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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pro Israel rally in Toronto (Photos)

I was at pro-Israel rally in North York's Mel Lastman square this afternoon and took some pictures and shot a short video of the gathering.

Photos and Video

I talked to some Rabbis and other fellows explaining to them that Iranian people do not support terrorists. They were surprised and also very appreciative of support from a fellow Iranian citizen though.

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It's nice to see such a crowd supporting Israel. Thanks for posting the photos, Winston. (I didn't see the video, I'm out in the country on a hamster-powered modem, 22Kbps on a good day).

Posted by: EBD | 2006-07-27 12:35:43 AM

Well, you will be able to watch once you are back!

Blogger.com is also getting on my nerves tonight.

Posted by: Winston | 2006-07-27 12:46:35 AM

My goodness, so there are people in Toronto who are willing to stand up for human rights and democracy! And willing to risk their lives being outside in the city of death! This is unprecedented. Normally Ontario people support the other side of this issue, namely the terrorists, dictators, and others.

It will be interesting to see how long this will last.

New name: Zebulon Pike, the man who burned Toronto to the ground in 1813, a great hero who died after completing his masterpiece.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2006-07-27 7:23:44 AM

I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout last night. I made it inside (barely) to the auditorium, where the mere mention of Stephen Harper was met with a standing ovation. Three times! The two-way live feed from Haifa was very emotional, with the rockets going off behind them. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when the soldier in Israel talked to his brother in the Toronto auditorium.

Boos went out to the United Church, CBC, Dalton McGuity.

I'm really very glad I attended.


Posted by: RightGirl | 2006-07-27 7:28:12 AM

Actuallly, Zebulon, someone tried to set fire to the rest of Canada but white trash inbreeds doesn't burn as easily as one might think.

This whole battle must be a bit strange for the far right (as to which side to pick). Luckily Jews are much lower down on the hate scale than Muslims, so Israel it is. Also, given that there are plenty of religious nuts on the far right (Reee-formmm!!!! - Manning, Harper, Stockwell Day), Israel has great meaning in the Bible, so there's another angle to play.

Posted by: Allen Jazeera | 2006-07-27 7:33:23 AM

It's actually rather easy for non-Ontarians, and Albertans in particular, to pick sides as we are not culuttered with Ontario prejudices. Ontario lives in a fantasyland of its own, where everything is wonderful and nice (if you're white) and all the problems are the responsibility of others. Non-Ontario gets the bill for Ontario's largess, privilege and wealth - which enhances the desire for greater democracy and liberty so to empower themselves against Ontario.

It is only the merest common sense that we support those who seek the same, like Israel defending itself against cold-blooded terrorist monsters. If the terrorists ever succeeded in destroying Israel (fat chance), they would exterminate every Israeli and collaborator - the Second Holocaust as it were. (That's right Ontario. Your buddy Ernst Zundel was wrong - there WAS a first Holocaust. Now you'll have to re-write your textbooks.)

As for this support being based solely on religion, nonsense. Tommy Douglas was an ordained minister, and he stood against a ruthless dictator named Pierre Trudeau, when the latter suspended human rights to go after his childhood friend's kidnapper (really just an excuse to reassure Ontario's investors that their Quebec holdings were secure). Better to have someone with a little religion in charge, than a godless heathen who worships money (aka Paul Martin) or someone so driven by ambition that he's willing to break the law (ie. Jean Chretien).

Thank you, Mr. Harper, for your principled stand in support of freedom, democracy, liberty and peace. Go Israel Go, and teach Hezbollah a lesson that they won't soon forget.

Posted by: Zebulon PIke | 2006-07-27 8:39:27 AM

Zebulon, you make some good points. I personally believe that Canada should split into two countries at the Ontario-Manitoba border. When the Liberals were in power, western Canada always felt hard done-by (maybe justifiably) by the eastern-based PM and all of his eastern seats. We now have a western-based PM, whose political views, social views and foreign policy don't go over too well here in Ontario, Quebec and the rest of eastern Canada. The Conservative Party now IS western canada. The Liberals and NDP will not win too many seats out there (outside of Vancouver). Likewise, the Conservatives will never gain a seat in any of the three largest cities in Canada. So, rather than have regional patries govern the entire country (leaving large blocks of unhappy folks), we should just split.

Only the Liberals or Conservatives can govern this country. Westerners don't want the Liberals, and we don't want the Conservatives. Let's just split up.

Posted by: Geoff H | 2006-07-27 8:59:53 AM


Again, more issues with thinking, I see!

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-27 9:08:06 AM


Your blog had some excellent photos.

The issue of the fact that police do not arrest the anti-semitic protestors, who utter threats; has this matter been taken up to the politicians? It would be a very good article, if someone would have the courage to take issue with this stark contrast in treatment between the two groups.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-27 9:10:01 AM

Lady, thanks for that highly well-thought out response!! What part did you not agree with, or are you not capable of responding with a coherent thought??

Please also tell me your definition of anti-semitic? You do know that all natives of the that region are Semites, not just the Jews. So, if you were show up a pro-Lebanon rally shouting racist obsenities, you too would be an "anti-Semite". Anti-semite does not mean anti-Israel at all, and being anti-Jew is not the only form of anti-semitism. And being anti-Jew and anti-Israel are not the same thing. Hope this isn't too complicated for you!!

