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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Three Cheers for Jason Kenney!

The only elected official to pay his respects to Zhao Ziyang's family at his home in Beijing (seventh item) shines again with these comments on Hezbollah and its would-be enablers (Canadian Press): "There was another political party in the past . . . which played an important role in the political life of Germany in the 1930s, which was also dedicated to violence against the Jewish people.  The world was wrong to negotiate with that party then, and it would be wrong to negotiate with Hezbollah today."

Posted by D.J. McGuire on August 22, 2006 in Canadian Politics, International Affairs | Permalink


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Amen! Hezbollah compares all too well to the Nazis - being a terrorist group which tries to be respectable by seeking legitimacy in the Lebanese government.

The Liebral/NDP party's pro-terrorist, pro-death, pro-genocide, anti-life, anti-democracy, anti-human rights agenda has been exposed for all to see. If only the people of Ontario would stop re-electing them (of course since they hold the same views, why should things change?)

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-08-22 1:37:57 PM

I wholeheartedly concur with Mr. Kenney. He's absolutely right about Hezbollah being like the Nazis.

Islam has indubitable, well-documented and -photographed ties to the Nazis, actually. In fact, Hitler's army included Muslim soldiers provided by the Muslim Brotherhood via then-Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who founded the offshoot Hamas, which today rules "Palestine".

The ideologies of the Nazis and Hezbollah are also clearly very close.

I've blogged this stuff extensively.

By the way, I've just done an unrelated but very scandalous post involving a gay parade and schoolchildren:

"School Kids Made to March in "XXX-Rated" Gay Parade"


Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel | 2006-08-22 3:20:26 PM

Canadian Navy frigate "REGINA" concludes China visit
www.chinaview.cn 2006-08-20 18:02:07

SHANGHAI, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- The Canadian navy frigate "REGINA" left the Shanghai's Yangtze River Port on Sunday, concluding a 6-day friendly visit.

The vessel with 233 people on board is commanded by Commodore Bruce Donaldson, Commander of the Canadian Pacific Fleet.

Senior colonel Shen Changkang, the Chinese Navy's Shanghai base vice-chief of staff, held a ceremony at the port to send off the REGINA.

During the visit, Commodore Donaldson and other Canadian naval officers met with Major General Wang Deding of the Chinese Navy's Shanghai base and vice-mayor of Shanghai Feng Guoqin.

The Canadian officials visited the guided missile frigate designed and produced by China during their stay. Chinese and Canadian military personnel also staged a friendly football match and a tug-of-war.

The REGINA entered service on Sept. 30. 1994. This is the fifth time the Canadian warship visited Shanghai.


Posted by: Fizz | 2006-08-22 5:25:41 PM

Fizz, that is completely unrelated.. but I had to laugh at the translation "EFFORT". They write REGINA like some kind of acronym, and don't bother with HMCS. And I wonder if by football, they mean soccer, american football, or maybe indoctrination camp.

On the subject at hand, I am very glad to have Jason as my MP in Calgary. He is extremely popular in this riding, having won approx. 80% of the vote. He was voted "hardest working MP" by the Hill Times several years in a row. If only there were more MPs like him from all parties.

Posted by: Big Makk | 2006-08-22 10:28:57 PM

..bite your tongue Big Makk. I for one am happy the majority of liberals, and all of the ndpers are lazy fucks. Can you imagine what those morons could do if they actually put some effort into any of their whacked out plans? It doestn't take much effort, and less brains, to show up at a terrorist rally. Think about it, the liberals and ndp support the oppression of women, and the obliteration of a people for the fucked up religion of islam. I know Canadians aren't considered the smartest people on the face of the earth, but they are not just plain dumb either.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-22 11:09:19 PM

Honey Pot

"..bite your tongue Big Makk"

Now now, Honey Pot, we didn't need to get sexual, did we? :P

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-22 11:34:09 PM

So let me get this straight.
The Liberals defraud the Canadian public. Through deception and lies give said defrauded monies to there political contributers and buddies. Then they lose the last election. Then they spew vile anti-semetic rhetoric. Then they show a warm and fuzzy support for a terrorist organization.

Well if it looks, smells and tastes like dog shit, it must be dog shit......

Excuse my French.

