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Sunday, July 30, 2006

No Comment II

We report, you decide.

Young mother shot to death in honor killing:

Bugün daily yesterday reported on another honor killing, in Turkey's southeastern town of Diyarbakır.

A married woman with a child who allegedly had an affair was killed by members of her family while she was hiding inside a box. The 23-year-old woman, who was married to a handicapped relative under authorization of an imam -- which has no legal significance, had traveled to Istanbul to get away from problems she had with her spouse. The woman's relatives convinced her to return to her village, but decided to punish her with death by claiming that she had an affair in the time she spent in Istanbul.

The woman was initially shot in the arm by her husband and his relatives and ran to her parents' house where she hid inside a box; she was tracked down by her murderous pursuers and shot to death while hiding in the box.

Four suspects have been arrested and face charges of committing homicide to “vindicate family honor.”

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Right Girl, I will report, and now YOU can decide.

"Israeli air attack kills 54 civilians, including 19 children

Israel: Strike was 'mistake'; Rice to return to Washington"

Of course, Right Girl, you probaly don't have children (at least I hope not!), so why would you give a shit?? Just keep reporting on those honour killings - which ANY sane person will agree is barbaric.

Curiously (and certainly not tainted by your politics, I'm sure), you seem to find the guppies while missing the mammoth beluga whales swimming right over your head.

Posted by: Geoff H | 2006-07-30 9:40:08 AM

If you want to make an omelet...


Posted by: RightGirl | 2006-07-30 9:43:33 AM

Sorry Right Girl but your incoherent blabbering didn't register with me.

So you're saying it's OK to kill 19 children by "mistake"?? OK, please don't reproduce, before it's too late to stop.

Posted by: Geoff H | 2006-07-30 9:51:25 AM

Is this common practice? Is it an example of religion or sect thereof trumping love of family and life itself? Honour does not fit with killing, to our civilized world it's murder. Sad to hear of such behaviour in the world of 2006 but what's to be done about it? We still have people comfortable with and supporting terrorism in our midst and where that will lead us is unknown at this point.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-07-30 9:52:56 AM

I'm saying that residents were warned of impending strikes in the area. And yes, it's war, so sometimes bombs land in the wrong place. The difference between Israel and Hezbollah is that Israel takes responsibility for its actions, makes apologies etc. Whereas Hezbollah actually aims to do civilian damage.

I will not engage you again on this website Geoff. You've hijacked nearly every thread you've posted on, excluding others from being able to get a word in edgewise (I know you learned that trick over on Rabble.ca). I will not feed the trolls. (Rabble says this is where you now namecall and question my pedigree).


Posted by: RightGirl | 2006-07-30 9:55:43 AM

No Right Girl, I will just say that you've got a reputation out there that I'm getting to see first-hand. Thanks!!

By the way, I don't hijack threads. I discuss. Or would I only be "non-hijacking" if I towed the party line of typing racist vitriol (something that you're apparently quite good as - you're even a celebrity for it).

I don't agree much with Ezra Levant's column but two things: they're sincere and he knows his stuff. Was it really his intention to create a blog that is a cesspool of hate and racism??

By the way, Right Girl, it's a fucking blog. EVERYONE can get their word in edgewise, unless they lack an articulate retort.

Posted by: Geoff H | 2006-07-30 10:08:04 AM

hey, how about geoff for moderator of the shotgun, then he can decide who's articulate and who's not...that would interesting.

Posted by: moderator | 2006-07-30 10:13:52 AM

This is for Geoff H:


Israel warned that because this was an area from which Hezbollah was firing its rockets, that it would be attacking. It dropped leaflets to warn people in the area to leave.

Now surely Hezbollah wouldnt prevent these people from leaving would they Geoff??

Right Girl its hard to come down on someone as misguided as Geoff, when most headlines in the MSM only say something like "Israel fires on civilians". If all you read were the headlines what would you be left to think?? What a shameful country we live in.

Posted by: MikeP | 2006-07-30 10:14:06 AM

Fact is,

neighbour muslims large outnumer israelians however they are never able to beat them. I pitty you.

