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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brilliant Articles

I came across two very great pieces today and I am glad I did. You should read them as well.

***One is a very old article written by Mr. Michael Ledeen in April 1979 about the nature of the Khomeini's revolution. Read it at NY Sun.

Mr. Ledeen, an expert observer back then writes about why Khomeini hated the Shah:

Many saw this tragedy --Islamic Revolution-- coming but the silly Carter and his stupid aides didn't and now we are stuck with the 4th century style government of Iran.

***The other one is by Iranian journalist, Mr. Taheri which you can read here and it is about those people who find the idea of talks with the regime attractive and think pure diplomacy can help change the behavior of the Iranian regime. As Amir Taheri says, talks can not stop the Iranian mullahs from the evil they are doing. The only language they understand is of force and toughness.

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Carter ought to have stayed away from politics!

Too late now!

Of course, the issue is that carter believes that all people will do good. He and his ilk have ignored the fact that people, when left of their own accord, have the ability to do as much good and evil! And, certain people, will choose evil!

Posted by: Lady | 2006-09-01 2:33:49 PM

That is why Carter should stick to building homes for the homeless. The only good thing to come from him His legacy as pres. is a disgrace and now he continues to bring shame to the office of Pres.
He was speaking to Nassrallah today I'm sure Dubbya's ears were burning today.
Thanks for the article by Ledeen Helps to show what are up against. But you have to admit atleast he's consistent.

Posted by: Sal | 2006-09-01 3:40:18 PM

Amir is so right but the leaders of the free world and all the leftists do not want to accept the fact that the only language that our enemies understand is brute force and complete defeat. How many more innocent lives must be ended and how much more blood shed before the truth is accepted and proper action is finally taken in this war.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-09-01 4:21:30 PM

Just so Alain.

Osama bin Laden said, "the Muslims will back the strong horse."

After the Gulf War Saddam declared victory.
After the 8 year long War of the Cities between Iran and Iraq BOTH sides declared victory.

Anything short of complete defeat is understood in the Muslim world as a victory, it's a cultural thing.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-09-01 4:38:33 PM

Hate to make more offerrings into the same bathwater, but here is a great presentation!


The very same sympathies of these terrorists, is held by jad.

When you look at the history of israel, what you see, is a history or politicians who have tried very hard, to help the people, who are backing the terrorists.

They have employed these people.

They have married many of these people.

They have given free education to these people.

They have given free medical to these people.

Every single act of kindness, has been returned by ugliness.

And that very same ugliness, is shared by jad and the other mullahs in Iran.

they hide behind the skirts of false positions, saying they are for peace, while preparing their attacks.

These attacks have been seen around the world, and we have even caught them making plans in Canada.

So, we hear NDP and Liberals sympathizing, and saying that they want to sit down, and talk with the terrorists.

Well, the terrorists want death and destruction.

If you sympathize with them, then they will do to us, what they have done to the israelis!

It is just a matter of time.

Could you imagine that being here?

Take a look at this presentation!


Posted by: Lady | 2006-09-01 5:50:28 PM

Michael offers his solution: nuke them. I agree.


Posted by: lostarc | 2006-09-02 11:19:23 AM

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