Posted by: The Missing Link | 2006-08-23 12:54:17 AM

When a Liberal talks, it sounds like a dog shitting...

Pardonnez mon francais, aussi!

Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel | 2006-08-23 4:53:57 AM

Yesterday, the Canadian Arab Federation expressed alarm at statements made by Kenney and by Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay.

"By refusing to deal with Hezbollah, a political party represented in the Lebanese government whose resistance to Israel's aggression is supported by 87 per cent of Lebanese citizens, Peter MacKay is parroting the Bush administration's stand and is emboldening Israel to launch further wars against its neighbours," CAF National President Khaled Moummar said in a statement. -Toronto Star

The Lebanese people want the Hezzassholes, they can have them, and the consequences that goes along with supporting a terrorist organization. We don't want them here, nor their supporters. Only the muslim cult, liberal and ndp would worship a group of bloodthirsty cowards.

Whatya talking bout' Khaled Moummar? The Canadian government is dealing with the Hezzassholes, they already told them, and their supporters, that they are scumbag terrorist. Not much left to say. Guess what Moummar, the liberal and ndp don't count anymore. Muslims in Canada can whine until they are blue in the face, or they get caught in a terrorist plot, the Canadaian government will no longer be funding nor supporting your terrorist groups.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-23 7:32:15 AM

The FBI fingers Canada as a hub of arms buying and the major source of illegal fundraising for Sri Lankan rebels, according to U.S. court documents filed in the terrorism-related arrests of four Canadians.

Three Sri Lankan-Canadians, who the FBI alleges tried to buy up to 100 sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles for the Tamil Tigers last week, are also in close contact with the Tigers' top leaders, court documents say.

A fourth Canadian, who is named as having involvement in a bribery scheme to get the Tamil Tigers removed from a U.S. government list of terrorist groups, is also alleged to have a role in weapons procurement and moving cash for the Tamil Tigers.

The four Canadians are among 13 alleged Tamil Tiger operatives who have been arrested on FBI allegations over the past few days-Toronto Star

See this Moummar, it is starting right now. The liberals are gone, and the funding is drying up for the terrorist groups. I for one am very happy that the Canadian government is working with the USA, to rid both countries of these murdering scumbag terrorist. I got a feeling immigration laws are going to get much stricter here in Canda in the next few years.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-23 8:00:15 AM

I too agree with Mr. Kenney on all but one pooint where we're all glad Hezbollah is not like the Nazi's. Hezbollah is not well organized they are simply a militia. The Nazi's were organized and thus able to kill more people. Isreal could have finished that war off any time they really felt like it by droping 1/20 of the bombs they have. I agree Hezbollah is just as racist a group with the very same objectives, thankfully they are not nearly as powerful as the Nazi's were

Posted by: Darren Penner | 2006-08-23 8:42:16 AM

I do not understand why any of you would be surprised to hear these comments coming from the Liberal and NDP corners becasue the stupidest thing you can think of is usually the Liberals position and the NDP tag along. Of course take Hezbollah off the terrorist list. They're not REAL terrorists????? Next lets offer them refugee status from Israel the terrorists. After that we should let Osama in as a refugee fleeing from the Americans. What has our country come to when people can actually spew this garbage and have any party leader stand behind them. And the NDP just agree becasue they don't have any self thought other than to just tag along with other socialists.

Posted by: Darren Penner | 2006-08-23 8:47:39 AM

I see comments getting in touch with reality.

I invite concerned people to consider building an organization dedicated to correctly inform our country of the danger ahead. This blog is doing it on a small scale. I was talking to a friend this week and she had a very vague notion of the terrorist plot in Canada.

Iran is going ahead with building nuclear weapons. When will they have them? Maybe they need only 6 months. I bet things will drag on in UN for at least 6 months.

Try to imagine the mad mollahs with nukes. They don't care about human life. It is reasonable to predict they will equip groups of terrorists with small nuclear devices.

Now, try to picture a group of terrorists in Toronto or Ottawa or Montreal with a nuclear device menacing the government to explode the bomb. Such a device exploded in a large city can easily cause 200 000 casualties without taking into consideration the aftermath.

To better understand the danger, try to go back in 1939. Let's say Hitler had nuclear warheads. What would have happened with those weapons? Knowing Hitler sensible heart, I'm sure he would have kept them in a secure location just to look at them. Right?