Posted by: Graeme Nattress | 2006-07-30 10:47:32 AM

Thanks Graeme, for that inspiring piece best described as an error-laden, erroneous spelling, grammatically-lacking catastrophe.

And pray tell, what is the fuck is an "Israelian". Now, please go back to playing with your blocks. Mummy and Daddy will be very upset if they see you've been playing with the computer again.

Posted by: Geoff H | 2006-07-30 10:53:40 AM

A lot less of the potty mouth vernacular would go a long way
Clean up your act friend

Posted by: in ques t | 2006-07-30 10:53:50 AM

well there's a fine example of what we could expect from our friend geoff as moderator..."bzzzzzzt, sorry graeme, but your not articulate enough for our good buddy geoff, now buzzzzz off, right geoff?

Posted by: moderator | 2006-07-30 11:10:07 AM

Geoff, you need to be a better Dhimmi than that! You can't just defend Islam by changing the subject and cursing at people...that doesn't hold here. Try addressing the issue: woman-killing for crimes of honour as a key tenet of Shari'a law.

Posted by: NCF TO | 2006-07-30 11:12:16 AM

Geoff, grow up! this is not schoo, so you can stop ridiculing people who may not be articulate. Some people are learning the language (which, by all accounts, isn't easy) and at least they are contributing. BTW, we know you can swear, so you don't need to keep practising, especially here.

Posted by: Dave | 2006-07-30 11:14:23 AM

It is absolutely terrible that civilians have to die in any war, but unfortunately in modern war that has become a common event.

This happens even more so in the middle east and other places where the Islamicists fight, because they use it as a tactic to upset and offend western sensibilities, and it really works!

Hezbollah fires rockets daily amidst civilian neighbourhoods(mostly Christian) and hopes when a rocket is fired back it takes out civilians. Instead of being upset with the people fighting for their existence, some westerners should look closer at the people instigating the violence instead.

I know this is a tall order, but this is what radical Islamists bring to the table. Until people wake up in the west and see these people represent a threat to the freedoms of everyone in this world and stand up to this, the fight is hopeless.

Geoff H., I suspect as a person who lives in the west and has a ethnic background from the west, you would be clueless to the history of violence and hatred these people have brought to the world. I myself am not Jewish, but I completely sympathize with their plight as they have neighbours that nightmares are made of. Stop for one minute and imagine what it must be like to be Jewish, Greek, Serb, Armenian, Hindu, or any race of people who have had these violent haters as neighbours for centuries, until you can grasp that idea you will just be another clueless westerner unwittingly selling his soul to the devil.


Posted by: niv | 2006-07-30 11:29:37 AM

The incident "reported" contains lots of stray "facts" which raise all sorts of questions which as usual are unanswered in any sort of "media" reporting.

The single nugget I'd like to lift up and examine is the notion that a Muslim woman, who we would have to assume really knows her own culture and her own town and her own relatives, somehow became "persuaded" to return to that village among those people.

I pick up another nugget to examine. One of Sadaam's son-in-laws left Iraq, and then "went public" in various media reports about how bad Sadaam was, etc. Yet, he too was "persuaded" to return to Iraq, and then, of course, Sadaam killed him.

It could be that each of these people was "persuaded" with a gun held to their heads, but I didn't see any indication of that with respect to Sadaam's son in law (which was quite thoroughly reported in the "great" main stream media).

So, I wonder why anyone in these types of circumstances "willingly" returns to places (i.e. Muslim countries, communities, etc.) where they are immediately killed?

I think this has a lot of similarity to the old Russian spy movies: "Do you have any RELATIVES now living back in Moscow?????" says a Simon Legree type guy.

On this web site, I regularly argue that the Muslim people who live in North America are very possibly still living under a real threatening situation, because they either have relatives back in their home countries, or their local Imam is a nut case hit man, or both, plus lots more.. . I'm NOT a big fan of Mulsim anything, because these folks have a lot of problem people within their "community" who frighten me with all of their stealthy and murderous ways.

