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Thursday, August 17, 2006

For anyone interested in the U.S. elections

Building on my recent success in the January 23 elections, I have begun making endorsements in the U.S. Congressional elections.  I started with four U.S. Senate races (Connecticut, Ohio, Vermont, and Virginia).

Posted by D.J. McGuire on August 17, 2006 in Canadian Politics, International Affairs, International Politics | Permalink


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I just hope DemoNrats lose and stay away from offices for the next 20 years or so

Posted by: Winston | 2006-08-17 11:36:42 PM

. . . or at least until the last Kennedy drives off a bridge with an innocent young thing in his car, exposing his chappaquiDICK.

Posted by: obc | 2006-08-18 8:52:23 AM

I hope for GOP success, too - but remember: white females. As in white females will still stick to their big government-loving, non-traditional-family-touting, pro-abortion-spouting, Al-Qaeda-worshipping, activist (liberal) judge-supporting, affirmative action-championing (at least the sort of affirmative action which benefits white females disproportionately) and anti-American DNC. Happily, unless radical feminists finally get their way and successfully lobby for widespread cloning and mandatory sex-specific abortions privileging them over males, it appears as though they are becoming a smaller and smaller slice of the demographic pie.

Thank Goodness.

Posted by: bk | 2006-08-19 7:20:08 PM

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