Kudos to Jason Kenney, a good Christian. He did a great job at informing his fellow citizens.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-08-23 9:31:57 AM

If Mr. Harper and his government have neglected the climate change issue, it is because they are taking a different approach to it. They know that Kyoto is a totally unacceptable solution because it would cost millions of jobs, billions in taxpayer dollars, and their political futures. It is only common sense that they oppose the Liebral/NDP party's slavish, uncritical devotion to this flawed climate change idea.

So let there be a vacuum - it's better than what the Liebrals have in store for us.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-08-23 11:34:30 AM

Hey Zebulon:
Here's one Ontarian that is in total agreement with Kenney's remarks & what the Harper government is doing in all areas.
Don't paint all Ontarians with the same brush. Yes we have a majority of idiots living here and voting Lib & NDip but we're working on it.
You cannot believe the frustration of having to live and be governed by these socialist puppets.
We now have Ottawa on the right track. Next step is to get the Premier banished forever to the special hell he belongs in.

Posted by: RALPH | 2006-08-23 12:23:49 PM

Don't know where I read it, but somebody theorized the tactics used to terrorize populations by jihadists over the centuries and the Nazis were virtually identical.

Hitler did draw inspiration, not from Christianity as many Marxists would have you believe, but from pagan mythological imagery ... and worked quite closely with the Islamic rulers of the day.

I believe the Caliphate, which was headquartered in Baghadad, was abolished in the mid-30s and that may have played into the political winds in some way.

Kenney has only skirted the issue on a superficial level, but that's good. At least, it's a start. I guarantee you Canadian utopians will try to fight back.

I have every confidence Kenney and PM Harper have the necessary historical knowledge to continue clarifying the truth of how much damage jihadist activity have done to world peace for the past 1400 years.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-23 12:35:57 PM

RALPH is right. I now live in Edmonton, but I when I lived in Toronto, I was "then" as who I am "now"....a conservative. What was surprising to me in my daily ventures with people in Toronto is that many of them spoke "conservative", but tended (as the election results show) to vote liberal. They were definitely hood-winked by the media, and still are.

Posted by: anonymous | 2006-08-23 1:52:56 PM

Remi - go over to Dukes site and read the esssay he has over there (and here, a few days ago!) written by Mr. Chong - an Air Force retiree - that essay expains it all in easy to understand language. Very powerful.

Good for Jason, I have always been proud of that man,. He was called a 'loose cannon' by the Liberanos, in the House of Commons, for deviating off the 'set path' when he was in China. He was 'breaching protocol', according to paule, when he went to visit the family of the brave man in who had died for his protests against the communist thugs who run that hell hole. Marice probaly wrote the road rules for the trip to China. Jason IS a good Cristian: a very brave man.

Posted by: jema54j | 2006-08-23 1:53:30 PM

CTV reports that Liberal MP Boris Wrzesnewskyj has resigned as the party's deputy foreign affairs critic over his pro-terrorist comments.


Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-08-23 2:07:31 PM

Not being a violent person, why do I get the urge to punch Scott Brison's teeth in or at the very least kick his butt up between his shoulders? Whew!,that's better!

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-08-23 4:48:27 PM

When Scott Brison speaks....you can be sure what comes out is shit!

Posted by: OMMAG | 2006-08-23 8:23:50 PM

Scott Brison should be the new Liebral/NDP leader! That way we can guarantee a Conservative majority in the next election, and for several years afterward. That should be long enough to reduce the Liebral regime to rubble and build a new one based on responsible government, freedom, respect for human rights and the constitution, provincial rights vis a via Ontario, and respect for the vital link with the United States.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-08-23 9:36:12 PM


Posted by: wandalady | 2006-08-24 2:05:18 PM


Posted by: wandalady | 2006-08-24 2:06:28 PM

Now how was that for a double standard??
Has Mr. Kenney resigned yet? No ... (well he will - Harper will make).

Posted by: wandalady | 2006-08-24 2:07:33 PM

Wow, that's really desperate, wandalady. It's off the map.

Kenney didn't know about the nature of the group. How could he? Has anyone heard of the PMOI? Have you? Apparently, it's one of the names used by...MEK. Heard of them?

