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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Essay from Lebanon

The politicians, journalists and intellectuals of Lebanon have, of late, been experiencing the shock of their lives. They knew full well that Hezbollah had created an independent state in our country, a state including all the ministers and parallel institutions, duplicating those of Lebanon. What they did not know – and are discovering with this war, and what has petrified them with surprise and terror – is the extent of this phagocytosis.

In fact, our country had become an extension of Iran, and our so-called political power also served as a political and military cover for the Islamists of Teheran. We suddenly discovered that Teheran had stocked more than 12,000 missiles, of all types and calibers, on our territory and that they had patiently, systematically, organized a suppletive force, with the help of the Syrians, that took over, day after day, all the rooms in the House of Lebanon. Just imagine it : we stock ground-to-ground missiles, Zilzals, on our territory and that the firing of such devices without our knowledge, has the power to spark a regional strategic conflict and, potentially, bring about the annihilation of Lebanon.

Read it all.

Posted by Ezra Levant on August 9, 2006 | Permalink


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Wow. Just, wow. Thanks, Ezra. The whole article is powerful.

And compare the map in this article, folks, to the few square blocks photoshopped (or not) by the New York Times. It's like being slapped upside the head by reality.

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2006-08-09 6:37:44 PM

Golly! If this is accurate it means that our media are worse than useless. To say nothing of the UN & the EU.

(I thought I'd be more shocked saying that.)

Posted by: greenmamba | 2006-08-09 6:56:45 PM

Back to the idea of doing something instead just talking about it.

While watching Fox news last evening a plea of dontaions to help the displaced Israelis flee to the south appear several time with a 1-888 phone number.

I called and donated 100.00 US funds.

I urge you all to do the same.

Just do something ... we must help in anyway we can.

The Islaelis are fighting for us too.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-08-09 7:05:38 PM

wow....this opened my eyes.


Posted by: anonymous | 2006-08-09 7:24:27 PM

KNow this:


I am not sure whose the Liberals were hoping to attract, but I dearly hope it's the American armed forces and not Hesbolla.

I don't know who the US Democrats are inviting in to replace their military, (they have become as bad as our NDP) but I hope it's not the Chinese, or the Mexicans, or the cubans, or ANY other for that matter.

There is only one real super power in the world at this time and we can all be thankful that they are benevolent and understand the value of freedom.

Do you think that there is any other power in the world other than the USA that would allow this wimpy little Dominion to exist freely?

If so ... prove it! The US has already proved itself over the past couple of hundred years.

If we are not free it's not because of the USA, but rather because of the politically correct chains of the Candian Left fuelled by the insanity of multiculturalism.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-08-09 7:25:31 PM

Do not expect to read or hear about this from MSM, for they are too busy fabricating stories and creating photos (Reuters).

Posted by: Alain | 2006-08-09 7:27:52 PM

Very powerful stuff! It rings true. If so and this guy's in Beirut he's got real guts.

Does anyone have any more info on Metula News or on the author's background? Ezra?

Posted by: JR | 2006-08-09 7:28:07 PM

I wonder, when skimming the usual Canadian media reports of civilian casulties in Lebanon, where are the bomb shelters for these people? Surely a country which lobs rockets indiscriminately into a neighbouring sovreign country can expect a military response, can they not? When and where then, did they provide any kind of shelter for these poor civilian casulties they are crying for so hard now?

Posted by: M. Deridder | 2006-08-09 7:29:23 PM

One place to start, JR, is here: http://tinyurl.com/nv44v - here's another: http://tinyurl.com/gd6j7

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2006-08-09 7:35:23 PM

"Does anyone have any more info on Metula News or on the author's background?

It's the usual fake, never-before-seen, never-will-be-seen-again IDF-connected sorta "news" "agency" neo-clowns have lowered themselves to using to support their frail arguments on a daily basis. Did you find this answer helpful?

Posted by: Fizz | 2006-08-09 7:46:55 PM

The Lebanese people aren't just finding out about Hezbollah's weapons stockpiles and attacks on Israel, they knew what was going on all along.

The Lebanese people's complicity in attacking Israeli civilians with rockets designed to inflict maximum civilian casualties justifies any similar kind of attack on Lebanon - they're simply lucky that Israelis have much more decency and respect for human life than they do and use precision strikes on specific Hezbollah targets - a respect that Muslims never have, even for other Muslims.

