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Friday, August 11, 2006

Calgary meet and greet

Looks like a few Calgary bloggers are getting together Saturday afternoon for a bit of a get together. Information here.  I'll be around with my son and some of my younger brothers.  Look to see you there.  Info for the other side of the street.

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Time to call out Protest Warrior.


Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-08-11 9:39:56 PM

From the Peace Calgary website.


Notice the green sign in front: "Democracy: Marginally Better than Volcano Worship."

The mind boggles at that one. Are these really the kind of people with whom we real human beings ought to associate? I'm worried about being close to one of them as they are struck by lightning!

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-08-11 9:42:48 PM

That is concerning. I thought Quebec and T.O. had a monopoly on moonbats and jihadist lovers, and we only had to look towards the East in order not to be blind-sided.

Posted by: Nothing New Under the Sun | 2006-08-11 11:55:26 PM

I would strongly suggest that someone attend to video tape the proceedings and participants. Something tells me it will be of value in the future.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2006-08-12 1:05:27 AM

Hey, I've got an idea: why don't you burn an effigy of Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener at your little hate rally? After all, it appears to be the editorial position around here that Canadian soldiers are the enemy when they get in the way of your racial/holy war (or RAHOWA, as it is known in some circles), right?

Posted by: Fizz | 2006-08-12 4:49:34 AM

Good Luck with your attendance at the Calgary Freedom march Darcey.
Please look for the terrorist Hezbollah flag in their "peace" parade and let us in the rest of the country see who marches in its shadow in Calgary.
We know who marches in the Hezbollah flag's shadow in Quebec - Liberal Denis Coderre and closet communist and Bloc head Gilles Duceppe.
Enough said.

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2006-08-12 5:48:48 AM

Fizz please enlighten us,, what the fu.. are you talking about??

Posted by: MikeP | 2006-08-12 6:16:35 AM

MikeP-Asking Fizz to enlighten us....REALLY !!!

Posted by: Frico | 2006-08-12 6:35:27 AM

You know it would be a good idea for non-terrorist supporters to have their own rally. Signs stating truths, such as "islam is evil", "allah is s fuckwit", etc, etc,....

Ironic isn't it? A person in Canada can take to the streets to show their love and support for a murderous terrorist group, such as the Hezzassholes, but they can't call someone's supernatural deity, and its followers bloodthirsty idiots. Good chance a person would be dragged before the star chamber if they dared speak up against someone's tyrannical make belief god.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-12 7:15:27 AM

Why doesn't "Peace" Calgary call itself what it really is - "Anti-U.S.; Anti-Semites Calgary"; they'd probably still get the same moonbats out to their rallies.

Posted by: DrD | 2006-08-12 7:57:01 AM

Hezbollah leader to obey ceasefire when Israel stops fighting

But Sheik Hassan Nasrallah called continued resistance to the Israel offensive "our natural right" and predicted more hard fighting to come.

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah
Related news UN Security Council unanimously passes draft resolution
Israel expects ceasefire by Monday
International force deploying in southern Lebanon in 10 days
Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said on Saturday the militant organisation would abide by the UN cease-fire resolution but would continue fighting as long as Israeli troops remained in southern Lebanon.

"We will not be an obstacle to any (government) decision that it finds appropriate, but our ministers will express reservations about articles that we consider unjust and unfair.''

His address was televised as the Lebanese Cabineet was in session to vote on whether to accept the resolution. Hezbollah has two ministers in the government.

But he called continued resistance to the Israel offensive "our natural right" and predicted more hard fighting to come.

"We must not make a mistake, not in the resistance, the government or the people, and believe that the war has ended. The war has not ended. There have been continued strikes and continued casualties," he said in a taped television address.

"Today nothing has changed and it appears tomorrow nothing will change," he said, in reference to Israel's push by thousands more troops and armour into the country on Saturday, within hours of the UN adopting the cease-fire resolution by a unanimous vote-eitb news

Are the people here in Canada that stupid that they actually believe Lebanon wants a cease-fire? As long as there is a woman or child for the muslim male to hide behind there will be no cease-fire. Go Israel go, the civilized world is behind you, do what you must do to rid the earth of the terrorist culture/cult of Islam.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-12 10:23:34 AM

It's still a victory for Hizb'allah.

UN resolution 1559 called for the disarmament and expulsion of the occupying Iranian Revolutionary Guard from Lebanon.

A ceasefire falls pretty short of that intent.

It's good to see the French army will be the leader in this venture.

It will be interesting to see how little cousin Quebecistan reacts when things will inevitably go wrong.

Guaranteed, Hizb'allah and it sympathizers will justify some type of insurrection against European occupiers.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-12 10:43:29 AM

Come on Calgary, do what the rest of Canada doesn't have the balls to do. Let the Islamist, liberal and ndp know that their terrorist love fest does not bode well with the non-muslim people of Canada.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-12 11:02:46 AM

I'll be there with my big old maple leaf flag and a tee shirt with the Statue of Liberty proudly shown in front of the twin towers.

Posted by: kelly | 2006-08-12 11:53:51 AM

Interesting video to watch. Took awhile to download.


Posted by: Cathy | 2006-08-12 2:40:02 PM

So the scoreboard:

10ish obnoxious pro-war right wingers.
350+ peaceful anti-war protesters.


Posted by: Voice of Reason | 2006-08-12 3:02:02 PM

More like:

350+ obnoxious anti-war (but pro-terrorist) protesters with nothing better to do.

10 brave people who took time out of their busy schedules to stand up for democracy, freedom and human rights.

That sounds about right.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-08-12 3:08:15 PM

There were 350+ dhimmis there?


Posted by: Set you free | 2006-08-12 3:09:26 PM

If one person showed up to protest the pro-terrorist peace rally, I would be very proud of that person. Ignoring the islamist all these years has given the barbaric muslim cult in Canada a strong foothold.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-12 3:38:04 PM


CFCN has a few (really, just a few) about this rally. Apparently only a hundred or so turned out.

Maybe the so-called "peace" movement isn't so strong after all.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-08-12 5:53:17 PM

The Liberals always fall back on numbers and polls. Even if those numbers and polls are correct, does that make popular ideas right ideas?

Posted by: Bunker | 2006-08-12 6:02:16 PM

Well, a two-day warning isn't enough to really rally anyone together. We know how many people showed up for an anit-Israel rally; 350 in a city of a million.

Why don't we prepare a pro-Israel rally with a month lead time? If we have enough people in Calgary talking about it and putting posters up, surely we can outnumber a weak turnout like that, right?

Posted by: Tozetre | 2006-08-13 8:27:16 AM

Very good idea Tozetre. Not a good idea to ignore the islam death cult in hopes they will go away. Canada has a small but growing muslim population. As of 2001, there were 580,000 muslims in Canada, about 1.8 percent of Canada's population. Islam is the largest non-Christian religion in Canada. Muslims have been led to believe by the liberal government that their religion/culture of death and destruction is welcomed in Canada. It is about time they were informed that we will not tolerate their terrorist culture/religion. The evil and abusive teachings of islam must be exposed as to protect the law-abiding citizens of Canada.

Posted by: Honey Pot | 2006-08-13 9:41:25 AM

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