No, eh? And strange that in a medium where, if you type in, say, "Broccoli Cowboy, Muffler", you get seven-hundred hits, they can't be found; The Star says "An internet search doesn't turn up any website for a group by that name."

Kenney received an invitation from "something called the Committe for Human Rights in Iran".

Keep making hay where the sun don't shine, wl. And how about the staggering level of shameless hypocrisy from Peggy Nash in leveling these accusations against Mr Kenney, when she has been in the news for suggesting negotiations with *Hezbollah*, an organization which everyone who's not in a coma knows is a terrorist organization who with the support of Iran and Syria are dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

I can't speak for you, wandalady, but I find the desperation coming from your side of the spectrum a little embarassing to see.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-08-24 4:19:05 PM


Way to attack wandalady. If anything, you are merely just defending Jason Kenney's ignorance, which, I can only assume, is a common trait on this awful blog site.

Posted by: Hypocrite | 2006-08-24 7:08:03 PM

Hey Hypocrite, no one even heard of PMOI or MEK, including Peggy Nash. The Toronto Star -- not exactly a Conservative rag -- said "an internet search doesn't turn up any website for a group by that name." How then was Kenney supposed to know.

Kenney and the Conservative party, refreshingly, continue to express their unequivocal opposition to dealing with known terrorist groups. Are you saying that Kenney, when he decided to say a few words to a group who had presented themselves as "The Committee for Human Rights in Iran" thought he was addressing a terrorist group? Please clarify.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-08-24 7:45:28 PM

Oh EBD this is the msm 'find' of the year!! You are ruining their little tea party. The msm are not journalists or thinkers but they have their own illusions. You are correct to make fun of them. Like President Bush, sometimes I am happy, watching the nasty, sneering stupid fools at msm scrambling for morsels of 'we have news'(gossip)is pathetic - and it makes me happy.

Posted by: jema54j | 2006-08-24 8:07:59 PM


No prob, let me clarify. I'm not saying Jason Kenney knew he was addressing a terrorist group, I'm saying he's ignorant (read my post). It just took me 30 seconds to connect the dots that Jason Kenney seemed incapable of doing...try it yourself!

According to the website of the "National Council of Resistance of Iran" (which Kenney was told), the rally was in support of freeing a man named "Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi". Presumably Kenney, or his people, could have done a simple Google search on that name, which turns up numerous references to PMOI.

Next, go ahead - type "PMOI" and "wikipedia" into google. Read the article, it's quite interesting.

Unfortunately, I guess this was too much investigation to qualify as "due diligence", according to Jason Kenney. He could have made an informed decision whether or not to go this rally, instead of being ignorant and now claiming to be "shocked" of a his picture being on a website. Is that too much to ask of our politicians?

Posted by: Hypocrite | 2006-08-24 8:15:19 PM

Just another troll people...that is what wandalady and ian scott are....just continue ignoring these vile entities ..........btw, good comments all around on this thread ...most enjoyable!!

Posted by: Albertanator | 2006-08-24 8:46:25 PM


You see, this is why I call this an awful blog site.

It's the same 10 or 15 people stroking each other's right wing brains. There's really nothing that philosophical or useful about this whole blog, because you seem resort to name calling when challenged in even the slightest bit, from reading different threads.

With that, I'll do you one better. Instead of ignoring "vile entries", I'll willfully leave this grade 5 world and continue with my life in the real, grown-up world. Enjoy!

Posted by: Hypocrite | 2006-08-24 8:54:18 PM

Why Jason Kenney will resign (or be asked to resign) his position as Parliamentary Secretary to the Rt. Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.

1) without the resignation, this will be the dominating topic of Question Period, every day - every day - every day for the entire next session of Parliament.

2) Jason is not in Cabinet (in spite of his loyalty and his hard work) because many believed that something like this with him was possible. He just has such enthusiasm - and in this case he looked before he leapt.

3) he broke the golden rule of all successful politicians: 'do not accuse your opponent of that which you yourself do.

Mr. Kenney's tenure as Parliamentary Secretary is now down to hours rather than years, or months , or weeks.

Posted by: leftdog | 2006-08-24 9:29:35 PM

You're right; by definition he was ignorant about who he was speaking to. That's exactly what I asserted in my post, and that his ignorance obviates Wandalady's accusation that he and/or the Conservatives have a double standard when it comes to engaging *known* terrorist groups.