Posted by: philanthropist | 2006-08-09 8:15:43 PM

Fizz,why have the lebanese army been so silent. Why is the gov't allowing a party with the equivalent clout of the NDP destroy thier country? You are right,someone out there is full of shit. Why haven't the Leb.gov't returned the soldiers and stopped the bloodshed? Who is pulling the strings on this disaster? It sure as hell isn't Bush or Harper.

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-08-09 10:42:59 PM

Something doesn't ring completely true about that Essay, Ezra.

It sounds a bit like counter-propaganda. None is needed; the truth will suffice for this cause.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-08-09 11:57:00 PM

EBD; I think it is real. I have read a lot about the Lebanon people and the people of Isreal and the friendships that have existed between people in these two countries. We have been so brainwashed by the Liberanos and the msm that we do not believe that the pathetic, boiling masses in the Arab world would actually have INDEPENDANT asperations for freedom for themselves and their people.
I thought the same as you when I read this article the first time and then I remembered that as we, here in a prosperous nation, are giving away our freedoms with frantic rightous sneers (eg the right to own property, the right to ride a bike with the wind in your hair - but it is OK for babies in buggies being towed by bikes to wear NO PROTECTION at all - the right to smoke cigarettes, the right to speak your mind, the right to demand reparations from criminals, the right to live if you are under 9 months old....); how could the 'average' Canadian believe a person who WANTS individual rights.
Thanks for posting this article, Ezra; it has made me feel humble.

Posted by: jema54j | 2006-08-10 2:04:27 AM

Way to keep a good thought, Jema.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-08-10 2:58:14 AM

They didn't realize what was going on? Oh yeah they did. Not only did they realize they smiled and went on with their daily life, praying and preparing for the fullfulment of their dream of dying for their evil god. The civilized world is being held hostage by the barbaric muslim religion. Time to put an end to it.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-10 4:38:56 AM

Muslim extremists, radical Islamists, what's in the name, what's the difference? It may soon become necessary for a roundup of all those who follow that dangerous religion and factions thereof, we've had enough of this. It doesn't bode well for our country to have large numbers of people roaming about our large cities in religious garb, aloof and unfriendly, with no intention of mixing with or getting to know us, not even to pass the time of day. That is not our way, that is not our Country.Most insidious in this is they are raising children in the same mode.It's encouraged through our stupid multicultural policies, we pay for it! With the news today out of Britain of a thwarted plot to blow up as many as ten aircraft from Britain to US, the time has come for a purge of these pathetic bastards who inhabit this earth. We have been set up for this same threat by the absolute wrong immigration policies of the Liberals for decades. Politically correctoids will take us down, let's not be cowed by them, call a spade a spade, this is war for our survival. Lebanon is a puzzler, the truth will have to come forth. How can a Country sit by while a terrorist group within it attacks it's neighbour and in turn gets ravaged? It's ludicrous. We are funding and encouraging multiculturalism, let's start the fight to stop it before we pay more dearly.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-08-10 5:41:20 AM

I am all for live and let live, didn't think that multiculturism was a bad thing. Didn't realize it would open the door for Canada to embrace or fear terrorist on their own soil. Didn't ever think I would see the day that the left would be publicly encouraging, and protecting terrorist groups such as the Hezzassholes. How stupid is it to allow the oppressive muslim religion, whose aim is to kill all non-muslims, to live and preach their hatred here?

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-10 6:10:11 AM

Here's something of interest I found from Bertrand Russell, which explains the natural attraction between Marxism and Islam. Interestingly enough, it also glancingly explains the French worldview.

“Bolshevism combines the characteristics of the French Revolution with those of the rise of Islam.

Marx has taught that Communism is fatally predestined to come about; this porduces a state of minmd not unlike that of the early successors of Mahommet.

Among religions, Bolshevism is to be reckoned with Mohammeanism rather than with Christianity and Buddhism.

Christianity and Buddhism are primarily personal religions, with mystical doctrines and a love of contemplation.

Mohammedanism and Bolshevism are practical, social, unspiritual, concerned to win the empire of this world.''

