "bigotted Jew" or a Jew that hates "Jewishness."

Therefore, my comment still stands. Just because Winston is an Iranian means nothing as far as what Libin wrote.

I could quote many Jews who express dislike for policies of Israel, or Zionism. To many, it seems it would be acceptable to retort, "When it comes to knee-jerk allegations of anti-semitic bigotry, none of us is safe. Now the lefties are even accusing Winston—a JEW —of being one."

See? just replace two words in that sentence.

So unless Libin is prepared to say that Jews who disagree with Zionism or policies of the State of Israel, his retort regarding Winston is illogical.

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-19 12:38:53 AM


"I am so angry my whole body is shaking when I am reading these stuff all over again..."

Perhaps you need therapy and should stay away from the Internet for a while. Or maybe just smoke a joint or two.

"Hey, Mark Logan I propose you go and live in Iran so my family can come and replace you here if you really think it is not so bad in Iran."

Gee, Winnie, I don't remember saying life was good in Iran. In fact, I didn't say anything about Iran at all. Perhaps you are hallucinating text or maybe you just cannot read straight from all that shaking you're doing. All I pointed out is that to say "I hate Mullahs" is the same as saying "I hate Rabbis" or "I hate Priests" or, for that matter, "I hate Arabs", "I hate black people", "I hate women", etc. It is to make a broad sweeping generalization that targets an entire group because you hate the specific actions of some of the members of that group. That, my friend, is the definition of 'bigot'. And that is what you are.

I suppose you could say "I hate Iranians", since all the Mullahs and the political leaders you hate there are Iranian, but you would not say THAT. To say that would be to hate yourself. You don't hate Iranians, its just that a lot of people you hate are Iranians. Similarly, we know there are a lot of Mullahs you hate, but that does not justify the bigots' conclusion to hate Mullahs generally. But I have given up on the hope of the Shotgun crowd actuall being able to understand their own small-mindedness. You guys really are a sad lot.

Posted by: Mark Logan | 2006-08-19 1:03:32 AM

Mark Logan

Speaking of BS?

Dude, if it is bigotry to hate Mullahs, YES I AM A BIGOT when it comes to clerics ruling Iran. No question asked...

But if you think some of the Mullahs are wonderful people who dont deserve to be targeted with my hate, then I think you really have to visit Iran and stay there for 6 months and then you can come back and talk to me about bigotry towards Mullahs occupying my motherland.

Btw, I am fine... I just think leftists need a collective therapy of some sort when it comes to mental health. It's really tale telling when you defend MULLAHS like that.

Have fun dude!

Posted by: Winston | 2006-08-19 1:46:36 AM

"It's really tale telling when you defend MULLAHS like that."

Winston, would you point to any of Mark's words wherein he is "defending MULLAHS?"

Either I'm blind, or your projecting your own imaginings onto Mark's ideas.

So, seeing as I don't see the words that suggest the idea of defending MULLAHS, but you do, would you care to quote them for me?

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-19 2:43:31 AM

Read his post again, dude!

Posted by: Winston | 2006-08-19 3:16:18 AM

I did. Three times. I see no "defend MULLAHS like that."

Like what? Where is he defending MULLAHS like anything?

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-19 3:29:14 AM

Mark Logan and Ian Scott,

I know a few Iranian refugees, some of whom were tortured before they escaped, and one thing that they all agree on is that the Mullahs running Iran are despicable thugs.

Anyone who suggests that hatred for evil people constitutes bigotry is so blinded by ideology that he has lost the capacity to think rationally.
Admit it - you are down on Winston because he is pro-American and sympathetic to the Mullahs because they are the enemies of America. Your prejudice is pathological.

Posted by: Zog | 2006-08-19 4:28:08 AM

Alain: The Algerian Arab family connection of Mass Murderer Marc Lepine was published by Michael Bate Publisher Frank Magazine Ottawa, but ignored by the MSM. The presence in Quebec of many Algerian Arabs has caused problems throughout the Advanced educational system in the
Province particularly for George Williams and Bishop's Colleges. The Algerian Arab connection is one of the reasons Quebec is considered anti-semitic in 2006. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-08-19 5:14:33 AM


"know a few Iranian refugees,"

So do I. One in particular worked for my brother-in-law for some years.

