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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

WATSA: Deleted images

The Waterloo Tamil Students’ Association (WATSA) describes itself as a cultural organization and their website contains many images of innocent events like bowling or other little socialables. Somebody must have forgotten to post pictures of this:

Martyrdom celebrations that praised Tamil Tiger soldiers and suicide bombers were held openly in the student centre of the University of Waterloo, where the FBI alleges a ‘’procurement cell'’ for the terrorist organization was located.

The event where a large flag of the Tamil Tigers, picturing AK-47 assault rifles and a roaring tiger, makeshift tombstones and posters celebrating ‘’Our Fallen Heroes'’ were all displayed was held last November in the Student Life Centre despite the club being under suspension by the school at the time.

The university had suspended the Waterloo Tamil Students Association (WATSA) after a similar ceremony was held in 2004, one in which large cutouts of armed men were featured and the Tiger flag also prominently displayed.(CanWest h/t PTBC)

Waterloo Suresh (aka Suresh Sriskandarajah) who was one of the six Tamil Canadians arrested on terrorism charges last week was involved with WATSA. He had a gallery on their website but it has since been cleaned of files and was also active in their forums. His personal website is located here at www.planetsuresh.com.

Galleries containing photographs of Maaveerar Naal or Hero’s Day have also been removed from the site and the CanWest article suggests that they express deep support and sympathy for the Tamil Tigers. Since they have been removed I imagine it is because they didn’t want anyone to see them especially with the recent media attention. They do exist in the google public domain and with some creative digging I found a few interesting ones. I don’t know what they are doing but it looks to be some sort of play:

Watsa_tnimg_2375_1 Watsa_tnimg_2383_1 Watsa_tnimg_2389 Watsa_tnimg_2395


The small image can be found for the time being in google cache. I wasn’t able to flesh out the larger image. If this is part of celebrating a culture, I personally find it kind of eerie especially noting the children in the background. Last week we had people describing themselves as Tamils post comments on my own personal blog and I have invited them to possibly provide some insight into these images. An excellent source of what has been happening lately is available at Lanka Libertarian.  C/p DustMyBroom

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Waterloo is also a centre for Iranian regime agents and the sons and daughters of high ranking regime officials live and study there.

Posted by: Winston | 2006-08-29 10:33:28 PM

No sure if Waterloo is any worse than any of our university campuses. Conservative-minded and Jewish students of any of these places of "higher learning" would find little difference. The problem lies with the majority of the faculty along with a lot of rubbish that passes for courses.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-08-30 1:06:03 PM

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