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Sunday, July 16, 2006

If a tree fasts in a forest...

Most of the day I don't eat. Like most people, I eat a light breakfast, a quick lunch, supper, and a couple of snacks. How would you know I was fasting? At most any random moment of my day, I am not likely to be eating.

The only way, really, is for me to tell you. Especially if I was fasting for only one day. Without intending it, there are days when I don't eat until the afternoon. Sometimes life is just too busy. All the more reason to tell people what you are doing and why.

So when Code Pink started the Troops Home Fast, they made a point to list the names of all the people who would fast for a day. Of course, because otherwise you would blink and miss it. Long fasts you can't miss after a while. But a one-day fast?

With the need to publicize these micro-fasts, why are some fasters so reluctant to say anything?

Consider two examples from the list, British MP George Galloway and our own Canadian MP Libby Davies (misspelled "Davis" by Code Pink).

I've wandered around their websites, and I haven't found a mention of the fast. Why sign up if you didn't plan to carry the message back to your people? Galloway and Davies have never hesitated throwing their support behind radical causes.

Did they even fast? How would we know? And if they did, what did they accomplish, given that no one even knows they skipped lunch that day?

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When I was in high school - lo those many years ago - they had the 30 Hour Fast. Whenever I saw that, I wanted to bring a nice big Domino's Pizza and a bottle of Coke to it and show how ridiculous this fake statement was.

Fasting for a day won't cure anything - it only worked for Gandhi because he was willing to go almost all the way. Way to trivialize world issues!

Posted by: Scott | 2006-07-16 11:41:31 PM

I fasted for 21 days with nothing but water in 1984.
Only the first 3 days are difficult. It was for spiritual purposes.
I had fasted several times before.

I dropped from 175 to 130 lbs. I am 6 feet tall.

I stopped the fast when, while taking a hot shower, I went blind for 5 minutes.

I broke the fast with skim milk cut with water.
The milk burned my mouth like acid.

I have fasted since with no ill effects. Fasting makes me heal quickly, burning toxins and purifying my body and mind.

At a certain point, though, a person begins to effect autolysis.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-07-16 11:52:51 PM


Fasting until you are blind for five minutes, is irresponsible. There are muscle fibres, and bone mass, i.e. body tissues, you will never ever have again. No matter what you do after a starvation like that, you will never have what you had before.

And, I do not need to tell you who gave it to you in the first place, and all the spiritual references to body....

In general, a man, six feet tall, should be extremely concerned, when body weight gets below 160 pounds (for a woman of the same height, extreme concern should begin before reaching 148 pounds).

Of course, all that depending on actual body fat.

Sure, many people can survive such extreme fasts, but given the fact that you do not have to, in order to attain spirituality, and you are not being forced on, as in holocaust victims, that you went that far is pathetic at best; and simply not one of those things ONE should brag about. May give some weak person a very bad idea.

And as for "burning toxins"? That is a load of bologne. You want to get rid of toxins? Drink lots of water, and follow a healthy detox diet.

When you get a few more years, and that age thing begins to set in for real, you will regret the irresponsible experiences of your youth. Hopefully, the rest of society will not be burdened by your broken hips/shoulders and collapsed vertebrae. Oh, and apparently when a vertebrae collapses spontaneously, it is as painful as being in a car accident, or skiing accident, and the same thing happens.

There are enough people out there, who did all the right things, and still those things happenned to them. They can tell you first hand, just how NOT fun (extreme pain)it is. And yet, I do not mind paying a little more tax, so they are not sufferring. Those who do irrespinsible things on purpose, on the other hand, is another matter. They need to wake up and tell the next generation what stupid things NOT to do!

I once knew an old man, who by the time he was in his eighties, was all crippled up. In his last years, he said that if he knew he was going to live so long, he would have taken better care of himself. His last two decades, leading up to when I met him, were a nightmare he said. His bones were so brittle, a strong hug could easily break ribs.