"Mullahs running Iran"

Ah, now we have some definition of "which Mullahs." Very good.

"Anyone who suggests that hatred for evil people constitutes bigotry is so blinded by ideology"

What evil people, exactly? All Mullahs are "evil" Or just the ones "running Iran?"

Are all "rabbi's" evil, or just the "self-loathing" ones?

"Admit it - you are down on Winston because he is pro-American"

Absolutely not. I have no clue who Winston is, and am not "down on" him. I'm pointing to the words of someone that uses "Winston" as a nickname.

This Winston person states he hates all Mullahs.

"Your prejudice is pathological."

I think you need to get an understanding of what "prejudice" means.

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-19 5:25:37 AM


"Even the Middle Ages showed more respect for women."

Sorry, allow me to emote here first: Bahahahahahahaha!!!!

Alain, may I suggest that you've never worked with women in crisis? Even white women, married to White Christian men?

There is a part of "Canadian Culture," that has NOTHING to do with Islamism, where some men believe women are property and beat them for whatever whim the man has.

I know. I've seen it.

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-19 6:46:40 AM


people who tell lies about Jews are anti-Jews. people who tell lies about the state of the Jews are anti-Jews. people who single out the state of the Jews for criticism are anti-Jews.

Jews can tell lies about Jews and the state of the Jews and thus they can be anti-Jews - also known as self-loathing Jews, court Jews, or mishugena.

Criticizing the state of Israel does not make you an anti-Jew. For example Israel could be criticized for not finishing the job against Hizbollah. Telling lies about Israel and Jews, such as "they stole the land of the ancient Palestinians who had lived there since time immemorial", or "Israel targets innocent civilians", or "checkpoints were set up to humiliate poor ancient Palestinians" makes you an anti-Jew.

Classic self-loathing Jews are Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Karl Marx

Posted by: ex-liberal | 2006-08-19 7:01:08 AM


I first learned of Marc Lepine's identity from Mark Steyn. He has written about it a couple of times. This is one article where he talks about the Montreal Massacre


Posted by: ex-liberal | 2006-08-19 7:14:36 AM

Mark Steyn's piece on Lepine was published in January 2006. The actual event was on 6 December 1989. Bate and Ottawa Frank discovered the Algerian connection and published it with a photograph of the killer, in January 1990. Bate and his companions although detested by the MSM are top flight reporters. Most Canadian "Journalists" could not survive in the international News reporting sector. Journalism graduates in Canada are created by socialist horde and Marxist "professors. One of the worst
schools; Kings College Halifax NS Canada.

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2006-08-19 9:08:36 AM

There was a cartoon in this morning's paper that got me thinking (OK, I know that's they're supposed to do).

On an Olympic-type podium, a guy wearing a cloak with the word Hezbollah and a guy with the star of David are both flashing peace signs and standing in the No. 1 (winner's) spot.

In the No. 3 spot is a wheelbarrow of civilians.

Hizb'allah, of course, can claim a public relations victory ... it got the United Nations to call a cease-fire and now we have the spectacle of the nation leading the call for a cease-fire, France, unwilling to put their soldies in to back up their cheap talk of peace.

We'll deal with Quebecistan's big brother another time.

The point here is the nature of the public relations victory.

Any group which promote murder, theft, rape and various other ways of emulating its prophet ... face it, they have to be pretty good at lies and deceptions.

Just like our present-day politicians cloaked up in the legitimacy of religion (the promoters of homosexual lifestyle in the United and Anglican Churches), the fact a murderer and thief can claim his actions are being done in the name of God and that his is a religion of peace has already pulled off the Big Lie.

Don't take my word for it. Muhammad openly describes the terms of thievery ... booty from a murdered man is split 80% to the murderer and 20% to Allah.