And please tip us of to the more "philosophical" blogs you frequent.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-08-24 9:43:23 PM

9:43 was in resonse to hypocrite.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-08-24 9:46:36 PM

wandalady, leftdogand hypocrite,
which terrorist organisation on Canada's list did Kenney speak to?

Posted by: john in east van | 2006-08-24 11:06:16 PM


Posted by: leftdog | 2006-08-25 12:03:30 AM

Yes, that Jason Kenney.

What a bad man he is.

Imagine, calling our Hizb'allah friends fascists.

Hey, hold on a minute ... we're got some previously undisclosed information.

We're in shit. Let's throw shit.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-25 12:08:09 AM

Boris ... three days ago.

Jason ... four months ago.

Yep, sounds like a pretty good moral equivalence.

Aren't you children just the most clever little things?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-25 12:26:11 AM

Hypocrite Wrote:

"You see, this is why I call this an awful blog site.

It's the same 10 or 15 people stroking each other's right wing brains. There's really nothing that philosophical or useful about this whole blog, because you seem resort to name calling when challenged in even the slightest bit, from reading different threads.

With that, I'll do you one better. Instead of ignoring "vile entries", I'll willfully leave this grade 5 world and continue with my life in the real, grown-up world. Enjoy!"---

All I can say hypocrite is, beutifully well put!!!--this blog is the where the dregs from the cess pools of xenophobic, racist backwater Canadian society come to mastrubate each other while criticizing the cbc and fear mongering against Islam, the name of one post was "why I hate Mullahs"---what a joke. But dont worry, these guys and their grade school educations will never hold any sway in anything material--all they will do is just turn their kids into good little racist, anti immigrant idiots like themselves.

Posted by: Jhonathan | 2006-08-25 2:53:45 AM

It is now a matter of public record that immediately after the terrible tragedy of 11 September 2001, U.S. Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld and his pro-Israeli "Neoconservative" Deputy Paul Wolfowitz began to plot, plan, scheme and conspire to wage a war of aggression against Iraq by manipulating the tragic events of September 11th in order to provide a pretext for doing so.1 Of course Iraq had nothing at all to do with September 11th or supporting Al-Qaeda . But that made no difference to Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, their Undersecretary of War Douglas Feith, Undersecretary of State John Bolton, and the numerous other pro-Israeli Neo-Cons inhabiting the Bush Jr. administration.

These pro-Israeli Neo-Cons had been schooled in the Machiavellian/Nietzschean theories of Professor Leo Strauss who taught political philosophy at the University of Chicago in its Department of Political Science. The best exposé of Strauss's pernicious theories on law, politics, government, for elitism, and against democracy can be found in two scholarly books by the Canadian Professor of Political Philosophy Shadia B. Drury.2 I entered the University of Chicago in September of 1968 shortly after Strauss had retired. But I was trained in Chicago's Political Science Department by Strauss's foremost protégé, co-author, and later literary executor Joseph Cropsey. Based upon my personal experience as an alumnus of Chicago's Political Science Department (A.B., 1971, in Political Science), I concur completely with Professor Drury's devastating critique of Strauss. I also agree with her penetrating analysis of the degradation of the American political process that has been inflicted by Chicago's Straussian Neo-Con cabal.3

The University of Chicago routinely trained me and innumerable other students to become ruthless and unprincipled Machiavellians. That is precisely why so many neophyte Neo-Con students gravitated towards the University of Chicago or towards Chicago Alumni at other universities. Years later, the University of Chicago became the "brains" behind the Bush Jr. Empire and his Ashcroft Police State. Attorney General John Ashcroft received his law degree from the University of Chicago in 1967. Many of his lawyers at the Bush Jr. Department of Injustice are members of the right-wing, racist, bigoted, reactionary, and totalitarian Federalist Society (aka "Feddies"),4 which originated in part at the University of Chicago. Feddies wrote the USA Patriot Act (USAPA) I and the draft for USAPA II, which constitute the blueprint for establishing an American Police State.5 Meanwhile, the Department of Injustice's own F.B.I. is still covering up the U.S. governmental origins of the post 11 September 2001 anthrax attack on Washington D.C. that enabled Ashcroft and his Feddies to stampede the U.S. Congress into passing USAPA I into law.6