Now, I'm not sure when this was written, but I would guess early 20th century because of the reference to Bolshevism, but Russell's message remains relevant today.

Today's Marxists, the so-called left, support Islamic expansionism because it is also their goal.

Notice Russell's reference to Bolshevism (Marxism) as a religion. Today in Canada, that religion is called secular humanism, a state religion that does not recognize the quite different realms of church and state.

Tony Blair got in trouble with the Marxists back home after his speech in Los Angeles in which he called for a complete renaissance of British foreign policy to combat reactionary Islam.

Wonder what the commies are saying today about the latest insane plot to blow up airplanes leaving Britain?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-10 10:05:55 AM

Lebanon is an example of one type of multi-culturalism where one group (Hezbollah/Shiites) does not integrate with the others (Christians, Sunnis), nor have any sense of national identity (Lebanon) that includes the others.

Is Canada following the same model as Lebanon? Maybe one day a group of Muslims in Canada will be lobbing missiles into the US and kidnapping US border guards.

The thing that really gets me is how the Shiites (Hezbollah supporters) seem to have no sense of logic or consequences: Hezbollah starts things by crossing the border and kidnapping soldiers from another country, the other country retaliates with force -- and it is not Hezbollah's fault for starting it (and refusing to correct their mistake by giving back the soldiers) in the Shiites' minds. Instead it is Israel's fault.

In the Arab world, it is always the Israelis' or Americans' fault, never their own. Until they can learn to take responsibility, they will be on the same path forever.

Posted by: Mike B | 2006-08-10 10:28:22 AM

I don't think it is a good idea to allow any religious cult, that is based on death and destruction as the muslim faith is, into your country. They have no intention of giving up that evil oppressive death cult. It will take too many years to civilize them, and we shouldn't have to fear for our lives because they believe in some whacked out god.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-10 10:46:52 AM

Honey Pot:

My parents both escaped the former Soviet Union, yet as a child I was called and “f***ng DP'' by other neighbourhood children.

Later in life, my boss thought it was funny to call me a “f****ng Commie.''

Yeah, that's it. Ban immigration based on the wack-job leadership these fellow human beings suffer under.

Now, I would be FOR an immigration policy that would bring in people this country truly needs ... blue-collar workers.

We have plenty enough immigrants under the previous policies who qualified for jobs in the Canadian bureaucracy ... and who are now telling us how we should run our lives.

The answer, of course, is to tweak the immigration policy to the needs of the labour market ... not the Marxist model of creating an industry for immgration lawyers and social workers.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-10 11:02:24 AM

What a brilliant paper! It is about time the Lebanese started defining their problem, with their terrorists, in a manner that does them justice!

And, I have the following paper to add to this forum! It was sent to me by a bright member of the lady team!

I say that, as only a lady could write something as revealing as this article!

Call me bad, if you want. "I am not bad. I am just drawn that way". -- Jessica Rabbit


Comment on this story.Let's not mistake Qana's many dead for victims of Israel

WASHINGTON Watching the anguish in Lebanon following an Israeli airstrike that killed at least 37 children in Qana on Sunday put me in mind of Susan Smith, the South Carolina mother who drowned her children several years ago. The parallel requires a small stretch of free association, so bear with me.
After allowing her car to slip into a lake with the boys strapped to their car seats inside, Smith claimed they had been kidnapped. Her infertile imagination provided a racist cliché: A black man did it.
Fast forward a few years. I bumped into a woman who had just visited Smith in prison. When I asked how Smith was doing, the woman replied: "Like any grieving mother, she's mourning the loss of her children."
Then Rod Serling stepped into the frame and cued the "Twilight Zone" soundtrack. Let's see: You kill your children, and then you get sympathy for your loss?
As the Qana myth unfolds, the children's deaths are blamed on the Middle East's perpetual villain - Israel - while Hezbollah's minions gnash and wail for the cameras. We are expected to join in vilifying Israel while Hezbollah enjoys a bounce in popularity.
Obviously, the anguish of the Lebanese people is heartfelt, and no one celebrates the loss of innocent life. Wait, correction. No one except Hezbollah, which pioneered that nihilistic addition to modern warfare, the suicide bomber, whose purpose is to kill as many civilians as possible. The "Party of God" is also a proud innovator in the use of human shields, especially women and children. By bringing the war to suburbia, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, and launching rockets from villages
such as Qana, Hezbollah virtually ensures civilians will die.
Israeli Defense Forces had dropped leaflets into Qana a week beforehand, warning residents to evacuate. Although international humanitarian law forbids deliberate targeting of civilian areas, exceptions are tolerated under certain circumstances.
As Human Rights Watch explains on its Web site, a civilian area can be targeted if it "makes an 'effective' contribution to the enemy's military activities and its destruction, capture or neutralization offers a 'definite military advantage' to the attacking side in the circumstances ruling at the time." Why some residents of Qana didn't leave given fair warning is a point of speculation, but Hezbollah reportedly has blocked residents from evacuating other areas. Proportionality is a trickier question, but let's be clear on the issue of moral equivalence. There is none.
Hezbollah aims to kill civilians; Israel aims not to. But by firing rockets from civilian areas, Hezbollah forces Israel to return fire, thus inciting the condemnation of civilized nations and fueling the reliable outrage of the Arab street.
Those dead women and children are casualties of Hezbollah, not Israel. As in the case of Susan Smith, we mourn the deaths of the children but have no sympathy for the responsible party.
Only in the Twilight Zone is Hezbollah a victim.