This came home quite clearly in an ghoulish Al Jazeera video available on the eureferendum website, where the ‘booty' (there's that word again) of stuff left behind by the Israeli army was being divided by the Hizb'allah ‘warriors.' These guys were playing with the skulls of dead soldiers and having a great time. Really. Look for yourself. This video was telecast just this week.

PS Even though the fact Marc Lepine was brought up in that poisonous background, isn't it interesting how the blame fell on an inanimate object? Wouldn't want to offend the Muzzies once the facts come out, so let's make sure to register hunting rifles.

As I told my late father-in-law, I would stack up his entire living room with all manner of guns, but not one of them are capable of standing up, walking out and robbing a bank.

Stupid, stupid people.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-19 9:23:34 AM

Children ... children ... I have told you many times ... dont' argue with trolls.

Mark Logan and Ian Scott are politically correct commies and will sit and argue the semantics of what is said here all day long ... just like a committee would.

That is why nothing ever gets done on the left .. they bog down with the PC and general bullshit fringe of any topic.

This like sitting in front of a panoramic view while concentrating on picking your toe nails.

That is leftist ... don't get sucked down into their vortex.

Stick to discussing ideas, solutions, possibilities, post reports and references ... try to add something to the conversation.

These Leftist 'floaties' are not worth the time you give them. They are here to piss you off, not to make a contrubution.

They are like terrorists, they come here a try to blow up the conversation by committing intellectual suicide.

And apparently they are able to do that with a very tiny amount of explosive since they have a very tiny intellect to beging with.

The left thinks they have intellect on their side, but that's only because their teachers, parents and professors told them so. The evidence is to the contrary ... their policies alway fail and must be propped up by other people's money.

Life in Leftist countries is hell ... cuba, South america, central america, china, russia etc etc.

Socialism is a parasite of capitalism and nothing more.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-08-19 9:45:48 AM

Jack Macleod,

Bate is a good journalist, and he may have scooped the MSM re the identity of Marc Lepine. I'm not sure of that, but I do remember the Algerian connection being general public knowledge and reasonably well publicized in early 1990. It was later conveniently brushed under the carpet but the knowledge was kept alive by opponents of the looney new gun laws.

Posted by: Zog | 2006-08-19 10:32:46 AM

Actually Zog, once Bate broke the story, the CBC which even then had a very strong feminist bent,
went with the background of Lepine in a major way
which remains on their archives. Lady in my life at the time was/is a professor at Dalhousie U Halifax. The entire University, shut down for over a month in mourning. And the other Nova Scotia unversities had high profile memorial events. Point of course is that the Iraian Mullahs, pose a major threat to the West, but Winston knows that their greatest fear are all Iranians under fifty, who live in great dispair and anger, which could explode at any moment. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2006-08-19 11:18:03 AM

Jack McLeod, it's interesting that you note that "most Canadian 'journalists' [and may I add sic?] could not survive in the international news reporting sector."

I absolutely agree with you, and for the reason that they are knee-jerk, cookie-cutter, socialist sycophants without an original or creative idea among them--which is why, except for the WS--I have nothing to do with the MSM, as a rule.

There is, however, one Canadian journalist who is well-respected (and hated by guess-who?) in the international political commentary sector, and that person is Mark Steyn. Though Mark has lived and worked in England, and divides his time between London, Quebec, and New Hampshire, he grew up in Montreal. Steyn is actually an "international citizen," though his official citizenship is Canadian, and, obviously, he and his writing are completely atypical of most Canadian 'journalists' and the drivel they crank out. Thank God.

For anyone who wants to read his stuff, which is articulate, knowledgable, humorous, scathing, link to www.steynonline.com

And enjoy the ride!

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-08-19 11:23:40 AM


"Mark Logan and Ian Scott are politically correct commies and will sit and argue the semantics of what is said here all day long ... just like a committee would."

Well, a little ad hominem your way - you, "Duke," are a fucking idiot.