But, I think this present posting by RightGirl points up a possible reason why we must empathize with and endure (and protect) the Muslim folks in our midst in North America, at the same time as we have ZERO hesitation to conduct total effective continuing unrelenting WAR to the complete victorious end against the so called "nations" of Lebanon, Syria and Iran which cannot do anything except elect and promote and protect Islamo-faschist Terrorists within their borders and governments and "community" while Europe and the UN wait for them to build nuclear weapons.

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 2006-07-30 11:31:04 AM

Before I go, I'm sorry for the swearing (being in a room full of extremists can be very suffocating and one gets stressed; now I know what it feels like to be in a cave in the Tora Bora mountains).

Dave, what is "schoo"?? A place of "lower education"?

NCF TO, what is a Dhimmi? Anyway, anyone sane and civil human being would not condone honour killings (or female circumcisions or burka's (especially black ones in the stifling summers of southern Ontario!!)). My original point was that Right Girl's crusade to drum up everything that's wrong with Islam is not helped when "your side" is killing 19 children in an admitted "mistake". That's why I don't take sides when both parties are culpable. But apparently, this blog says that you have to.

That was my only point. Right Girl was well miffed because I'm trying to discuss things rather than just HATE (of which she is a leading proponent).

Note to Ezra: I only found this blog, though I've read you paper on occasion, through discusson of Right Girl's postings (and COMMENTARY) on other blogs. I think it's great that you've provided a blog where people from the right, from western Canada or wherever, can raise issues. There are many articulate posts that I've read that have enlightened me. People will chime in with "go back to your leftist home, you terrorist sympathizer". Well, perhaps I wanted to see the other side.

What I am seeing is a level of hatred and illogical discussion that makes Ann Coulter look tame - far outweighing the articulate dissertation put out by others (that present the "view from the right" quite well). When other blogs are linking to this one, and see the vitriol put forth by the likes of Right Girl, it does reflect well on Ezra and his publication.

I really think he ought to appoint some moderators or lay down some rules. The negative publicity is really unnecessary.

See ya, everyone!!

Posted by: Geoff H | 2006-07-30 11:33:45 AM

attention, this not a fire drill, geoff has left the building so long and good luck to only voice of reason this blog has ever known...has anyone heard from joe green lately?

Posted by: oh well | 2006-07-30 11:47:49 AM

Geoff - ‘voice of reason’:

“...now I know what it feels like to be in a cave in the Tora Bora mountains”

“...."your side" is killing 19 children”

It’s certainly obvious where Geoff’s sympathies lie. I’ll wager he’s never expressed similar concern for the deaths caused by “his side”.

He’ll make an excellent Dhimmi..

Posted by: JR | 2006-07-30 12:03:11 PM

Good riddance to the 'voice of reason'!
More like 'voice of stupid'.

Posted by: Kevin | 2006-07-30 12:25:04 PM

Would that be Geof Houghton? Just asking.

I just heard that Hezbollah is threatening to fire rocket on civilians in Isreal. Would they stoop to that? And no leaflets will be dropped on the helpless masses either.

I think the main problem here is that the Trolls are too well fed here.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-07-30 12:39:21 PM

Hey everyone.

Please lay off of Geoff H.; a white woman in some English lit classroom told him to behave this way when confronted with world views that don't coincide with his own lefty prism and, being an idiot (just the kind of voter the liberal party of canada love dearly!), he bought into it wholeheartedly.

The guy's an intellectual and moral eunuch, folks - which undoubtedly means that he's a graduate from a Canadian "university".

Posted by: bk | 2006-07-30 1:19:33 PM

notice also, ladies and gentleman, how the courteous and politically-correct "Geoff" (I'm assuming that's his real name) is quite eager to crudely denounce a woman who has the effrontery to disagree with him (gasp!). I thought lefty males were supposed to be "in touch with their feminine side". Apparently, this isn't entirely true because, just like the jackass who threatened Christina Hoff Sommers at an academic conference a few years ago (a gang-banger named Jay Wade from Fordham University), Geoff seems to have a tough time dealing with females who don't espouse his particular views.