Posted by: Geoff H | 2006-07-27 9:47:27 AM


If you want a definition, look it up in the dictionary. Unlike what is evident of terrorist sympathizers, I have no need to reinvent the meaning of words!

And there is a difference between a technical definition of the genetic similarity of people in regions, in relation to Semitic genes, and the definition according to the dictionary on the meaning of anti-Semitism. They are not interchangeable. Some Lebanese may be Semitic, and some may not be Semitic. I do not know. That would depend on their individual dna and genetic origins.

Again you like to mix things up. There is a vast difference between a national citizenship, and an ethnic geneological origin. I suggest you get that straight in your head.

Anti-Semitism, according to most dictionaries, means "Hostility toward or prejudice against Jews or Judaism." and "Discrimination against Jews". And, I am not about to go changeing the dictionaries definitions.

If some of the Lebanese people are technically Semites, no matter what the reference is to anti-Semitism, the application of the term still does not aply to them, unless they are Jewish and are experiencing anti-Semitism.

But, it is of major interest to folks such as the NAZIS, who believed that when they were finnished with the Jews, that all those genetically related to the Jews, and not white, were next on the gas chamber list. At the same time, the white supremacists have every single other race out there, on their list, except their own. And even then, if someone who is their own, like Jews or Jewish stuff, they are on the list, just like they were in WWII, by the Nazis.

That is why I say that the terrorists are more like Nazis, because they hate Jews, and everything Jewish. If they loved, liked, or even in the least, tolerated Jews, then they would not be doing what they are doing right now!

So, Jews and Lebanese have something in common, in that white supremacists hate Lebanese and Jews equally.

And, if Lebanese have some Jewish dna, does that mean that some of the Lebanese people are of Jewish origins? You cannot live side by side for thousands of years without some sharing of dna. It is simply not possible.

And yet I do not understand why you would suggest I go to a pro-Lebanon rally, and shout racist terms. I have nothing against Lebanon, or Lebanese people. I also do not see a convergence of the terrorist groups with the Lebanese State. The Lebanese people are diverse, and a convergence would not be tolerated.

I do know there have been Lebanese individuals who have been involved in terrorist activities, and that their behaviour is a blight on the Lebanese landscape.

Perhaps you do have personal insite and experience, and have better knowledge of that, and will share with us, your personal experiences, in relation to your own involvement with the terrorist group Hisbollah?

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-27 12:40:20 PM

There you go again Geoff trying to twist the truth, for you know very well that Anti-Semitism is reserved for hatred of Jews. Furthermore, anti-Zionism is nothing but a cover for anti-Semitism where Israel becomes the world's Jewish whipping boy. And don't try the old saw of crying that it is then impossible to critize any Israeli policy, etc., for that is rubbish as we both know. Anti-Zionism is more than dening the right of Israel to exist outright, it seeks the same goal by consistantly judging Israel by a different set of standards than any other nation. You are guilty of this over and over by limiting your concern for the Lebanese "civilians" (just how many are actually Hizbollah terrorists is unknown since they dress as civilians and use them as shields) while true civilian victims are created on a daily basis in Israel.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-07-27 6:53:19 PM

Yes, Alain, those babies in Lebanon with the bandages around their heads were Hezbollah. Shit, you either don't have children or you don't have a heart. I'm guessing you don't have either.

I credit Jews who have gone from Canada and the US to fight for the IDF. They are backing Israel and putting their necks on the line. I don't understand why haters like Alain and some of the others here don't go and put their (red)necks on the line and lead an incursion into Lebanon, or perhaps help out the US troops in Fallujah. Yes, I thought so - it's a lot easier to be a big-talking racist sitting at your keyboard.

Posted by: Geoff H | 2006-07-27 7:04:49 PM

There you go again, Geoff, waving the bloody shirt. Whenever you're beaten into retreat, you resort to your tired and sanctimonious hand-wringing while taking a few shots at Bush and the U.S. for good measure.

You know what your problem is? You don't HAVE a belief system. You define yourself by who you're not, not by who you are. And a lot of Canadians (mostly "educated" ones living in big cities) share this neurosis.

That's what truly scares urbanites about Stephen Harper--he represents something bigger than they are, something beyond their understanding. He represents a THINKING Canadian, not a FEELING Canadian. And for many east of Lake of the Woods, that represents the most pernicious terror of all.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2006-07-27 7:23:11 PM


You know, I do not believe that Geoff really knows what he is talking about. If he does, then he supports the ways of the terrorists. That would be very disturbing. I do not believe people cna be on the fence about the issue of terrorists. And, I also believe that any good lebanese person, would also fight against the terrorists, and their ways. After all, the war between Israel and Hisbollah, is being waged partially on Lebanese soil.



Please, do not play the video in front of children. It is very real, and very disturbing.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-28 10:07:27 AM

It is with no joy that I predict the demise of Israel.

The rise of a China/Russia/Arab alliance versus the decline of the US welfare/warfare state means that Israel probably won't see a 100th birthday and certainly won't see the end of this century.

Posted by: Blogster | 2008-06-17 6:54:14 PM

Lady: Do you have any footage of Menachem Begin blowing up the King David hotel? Israel was founded on terrorism.

Posted by: Vice Admiral | 2008-06-17 7:00:49 PM

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