Ok, end of ad hominem.

Your assertion I'm a "commie" or "Politically correct" is absolutely absurd. You Duke, likely couldn't handle my Political Incorrectness when and if it hits you in the face. There is nothing "committee" about me. I have no clue what you have acheived in your lifetime, but I'd put my achievements up to yours anyday - and then you can come back and talk about "committee" or "commie" or "political correctness."

In fact, Duke, you think insanely. Instead of debating the ideas one puts forth, you sometimes resort to silly and stupid ad hominem as well as other logical fallacies.

"That is why nothing ever gets done on the left .. they bog down with the PC and general bullshit fringe of any topic"

I am not "on the left," and I despise many ideas that are put forth by those who claim to be "on the left."

"This like sitting in front of a panoramic view while concentrating on picking your toe nails."

Silly infantile ad hominem. But having said what you've said, if someone has problems with their toenails, wouldn't you agree it best to find out what exactly the truth of the matter is? No point in trying to treat an ingrown toe nail with something that treats a wart just below the toenail, right?

"Stick to discussing ideas, solutions, possibilities, post reports and references ... try to add something to the conversation."

Solutions to what, exactly? Define the problem first. In this case, Winston HATES MULLAHS.

Mark points out what that might mean. Winston responds with idiotic nonsense that Mark is "supporting" Mullahs. If you don't understand the difference, "Duke," then your thinking is infantile and insane.

"They are like terrorists, they come here a try to blow up the conversation by committing intellectual suicide."

Actually, this discussion was about Winston's "hate." And Winston's assertion that Mark was supporting Mullahs. Got anything to offer in that regard, "Duke?"

"And apparently they are able to do that with a very tiny amount of explosive since they have a very tiny intellect to beging with."

I'm quite amused at the fact that you often bring your ad hominem with you in your comments here, but never actually write anything that is factual or rational to dispute that which is written that you don't agree with. Instead, your intellect is such that it can create and imagine all sorts of nutty ad hominem imaginings.

"Socialism is a parasite of capitalism"

I agree. Capitalism however, is not corporitism, either.

You, "Duke," write out your own bigotted crap and make all sorts of nonsensical statements about those you don't agree with.

Let me know when you'd like to put forth a rational argument on something, ok?

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-19 11:57:13 AM

Ian Scott,

I will break my rule about not talking to fools only to say ...

You just made my point!

Posted by: Duke | 2006-08-19 12:20:09 PM


What is your point?

I'm a "leftist?" I'm a "commie?" I like "committees?"

All of your points are insane, and only a person who thinks insanely would see any "point" that has been made.

Your "point" thus far has been ad hominem crap and bullshit. I suppose maybe that is exactly your point -

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-19 12:24:54 PM

Ian, I tip my hat to you for having the patience to deal with the kind of bizarre stuff that duke and others spew. This will give you a chuckle:

Posted by: leftdog | 2006-08-19 1:04:48 PM

Have been reading Mark Steyn for Decades and write him quite often. Have ben published on his site many times. Lorrie Goldstein friend, Editor
Toronto Sun, considers Mark Steyn the Best of the Best. Worked on a real newspaper in the 1940's The Halifax Chronicle Star. There were no Journalism Schools, the paper (founded by Joseph Howe) would not have hired them anyway. Reporters
came from the ranks of the Copy Boys (like me) and were trained on the job. The Paper had some of the best newspaper men and women in Canada on staff. Great story from those days: Editor in Chief heard that some guy in rural Nova Scotia had sold his soul to become a very talented fiddler, so he sends out a young reporter to find out and define "how one gets in touch with the devil!" Reporter talks to Catholic Priest known to all of us who advises him to run an Advertisment on the Sports Page - Cheers Jack MacLeod.

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2006-08-19 2:20:45 PM

You, Jack McLeod, were a journalist when it wasn't a dirty word or profession. You were fortunate. I'd like to suggest to my daughter, who just graduated suma cum laude and is an excellent writer, that she go into journalism--and then I stop and think again. She'd have a really tough time, given that she's not bought all of the pc crappola that would be expected of her.