Maybe his feminist girlfriends keep him around to bully and intimidate other women who happen to cleave to the view that men and children are not things to be persecuted and (ultimately) eradicated. Who knows, but the guy is as gutless as he is feckless and clueless.

Posted by: bk | 2006-07-30 1:28:54 PM

What we need is need a world wide protest against using civilians and the innocent as shields. Regardless of who we blame in this terrible war, regardless of who is right and who is wrong, surely all of us could agree that intentially putting innocent people at risk needs to be stopped. Let's get some world wide rallies on this. No more tolerance for organizations that use innocents civilians and children to win their wars. NO MORE INNOCENTS AS HUMAN SHIELDS!!

Posted by: thots | 2006-07-30 1:33:34 PM

Geoff (I suspect that you're still around)

I doubt that anyone here (or anyone not a member of a fanatical Islamic cult like Hizbullah) actually celebrates the killing of children. However, there was a ranting interview yesterday with a woman in South Lebanon who said (unless the translator was lying) that she'd be happy and proud to send one of her tykes into Israel to blow himself up.

As far as the deliberate targeting of civilians goes, the allied powers, with the enthusiastic participation of your country and mine, had a deliberate policy, towards the end of WWII, of obliterating selected German cities, not for strategic reasons, but to destroy the Reich's will to resist. How many tens of thousands of kids died in Hamburg and Dresden? Who knows? I doubt that the little ones were all Nazis.

My point is that, before mouthing off about remorseless, evil Jooz accidentally (or collaterally if I may use that term) killing civilians, perhaps you should take the mote out of your own Canadian eye.

Remember, that the Israelis are fighting for survival, have been for nearly 60 years and can't afford to lose. They have the capability (non-nuclear) to level Beirut and probably Damascus as well, but they have refrained from doing so.

Anyone who sensibly agrees that war is hell shouldn't start one, because in post - 1930 conflicts, it's the civilians who do most of the dying. Harper's characterizion of the Israeli response to a serious unprovoked attack, which just happened to include the capture of two soldiers, as "measured" may have been politically inastute, but it was correct.

Posted by: Zog | 2006-07-30 2:07:29 PM

I said this before and I'll say it again.
Don't fall for the Muslims' deception. Geoff and Ian Scott are Muslims trying every trick to go off topic. (They're probably using fake names.)

I think we all can see how much the truth is burning them up inside.

Posted by: Canadian | 2006-07-30 2:30:36 PM


Why do you presume that Geoff H is Muslim? I don't see any evidence, in either the form or the content of his posts, to suggest that he is anything but a typical leftist Canadian.

Posted by: Zog | 2006-07-30 3:12:56 PM

It really makes no difference whether Geoff (along with the other names he uses) is Muslim or not. The fact is he is completely blinded by his hatred of Jews and will use every opportunity to divert any topic to bash Jews. It is a waste of time to respond.

The sad thing about this topic concerning "honour killings" (note it only applies to girls and women) is that she can be completely innocent. She is not allowed the chance to defend herself, for it only takes an accusation from a male. Still it seems too much to expect our western leftist feminists to take on the case of women in Islamic society.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-07-30 3:30:38 PM

Some of the comments on the thread UN and Hezbollah were over the top and disgusting. It seems a few schoolboys got carried away and they should be expelled. Love this blog but it's being hijacked, maybe purposely, by less than credible debate.

Posted by: Liz J | 2006-07-30 3:41:05 PM

I lived in Muslim countries and I know their sick mind, bigotry and hatred towards Jews.
I'm positive that Geoff and Ian Scott are Muslims. I don't think the leftists are that hateful to Jews. Nonetheless, they are Muslims from the Liberal Party.

Moreover, there were signs in their comments that convinced me. For example, Ian Scott knew about the Muslim believe that the devil stays in the upper part of the nose while they sleep at night and that there are two angels sitting on the shoulders of Muslims who pray. One records good deeds and the other records bad deeds. Only a Muslim or serious researcher will know about these things.