Comment on this story.Let's not mistake Qana's many dead for victims of Israel
Thursday, August 3, 2006

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 11:14:52 AM

You really want to know why the Lebanese Army has been so silent?

You really do not know?

The paper goes into great detail as to why they do nothing.

But, the greatest reason why they do nothing, is because their government has not given them any orders, to fight the terrorists themeselves.

And why is that?

You can read as well as I can. You can see what their leader, their political leader, has said. You can tell where his position is, by the words that he utters. And also, by what he does not say.

Some acts are criminal, when they are committed; whereas other acts, they are criminal through ommission.

If we, in Canada, permitted the accumulation of terrorist weapons, aimed at destroying another nation, we would be ommitting our responsibillity, to ensure peace and good order.

The same is very true of the Lebanese government, and their military.

They failed to stop this on their soil.

They failed to exercise their right to self determination.

They permitted a terrorist group, that has religious indoctrination, to be set up from their neighbors, Iran and Syria, and they did nothing to stop it.

They permitted those terrorists, to use Lebanese soil, to attack Israel.

That act, is an act of gross proportions on behalf of Syria and Iran. They did to Lebanon, what they would not do to themselves!

And, too many Lebanese people were willingly guiled by them, the terrorists and their supporting nations, to do their dirty work!

We like to sit here and say we think that the lebanese government and their Army does not have the capability to go in and take out the terrorists.

That is, after all, what they said about the Palestinian Authority Security Force.

And, does anyone here know just how many members there are in the Palestinian Authroity Security Force?

How about you have a look-see!?

I'll give you a hint.

They have more people in their security force, than we have in our Force.

And the excuse they use for not taking out the terrorists.

They say, they do not want to fire their weapons at fellow Muslims.

What a piece of BS!

What do we do here in Canada, when a people are terrorists?

Do we sit around and wonder whether they are a particular religion?


If they are doing something that is against our laws, and we know about it, we do something about it! No one gets preferential treatment, on the basis of their religion! And anyone argueing for special treatment, is trying to pull what the terrorists have pulled in Lebanon. And that leads directly to a loss of security, both of the individual and our nation.

We have seen enough of that in our time.

Looks as though the lebanese gotta leanr the ultimate hard way, that they let the enemy in, and now that they have absorbed their own people, they are going to have to go in, and route out the terrorists!

'Cause if they do not, they will not have a place to call Lebanon, their home, and theirs to define, on their self-determined terms anymore.

Sad, yet true.

18 years Israel occupied Southern Lebanon. They did it to maintain the peace and safety of their own people. They did the responsible thing. They did what the Lebanese government failed to do for themselves. And in the past six years that Israel has left, the terrorists built up a massive arsenal, for the only purpose, of killing Israelis.

There is simply no question, that Israel has the moral right and the moral duty to defned their own people.

My concern is whether or not the message, about the same responsibility, that Lebanon has, to ensure that their own people are safe and free of the terrorist elements, is their responsibility, to ensure their own neighbors are not under this constant terror as well.