As for the political fast? More nonsense, but apparently the media loves that stuff.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-17 9:32:51 AM

Haha, Lady, don't drink too much water or all your body's cells will become turgid and rupture. Also, I don't understand this new fad of drinking tonnes of water. If you drink water like some diets say (8 cups of water and more) you will experience period of drowsiness. All that water dilutes that dissolved minerals and nutrients in your blood and eventually can kill you if you drink too much. On a more funny note, if you drink enough water you can experience a sensation similar to being drunk as your cells will have too much water in them. Some people are actually addicted to this feeling.

I never really understood the 30 hour famine either Scott. If they're starving what does me not eating food for 30 hrs do? It's like trying to put out a fire with more fire.

Posted by: Andrew | 2006-07-17 9:45:08 AM


You have a very good point about drinking too much water. But it appears many people actually do not drink enough water, so if they really want to get themselves detoxified, drinking more means the kidneys function better, and clear out more uric acid etc....

Also, the bowels do remove about 20% of the gunk from the blood, as well as fibre. People who tend to get consitpated, are clearly not drinking enough. For some folks, it takes a few weeks of drinking and eating the right fibred foods, before they can be said to be detoxified.

In other words Andrew, if a person cannot p##s it out, do not p##p it out, or swet it off, it ain't detoxifying.

And many people actually do not ingest enough salt with iodine in it. Although so called thyroid disorders are suppossed to be a thing of the past, there is an upsurge of iodine deficiency in parts of the western world, where folks are abstaining from the ingestion of iodized salt, and who do not eat much in the way of seafood, or processed foods. Also, cows used to be given liberal amounts of iodized salt, so milk had some as well, but it appears that practice is also waining. Not gone, just waining.

And back to people, electrolites can also get seriouusley out of whack if insufficient electrolites, i.e. salts are not ingested in hot weather. So, that would mean right about now! People out east will be kicking the bucket, just because of lack of water consumption.

So, how can a person tell whether they are short water, electrolites, and or iodine?

Sure, they might experience thirst. But truth is, they can't normally tell at all. But other people can.

First, the brain goes into a fog. Their p##s is dark, almost brown. Their ankles swell over time. Their hands swell over time. Their face swells over time. The swelling is not water, but toxins. They crave carbohydrates, and eat to much of that. They have weight issues, very dry skin, and lack skin elasticity, while thjeir nails crack and tend to be thin.

They get cold when everyone else is warm, and hot when everyone else is warm. When it is very hot, they are miserable.

Well, they are miserable all the time, so nothing new.

But the big one for other folks, is their breath smells bad. It can get so bad, that individuals have been known to have delussions. Some have religious delussions.

Sudden drinking water does not help, as suddenly they will be going to the bathroom, and then back to their old state of being.

What is required is normal intake of fluids, with slightly more than average. The fatter the person, the more the fluid, as fat people perspire more than normal weighted people as regular movement requires more effort, and there is all that insulation.

Someone is going to be PC here, and say we all have to drink the same amounts, or that I am picking on fat people. Well, fat people need to know the truth about considerations they need to know about being fat.

So, what is normal is about two litres, or eight glasses a day, spread out over 24 hours. A bit more for folks over 300 pounds. Really, it is not all that much. Consider it the same as five pints of beer, but just good clear, clean water.

And fasting does some people good, but only for a short period of time, such as a day to a maximum of three, under Dr.s supervision. Short fasts increase temporarily human growth hormone, but this does not last for fasts longer than a day.

Long fasts, especially fasts that are based on water only, end up with a person catabolizing themselves. In other words, digesting themselves from the inside.

Real spiritual?

Heck, no!

Otherwise called, real stupid!

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-17 2:59:55 PM

Lady, many people have fasted longer than the 21 days that I fasted. Some as long as forty.

Fasting on water does burn toxins. Your body and cells eat everything, including toxins, before autolysis sets in.

After that particular fast, I began a body building routine that raised my total weight to 200 lbs. No ill effects.

Andrew, 1984 isn't recent. There are some very good books on true water fasting.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-07-17 5:09:11 PM

A fast can demonstrate clearly just how little a body needs to survive.

Our pre-Pascha (Easter) fast runs seven weeks. If we choose to fast, we abstain from all meat, fish and dairy products ... basically a vegan diet.