The above link will explain more at the end:
"For interesting examples of Taqiya methods, visit Christian discussion groups and forums and note the discourse of Islamist visitors, aimed at undermining the Christian perception of Jews, and visit Jewish discussion groups and forums and note the subtle anti-Christian discourse of Islamists visitors. It is really informative and fascinating."

Posted by: Canadian | 2006-07-30 3:52:32 PM

as someone who served with the cdn military in the middle east, and who until a few minutes ago was sitting out front with my wife, and a beer talking to the neighbours; lets just say im happy that we can just talk about muslim countries, otherwise i would i would not be able to sit out with a beer, my wife would be wearing a burka, and i would be killing my neighbours.

Posted by: john A | 2006-07-30 4:23:38 PM

I'm not sure whether Geoff or Ian are Islamists but at the very least they are dhimmi liberal fools and that is just about as bad...

As for the tragedy today in Qana....all the Blood of these innocents lies at the feet of the Islamic murderers of Hizballah and thier millions of supporters around the Islamic world...

They are Nazi cowards that fire their missiles behind civilians.....they know exactly what they are doing....and then Muslims and their vile defenders DARE to whine about Israel alledged atrocities???

What evil people are Islamists and their defenders....no moral compass whatsoever....

May Israel continue to destroy all Islamic murderers and may God comfort families that lost loved ones today!!

Posted by: Albertanator | 2006-07-30 4:26:34 PM

I would just like to say that this type of activity as reported in Turkey is just really sad.

Ian, please join me here in deploring this.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-07-30 4:33:20 PM

I'm sorry the iSLAMofascists of Hizbollah devalue the lives of their own children so much to use them as shields from which to fire at Israeli citizens, but crying for them empowers Hizbollah and iSLAMofascism.

Posted by: wharold | 2006-07-30 4:35:16 PM

Rather be rude and suffer from dhimmitude, dude.

Posted by: wharold | 2006-07-30 4:37:02 PM

i'm not doing anythimg at the moment h2o, lets see if i can help you here: Don't be a silly ass h2o, i can see that your're lacking in the critical thought department, I find your projection and non sequiter proof of your inability to produce an intelligent discourse...blahprojectionblahblahfantasyblahblahdiscourseblahblahnon sequiterblahblah...how'd i do?

Posted by: all knowing jackass | 2006-07-30 4:54:12 PM

Geoff H:
I posted this at:


In agreement with this good fellow. After reading your many posts & the hysterical tone taken over comments made.

I seems by your opinion & actions to be one of the Totalitarians if not anti-Semites I allude too in this post. Its obvious your ,in a self imposed mental isolation. Completely at odds with world events in there totality today. Perhaps though you may have a more nefarious agenda in mind.

Any way your constantly sticking up for murders & perverts on this scale is sickening. Frankly the worst enemmy of Muslims these days are the Jihadist type. They could care less about there co-Religionists. After all they share in the booty by being Martyrs to submission.

These guys moved too soon. Pride is a killer.

Pride comes before a fall & a haughty spirit before destruction.

We are facing a Man who thinks he’s the Elijah of the 12lth Mahdi. Get it threw your moon bat brain, that he means this & feels he's the precursor of "The End of Day's. This guy thinks its his duty to unite Islam for this event. This should be an chilling sign, if you know any history. Everyone follows a winner till these stumble. Than the wolves eat greedily of each other

Honor killings are a part of this cults hate of Women. Like the Arab saying: A man’s honor is found between his Women's leg's. Now justify that little ditty?


The 'usual suspects', of anti-whatever rabble, are supportive of Islam without comprehending that they are an anathema to it.

Isn’t that the sorry truth?

Its like watching the cast of movie the movie Mars Attacks.

When the Aliens show up no matter what they do. Everyone keeps believing them, when they say, "We come in Peace". Nothing dissuades the hopes of fools. Its become that much of a farce.

What bothers me the most is this will translate into more bloodshed before these Pod people are restored to a semblance of sanity.