I will keep hoping that the message will get through, and that peace will become a reality between Lebanon and Israel.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 11:36:30 AM

Did you openly practise and preach communisim when you came here Setmefree? Did your parents carry around a picture of Stalin, and pray to it every night? For fucksake, we are retards to allow the evil muslim religion to hold us hostage in our own country. They want us dead, that is the high and low of it. For us to survive, it is best to know thy enemy.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-10 11:42:44 AM

Honey Pot:

The enemies of freedom are Marxists (such as the Canadian politicians) who marched in support of Hizb'allah and the Mohammedans. Marxists have their own state religion, secular humanism, which does not allow for personal religions other than theirs (intolerance), mystical doctrines and a love of contemplation (free speech).

They have formed an unholy alliance of common goals ... that is practical, social, unspiritual and mainly concerned to win the empire of this world.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-10 12:00:53 PM

Metula News agency is the French language / Israeli news service. French propaganda arm that any knowledgeable human being could see through. Love it when nobody signs an article.

Mike B...unfortunately they are taking responsibility and filling a void in the Arab world that saw American backed tyrants paid to remain neutral. Israel occupied Lebanon for 22 years. There was no such thing as Hezbollah for the first 4 years, but the Israeli have this thing about occupation...they don't leave, and nobody holds them accountable, especially this rag of a newspape I wouldn't wrap fish in.
Ezra Levant? I'd love to buy him for what he's worth , and sell him for what he thinks he's worth. He's to journalism what the WWF is to sports!

Posted by: Miles Tompkins | 2006-08-10 12:16:44 PM

Set You Free,

You know what the real funny thing is about this?

They marched together, but they hate eachother's guts! When one has bowel movement in the same bathrub, the other will scream piss and vinegar!

We know that 15% of islamofacists are radical islamists, who attempt to deny a religious foundation to their position. That is where and how they have dug their position into the Quebecistan left.

Easy in! But will take difficult extraction!

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 12:34:34 PM

I meant bathtub, not "bathrub". The latter is unmentionable!

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 12:36:24 PM

Miles Tompkins,

It was signed by Michael Béhé in Beirut.

Like Annan, quick to blurt out misinformation. You want to rewrite your statement?

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 12:40:14 PM


Do you mean 15% of Muslims are jihadists?

That seems reasonable.

Now, the Canadian Marxist politician are jumping up and letting us know who they are.

It's all good.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-10 12:43:02 PM

That is right Miles T. Israel was forced to establish a buffer zone in southern Lebanon to protest its citizens within Israel from attacks from the PLO. The PLO established their own mini-state just as Hezbollah has done and murdered every Lebanese Christian they could along with creating civil war throughout the country. You overlook the Syrian invasion of Lebanon like most people seeking to replace the truth. Syria still has its hand in Lebanon along with Iran's proxy Hezbollah.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-08-10 12:46:44 PM


About (estimated) 15% of the following population are not religious:

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Fatah - Revolutionary Council

Fatah Tanzim

Force 17



Martyrs of al-Aqsa

Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command

And it is not equally spread, as some groups claim no religious base, whereas others an entire religious foundation.

http://www.ict.org.il has a very good list, although not exhaustive.

Homeland Security has a good list as well.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 12:56:55 PM

Oh, and 100% of the aforementioned organizations, are terrorist.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 12:58:44 PM


Yet all the warriors of those organizations shout “Allah Ahkbar'' when they kill innocents and make the world safe for Muslims.

Therefore, they must be religious.

My guess is that in their worldview, there is no separation of church and state.

That's statement is somewhat based on a Hassan Nasrallah quote in an AP story yesterday:

“If you enter our land, we will throw you out by force and we will turn the land of our invaluable south into your graveyard.'

Therefore, I can only conclude Nasrallah considers his group of Iranian Republican Guards squatters tationed within the borders of Lebanon to be his land.

Yet, when I look at a map, the area is called Lebanon.

Ah, well, just artificial borders drawn up by European white males at Paris in 1919, I suppose.

Now, if Nasrallah considers all Islamic occupied land one property, perhaps it is time the United Nations gave all those artificial nations one vote ... in total.

