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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Communist China: We would never send weapons to terrorists (we leave that for our allies).

Communist China's point man in the Middle East made good use of the cover his Iranian allies give his regime on the issue of Beijing-made missiles in Hezbollah's hands (fourth item).  He insisted the Communists don't export weapons to Hezbollah, but he "could not rule out that the weapons may have been transferred by a third party" (emphasis added).

Communist China used the same "third party" line when its weapons were transmitted to the Taliban and al Qaeda via Pakistan - a ChiCom ally for over half a century.

Posted by D.J. McGuire on August 23, 2006 in Canadian Politics, International Affairs | Permalink


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Hahaha, loser. Capitalist China is less socialist than Canada, and they are our military PARTNERS. In fact, Capitalist China will likely enshrine PROPERTY RIGHTS in their constitution before Canada does!

"Draft law backs right to property

Private property will be accorded the same protection as public property such as State-owned assets, according to a draft law.

The fifth version of the draft law on property rights was submitted to the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee yesterday for deliberation today.

The draft law defines and governs matters relating to owners' rights of immovable and movable property.

Giving equal protection to properties owned by different entities is vital for competition in the market economy, Hu Kangsheng, vice-chairman of the NPC Law Committee, said in his report on the revision of the draft law at an NPC Standing Committee conference.
Also submitted to lawmakers for review and debate will be draft laws on supervision, enterprise bankruptcy, anti-money laundering, and farmers' business associations, and the draft amendment to the existing law of business partnerships."


Ever single contributor at The Shotgun is a closet statist, as I prove time and time again with factually accurate data. Hahaha! Losers!

Posted by: Fizz | 2006-08-23 2:12:51 PM

when are you moving to china ?

Posted by: spike | 2006-08-23 2:18:12 PM

spike: My family was here long before "Canada" was invented, and we'll be here long after the Fake Federalist Entity dissolves. Besides, China isn't stupid like you and the rest of the liberal open immigration lovers, so emigrating to China or virtually any other country in the world is not an option.

Canada is measurably the best country in the world. I love it here, but we'd be so much better if it wasn't for liberal losers like you fucking it up. Ridicule is the most lethal weapon known to mankind, and I intend to use it to great effect until the last neo-statist godless liberal fuckstick left in Canada packs his bags for a more appropriate atheist destination, like Albania.

Posted by: Fizz | 2006-08-23 4:06:38 PM

Nice try, Fizz. The ChiComs have been talking about "property rights" for years, usually to give folks like you something to crow about, before shelving it when they hope no one's watching.

I'll say this for you though; your propaganda campaign is a lot shrewder than Bobby Fletcher's.

Posted by: D.J. McGuire | 2006-08-23 4:06:44 PM

OK, now that I've seen your last comment, Fizz, I retract my compliment. Ol' Bobby was at least somewhat coherent and able to steer clear of foul language.

Posted by: D.J. McGuire | 2006-08-23 4:09:29 PM

The terrorists who are imported are the weapon. Canada imports terrorists en mass through immigration err, cheap labour. Not to mention the 30,000+ "evacuees" who are Hizballah agents and sympathizers.

Changing our ways of life like tight security in airports and influencing our foreign policies are the weapons of our "home grown" terrorists.

Posted by: fw | 2006-08-23 4:23:35 PM

poor ol'e fizz is all fizzled out.hope you did'nt deplete your vocabulary and you certainly don't know squat about my politics. LOL

Posted by: spike | 2006-08-23 4:40:09 PM

I must admit having a bit of trouble with this post. I am not in any shape or form a fan or supporter of the communist regime in China, which makes it hard to say this. However, seeing the on-going sale of weapons/arms to the Arab countries by the Americans (and not to say they are alone), I am not sure we can honestly point the finger at China. Even now the U.S. has announced a huge amount, do not want to try to guess the exact figure, of money for southern Lebanon with zero to Israel. Knowing how things work in the land of Islamism, the money will be controlled by hizbollah. Clearly there is a lack of consistency in American policy. How does one justify the on-going marketing and selling of weapons to hostile regimes, i.e. Saudi Arabia, etc. The Arabs do not need weapons to defend themselves but do need weapons for agression.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-08-23 4:56:14 PM

"able to steer clear of foul language."

Oh don't be such an effeminate pussy. Here in Canada it is common for heterosexual men to use swear words. Got an issue? Get a tissue, and grief counselling, if my scary swear words make you pee your Depends :-)

Posted by: Fizz | 2006-08-23 5:28:00 PM

Please tune in to God's Learning Channel. Streamingfaith.com on Internet for more details about inconsistencies.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-08-23 5:30:27 PM

Hey Fizz

I see you are using the prisoner free-time computer again. How's prison life treating you. I hope you are taking some group conseling to fit back into society, we don't want you re-offending. Or maybe we do....

Posted by: The Missing Link | 2006-08-23 8:46:47 PM

Hahaha, when AngryMan "Missing Link" grunts angry nonsense I KNOW I just hit the sweet spot :-) Any other loser trolls out there who want to debase themselves?


Posted by: Fizz | 2006-08-23 9:43:44 PM


You lack intestinal fortitude.

Your use of swear words is a very sad attempt to overcompensate for your lack of manliness.

And even worse, your use of swear words is symptomatic of your lack of gentlemanliness.

Here, in Canada, it is common for those individuals who lack both intestinal fortitude and intelligence, to stick foul words into sentences and conversations, in an attempt to make up for their lack of ability to illuminate the material with their minds.

Typically, they who bend over backwards to embellish their sentences with words, such as "pussy", on the web, are hiding behind their fears that the world may find out about their fears and in general, their potentially latent homosexual preference, inability to make love, or ability to rape, and past indulgences amongst other such potential behaviours.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-08-25 1:57:32 PM

well put lady. use facts when you reply or just read

Posted by: sal | 2006-08-25 6:48:16 PM

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