Integrally related to and overlapping with the Feddies are members of the University of Chicago "School" of Law-and-Kick-Them-in-the-Groin-Economics, which in turn was founded upon the Market Fundamentalism of Milton Friedman, now retired but long-time Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Friedman and his "Chicago Boys" have raped, robbed, looted, plundered, and pillaged economies and their respective peoples all over the developing world.7 This Chicago gang of academic con-artists and charlatans are proponents of the Nazi Doctrine of "useless eaters." Pursuant to Friedman's philosophy of Market Fundamentalism, the "privatization" of Iraq and its Oil Industry are already underway for the primary benefit of the U.S. energy companies (e.g., Halliburton, formerly under Vice President Dick Cheney) that had already interpenetrated the Bush Jr. administration as well as the Bush Family itself. Enron.

Although miseducated8 at Yale and Harvard Business School, the "Ivies" proved to be too liberal for Bush Jr. and his fundamentalist Christian supporters, whose pointman and spearcarrier in the Bush Jr. administration was Ashcroft, a Fundie himself. The Neo-Cons and the Fundies contracted an "unholy alliance" in support of Bush Jr. For their own different reasons, both gangs also worked hand-in-hand to support Israel's genocidal Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, an internationally acknowledged war criminal.9

According to his own public estimate and boast before the American Enterprise Institute, President Bush Jr. hired about 20 Straussians to occupy key positions in his administration, intentionally taking offices where they could push American foreign policy in favor of Israel and against its chosen enemies such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians.10 Most of the Straussian Neo-Cons in the Bush Jr. administration and elsewhere are Israel-firsters: What is "good" for Israel is by definition "good" for the United States. Dual loyalties indeed.11

In addition, it was the Chicago Straussian cabal of pro-Israeli Neo-Cons who set up a special "intelligence" unit within the Pentagon that was responsible for manufacturing many of the bald-faced lies, deceptions, half-truths, and sheer propaganda that the Bush Jr. administration then disseminated to the lap-dog U.S. news media12 in order to generate public support for a war of aggression against Iraq for the benefit of Israel and in order to steal Iraq's oil.13 To paraphrase advice Machiavelli once rendered to his Prince in Chapter XVIII of that book: Those who want to deceive will always find those willing to be deceived.14 As I can attest from my personal experience as an alumnus of the University of Chicago Department of Political Science, the Bible of Chicago's Neo-Con Straussian cabal is Machiavelli's The Prince. We students had to know our Machiavelli by heart and rote at the University of Chicago.

As for the University of Chicago overall, its biblical Gospel is Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind (1987).15 Of course Bloom was another protégé of Strauss, as well as a mentor to Wolfowitz. In his Bloom-biographical novel Ravelstein (2000) Saul Bellow, formerly on the University of Chicago Faculty, outed his self-styled friend Bloom as a hedonist, pederast, and most promiscuous homosexual who died of AIDS. All this was common knowledge at the University of Chicago, where Bloom is still worshiped and his elitist screed against American higher-education still revered on a pedestal.

In Ravelstein Wolfowitz appeared as Bloom's protégé Philip Gorman, leaking national security secrets to his mentor during the Bush Sr. war against Iraq. Strauss hovered around the novel as Bloom's mentor and guru Professor Davarr. Strauss/Davarr is really the éminence grise of Ravelstein. With friends like Bellow, Bloom did not need enemies. On the basis of Ravelstein alone, Wolfowitz warrants investigation by the F.B.I.

Just recently the University of Chicago officially celebrated its Bush Jr. Straussian Neo-Con cabal, highlighting Wolfowitz Ph.D. '72, Ahmad Chalabi, Ph.D. '69 (the CIA's Iraqi puppet), Abram Shulsky, A.M. '68, Ph.D. '72 (head of the Pentagon's special "intelligence" unit), Zalmay Khalilzad, Ph.D. '79 (Bush Jr's roving pro-consul for Afghanistan and then Iraq), as well as faculty members Bellow, X '39, and Bloom, A.B. '49, A.M. '53, Ph.D. '55, together with Strauss. According to the University of Chicago Magazine, Bloom's rant "helped popularize Straussian ideals of democracy."16 It is correct to assert that Bloom's book helped to popularize Straussian "ideas," but they were blatantly anti-democratic, Machiavellian, Nietzschean, and elitist to begin with. Only the University of Chicago would have the unmitigated Orwellian gall to publicly assert that Strauss and Bloom cared one whit about democracy, let alone comprehended the "ideals of democracy."