All they have to do is ask Nasrallah what he considers to be his land. Would that work?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-10 1:19:19 PM

Set You Free,

And, with one single government, we would then be dealing with the actual single entity that they are. True, the have now had different histories, but the actions appear to be the same where ever they inflict the cultishness.

And yet, they have chosen to ensure the lands are divided according to their kingdoms. There is no moral equivalency between them and the west, even in the nature of their structures, so true comparison is a feeble exercise, yet essential for making the mental shift into understanding the strategic nature of he current tactic.

They have decided to keep, in some cases, a government that is elected, for the purpose of looking like they are a nation just like all others. Others, retain no such fake government, and choose no elections at all.

Meanwhile, their behaviour, the way they separate their terrorist forces from the power of the state, ensures elected officials can be cushined from accepting responsibility for the actions of the terrorists, who operate within their borders.

Well, it is time the charade was made over, and done with.

The politicians, including all, have to be made to accept the responsibility AND the duty to eradicate the terrorism from within their borders. They cannot claim that they are being responsible for their own nations IF they do not act with their duty, to behave!

Please, as we go into the holy weekend, please pray for the protection of Israel, the people, her democracy and her defence force.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 2:05:02 PM

Meanwhile, the media covers the pounding that Hisbollah is taking and the fact they are using humans, women and children, as shields, and is causing media to flail in ignorance, and miss the stories, of the murders going on in Israel, by these Hisbollah terrorist monsters, who fire rockets directly into civilian populations!

The following article describes what the Israelis are going through, on just one day.

And Arabs in Israel, are mourned as deeply, as are any other people who loose their lives, by the hands of the Lebanese Hisbollah terrorists.


"150 rockets and counting today: Arab Israeli woman and son murdered"

By Israel Insider staff and partners August 10, 2006

Hezbollah rockets hit an Israeli Arab village on Thursday, killing two people, including an infant, and wounding two others, medics said.

The rockets hit the village of Deir al Assad in northern Israel, the Magen David Adom rescue service said. One rocket scored a direct hit on a home in the village of Dir el-Asad, near Karmiel, killing woman and her son. The five-year-old boy was initially critically injured, but later died of his wounds. Two more people were wounded, one seriously and one lightly, while 38 others were treated for shock, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Two people were killed when the rocket hit a house in the village. Two others were wounded, one seriously and one lightly, the medics said.

Rockets also struck Nahariya, Safed, the Golan Heights, and the Haifa Bay area.

So far, 38 civilians have been killed by Hezbollah rockets since the fighting began July 12.

(The AP contributed to this report )


The boy and his mother, were Arab Israelis.

Hisbollah, they do not care who they hurt, so long as they kill people in Israel. Their behaviour is: ugly, murdering, deceptive, arrogant, terror!

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 2:22:12 PM

In regard to your post at 2:22, Lady, I'm sure you will rejoice with us all with the news that a ceasefire agreement is apparently imminent:


Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-10 2:30:38 PM

Or do you mean, "hudna"?

So, you ever do the hand signal, that Hisbollah use?

Go look, and see for yourself. Looks like Nazis to me!


Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 2:47:20 PM

When I mentioned on a chat group I am on that 40% of Katyusha rocket attacks are Israelis of Arabic descent, I get the answer ‘that's because there are no bomb shelters.'

Does anybody out there know if Israelis of non-Arabic descent are spending their entire existence in bomb shelters now?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-10 2:53:24 PM

"Or do you mean, "hudna"?"

Lady, what the hell are you referring to?

Are you joyful about the possibility of a ceasefire this weekend, as reported in Haaretz?

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-10 3:13:21 PM


You have a computer.

You believe in freedom.

You go look up the term HUDNA yourself.

It is easy.

Enter google.ca into your address location of your computer, and press enter. Then, in the search box, enter the word hudna. Add a few other terms, such as middle east (not biased) and terrorism.

There are cultures, and there are interpretations of cultures.

You have chosen to interpret the situation based on your, maybe, grade eight education? Am I right about that?

Tell me about fish. Like cod, perhaps?

Tell me about your sex life.

I am certain you know alot about that.

But the subject matter, you have engaged in, is far greater, and deeper, than mere superficial premises and assumptions.

It is based on fact.

Sure, HUDNA sounds like nonsense. But it is a real word, and up to you, to go and freely find out what it really means.