Maybe I should say if?

Collective mental breakdown seems to appear before War. To those so invested in an ideology, mythology & social fads. They fail to see there own demise. It seems to work both ways. Some rulers have literally eaten there own rugs, while being overrun by reality.

Usually in the form of expected victories becoming defeats. Only we have a group in this Country who courts ruin with glee.

Its a shameful era . When men stop standing for the right. Democratic ideas, rule of law, equality of person, equal before the law.

To appease the vanity riding odium of the Anti Semites. Or any strutting Totalitarians who wish to dominate us all.

Israel is an ally fighting the same foe. I stand by them in this dark time for us all, but especially those on the front lines of the world conflict. Mistakes will happen in war. But to sit by & watch a people, who have been abused horribly for thousands of years. Than cheer for there killers in yet another guise is unconscionable.

Canada & the US abandoned the Jews before. Will we again?

Posted by: Revnant Dream | 2006-07-30 4:57:04 PM

Hey I just read over the posts and I noticed that the arch dhimmi nutcase Geoff has wonderfully left us.....woo hoo...no wonder it smells so much nicer in here....

That guy was a nut....really I wonder if it was Robert McLelland????

Anyways, good riddance to vile rubbish!!!

Posted by: Albertanator | 2006-07-30 4:57:49 PM

Someone going by the tag of "all knowing jackass" is attempting to make me believe they are you. Let me assure you that this attempt at sowing seeds of dissension between us will surely fail.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-07-30 5:01:34 PM

"I would just like to say that this type of activity as reported in Turkey is just really sad."

Not only sad, but evil.

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-07-30 5:43:38 PM

Thx Ian

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-07-30 5:44:38 PM

This is something written by a Muslim who had imagrated to the Neatherlands. Geoff,I would recomend you to read it for I don't have the time to debate with you. If this Muslim can't convince you than what would be the point.

Posted by: Shawn | 2006-07-30 5:59:36 PM

"Not only sad, but evil."
Finally, even you admit, however indirectly, that Islam and the sharia is evil.

Posted by: fw | 2006-07-30 6:00:17 PM

I can answer and respond to direct questions, fw. Anything you infer as "indirect" is a fantasy in your mind.

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-07-30 6:02:42 PM

He said it was sad and evil. FULL STOP. He did not equivocate. To me, that indicates sincerity. Please let it go.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-07-30 6:07:17 PM

ok, here is the question again directly, Is the Islamic sharia evil? that is, is it "a religion of peace" when Islam cuts someones hands off for theft? KILLS apostates? stones adulterers to DEATH, etc. etc. etc. etc.?

Posted by: fw | 2006-07-30 6:13:42 PM

I only hope that in all this talk about religion,
that our prayers and thoughts are with our troops over there. I know what there going through. Been there, done that. They are doing the dirty work. Killing the enemy. That doesnt sound correct I know, but soldiers never do get much respect. Its the old Kipling poem, of tommy this and tommy that. Kipling should be required reading.

Posted by: john A | 2006-07-30 6:16:50 PM

"ok, here is the question again directly, Is the Islamic sharia evil? that is, is it "a religion of peace" when Islam cuts someones hands off for theft? KILLS apostates? stones adulterers to DEATH, etc. etc. etc. etc.?"

Those actions are despicable. Evil. Any manifesto that espouses it is garbage.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2006-07-30 6:17:55 PM

"Those actions are despicable. Evil. Any manifesto that espouses it is garbage."

We know that Islam is despicable and evil but does Ian Scott realize that assuming he's not Muslim.

Posted by: fw | 2006-07-30 6:24:30 PM

"We know that Islam is despicable and evil but does Ian Scott realize that assuming he's not Muslim."

Ah, now you are assuming something correctly. Congratulations.

Would you care to point to anything I've written that would even come close to suggesting that I don't find stonings, killing apostates, cutting off of hands, or manifestos that espouse that, as not evil?

Posted by: Ian Scott | 2006-07-30 6:32:53 PM

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