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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

North Korean Missile Tests & My Homeland

As rogue North Koreans tested as many as six missiles today, I was reminded again, that the same fate is also waiting Iran. There will be a day when Iranian mullahs would go ahead and threaten Israel or NATO member countries with the similar missile test.

Remember that Iranian mullahs and North Korean dictator are close allies and the same useless multilateral negotiations are in place to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear-armed regime. The Iranian regime has the similar missiles N. Koreans have. They are Shahab III and Shahab V which are the Iranian versions of the North Koreans missiles tested today. North Korea also trains Iranian secret police and there have been reports of North Korean slaves working in the Iranian uranium mines. It is a very close relation and the free world must take these new tests seriously. Iranian mullahs are also waiting to hear the results of today tests because they have stake in these missile tests as well.

Like N. Koreans, Iranian regime is also testing and manufacturing these dangerous toys, risking the lives of millions of innocent Iranians and other nationals.

To avoid North Koreanization of Iran, which I predict is not so distant from now, it is time to back up the Iranian people in their quest for freedom, democracy and modernity. Indeed, a responsible and freely-elected government in Iran will help stabilize the entire world.

Please, do not let Iran become another North Korea in that corner of the world.

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If a regime change could be achieved in China to transform the country into a democracy like India, maybe we could spare a dangerous war with North Korea and Iran.

Otherwise, I suggest we should take on Iran first. But this could not be the same kind of business like Irak.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-07-05 10:19:29 AM


NK is the little brother to BIG BROTHER.

There has been crisis in NK for so long, they have become accustomed to it.

And considering the numbers, I suppose you have three Billion up your sleeve somewhere?

And I am not talking dollars.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-05 9:40:33 PM

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