I, too, have been published many times in Mark Steyn's Mailbox. When I need a shot of sanity, I check out his site and am always edified, entertained, and comforted, yes comforted, that there's someone who is so talented, so articulate and so "right" in every sense of the word still getting the good message out: Beware the loony and dangerous lefties.

You know he's good because the MSM establishment in Canada won't touch him with a ten foot pole, which just goes to show how much the Left hates excellence. Mark Steyn is a Canadian, for G*d's sake and except in the Western Standard and Mclean's he's been banished. We've got a lot of Wicked Fairy Godmothers up here in the True North Strong and Shackled.

Posted by: 'been around the block | 2006-08-19 2:33:42 PM

READ THIS********

The Israeli government, its military and other pathocratic governments linked by the same will to deceive and destroy are scraping out the insides of those who can empathise with their fellow man. They are dehumanizing all those who can remember what it is to feel for another across the illusion of distance. They are destroying piecemeal all those who have the seeds of that humanity within them. Here now, in the hi-tec false sophistication of the 21st century, there are people -'leaders' - murdering fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, children and their grandparents, in this case, all for the Greater Israel; all for a violent, false ideology that is predicated on a monumental lie.

Just as those in China who shot dead the young student activist who had the temerity to act on her humanity; just as those in the U.S. justify democracy by genocide in Iraq; and just as Tony Blair has the astonishing audacity to talk of peace while being instrumental in the modern day success of U.K. and U.S. colonialism - these are all spawned from the same pathology that has oh, so cleverly insinuated itself into the heart of nations, that has distorted the very structures of our societies, until we have taken on their "normality."

For those of us who cannot ignore conscience, who are jarred into reality when we see that the world being inexorably shaped into the pathocrat's image, the time is coming to make a choice as to how best we can transmute that shared inner suffering that demands to be released.

Propaganda from the mind dross of Fox News; the terminal lies of the U.S. Government; the habitually lackluster performance of UN resolutions; to the results of formerly and officially sanctioned historical genocide for economic and corporate gain - it is as terminal as it is ubiquitous. The allure of apathy pretends that we have no part in such crimes. This serves to confirm the arrogance and audacity of those in power who use innocent human lives as literal fodder for their war games and deluded visions of totalitarian rule.

Little Waad a 10 day-old baby was a legitimate target for those "machines" that sit in smug certainty that their psychotic morality will shape the actions of every one o us. Behind mahogany desks, the shuffling of official documents and easy, comfortable chairs they direct their brain-dead troops to do their bidding. This psychopathology is what has led us to our current low point in what is euphemistically called 'human evolution'. The physical distance that exists between us and the abject suffering of our fellow human beings applies a temporary cerebral band-aid to the shock of seeing the truth of our reality and prevents us from entering fully into our own humanity. What is happening now in Lebanon and Palestine is not just a repeating pattern of the same old Middle Eastern turmoil, it is a prelude to a game-plan that will involve every single person on this planet, and that includes you.

Every single one of us. Wherever we are and whoever we maybe. How we react to the horror we see before us will determine all of our futures.

There is a vacuum being carefully created and we can get sucked into the propaganda of those who are whipping up the frenzy of conflict for a variety of deluded ideologies or self-aggrandising missions and visions, or we can simply say enough is enough and stake our own claim for truth. We stand up and when confronted with the umpteenth civilian death, innocent people who were living their lives with the same hopes and dreams as you and I, we use the fire of indignation and we mold it into our own personal outpost; our strategic enclosure which houses all the rage and grief, all the empathy that can so often turn back into itself and do us harm, so that we may then build such energy into a creative force.