Does anyone seriously believe that a pro-Israeli Chicago/Strauss/Bloom product such as Wolfowitz could care less about democracy in Iraq? Or for that matter anyone in the Bush Jr. administration? After they stole the 2000 presidential election from the American People in Florida and before the Republican-controlled U.S. Supreme Court, some of whom were Feddies?17 Justice Clarence Thomas is a Straussian to boot.18

At the behest of its Straussian Neo-Con Political Science Department, in 1979 the entire University of Chicago went out of its way to grant the "first Albert Pick Jr. Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Understanding" to Robert "Mad Bomber" McNamara.19 In other words, the University of Chicago itself maliciously strove to rehabilitate one of the greatest international war criminals in the post-World War II era.20 Do not send your children to the University of Chicago where they will grow up to become warmongers like Wolfowitz or totalitarians like Ashcroft! The University of Chicago is an intellectual and moral cesspool.

Posted by: Wagewarfordemocracy | 2006-08-25 2:59:24 AM


I happen to be an immigrant idiot whose parents escaped from a utopian Marxist system that can only be enforced at the point of a gun.

Any problems with that?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-25 9:22:52 AM

Hmm, Jhonathan used the xenophobic card, the racist card, and the anti-mullah card.

I expected he would also be pro-terrorist/ pro-hisbollah as well.

And I bet he electronically zapped off to his favorite leftist blog, where he complained about all the right wing people, pointing out truths, that the islamofacists are not nice people!

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-25 2:05:03 PM

Set You Free,

Maybe he is just one of those people, who hates all sensible immigrants and their descendents equally.

When you think about it, many of the people who live in Canada, and who have immigrated and become Canadian citizens, have done so because they were fleeing some type of oppression or other.

In spite of all the evidence, that leftist states ensure their people are closer to failure all the time, if not actually failing all the time, there are always these immature individuals who insist that in spite of the fact that communism has failed, that maybe it should be tried again.

If they really feel that strongly about their leftist positions, then perhaps they could arrange to live in Cuba, and join Castro, or move to China, or some other place, rather than forcing the rest of us to endure their leftist diatribes?

Or perhaps he is saving his air-miles for a trip to Mexico or Hawaii.

They speak quickly, yet love the free world, while hating to defend it. That's why they, them, those people, will always be designing nervana on earth, with their heads in the clouds, rather than living the good life, while defending the freedom and liberty to do that.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-25 2:14:41 PM


Like we say in Alberta ... we succeed despite the best efforts of Ottawa.

I don't know if you've seen today's National Post letter of the day, but it should be of interest on several fronts, including the recent Quebeckers who responded to the Quebecistan post ... and who claimed Quebec was not anti-Semitic.

The writer is the former University of Alberta dean of law and former Jewish Montrealer who came to Edmonton 33 years ago.

He points out how Edmonton has a Jewish mayor, the former chancellor of the university was Jewish and nobody here has a problem with those facts.

As I've pointed out many times here, this is an immigrant society which values people for their accomplishment, not discriminating based on their particular ethnic background.

This is something people in central Canada, who recently created an industry for dependent immigrants, cannot get their heads around. So, because our immigrant population has assimilated and differences are no longer an issue, we are labelled rednecks ... especially by utopian Quebeckers who are envious of our freedom.

The writer said that he has never felt uncomfortable here as he did in Montreal, where he was subject to slurs.

Anyway, it's good to see Edmonton accurately portrayed by somebody respected enough in the community to know the difference.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-25 2:39:27 PM

Hey!!! Wagewarfordemocracy!!! That is WAY too hard to read on a Friday afternoon when everyone should be thinking about what's up for the weekend and maybe having a cocktail after 5. WAY TOO INTENSE FOR LATE FRIDAY AFRERNOON! Come on, I'm buying.

Posted by: wandalady | 2006-08-25 3:11:35 PM

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