There are other less restricitve fasts, but it does give variety in your diet.

Oh yeah, we're allowed to drink as much water as we'd like.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-07-17 5:43:23 PM

Libby Davies could certainly reduce her food intake. In a few months she might even be able to see her sensible shoes.

Posted by: slim down the big dippers | 2006-07-17 8:45:53 PM

I still think this whole "rolling fast" thing is a great idea, and we should adopt it immediately.

Think of all the great things we could decide to be mass-protesting simply for missing breakfast:


Posted by: Feynman and Coulter's Love Child | 2006-07-18 2:58:32 AM


You can make muscle cells that you have larger, but you cannot create PARTCULAR new cells, once they are gone. Those cells include muscle fibre and particular nerves.

And catabolism does not distinguish between good body material, and toxins. You break down everything indiscriminately. Good muscle fibres and nervous tissue included.

When you have exhausted all the readings about that, then perhaps we may have a meeting of the minds on this subject. Until then, you are in gross denial on the subject, and liable to hurt others, through your ignorance.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-18 1:45:18 PM

Have you exhausted all the readings on any subject, Lady?

Give me a link.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-07-18 1:47:58 PM

Set You Free,

Many people live their entire lives on a vegan diet. If you balance your proteins, from nuts/grains/legummes etc... you can be fine at the end of your fast, so long as the protiens are balanced, and basic body needs are met in the process. People around the world, have long noticed the benefits of proper fasting. Short periods without food, as in fasting for spiritual purposes, are recorded from ancient times, and are still practiced by Jews around the world.

What Speller has been advocating, is a total fast on water only, for long periods of time. That kind of a fast is actually very damageing to the body.

The mind has this ability not to notice, when things get destroyed permanently.

When he has continued down the road, with his normal wasting, he may reach a period in his life, where he wishes he did not stress and destroy as much as he did while fasting, because it is cummulatively destructive. Then again, he probably reads what I have written, and scoffs at it.

The body naturally looses body mass, from bone, muscle and other tissue. Starvation, and extreme periods of catabolism, speeds up what would have taken a longer period of time. There is no way around it, when no food is eaten, and only water is consumed.

By the way, the opposite to catabolism, is anabolism, where the body repairs and builds. No amount of drugs or whatever can replace completely destroyed muscle fibre and neurons.

In this day and age of idiots who purchase any book on the market, that claims cure for this, that and the other, as alternative or special spiritual awakening, many folks have proven themselves to be as naive as those who have ever come before. It is also human nature, to remain in denial, as to accept that one may have abused one's body, is difficult to live with, especially for those with a conscience, and believe their body is to be treated as a temple. It is my personal experience, that the higher one stands, the harder one falls; and no one is exempt this design.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-18 2:00:24 PM


I don't mind going meatless at all.

You do get a different sense on the vegan diet, but when summer rolls around, I also like to toss a couple of burgers on the barbie.

So, there's a cleansing period and a fun period ... and more balance throughout the year.

Still, I can't understand PETA's fanaticism about other people's choices. Oh, well ... yet another totalitarian group telling us how we should run our lives.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-07-18 4:56:16 PM

As the Meatriarch said, "If God didn't want me to eat animals, He wouldn't have made them out of meat."

Posted by: Speller | 2006-07-18 5:14:52 PM

Set You Free,

Please place another kosher pattie on the barbie!

And I'll have a beer with that, thank you very much. And only meat from the fron end will do!

As for PETA, one glance at their writings, and they are clearly not just a non-governmental corporation. I say their name ought to be changed, while the acronym remain the same. They should call themselves, the "People for the Equitable Treatment of Animals". They can vote to open bank accounts for them.... And I read somewhere that they believe that a 'rat is a cat is a dog is a boy', something like that.

On the other hand, I don't support the eating of just anything. And then again, that's what I believe. If someone wants to eat a bull's schmuck, well, they can fill their boots. And, if they want to eat rat, well, yuck! I think I am going to be sick....

Posted by: Lady | 2006-07-19 12:28:43 PM

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