This outpost resists the fear and the apathy that so often results daily atrocities in the guise of noble ideals and grounds us in our own humanity. From there we can re-affirm that we do in fact have a conscience, and that it is based on a firm foundation of our own making. We are able to express it through our actions however limited in their scope and perceived effects. We no longer yield to programs of required conformity that are both subtle and crude, we do not slip into complacency and compliance that will ultimately transform us into the living dead searching for their elusive essence that has long since been buried, extinguished by our own hand.

Once those who truly fear the networked ignition of conscience begin to sense its rise, perhaps hope can be justified. Until then, we can add our own voice to the chorus of outrage and build our outpost brick by brick, again and again to keep that faith alive and to emblazen on that wall the image of Waad and millions of others like her. Perhaps then, we can allow our conscience to at last taste the true freedom it has been seeking.

Posted by: Lawyer | 2006-08-19 10:17:59 PM

Thanks to those who pointed out that the real identity of Marc Lepine was mentioned in a few cases outside MSM. At the time I only had access to MSM for news and while able to see through a lot of the slant, I had no way of knowing the killer's identity and background. It was still clear that the fems were milking it for all it was worth to demonize all males and to push for removing all firearms from the public.

Now that I know the identity, I am certain that had he been a Jew or a Christian belonging to a more traditional group this would have been part of the coverage.

Also I want to point out that the article I mentioned in no way made excuses for him or Islamists due to their culture of death and hatred for women. I think they probably hit the nail on the head as to identifying a serious problem.

I see no point in replying to the last two posts since they are right up there with the claim that 9/11 was a Jewish/Israeli plot.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-08-19 10:47:39 PM

Alain, good point. What posts ? I thought someone was auditioning a script for The X Files...but that's not on anymore...or is it ? I guess only THEY really know...

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-08-19 11:00:48 PM

Alain, you somehow missed the point that the real identity of Marc Lepine was widely publicized in the MSM (including the CBC)in 1990, and then swept off the table, probably for political correctness. I was a tad surprised, since some of your posts suggest that you are from Quebec (is that right?) that you would be unaware of what was then general public knowledge.

To Lawyer and WHY I HATE RACISTS ... (the same person methinks)the bottom line is that Hizbollah had been intermittently lobbing rockets into Israel for months before actually crossing the border to kill half a dozen Israeli soldiers and take two prisoner. What the hell would you expect Israel to do under those circumstances? If you live in a tough neighbourhood and someone punches you in the face and tells you to move out "or else" you'd better be prepared to either kill him or move. Since the Israelis are hardly in a position to move, their response was eminently sensible. The problem is that they stopped with a half measure and will almost certainly have to fight again within a few months, with more carnage than would have been entailed by finishing the job this time.

Racism? The last time I looked, Jews and Arabs were both Semetic people, so where the hell is the racism?

Posted by: Zog | 2006-08-19 11:47:37 PM


Questioning the authenticity of photographs and if they are stage-managed in not a distraction, as you had claimed.

It is the source by which emotion is drummed up through propoganda techniques.

The freelance photographer in question, Adnan Hajj, was fired by Reuters and his entire gallery of 900 photos purged from their records.

It also points out a cultural difference.

Since Israel respects the sanctity of the dead, you never see picture of deal people as a result of Katyusha rocket attacks. That does not mean nobody died ... it just means you did not see them.

Apparently, Green Helmet had no such qualms about rooting for just the right body, then state-managing its display for maximum effect. So, since you saw those photographs, you were impacted by them.

If you'd like to see real racism and hatred, don't waste your time here ... we're all for peace and idividual liberty here.

You'll find hatred, racism, murder, thievery, lies, deceptions, rapes and many more fun things describes as being just fine with Allah in the Satanic, er Qur'anic, Verses.

Since most of those texts are incomprehensible outside orders to kill those who do not agree with you, there's a website that makes it quite easy to understand for all who are interested.

www.prophetofdoom.net lays out in a logical sequence how Islam is a philosophy not of love but of obligation ... and how to enslave others.

Being as your tagline suggests you have an open mind ... or at least a superior mind to those who write here ... why not give it a try and quit wasting your time here among us racist buffoons.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-20 12:23:46 AM

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