There is also a difference between an intelligent person, with a capability to argue, and a knowledgeable person, who is equally intelligent and capable of arguement.

Which one are you?

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 3:26:51 PM

Lady, your ramblings are that of an insane woman. What fish, or my sex life has to do with some word You brought to the discussion, that I have no idea of the meaning of, can only be the fantasies of a poor deluded soul.

You lie about my ancestry, you make rash prejudicial generalizations about Arabs, and now you want to know about my sex life, or about fish (cod??) when the subject of a possible ceasefire is brought up?

I'm beginning to feel sorry for you.

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-10 3:33:59 PM

Hudna (هدنة) is an Arabic term meaning "truce" or "armistice" as well as "calm" or "quiet", coming from a verbal root meaning "calm". It is sometimes translated as "cease-fire".

So, what's your issue with Haaretz reporting on a possible ceasefire? What does this have to do with some hand signals?

Are you joyful or not about the possible prospect of a ceasefire/hudna?

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-10 3:42:38 PM


You got the word, yet you did not get what it has been translated in with culturally.

Hudna, as it really means, does not translate to a ceasefire for the purpose of peace.

Look again Ian.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-10 3:58:09 PM

Lady, in English, Haaretz, and Israeli newspaper, is reporting that a ceasefire is possible. It does not say "Hudna," which is apparently an Arabic word, that also has been translated as "ceasefire."

Now, are you joyful about the prospects of a ceasefire? It's a simple "yes" or "no" question, Lady.

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-10 4:51:12 PM

Why didn't any so-called "Canadian" in Lebanon have any problem living next to Hizbollah for the past six years? Where was their alarm and concern for their safety when Hizbollah was prepping for a war to "kill the Jews?"

Nasrallah on the Jewish people:
In the New Yorker, 14/10/02: “If we searched the entire world for a person more cowardly, despicable, weak and feeble in psyche, mind, ideology and religion, we would not find anyone like the Jew. Notice, I do not say the Israeli.”
In the Lebanese paper Daily Star, 23/10/02: “If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.”

Nasrallah on the Holocaust:
On Al-Jazeera, 03/02/06: "For example, a few years ago, a great French philosopher, Roger Garaudy, wrote a scientific book. He did not offend, curse, or insult anyone. He wrote a scientific research of an academic nature, in which he discussed the alleged Jewish Holocaust in Germany. He proved that this Holocaust is a myth.”

Ian, "hudna" ("which is apparently an Arabic word"...are you so certain of that to go and give advice on life/death now?) doesn't mean "ceasefire." It is an iSLAMic war tactic by which they re-arm in mind of resuming hostilities when THEY are ready, whether or not the time span of the "hudna" has been exhausted.

I get you think "jihad" is solely an "internal struggle" and the meaning has been "hi-jacked" by "radicals" who misrepresent iSLAM, even though (don't read further; bail! bail!) it is exactly what is preached from Mecca's Grand Mosque to the jihadi ?alestinian version of Sesame Street (which has no Jewish characters coz they know, like you, peace will come through submission).

Walid Shoebat (www.shoebat.com) is on CoasttoCoast AM tonight. Live stream from: http://www.kfi640.com/pages/streaming.html starting at midnight Mtn.

Posted by: wharold | 2006-08-10 7:17:01 PM


" "hudna" ("which is apparently an Arabic word"...are you so certain of that to go and give advice on life/death now?)"

What are you referring to, re. life/death?
doesn't mean "ceasefire." It is an iSLAMic war tactic by which they re-arm in mind of resuming hostilities when THEY are ready, whether or not the time span of the "hudna" has been exhausted."

Just like some "ceasefires."

My question still stands - are folks feeling joyful that a ceasefire (as reported by Haaretz, which makes no mention of the word "hudna") may be imminent?

It's a yes or no question, really.


Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-10 7:28:26 PM

Has Hezbollah been destroyed?


So what's there to be joyful about?

Posted by: Ian in NS | 2006-08-10 8:57:13 PM

"So what's there to be joyful about?"

Presumably, a ceasefire will be an agreement of all sides to stop destruction and killing people. If Israel agrees to this, is Israel doing something "evil" or "wrong" in your opinion?

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-08-10 9:01:46 PM

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