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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let's make a deal

There's lots of buzz on the 'net about B.C. blogger Kyle MacDonald, who has used a series of barter trades to trade his way up from a red paper clip to a house in Kipling, Sask.. Today's Province newspaper is reporting, in a story behind its subscriber firewall, that the two Whistler women, who traded for that paper clip, still own the famed red paper clip.


Rhawnie Vallins and Corinna Haight, who plan to attend MacDonald's house-opening party in September, have reportedly received several tempting offers for the paper clip.

Posted by Rick Hiebert on July 13, 2006 in Humour | Permalink


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That would be Kipling Saskatchewan not Kindersley

Posted by: DT | 2006-07-13 1:37:47 PM

I stand corrected. Thanks, I'll fix it now.

Posted by: Rick Hiebert | 2006-07-13 1:39:20 PM

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